Left Unity Thread - Anarchocommunism

As part of the Left Unity series, this thread is devoted to saying nice things about Ancom without saying anything mean about other -isms.

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Kropotkin looks like a jolly ole santa claus.

I love bread.

There's some well read ancoms out there and The Coming Insurrection looks interesting. Malatesta is also prety cool.

Muh Revolutionary Catalonia

Ancom Gang is well, um. Different.

The Bread Book is one of the comfiest pieces of theory I've read. Kropotkin was a great writer

Nutpicking, using an extreme case as to judge the average. Holla Forumstier.

Ancoms still hasn't recovered from Marx and Engels
this ain't your torture chamber

At least read a fucking book before making shit up about anarchism.

Kekalonia was ok

it's good for introducing spooked liberals to communism

Seeing as Bakunin fought in several conflicts, I'd say he had a far closer view than Engels ever did.

How did he misinterpret it? Do anarchists not want to instantly abolish the state instantly?

It's rhetoric. He is saying their views gives the impression that they don't understand revolutions.

We do instantly want to abolish the state instantly, but we also want to instantly abolish capitalism, and instantly use force and instantly organise into an instantly armed force to instantly fight against the reaction instantly.

Only guy to really describe what his post revolutionary society would look like with any Clarity

Yes, one I used to make a joke about Engels' distance from the proletariat. I suggest you read Bakunin's revolutionary catechism, ironically it calls for a DoP instead of an immediate communization after smashing the state.



It’s a joke.

It's official. Anarchy is the ideology of instant gratification.

Tbf, Anarcho Communism attracts a lot of weird furries, bronies, and transsexuals.

As an ML:

They don't usually become right wingers or betray their ideals.
The system they propose is what every communist should fight for.
They act and have some social movements.
Some of them accept Marx ideas of class and materialism as correct.

You guys are (probably) not as bad as I act. At least from a personal stand point

The bread book is pretty rad and almost made me an unironic AnSynd, but I still think a state is pretty much vital for public order.

Your ideology is a joke.

No offense :)

And how is that not a state?

Tbf, any ideology with a large enough following attracts weirdos. There are furry kekistanis, there are bronie ancaps, there are cis transexuals.

Literal libshit "Antifa are the real fascists" tier reasoning. The ruling class constitute a force that actively crushes the personal freedoms of the majority of people, so there is nothing authoritarian about removing them. By that logic a group of farmers fighting off some bandits would be authoritarians because they are using force, when it's the bandits who are imposing unfreedom, the farmers are simply putting a stop to it.

Kropotkin has some great ideas about localized power and the importance of not sacrificing the goals of the revolution (the betterment and liberation of the proles), as well as political power issuing directly from the masses themselves, rather than being represented by a party or state.

Also I forgot to mention that I have yet to discover a more thorough BTFOing of any kind of pro-property rights theory than that found in the Bread Book.

Kropotkin basically argues that literally everything in society is a collective achievement, and nobody can achieve anything without support provided by society, not only by the people around you, but also by the accomplishments of thousands of generations before you.

There would be no men on the moon if Newton had not discovered gravity. Newton could not have developed his theory of gravity without the mathematic foundations of the Greeks, the Pythagoras wouldn't have contributed to Greek mathematics if his local farmers hadn't generated a sufficient surplus of food, etc. Therefore the achievement of putting men on the moon would be no more possible without Ancient Greek farmers than it would be without Werner Von Braun.

Fascism is violent repression of the working class movement, the violent repression of the reaction is still authority.

Authority =/= authoritarian. I would classify authoritarianism as the use of force that has the effect of restricting the personal freedom of the overall population, not enhancing it.

Its the purest form of leftism. Everyone else is right wing from their perspective.

It's actually a creative writing project that got out of hand and actually indoctrinated some odd people apparently. What a time to be alive.

Indeed, authority is essential in any social or professional organization, because humans don't posses telepathy and everyone thinks they're right.


The original claim is that ancom is stupid because one needs a state to fight reactionaries, not whether or not such a state fits your definition of authoritarian.

I'm not an anarchist, I don't think that any society can operate without force, since there will always be elements who refuse to accept the principles on which a particular society operates. I was just criticizing Engel's assertion that force is inherently authoritarian, since I see it not only as incorrect, but as a potential justification of actual authoritarianism which would defeat the purpose of a revolution. I can't tell you how many times I've seen tankies just shake off Soviet repression by hiding behind that Engels quote.

cool thread

I don't know why but there are a shitload of vegan and furry nazis out there, while we're at it