Is pol finally waking up...

Is pol finally waking up? Are they realising they are being puppeteered by the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧CIA🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧? I've noticed several NutSacs like Evalion convert to Tankie-ism and even seen Richard Spencer quoting Marx.

How do we further awaken the reich-wing and make them realise that they are just creations of the establishment they hate so much?

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The problem is that they don't want to eliminate or change any existing power structures, they just want whoever is in power to be the same race/sex/religion/ethnicity as them.

DUDE /ourguy/ LMAO

That's not what I'm saying. They can't be /ourguys/ until they fully give up nationalism. I'm just saying that they might be waking up to the fact that their nationalistic and authoritarian tendencies are exactly what the ruling class want

You do realize that Reich just means realm, right? It annoys me to see ignorant burgers hijack this word all the time. Germany in the 20s was still calles das Deutsches Reich whilst being a democratic republic, the Swedish parliament is still called the Riksdag today, and the Dutch still refer to their government as "het rijk". It's just a normal Germanic word which has zero relationship to anything right wing but has fallen into disuse in Germany thanks to 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Anglo🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 retardation despite still featuring in compound words such as Frankreich (France, or Frank-Realm).

It's just a pun. Right-wing, Reich-wing.
That's all.

I know that, I'm half-Austrian, it's just a pun

Get out

Not sure OP but I think part of the problem is you have a mix of people, much like here, that largely collalesce around a problem. For them, race is a big one, also
and fucking commies.
You can go after the race guys and try to get them to see capitalism as the problem, but then the ancaps swoop in and start defending capitalism. Its like arguing with a 7 headed hydra

Sound lad

I can imagine the misguided and the fence sitters coming over, which is probably how many Holla Forumstards eneded up here including me, but I'd think that the hardcore Holla Forumstards would rather convert to Islam than to support communism. Also the autistanis can stay in whatever hole they're currently hiding in.


No one likes anglos.

This. They are just counter SJWs

It's not the '30s anymore lad, our elites aren't supporting fascism to evade socialist revolution and the Red Army parading through London/Paris/Washington/Berlin

I'll start caring about semantics when reich-wingers admit socialism =/= dictatorship.

What other conclusion are people supposed to draw when that's what almost every historically-successful socialist movement turned into?

What other conclusion are people supposed to draw when that's what almost every right-winger wants?
A full-on authoritarian state that beats anybody up who infringes on private property (only if they're poor).

I love how the anglo flag instead of parentheses goes with everything

Spencer is CIA so you are contradicting yourself

This is because the jews used the british empire to do most of their bidding. The Rothschilds orginally controlled the bank of england. There is a reason eternal anglo is a meme.

I'm an ancap and I see capitalism is a problem it just all the retarded systems you propose are worse

t. future mutualist.

I've looked in to mutualism and it is one of the leftist ideologies I can tolerate, but saving the white race is more important than crushing capitalism right now. If you want white people to start being anti-capitalist again they need to stop feeling like they are being erased.

Nazism is going to need to make a comeback before you can even consider socialism even being able to be tried for the first time (lol)


in that case, check out nazbol. beware of the multiple layers of ironic memes.

I don't want to be a nazbol though, the unfortunate reality is that capitalism is the closest thing we are ever going to get towards a eugenics program, so as long as we can use Fascism to keep capitalism from going full globalism it is the best thing we have going for us right now since white people tend to do the best under capitalism

Its like you don't even know that a key component of right populism is pretending to agree with "some parts of socialism just not marxist socialism"
nobody cares about your feels. grow up and realize anuddah shoah is nonexistent.

the guy isn't even respected among left leaning people

Anyway what you need to understand is that white extinction is a LONG TERM ISSUE, no amount of number magic is going to change the fact that large numbers of non-whites should never have been allowed into white countries in the first place.

The main problem leftists have is you are too blind to realize that letting jews into your movements is a really bad idea, and communism will never work so long as there are jews involved

Also polish people in the UK are just as bad as non-whites. Poles need to return to poland

baseless claims.
zionists will get the rope too

mixing all the different europeans together is helping the globalist agenda only slightly less than mixing the world together. Their goal is to erase national sovereignty and any non-native ethnicity can help acheive that

what I find hilarious about you commies is that you are completely capable of understanding why zionism is bad without making the connection that potentially it has something to do with the jews in general

if it has do to with race then maybe anuddah shoah isn't a bad thing, since using this logic it would he the only way to kill nazism.
but of course people like you are incapable of viewing anything beyond a double standard.

One day they'll realize that Hitler is Israel's founding father.

Okay so the problem with the jews is that they are BY FAR the easiest ethnic group to control. Jewish leaders have essentially groomed jews to be the most race loyal people on the planet through stories like the holocaust, which obviously I'm not going complain about the jews being loyal to other jews since people should be loyal to their own ethnic group, but for that very same reason they can act as subversive agents while living in their host country. Therefore it is important that Jews go live in Israel where their loyalty to other jews won't hurt us. Another shoah won't be necessary because jews have a place to go this time.

The problem with allowing jews into your communist movements is that this race loyalty is so powerful that they will continue to be subversive and loyal jews even while nominally being communists

Funny enough, the same could be said of ziocon bootlickers that pretend they're implementing Not Socialism by barring trannies from serving in the ZO'G military. Even though many of these symbolic acts are irrelevant to their direct material self-interest.

What sort of material interest do you derive from a society's "whiteness"? If you are a member of the herrenrasse, aren't you destined to rule these lesser beings, even as a minority? And if we assume that's true, aren't you better off as a minority considering the share of the population being exploited would be smaller compared to the exploiting class? (See the Confederate States)

After all it's what the jews do, right?
Your ideology still doesn't make sense, because it isn't firmly rooted in concrete rational self-interest.
Read Stirner.

by this logic we shouldn't allow whites into our movements
please fuck off with your blanket statements and stop calling them "logic"

but that logic you shouldn't allow any races into your movement, because race loyalty is not something that can be broken.

The problem with jews specifically is if you listen to them carefully they will often justify there positions by stating "as a jew"

For instance the jewish proffessor at the evergreen campus where students were rioting demanding whites not come to school on a day of absence he said something similar to this:
"As a jew alarm bells start going off in my head when people start demanding people be excluded based on race" (where he is implying stuff about nazi germany)

If you pay close attention it pops up again and again.

Also I dated a jewish girl for awhile and she was pretty obsessive about knowing who all the jews were and always talking about jews.

The problem with jews is that there is nothing you can do to make them jews second and something else first

I don't really care about material things to be quite honest, its why I never could really get into communism because I just don't give a crap that some people have more than me. I'm more concerned with be anti-communist because I don't want people killing me for being a kulak and trying to take the small amount of property I do have. I respect other people's right to feel the same way so I think living in a society that respects property rights is just better than one that thinks it can just take whatever it wants.

The reason I want to live in a white society is because I've lived in mixed neighbourhoods and I've lived with all whites, and I've always been more comfortable around whites.

Also homogenous white populations just have clear benefits as if every person in a society is of the same ethnic group it just removes one source of tension that doesn't otherwise need to be there. Its just better to be homogenous.

Did you ever stop to think maybe I don't want to rule over "lesser" beings, and would prefer it if we respected each other as being different but neither one inherently better than the other?

I don't want to become the jews.

Did you ever stop to realize that maybe I didn't want to fight this fight and all I wanted to do was play video games but they wouldn't even let us have that so I had to become a literal nazi and now all I want to do now is settle down with my beautiful wife on a farm are raise a litter of children to run through the wheatfields

Blame capitalism for videogames, not the jews you absolute reactionary nigger.
Seriously you're such a dumb faggot. The expression of a desire isn't a threat, you stupid brainless idiot. You're missing a brain stem and the world would only be a better place without you in it. You're a waste.

the video games thing is mostly just a meme. What I really meant by that was that because of gamergate I realized the media was corrupt which is what led me down the path of eventually realized the entirety of society was corrupt.

look I acknowledge the capital accumulation might be a problem that needs to be dealt with, but it certainty isn't the only issue in the world. I'm not going to give up everything else in this world to stop capital accumulation.

it is the only issue in the world. give me a problem you have and I can logically break it down to greed, wealth, wage and capital.

my primary concern right now is the preservation of the white race and the demographic shift of white majority countries

I completely understand how capitalism is related to those things but the existence of my people and a future for white children must be secured before I would even consider tackling the nagging problem in the back of my mind that you know maybe capital accumulation is causing lots of problems

What if you have no "race loyalty", and instead realize you only have self-interest, that may be shared with others, but isn't necessarily bound or inherent to any particular ethnicity/sex/sexuality/etc.?

I beg to differ from personal experience with jews. Just like a "white" person can leave their "whiteness" aside when defining themselves or acting in their own interest. You can assert you are defined by your relations to others, but it doesn't have to define every one of your actions.

I don't either besides direct physical needs such as food, water, shelter and transportation. Which is sort of why I desire the abolition of the capitalist mode of production, which by its own design seeks to subject every form of human interaction to the mechanizations of capitalism.
To elaborate on this idea I recommend reading Debord. (See PDF) You can not care for all you want, but that doesn't separate your life from the capitalist world. (Or the Spectacle as Debord calls it)

Guess what: I wasn't planning to. Communism is about the emancipation of Man from capital. Not about Chekist psychopaths making rounds executing people because they don't wish to starve.

Thing is, communism doesn't prevent you from doing so. If anything, by liberating ourselves from capitalist bondage we will have the ability to associate by our own choice with whatever community we wish.
It's capitalist development that led to the development of suburbs and the demand for (third world) migrant labor.

This is a myth I've seen peddled before. Being "White" alone is not enough to curb conflict. Case in point: Medieval Europe, Chinese Civil War, American Civil War, 19th and early 20th century Europe, etc. The "White Identity" is a spook, as are "White interests". We have a world of individuals who's interests sometimes align with one another and other times don't. If "White" Race loyalty was an empirical fact, why then did past "Whites" war with each other for so long?

Did they put a gun to your head and stop you from playing games?
0/10 apply yourself.

fuck off.

The thing is that capitalism can present itself however it needs to. Right now it will embrace gay rights and multiculi, but it could do a total 180 without thinking twice about if it needed to, and all the problems we face today would still exist because the establishment would remain entrenched.


good song tho…

it is in my self-interest to keep whites a majority so that I don't have to be a minority, because being a minority sucks. Being a majority allows you to blend in your environment which has numerous advantages

not all jews that are like that, but you have to consider the possibilty race loyal jewish agents are being strategically placed in top communist leadership positions. on Holla Forums we are constantly aware that this is a possibility because we know it has happened in the past and we can clearly identify people who fit this description. this is why Holla Forums is so obsessed with controlled opposition, its because it happens all the time

I know that, except I'm more inclined to believe that is not just capitalism but rather the industrial system itself that does that. You can read the Unabomber manifesto for more information

I'm prepared to attempt to destroy civilization if we ever reach a point that it because impossible to fight off the industrial system (like for instance if strong AI becomes a real possibility and nobody is taking proper safety precautions)

A anti-industrial revolution would more or less be the same thing as a communist revolution but instead of seizing the means of production you destroy it.

While I appreciate the fact that you don't want to kill me for not wanting to starve, that does not guarantee that others will be so kind. I'm not interested in having another dysgenic genocide against the smartest people on the planet in order to attempt to do communism right this time

I would prefer to evacuate the non-white from europe first so we can guarantee the existence of our people and a future for white children. The reason having so many non-whites around is bad is because if shit hits the fan prison rules are going to be in play which means people will side with their race and it will lead to ethnic conflict, which is something that didn't need to happen inside the same countries since european countries were more or less composed of a single european ethnic each before we started importing the third world

You are missing the point. Everybody being white is one less thing to fight about, and if neighbouring cultures are extremely similiar to you own its easier to band together against outside forces.

The point of a "white" race loyalty is that in a more global world the differences between the individual european ethnicities matter much less so it is much easier for us to stand together in order to resist foreign threats, which is exactly what is happening right now with Holla Forums

You are claiming that white race loyalty does not exist but you can see it with your own eyes. We have a common interest against non-whites because on average non-whites are making life shittier for us so we oppose them toghether. You claim to know that individuals band together sometimes out of common interest and yet act surprised when they do so based on genetic proximity when they are experiencing a genetic threat.

Agains the video games thing is a meme based on the ridiculousness of the fact that hordes of people are now nazis because feminists tried to change video games. Its funny because of how ridiculous a concept it is

I cannot imagine what cesspool of neuroses and insecurities coagulated to create a faggot like you.

Imagine believing this.

why not advocate for irrelevant shiting and making everyone look the same, then?

fug, I should have seen the wordfilter coming.

why do you have a word filter. it just makes things confusing


It isn’t hard to defeat Uncap arguments on Holla Forums I can do it in four images.


You should lay off the idpol.

Did it suck for the slave owners in the south? Does it suck for the jews in Russia and America? What about the Chinese in Singapore, the Manchus during the Qing Dynasty or the Turks during the heydays of the Ottoman empire?
At one point you approach a rational motive (I.e. "I just like being around people that look white and behave similarly to me.") Before sliding back into spook territory. There is no "race loyalty" and there is no "race" interest. Even Hitler had fellow Germans send to their deaths.

I'm not the one pushing the "based" meme. Jews are just people with their own personal interests like anyone else. If any accusation is to be levied against them as a group, it's that they're disproportionately successful at exploiting capitalism for their own gain compared to the size of their group. But it's not any different than the Rockefellers and Medici did. If we are to assert that Judaism gravitates towards being bourgeois, then it follows that derives it's power from capitalism. That's an argument against the system in general, not just jews and Judaism.

You also seem to ignore the scores of whites that have been exploited by other whites, at present and before.

It's not about proving communism "right" because it isn't something that can be proven "right". It's about abolishing capitalism. The same capitalism that has indebted, enslaved and killed millions of whites the world over.

If that was in any way true, the Russian civil war should have looked like the Turner Diaries. The Soviet Union would have been unable to exist.

The Roman Empire was a multi-ethnic empire that for hundreds of years was able to unite against common threats. This "White homogeneity == peace" is non sequitur even if living among white people is personally desirable.
Please for your own sake: Take a step back into the real world.

Is it "white loyalty" when White bosses make their white workers work for a pittance? Is it "white solidarity" when white members of the donor class try to rob white workers of their healthcare and safety nets? Was it "white interests" when white upper classes send millions of white men to die in the trenches of WW1? When white children were forced into factories? When white farmers were sold as property?
Take off the rose-tinted glasses.

Also note that the "industrial system" is directly related to capitalism and it's pursuit of profit. You can smash the machines all you want, but you will not have addressed the underlying cause for its growth and monstrous appetite.

Oh relly?

Even if Holla Forums was completely right about genetic determinism, the Jewish conspiracy, etc etc etc, I'd take my friends, neighbors, and co-workers over a bunch of ridiculous internet crackers any day. Especially the ones that make lamb curry

Remind me of this image.

Its a weak correlation, but there is a negative correlation between the ethnic diversity of a country and its level of development.

The thing about the homogeneity being good is that I came to this conclusion BEFORE joining Holla Forums.

I have studied geography extensively and no a lot about the various ethnic groups all over the world, and the different ways countries handle subnational divisions.

Once thing became increasingly clear

while not always the cause of the problem, ethnic differences in the same country almost always made it easier so civil war to get started and always were the convenient cleaving points of the civil war, and that countries that managed to avoid this usually had complicated power sharing agreements that gave self rule to the different ethnic groups.

I realized that not only was the obession with multiculturalism and terrorism apology annoying, it was actually insane as having people large numbers of people with a different culture moving into the country was bound to end in disaster.

Now at the time I didn't think race mattered at all and if the non-whites just adopted the majority culture there wouldn't be any problems, but over time I've come to realize that race does in fact matter and its probably best if as many non-whites as possible voluntarily leave europe. The way I hope to make that happen is by cutting off all the welfare and the offering them some money to go home.

It took 50 years to for things to get this bad and I am willing to take 50 years to fix things.

The Eternal Kraut

AnCaps dug their own grave by just being insanely retarded and unironically founded by Jewry. The whole right's eventually going some degree of anti-capitalist. I say embrace it and keep hitting them with anti-capitalist arguments (rather than pro-communist). They'll come around.

So 18th century France, and 19th/early 20th century Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the United States were economic backwaters? India, China and Rome were all at one time peaceful and prosperous civilizations regardless of their vast ethnic diversity.
The monolithic German and French identities didn't even exist until they were formented during the 19th century. Before that both France and (what would become) Germany were as multi-ethnic as so many other countries in the world at the time.

Is modern India a civil war ridden wasteland? It's perhaps not as prosperous per capita as countries like Norway or Ireland, but neither are Moldova or Ukraine.

This is essentially cargo cult thinking. The social, economic, spiritual and aesthetic decline had already set in 50 years ago. By bringing back one thing (homogenous white populations) you're not bringing back the historical realities of that time.
The dynamics of the world economy have changed. The race to the bottom has accelerated, and unless you're willing to debase yourself or other whites for the procurement of commodities, you're not going to win from some Eritrean or Bangladeshi girl working for 1 USD a day.
It's the reason why industries in the west have died off, to be replaced by financial behemoths that hold the world's capital in bondage. And even that isn't as the western financial system faces increasing competition from emerging economies like India and China. It's a lose-lose situation.
Migrants labor wasn't an evil jewish plot, it was rational self-interest for the capitalist class that realized that a growing economy needs a continuous fresh supply of labor and debt hosts.

If undiluted 'whiteness' alone would make the west "great again", then why isn't Poland at the top of the world?

In medieval Europe local kingdoms and various different tribes would go to war with each other. This was a common occurrence everywhere on the globe. But do you know what happened when all these local kingdoms had a common enemy, thats right they banded together around a common indentity (christianity) and went on a crusade against the muslims.

You are being intentionally dense if you can't understand these basic recurring themes.

Guess what happened after ww2? Suddenly all the europeans are living in countries where most of the inhabitants are in the same ethnic group as them. LASTING PEACE!

If you guys stopped seeing ethnicity as a spook and starting thinking potentially just maybe this is a thing that might potentially have a tiny oh so small bit of importance you might be able to understand why we don't like communists for fucking around during the interwar period

I don't support social safty nets or government run health care, I'm an ancap. Taxation is theft.

(Before you jump on me I'm open to mutualism because I realize that capitalism can be cancerous in the literal definition of that word meaning an uncontrolled growth so I support measures to prevent capital accumulation if that is what is necessary to kill the cancer, but I don't support stealing. I only support redistribution insofar as it is necessary to kill capitalism, the reason I like mutualism is that you are still allowed to own private property its just you are not allowed to have proles under you working that property, which is an effective compromise as far as I am concerned)

Your leftist arguments are not going to work on me because I am not a leftist and I never will be, I will only ever be a right-winger who incidentally thinks capitalism has to go.

Now I do however support voluntary charity in order to help the down trodden, I do not believe you have the right to coercively take it from people.

Seriously it is you who needs to step into the real world. idpol is the natural result of multiple ethnicities living in close proximity to one another. if you want idpol to go away you need homogenous nations.

there is a difference between mutltiple ethnicities being in the same empire but geographically separated for the most part. Particularly if the different ethnicities have a unifying culture (roman culture)

The issues with the muslims in europe is primarily because they are living in close proximity to one another and they do not have a unifying culture between them, in fact the cultures are at odds with each other.


Are you fucking serious my dude?

Oh sweet mercy you're being serious.

I'm going to have to come back to all this. There's so much fucking wrong here that I'm not sure where to even begin.

The point of putting the graph up there was so I did not need to go through every single country and explain to you in excruciating detail what strategy that country uses to handle its "diversity"

In short india is a federation, which means that the local ethnic groups usually have their state level governments to rule themselves with. Since india is one of the most complicated countries on the planet I won't be able to fully explain how it works because it would take too long, but most of the diversity is geographically separated from one another.

But even that is not enough as hindu-muslim tension is still widespread.

the languages did. don't you know anything about linguistics?

Now yes the south of france used to speak a more an occitan language rather than french, but occitan and french were very similar languages.

The german indentity was not built out of nothing, the various german states all spoke a similar sounding language, and when they united they were more or less a federation with the various different parts of germany retaining some autonomy

Why do you think we can build a common white identity? Its because the various different european ethnic groups had similar cultures to one another.

The same thing happened with 19th and 20th century nationalism, similar cultures united together in order to be stronger together

but you can't just do that with cultures all over the globe which have almost no similarity with each other

Don't you commies worship Noam Chomsky or something? You should know these things!

I don't fucking intend to bring back the 1950s by making the countries white again, I intend to make a 2050 in which europe is white, whatever that might look like.

I'm not after the 1950s, I'm after the whites.

What makes it so hard for you to understand my motives are purely racial and there is nothing else to it?

I don't really care about the economy. Whatever happens happens for all I care. Once again my motives are purely racial. I want europe to be european again.

I FUCKING KNOW THAT. I'm a goddamn canadian for fucksake, I don't care about the downward pressure on wages the migrants have put on europe because I want the land of my ancestors to be filled with the descendants of my ancestors and that is the only thing I care about when it comes to europe.

I don't want to be on the top of the world, I want the muslims to stop killing little girls at concerts. Poland is one of the only countries in europe where they don't have to deal with that crap.

I will say it again


Then what is your point? I'm not trying to depict medieval Europe has some peaceful land where every held hands and sang Kumbaya. Your argument seems to be that in white homogenous societies there would be peace. I've already indicated and can show you that is not the case, even when it considers one white ethnicity in an otherwise equally homogenous territory.

That's more related to Mutually Assured Destruction and irradiated bombed cities not being very conductive for business. Or really, any conventional or unconventional war between sophisticated industrial states in the late 20th and 21st centuries. There's a reason the saying goes that Democracies do not wage war upon one another (even if that isn't entirely true).
Also, if you are right, why isn't the Arab world a haven of peace? Same goes for East Asia. Even with nominally one religion, one language and sharing the same lineage people over there are unable to keep the peace. And before you try to pull the "subhuman sandniggers" card: At one point the Arab world too was multi-ethnic, prosperious and peaceful.

It's almost as if pure demographics alone are unable to account for declining or increasing levels of social and inter-state violence.

So you're just going let whites - who's jobs have been rendered obsolete by automation - starve and die in the streets? So much for "white loyalty", "white interests" and "white solidary".

What then do you consider appropriating the surplus value created by the labor of others?
You can say you want to kill capitalism, but that also entails ending the commodity form, exchange value, money, wage labor and all the other trappings of a capitalist system.

I'm not denying the existing of idpol, I'm saying that most of it has no basis in rational self-interest, especially in the 21st century.

Uhhuh. You mean like Rome and Alexandria? Or the other major cities and territories within the empire?

Doesn't seem any different from Rome, India, Pre-Qin China, the medieval caliphates, Soviet Union, 19th century United States, etc.


I guess it all makes sense now.
Enjoy your cargo cult.

Stfu eurofag

I'd rather be poor and not have to deal with terrorist attacks every week, than rich and have them everyday

I'm an ancap because I believe in the non-aggression principle which means don't initiate force. If european countries didn't have welfare states most of the problem immigrants would go home (or at least would stop coming)

The only thing I hate more than communists is socdem (except when they kill rosa, it that case they are tolerable)

My support for ancap is not because I'm trying to maximize the economy or something, its because I think taxation is theft, and the stuff they usually spend the taxes on tends to suck. (like wars)

Apparently you don't because these languages weren't monolithic and varied wildly from region to region and sometimes even from town to town. What we consider to be "German" or "French" or "English" didn't exist until very recently, and that was after ruthlessly stomping out regional and ethnic variations. The ethnic and political divisions in Italy made many Italian dialects mutually unintelligible and significant work had to be done to create a standardized Italian language.

Wrong again, you stupid asshole. Once again, these myriad regional variations were stamped out and homogenized by the ruling classes, the aristocracy and the bourgeois, in order to get rubes like you to fight and die for Germany or France or whatever. Fuck, you're trying to say that these "european ethnic groups" have such similar cultures, but even geographically contiguous regions have substantial differences. Italy again is so strongly divided that there are people nearly two centuries after its unification that believe North Italy and South Italy ought to be separated. These differences multiply and deepen the further back in history you go because 99.99% of people were lived and died within the same 25-50 mile perimeter in which they were born. "England," "France," "Germany," these terms would have been completely meaningless to most people until very recently because anything beyond their locality might as well have been on the moon. This especially wasn't helped by the fact that the majority of Europeans would have basically been property and tied to the land that they worked and not allowed to leave it.

Help me out here.
Is this a comprehensive list? Because judging from it you have more to worry about from your fellow honkies and Quebecois than spooky darkies.

I can't imagine how a single person could become so incredibly wrong about so much.

Leftists consider taxation a ground rent on workers and knows the rich pay none. No real leftist likes taxation, many don't like money altogether but that's another story.

NAP is a way of codifying private property (not personal property) into something resembling pacificist autonomy. Thus the idea of property is more fundamental than the NAP. But even personal property is not strict human nature as all through history what constitutes personal property has been decided by community or government, and isn't so simple in all but the most basic thought experiments. AnCap is a power transfer mechanism for the worst of the elite/an ideological distraction to keep us segmented and divided.

Consider that we already have a privatized state. The veneer of democracy is largely propaganda.

Did I ever say that? No I didn't.

The only thing I implied is that it is easier to run a country when a very large majority of the population is of a single ethnic group.

Do you even know anything about the middle east? The sunni shia split is a massive conflict so you could say there are two main religions in the middle east and this split is being exploited to be a proxy for the Saudi Arabia Iran conflict.

Plus its also not like they have a single language either as the Kurds are smack in the middle of the place and are a major flashpoint for the region (you should fucking know this because you guys love Rojave)

Also Christianity, Druze, and Alawites occupy the levant region in contrast to the sunni arabs in the interior.

A massive christian-muslim civil war happened in lebanaon which left the country pretty divided. Now hezbollah more or less rules the shia muslims in lebanon for one thing.

Honestly look this shit up before you make claims about place you don't know anything about.

Not to mention zionists are probably fucking about with all these divisions making them worse.

I don't know what is going to happen when that happens but I'm willing to change my mind about some things if things turn out seriously bad. As of right now we have no idea how things are going to turn out.

Its sort of like an arms race though. If one group is doing it YOU HAVE to do it or else their unity will be able to take on the groups that don't unify.

Its sort of like the prisoner's dilemma. Everyone is better off if no one does it, but it if one group decides to do it, every group has to begin doing it to respond. Getting back to the optimal situation of nobody doing it is incredibly difficult

You seem to think the roman empire was this shiny example of stability when in reality there were rebellions all the time

Islam is a cancerous religion that comes into conflict with any other culture that surround it hindu, buddhist, chrisitan, etc if they don't submit to it.

Also go back to reddit newfag.

Holla Forums is full of white guys who are assblasted that contemporary Marxism considers them the oppressors rather than the oppressed. Instead throwing away that cancerous dialectic altogether, you argue that workers are the Real True Victim Class™. You have more in common with the reactionary right that you'd think.

Are you RedPanels?

Do you? Again. Read the fine print.

I'm talking about conflict between Arab (speaking) Sunni (to make it even simpler) Muslims.
There's also plenty of times in middle eastern history where all these other groups lived together in peace.

It wasn't. Though often enough there was peace in multi-ethnic cities and regions. That's my point. Ethnic pluralism, diversity or homogeneity are not the sole predictor for peace. You can have ethnically homogenous cultures collapse due to internal strife, while multi-ethnic empires can persist for hundreds of years.

Tell me about the Zionists that organized the first Fitna.
Oh wait. That didn't fucking happen because Israel didn't exist and wouldn't exist for at least ~1300 years.

On a second note, why did I even bother?

Yep, it's a taxonomic descendant. Catholics also get upset that Presbyterianism and Unitarianism are considered Christianity.

Do you think I don't know that? What I'm saying is that they were similar enough that creating a standardized language made sense for those regions. Its the same process that goes on in africa right now where it is common for various bantu speakers to all speak swahili as a lingua franca.

But here is what is so enfuriating with you, do you not understand why it made sense for germanic language speakers to form a country that was mostly separate from the romance speaking country beside it?

Don't who think the nations of europe more or less formed themselves around convenient culturally similar areas?

Now obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but don't you think maybe you could make some sort of general rule that people who spoke related languages ended up in the same nation states EVEN if there are exceptions. You could even say it was logical to place the people they placed together?

Do you think I didn't know this? Its a good thing too that they did that because otherwise everybody speaking a different slightly different language would make things rather difficult now wouldn't it?

And I support them if they do. The northern italians and southern italians are very different than one another.

THIS PROVES MY POINT that ethnic differences make governing a country harder.

What you are saying is that since the cultures of geographic proximate groups are vastly different than one another somehow that means I should care less that people of cultures from even farther away are fucking around and making my life difficult? I don't really follow what you are trying to imply. Everything you are saying is just confirming what I already know.

I have you fucking commies to thank for that.

Also if you weren't being intentionally dense you would have realized that in the 2010s which is almost the entirety of my life that I have been aware of my surroundings almost all the terrorists have been related to islam. The one white terrorist was attacking muslims so good for him I guess.

Your a fucking retard. Marx rarly spook of race and gender. 99% of his work was about the relationship between the workers and the bourgieous.

when you said arab world I thought you meant the middle east

in retrospect I should not have jumped to that conclusion

I guess Fascism is socialism too then. After all, Mussolini was a member of the Italian Socialist Party.
And I figure the same goes for Nat'ional Socialism considering the NSDAP started off as the German Workers' Party.

Neck yourself.

Marxism only begins with Marx, it's a rich intellectual tradition, not the writings of a single man who lived in the 19th century
no, it was not, capitalism is a process without a subject

Except most idpol shit came from post structuralists, which were specifically critical of marx

You need to take a break from imageboards laddie

why are you so autistic that you think if I say something is a factor in something it must me it was always a factor in everything since beginning of time and no other factors could have possible been at play

I'm not saying that ethnicity is the only thing that matters, what I'm saying it is sure as hell makes is easier if everyone in your country is of the same ethnicity

I can't decide which exactly is my favorite part. This post is a smörgåsbord of fucking ridiculous nonsense.
lol, nice. You assert that racial loyalty is an actual thing, then just dismiss the nearly three thousand years of evidence to the contrary.

Putting aside that these kingdoms were each others' common enemies, it sure took them long enough to "band together." Spain had been in the hands of the Muslims for nearly 300 years by this point. Nor did they "band together" over some mythical common "Christian identity." Are you high? The pope issued his call for a crusade and it went almost totally ignored. And this was after years of Byzantium losing ground to their Muslim competitors. Where was this racial loyalty, this Christian solidarity then? Especially when you had groups like the Venetians that were only too happy to capitalize on Constantinople's misfortunes.

And all that's aside from the various crusades specifically aimed at other European Christians. The crusade against the Cathars in Southern France for example, or the Saxons and Pommeranians in Northern Germany (oh but they weren't Christians so I guess that's okay), or the pagan and Christian peoples of the Baltic. And if you aren't just looking at religious squabbles then you see that Europe is in an almost constant state of internecine warfare that sometimes depopulated entire regions and wiped out entire cultures. Maybe they weren't white enough? Or Christian enough? Oh well, recurring themes like that are a common occurrence e everywhere in the world :,)

This is another facet of what makes trying to talk with racists so ridiculous. What the fuck are you even talking about "the same ethnic group?" White? Because WW2 certainly didn't fucking change that.

I'm not familiar with all the genetic variations of, say, Germany, but if it's anything like Britain, which is (or was I guess) crammed full of people culturally and ethnically distinct then I would imagine that a country like Germany or France would have significantly different "ethnic groups" too. Italy is another good example. It's patently ridiculous to say that a Sicilian and a Tuscan are "the same ethnic group." Historically, culturally, genetically, linguistically, how much would you say that they had in common? Anything? By the time "Italy" becomes a thing again, your average Sicialian and Tuscan would have been politically and geographically separated by 1400 years or more. And Germany was even less politically coherent than Italy.

Blah blah blah, already addressed this.

Because your whole ridiculous ideology is completely nonsensical. What the fuck is "white?" Do Spaniards count as white? They were occupied by the Muslims for 700 years, so help me out here, my dude. What about the Greeks? They were vassals of the Ottomans, so I'm willing to bet they're contaminated with icky Asian genes. The Hungarians definitely can't be white or the Finns :,), can they? There's historical proof that they aren't native to Europe–hell, they don't even speak a PIE language! Or is that okay because they are pleasingly pale?

yes, you said you were an ancap, you don't have to keep repeating yourself.

Do you? Because it sounds like you don't know thing fucking one about Europe or Europeans. It sounds more like you just don't want the scary browns to bother you.

lol wew my lad. Even if this weren't completely idiotic, then you'd better start caring about economics, because it's economics that is creating this problem in the first place, just like it has all the way back, before the Romans, before the Greeks even. It's why Europeans slaughtered one another century upon century. It's why Christians murdered other Christians. It's why there even are "Germans" and "French" and even "Europeans."

Because you're a fucking fool and don't have the slightest fucking clue of how the world works or why.

It came from neo-Marxist/post-Marxist critical theory as well. Sartre, although not "post-structuralist", was hugely influential and as you know later became a frothing at the mouth ML. Foucault was a Maoist for a time. Badiou remained a Maotist his whole life even after the fad died down. They were all heavily involved with the Western radical left which in turn was heavily influenced by them. For a variety of reasons, the core of Marx's original thought was buried but denying all ideological heritage because of Holla Forums memes is just retarded. Might as well claim Marx wasn't a Hegelian because he was critical of Hegel. It just isn't that simple.

I have a feeling you have not read any of these people you are mentioning yet feel compelled to post hearsay.

Yeah, I'm sure they were influenced by socialist thought even if they took it in a different direction.

Belief systems evolve over time.

You can be both critical of a belief system and heavily influenced by it. Consider the relationship between Lutherans and Catholics as an example.

I realize that all of you heavily detest the new left socjus shit, but taxonomically it is heavily influenced by Marxism. You guys are purists, but more because you see how new left shit is harmful to you personally than any fundamental disagreement about the nature of group conflict within society. Again, you have more in common with the reactionary right than you'd think.

I've read far more than just that. Want to play 20 questions?

You know nothing of fascist history, they came to being as a result of a deepening class struggle that was threatening a revolution at those times. Fascism was a defense of capital against the autonomous activity of workers. Read Parenti.

Oh I didn't notice I was responding to someone special like you again. Go ahead, type more derpage.

Hahaha so we meet again. Fuck, I can't imagine how it must feel to experience the level of cognitive dissonance you must undergo by just assuming you are right despite having read nothing and getting clowned for it every time. Either that or you're perfectly comfortable lying your way through life. Question 1: Which is it?

But those are the best thing about nazbol.

What did he mean by this?

You people care more about various meme authors and who knows more trivia in their writings than ideas themselves.

Look, I realize my round 1 golems are dumb, but it's a learning curve okay.

I was talking about the history of ideas. Do you think you can do this without naming the key players?

The reason that there are so many countries on the right side that have low development is that they were raped by colonialism and then their borders were drawn by dumbass white people before their boat-ride out. There's tons of ethnic diversity inside every country in Africa because the borders were drawn by arbitrary agreements made by European powers. It's underdeveloped because of colonialism.

What are you talking about? Appears like you have some autistic quarrel with someone on a chan. Not surprising coming from a nazi.

You can say the same about anything, like Communism being the same as Capitalism because one arose out of criticism from the other.

And yet most reddit radlibs have proven again and again to be self flagellating whites.

Complete nonsense. We oppose idpol on both fronts, be it progressive or conservative because it is anathema to our aims of uniting the working class. Its all moralism that takes away from the class struggle and if you even dare question it you're either branded a deeply triggering woman hater or a race traitor cuck

Lurk more loser.


thanks for helping to prove my point. I was hoping someone would show up to say exactly that.

why is it bad that the borders were draw arbitrarily if like Mr.Dialectic Materialism over there says "it don't matter"

Apparently! You don't seem to know much of anything.

No, what you've been saying is that these things happened through the magic of their shared white christianhood, which isn't the fucking case. These standardized languages were artificially imposed in order to standardize these newly incorporated regions and integrate them into the national economy. If it just "made sense," then where was this standardization the thousand years before the 19th century? What use would they even have for it when the majority of these people would likely never have to talk to someone outside their home town? Do you have even a single brain cell sparking?

See the above.

lol, that's your point now, huh? One second you're supporting the forced integration of disparate peoples into a single monolithic nation state, and the next you say that ethnic differences make this impossible. Your entire ideology is fucking incoherent, you incomprehensible dick head. Ethnicity means whatever you want it to mean. Culture doesn't matter, oh but then it does, unless it proves you wrong. You're a fucking idiot clinging onto anything to try and prop up your clownish racism even when they're mutually contradictory.

That's what you want to believe I'm saying. What I'm telling you is that all the premises you've built this house of bullshit on aren't fucking sound.

You're in Canada you fucking retard. The nightclub bombings, Paris attacks, etc, how did they effect you in any material way except make you upset that brown people were upsetting you? It's strangers a continent or more away killing other strangers, and most of the time it's natives killing other natives.

So much is starting to make sense. It would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic.

"Islam," huh? What about it? What makes that more critical than the fact that almost all were males? Or that almost all were natives of the countries they committed their crimes in? Is there some kind of Islam magic that makes good Christian white boys suddenly forget their racial loyalty? And where was all this Islamic terrorism in the decades before your dumb ass was born? Europeans ruled countries with Muslims, among disparate other ethnic and cultural and religious groups, for hundreds of years, so what suddenly happened to make Islam a catalyst for terrorism?

Are you sure? Is Communism another of the Devil's Verses that transforms good honkies into raving terrorists? Or maybe there are other factors at work and things like race or religion are fucking incidental.

You're a clown my dude. A buffoon. A rube. I hope you're home schooled or something because I'd like to believe that the Canadian education system wouldn't produce someone so vastly, deeply, continentally ignorant about everything.


Your dialectical materialism autism is funny.

You think that what by saying "hey maybe this was a factor" you think "HE IS SAYING THAT IS THE ONLY FACTOR" because you are autistic enough to subscribe to a view of history where they surely can only be one reason for everyone doing everything.

I'm not saying that economics are a crucial factor in deciding people's actions, but they aren't the only factor.

I'm self taught.

I will give you are very fucking good reason why I want to live in an all white country that you might understand

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD wouldn't it be great if I didn't have to worry about other peoples identity politics running amok in the politics of my country. The reason I want everyone to have the same identity is so that i never have to experience black people complaining about how oppressed they are and I never have to hear another muslim say after a terrorist bombing "islamophobia is the real problem though"

I just don't want to have to think about these people any more. I wish they were on the other side of the planet so I wouldn't have the hear about their shit.

Also the races are biologically real and supporting people who are genetically closer to you makes more evolutionary sense than people who are genetically distant than you.

Those are the main two selfish reason I have for wanting to live in an all white country. So what do you have to say Mr. Everything Is Economics?


You're using some truly atrocious cancer reddit spacing.


All you've done so far is call me an idiot because I haven't learn your super specific reading of history. Now instead of just calling me an idiot you provide alternate explanations for the things we complain about.

So in your dialectical materialist view of reality why the fuck do people in canada convert to islam and then become terrorists?

What is there to talk about when you don't care about economics?

Perhaps consider that dialectic materialism does not specifically deal with that scenario. Also, maybe you could consider actually reading Marx for a change. (Critique of the Gotha Program, German Ideology, Wage Labor Capital, Capital volumes 1-3)
That and get some books on medieval European history.

Oh fuck, I didn't know Molymeme was Canadian. All the pieces are really falling into place.

Probably because the material circumstances were vastly different you incomprehensible nimrod. Because you have centuries of Europeans stirring up and outright creating ethnic conflict and tension in order to play the one against the other, while simultaneously destroying they traditional ways of life and thus their means of sustaining themselves, then either destroying all the technological infrastructure that they rely on while fighting to keep them from taking their country back or taking it with them when they're finally forced out.

So suddenly you have people that were made reliant on capitalist modes of production and distribution, have been actively prevented from learning how any of it works or why, deprived of it, and then unceremoniously dumped into a country full of millions of other people that will very soon be starving or in need or medicine or other necessary supplies and no way to produce or buy them because their countries have been looted of everything valuable.

It isn't that invisible lines on a map are arbitrary, because all borders are arbitrary. It isn't because these people have cultural etc differences, because all those things existed before. The critical factor is that these arbitrarily created countries previously functioned as components of a greater whole. The people in colony A didn't have to worry about growing their own food, because the people in colony B took care of that. But once they're ejected from the empire A and B are no longer symbiotic components but direct competitors for scarce resources. This problem is only magnified when these circumstances also occur within the countries themselves. If the people in Plantationville don't keep growing food, then the people in Shitzburg starve to death.

And that's why you should care about economics, because without it nothing makes sense until you start to examine the material circumstances producing processes of change. Cultural differences, religious differences, ethnic differences–trying to make a coherent understanding of anything looking through just these lenses produces nothing but nonsense, but looking at the material realities of the region and the material needs of the people that live there and subsequently the cultural forces that they produce and everything, these "recurring themes" as you so quaintly call them, everything'' snaps into sharp focus.

I feel sorry for you, really. Your whole idiotic world view just stems from "I don't want to be inconvenienced." It would actually be less pathetic if you were unabashedly racist. The nat cucks that wander in here, at least they ostensibly care about their moronic fantasy of a "race." Some of them might even genuinely care about these other people, even if it's for something as stupid as sharing the same skin color. But you? You just can't be fucked. You don't want to preserve anything, or protect anyone, or serve any kind of higher purpose. You're not even in it for the kicks. You just don't want to be bothered.

At first I thought you just didn't get it. Even that would have been understandable. But it's not that you don't understand, you don't even care to. Whatever easy answer, whatever convenient excuse, race, ancestry, "selfishness," whatever, it's just a prop to give your astonishing ignorance a veneer of intellectual justification. I'm not sure what to make of you, frankly. You're completely banal in your malevolence. I've argued with some posters that I thought were really pathetic, but you by far take the cake.

What should I care about then?

What I want for myself is as follows:

A beautiful wife who I can have lots of wonderful kids with on my farm which I used to sustain myself and a safe region for my kids to grow up in and be able to eventually raise there own kids in and still be safe.

The fact is that my children will also be white because even before Holla Forums I was most attracted to blonde haired blue eyed girls, and I always planned to have lots of children.

The fact is that Hoppean covenant communities are my best chance to ensure a safe future for my kids.

The fact is that if we let current trends continue both I and my kids will be minorities in Canada, and we've previously established that being a minority sucks.

What you see as the ultimate spook of race is something I see as a living shield that can protect me and my kids, and keep this living shield strong and healthy is in my interest so that we my descendants can always live in this living shield.

What matters most about this human shield is that its see itself as an entity thus it is willing to defend itself and by extension me and my kids inside it are also defended.

The only time Marxest ever tried to analize culture was the Frankfurt School which had a pro-tradition outlook that capitalism was anti-tradition.

Except that it's not the 19th century anymore. Nations and nationalism are bad for business, because nationalism leads to the stupid proles wanting tariffs and immigration control, and preventing Chinese multinationals from buying any "Western" multinational they want to.


what did he mean by this

if the capitalists have so much money don't you think they would want to spend some of it on making sure they were in charge of any opposition to them

still don't see your point
leftism =/= porky

porky controls leftism. don't you think they would pay good money to get their guy to lead the communist revolution?

not all of it though.
probably not most of it.

why do you think all socialist countries end up being state capitalist

a) I do not consider the USSR state capitalist
b) most of the time when porky wants communism gone they orchestrate a regime change, like in Venezuela or Chile, way before those states even become communist.

thank god atleast you admit socialism has been tried before

lurk more faggot

Not a contradiction at all

Are you serious? Under both fascism and capitalism you and the majority of the population are beholden to the whims of the ruling class, whether that's the state or the property owners. You seriously think they would just let you live in peace when they've treated the working class as pawns all throughout history? Even now in the US they're trying to pass healthcare reforms to cull the poor, and even over in Bongland they're trying to destroy the NHS, so don't think your Canadian healthcare system is safe either. And that's under democracy, where the politicians actually have to at least pretend to appease the people in order to win votes- they have even less reason to care about your wellbeing under an autocratic system.
So do you think that being part of a minority is inherently unpleasant or is it because other people make a big fuss about it? Left-handed people are a minority, but nobody gives a shit about it these days… but they did in the past, and you're a fool to think the ruling class won't stir up such ridiculous ways to divide the people once they've eliminated their latest scapegoat and need a new one to blame for society's ills. Hell, you mention how you're attracted to blondes, but they're also a minority and there's already a common stereotype of them being ditzy airheads, for all you know the ruling class might decide to go after your waifu and family next.
How the hell does being the ethnic majority protect you, and from what? Japan is pretty much ethnically homogenous and relatively traditional and conservative, but they're suffering from the same economic problems as the rest of the developed world, to the point that their population is plummeting and death from overwork is fairly common. You're a fool if you think the ruling class will ever give a shit about you just because they're the same ethnicity. As long as such rigid systems of hierarchy exist, the future of all working class people is uncertain

How is that a contradiction my brainlet friend

I don't want these people near the left

would still fug

Why or how did autists start calling themselves infidel?Where did it come from? It's embarrassing

you see, class is just an identity! I for example identify as trans-bourgeois. my pronouns are boss/boss/bosself and if you don't let me take your surplus value you are an oppressive wealthshamer.

how can I become trans-bourgeois?

some people claim that one is born bourgeois, but that's a very excellent thing to say. I immediately corrected this very rude person.
if you feel that your essence, your true being, your subjective personal narrative inner experience is that of an absentee owner, then you are bourgeois, no matter what society, the people around you or your relation to the means of production tell you.

I prefer the term "job creator," thanks honey :)

a very problematique thing of course
this is a good example of wealthshaming, they attack us just because we collect rent
i hope whoever runs this board takes a very good look at themselves, this nearly triggered some memories from the time I had to pay taxes at normal rates even though I'm clearly bourgeois and barely have to pay taxes at all.

Read a fucking book. Communism isn't regime change. It's the movement that abolishes capitalism, and emancipates the workers and man from capital.