Admit it

Admit it.
Being and advocator of communism and fascism is just a stupid as trying to reinstate monarchy.

They are all things of the past, that will never reappear in our time.

Eh, no.

nt libtard





Either you're extremely ignorant or you're a time traveler who forgot his mission. Get back to it, you're the last hope for the Terran forces.

he assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking.


Chico pls.

Do you know what the word "reinstate" means?

I live in a "monarchy" so I know it exist, but it's clearly been weakened over the past years.

Nice quote, but I don't see where you going with it.

Will corbers nationalise scrumpy and make it a human right, lad?

They might have remnants of aristocracy, but can they be called monarchies any more? They might have "monarchs," but aside from Saudi Arabia isn't that an entirely nominal position?

Fuck off liberal. Capitalism might be more resilient than Marx thought, but that doesn't mean its contradictions and antagonisms do not exist and will not eventually kill this planet for profit.

Communism in Cuba China Vietnam work fine.

Hell, china and vietnam aren't even socialist, they're mixed models.

Ok I should get off the internet for today but I hate you centrists so much I'll rant. Your world view is not one formed out of learning, reasoning and choosing. It's just being ass mad about people talking about politics. So you say stuff like "whatever, life is shit" or "whatever, both sides are bad" probably deep down you know it is a judgment based on partial/no knowledge of actual politics but you pretend to see "beyond", and this is very reminding of religious view of reality. I say reminding because its not the same, centrism is actually way shittier. While in religion the thing that goes beyond the struggles of people (and ultimately says they are meaningless) is a god like saving figure, in centrism the beyond is the status quo. So even if you deny it it's neolib fake progressive clinton capitalism. The message is don't worry, don't think, it's good now.
No. You are a centrist. If you pretend political struggle is not left vs right you are a pomo, larping faggot with snowflake ideology (I now realized this is actually even worse than "classical centrism" since you will have less problems in supporting right wing) and you are friend of capital. I know you reading this will think you are a superior mind who can clearly see behind those stupid petty "things of the past", and this exactly because your rotten ideology prevents you from seeing the reality of class struggle, which is a material thing and not a fashion statement like your politics

This is why I hate Chan imageboards. They make me write long rants about overly specific topics that no-one in the wider world will ever see, let alone other people on the board

Ironically actual centrism is far to the left of us neoliberals like Obama.

I just hope that one day I manage to leave the internet and move on with my life, this is all so futile but I can't stop it