Serious question

When you are convinced you are on the right side, shouldn't you be able to express your opposition against right-wing views? And if not you, at least anyone at the end of the bell curve, since I'm sure there are some very intelligent liberals and even progressives. Language is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal (simplicity in relation to effectivity).

How come none of you can debate and beat the most dangerous and well-known right-wing internet characters and debaters these days? Namely Molyneux. Why not even making an attempt?

When you are so convinced your way is the right way, shouldn't you have more trust in your words?

He is always up for debate. When will someone take him down?

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Will Destiny do it?

everyone here is autistic and can't communicate effectively

Didn't Chomsky take him down?


Isn't this circular reasoning then? Why would you want a country and political systems led by autists who can't even communicate?

How can liberalism be the right way in this case?

liberalism? no thats /liberty/ this is for socialism

If he watched the video of Chomsky vs Molymeme then yes. Easy.
Molymeme is a dumbass.

Even better than, Molyneux hates socialists. Go for it. Take him down.

It was barely even a debate and Stefan is a lot more prepared now.

What is there to debate about with Molyneux? Doesn't he just make ranting videos now? One of his videos is trending on Youtube now and it's about the Google diversity incident.

Holy crap, Holla Forums, at least lurk first.

Where do you think you are? You are on a fucking imageboard. Everyone here is an autist who can't communicate, regardless of ideology.

We do it all the time.
I think some Ancom guy did that.

"debate" is a liberal sham/spectacle designed to delude the gullible into falling for the "marketplace of ideas" meme. grow up

Fuck of nigga

muke was right that he is the worst at debating

We're not liberals and anarchopac btfo molymeme years ago.

Socialism for one.

You don't. All the Shapiros, Stefans, Sargons and whatever their names are are gaining popoularity every day and running their mouths. They are up for debate and no one ever really beat them.

Post video.

And there isn't any liberal, socialist, Marxist or whatever your idelogy is who isn't an autist and lurks all day?

How about Chomsky who BTFO Melonman years ago?

molymeme isn't a debater, he a sophist. he strategy for "debating" is to nitpick some tangent for long enough that you forget what you were talking about and then claim victory in an ending rant. If you try to get back on topic he will accuse of you of using violence against his private property (his show) and disconnect you. he's a joke, and there's no point trying to debate this psychopath.


One dollar man is totally a serious political theorist, I'm future generations will study his works alongside Plato

his strategy is refusing to debate actually. It's just there for face value.

Debating is a fucking fraud. It has nothing to do with rational discussion and all to do with emotional manipulation, dishonesty and tricks. Either way, even if one side "wins" the debate, the audience's cognitive schema will prevent them from processing the winner's ideas. Reminder that molymeme and his ilk are professional propagandists that don't give a single fuck about anything other than
1. Making money
2. Pushing their POV

Live debates are a cancerous form of threatre, rather than intelligent discussion. I've never watched a debate where responses to the opposing side were optimally raised. it's just not possible with the format. Plenty out there would be happy to write written rebuttals of points, the way an honest, intelligent person has a discussion.

Fuck this i see were this is going with you we will show you that we do and then you'll still say we don't.

Didn't Sargon get BTFO by some feminist once?

True. Real debates take place in writing with potentially hundreds of pages each response

However, the worst aspect of live debates (and debates in general) is that no side will ever admit to losing an argument. Basically if you say, mid-debate, "oops, you're right on this particular point, my apologies", you've pretty much admitted defeat to the audience of the spectacle. Even worse is that during live debates there's no way what so ever to fact check, and if one side floods the other with "facts" there's no real response because you can't just accuse your opponent of lying without being totally sure he is. Rationalists like molymeme usually sit on stashes of "facts" and stats that they can throw in peoples faces. It's a very subtle and dishonest debate fallacy

"Debate" is the most childish attempt to communicate ideas, it is essentially just two people throwing rhetoric at each other, and each of their audiences agrees to their already pre-established ideology, it's funny how OP thinks we are liberals and then pushes the debate meme, one of the most liberal bullshits that somehow assumes you can change your opponent's world view by throwing arguments for your world view at them, modern debates are peak spectacle.
Like said, the only valid form of debate is reading hundreds of pages of theory and coming to your own ideological conclusions.

yes he did, it was awesome

I'm a parliamentary fetishist and even I know that's bullshit.
The item you're thinking of is the handgun. Twitch your finger slightly and BAM, Ros– Well, whoever's troubling you is gone.

1. Because people like Molyneux aren't actually interested in a good-faith debate, they just want to rant and shriek about MUH SJWS and MUH CULTURAL MARXISMS etc. And even if they were, their grasp on the subjects they autistically screech about isn't anywhere near as solid as they or their brown-nosing fans think it is. Molyneux in particular gets fucking BTFO'd on a regular basis by goddamn Shaun and Jen, for chrissakes, and PJW got owned by a random twitter asshole. Internet personalities on the right like them aren't "intellectuals," they're pseuds posing behind a veneer of rhetoric full of references to "facts", "logic" etc. without possessing anything of the sort. The fact that they've been owned repeatedly by random assholes on the internet who have a modicum of a shred of an inkling of an idea of how to do their own research and still command the following they do speaks to how utterly impervious to anything resembling actual facts, evidence, or argumentation the aut-right actually is. They don't actually give a shit about the intellectual values they espouse, they just want the rhetoric so that they can use it to cloak their insecurities and basic man-child temperament


pick one


Really? Please give link
I think it's this one. I've only seen a bit of it in an Hbomberguy video.



You'd think if they lurked a little while they'd see a sign of some sort. Like the fucking banner with the Clintons and the Twin Towers in it I dunno.

Didn't that russian guy end up killing someone?

Yep. I think it was the woman standing next to him.

Yeah, the girl right beside him I think it was.
Basically he was a mental case that went untreated because America who one day did a bunch of shrooms and coke, got a hold of a gun (also because America) and went Elliot Rodgers on her.

There are literally hundreds of videos debating against the ideas of right-wingers. That being said, debate really isn't about "winning," it's about appealing to the Liberal ideology of "Let's give everyone a say."

People don't really give a fuck about the ideas being presented, they just care about which side virtue-signals civility better.

Debating with them is like trying to play cops and robbers with a kid that refuses to lie down. They don't admit when they're shot and invent a bunch of stupid bullshit to save them. Oh, I have a shield, I have a bullet proof vest, etc. They either insist on the using their own ignorant, myopic terms, or create scenarios where excluding all real world evidence or explanations from Left theory so that they can't help but be "right".

Even if you're right about this, I don't care. I don't care about swaying or arguing with Holla Forumscucks or the aut right or whatever stripe of fucking retard. They come here and prove time and again how fucking stupid they are. I've watched and even participated in many hundreds of posts threads where myself or others have patiently and carefully tried to reason with them and lay out what we believe and why and the vast majority just plug their ears and cover their eyes and scream whatever stupid bullshit they learned from their memes.

So no, I'm over it. I don't care about changing their minds and sometimes I question even the expense of gulaging them. Tie them all together and dump them in the river and be shot of it, and put all the time and resources spent arguing with the terminally stupid on something better .

We're living in the post-argument epoch. There's no sense in debating anymore.

Yeah, and still not one of you can beat Molyneux in a debate. Or Shapiro.

Probably not even idiots like Richard Spencer.

Otherwise I'm sure it would have happened. And not just once. I mean, you can call Molymeme right now and debate him on whatever you want, I actually did so myself.

Well, that's just a retarded thing to say and it won't help your case.

Oh no, how will leftism ever recover.

Here you go:

Chomsky is impossible to beat in debate, because he makes his oponents fall asleep.


This guy is literally a talking corpse and it's hard to even understand what he says. You can clearly see how Molyneux is bored and doesn't want to deprive him of his last motivation and will to live.

The only mistake Molyneux made is even giving this "debate" (which is essentially just one long Gish gallop) a go in the first place.

Do you have ANY other example of someone BTFO Molyneux on his usualy premises; Marxism, Autism Level, philosophy?

When it can't even beat some Youtube character, it probably won't. This is the point of the thread.

It doesn't count because this guy is a literal zombie and I can't even make out what he is trying to say and I wouldn't be surprised if Molyneux didn't give a shit anymore five minutes in.

I'm sorry, user, but this is above both of our pay grades. Word came down from on high - the Arbiter of Arbiters, the Implacable Interlocutor, the most Rational Rhetorican, the man we know as Stefan Molyneux has declared the 21st century a world without argument.


The point of the thread is giving yourself a platform for demonstrating what a lackwit you are.

Keep up the good work.

So, in other words, there is no other example of someone BTFO Molyneux, Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and whatever their names are on whatever their premises are (communism, race, gender etc.)?

Then, to come back to the initial point of the thread, why won't you make it happen? If you think they are full of shit, why not calling Molyneux now and explaining to him and the hundreds of thousands of people why your ideology is better?

mailto:[email protected]/* */?subject=Freedomain%20Radio%20Call%20In%20Show

Give Mike your Skype and you can debate Molyneux today. Why not?

Because I don't care about arguing with or convincing them or you, you superdense neutron gigafaggot.

just google some commie youtubers. We made so many responses to the likes of him without a proper response it's almost pointless. Also, like less than a month ago socialist had a debate against Sargon, incase you don't remember

This isn't even exaggeration.

people have answered your question but you're too fucking dumb to understand it
that's what debating them is like, so why would anyone subject themselves to it
and it would all be for nothing, because the audience of these cretins is deep into their ideologies so you won't even change anyone's mind

Have you considered that most of us don't take those dudes seriously?
It makes more sense to just debate dudes like Sargon, than dudes like Molyneux.

Yeah, I mixed him up. Apparently Sargon is a liberal himself who is shitting on the alt-right all the time. I guess the only thing he cares about is his little "gamer gate" drama.

And that is the one and only time you'll ever use the term liberal correctly in your whole life.

Well, you should care. As I said, it's the most powerful tool you have, provided you are actually right and what you say makes sense.

You can't sway other people if you can't communicate your superior thoughts, and you will never grow out of your niche existence with a board that maybe has 100 actually active posters.

How can people take your ideology seriously when you can't beat one Youtube character in a debate?

Do you just not care about winning? If that's the case, it's all cool, I guess.

And this is a perfect example of why debates are useless. Chomsky was clearly in the right during their discussion, but what this molymeme fanboy does instead of acknowledging this is he throws a tantrum and calls him old. Humans are not rational, cognitive schema is incredibly powerful in how we take in information and debates suck.

How about no.



You are very lucky this board always bites the bait, because yours is very weak.

I'm just letting you in on how a centrist perceives this. That's all. Debate people, actually make a point, prove your ideology isn't horse shit and you actually make gains.

I'd love to see it.

contemplative emoticon.gif

i couldn't give a fuck lad

stop taking the bait


Now tell me how Academic Agent's recent meltdown doesn't count either you negroid.

I'd love to see it.


Socialist politics are about organizing the working class, not debating Molyneux. That means building tenat unions, local parties, parallel socialist institutions. The reason your politics don't understand this is because those institutions are all already on your side, the side of capital.

There's no time for frivolous debate with morons (hmm, that's the situation now as well).

Also you type like Stefan talks you enormous hack.

For the last time:

Debates have nothing to do with having good points or not having a shit-tier ideology. They're not about exchange of ideas nor are they a "battleground of truth" as lolbrals like to make it out to be. It has everything to do with having cheerleaders, rhetorical talking techniques, grandstanding, etc.

Debates are a metaphorical pissing contest made to appeal to wannabe-intellectuals aka retards. Nothing more.

As for gains: Nobody cares about debates or who wins them for more than 15 minutes (or 15 days at best).

You might as well ask any of us to have a naked boxing match with these guys for all the intellectual value that "debating" has. Would be more entertaining anyway.