Alt-Right Using Stirner

Have you guys ever see any right wingers try to read Stirner? Ive seen a vew white power people and ancaps actually unironicly using Stirner to further their cancer.

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Image related slightly related, it BTFO all claims of the right on the use of Stirner in their cancer.

Just post the "labor is free" quote every time they do it.
Also one where he shits on private property. It's not hard

Once but they get butt destroyed instantly by texts of the Milkman himself.

These retards misunderstand Nietzche too, what did you expect? Who cares tbh.

hell there are even some retarded leftists here that wrongly believe Stirner is right wing.

when he isn't anything, the milker is unique just like anyone un-spooked.

There's no reason why a right-winger couldn't employ Stirner's ideas towards the realization of his preferences, whether or not his preferences are spooked or unspooked, free or unfree, is wholly irrelevant

Newman cites Deleuze dishonestly there; if he were to read him honestly it would be obvious why Stirner doesn't "occupy a point of rupture" but is instead the disaffected last man of bourgeois society who naively accepts its promises.

As in a bourgeoisie enjoying his wealth? yeah. but the people who work for him are then retards because they're not egoists. They could take away the product they're making for mr. porky there and instead sell it themselves at full price.

Egoism ironically is the bane of the bourgi, it's the bane of any kind of despot actually.

Why the Milkman doesn't has proper rule 34 of himself milking his cock? This is pitiful.

requesting GOOD r34 of the Milkman now.



But the egoist bourgeois would surely strive to keep the people spooked on purpose.

sure if they want to. but the slaves shouldn't let themselves be used as tools.

Also in fact many do btw. most bourgeois are not only CEOs but politicians as well for that exact reason.

Right now as we speak millions of spooked proles support them. Not able to think about their self-interest.

I'm a right-winger and I don't give a shit what some retarded authors say.

If one of your retarded authors sucking BBC all day is great, I'm not doing it.

Get real.

That just shows how much politics has moved in recent years.

The left wing is now super authoritarian and the right wing is now anti establishment.

You have to go back.

My gott


You seem to forget that even the president is fighting the establishment at the moment.

Dude punk rock lmbo

If the president doesn't count as establishment, what exactly is the establishment, in your view?

The people in the halls of power who dont get voted in or out. They are there no matter what people want.

So executives and major stockholders?

Yeah and lobbyists too. Bear in mind most big businesses today are very left wing. Such as Google, Apple etc.

But most importantly the staff running various government departments.


What tremendous power do appointed bureaucrats have?

This is your brain on idpol.

Their main power is simply refusing to push their pencils to stifle what the government is trying to do. The elected government sets the agenda but the bureaucrats have to carry it out. What is supposed to happen is that the bureaucrats loyal to the old regime resign when a new government gets voted in but this hasnt happened this time around.

They can also leak secrets to the press to damage the elected governments agenda and relationship with other entities.

I guess denial isnt just a river in Egypt.

He is though.


If they were leftist they wouldn’t be corporations. They’d be cooperatives.

That’s a good thing. Do you really want an elected government keeping secrets from the people who voted for it.

See pic.

Tell that to google or Uber or apple etc who all think they are not like all the others because they only hire disabled lesbians of colour and built a ball pit in one of their offices.

Im a big supporter of leaks when they are appropriate. Like anything published on Wikileaks.
I dont support releasing leaks that dont actually reveal any wrongdoing, simply to undermined the government.
If your an unelected bureaucrat in the government and a new regime gets voted in who you dont agree with you should either put up or resign. Not dedicate your life to undermining people who were voted in to power by many millions of people.

I would save that on my HDD but I already have it.

I only regret that I'll never meet you in real life to say to your face how much of a moron you are.

Uber is literally the worst cancer of late stage capitalism. The whole model is designed to undermine any form of collective class action. If you think actively sabotaging workers struggle is left wing you are quite literally retarded. Who cares about idpol window dressing?

95% of the people in this country.


Leftists invented corporations.

That dosen’t make them leftist. it makes them Centrist Liberals.

Only once, and I found out they didn't actually read him after talking to them and having to explain what spooks were.

wtf are you talking about.

Not according to my personal beliefs.

Your beliefs are the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

this dude is clearly trolling, has to be

HOLY hot damn Holla Forums is one helluva drug

Why would anyone just go on the internet and troll people?

You blended my comments with someone elses.
That isnt really fair.

I don't believe that anybody could genuinely have as little understanding of leftism and history as you do. That's why.

Yet you cant come up with a single example to back that up.

Back what up? I'm not going to give you a fucking history lesson on Anarchism.

Your opinion that I dont understand lefty things.
Maybe I understand those things more than you do?

okay. What was the main theme of Das Kapital?
Who was the first Anarchist and what was his proposed system?

markdown doesn't work on chans friend, you can omit the empty line between the post reference and your response.

Free money for transpeople of colour.

Jesus. And his proposed system was being a porky spook.

I know I hate myself for typing like that.
I just edited this one before posting.

If you actually believe this chart you're either under 15 years of age or actually retarded.

so you do know nothing. that's okay.

Maybe its you who knows nothing?

Another day another thread


Leftypol will always take the bait.
Despite our different views on socialism, we still share something that our nazi counterpart doesn't: love for education.
And im not saying that we're geniuses, but seeing one cunt coming to the board shouting and sperging about how "most businesses are left wing" because they hang a rainbow flag in their offices, i think everyone here may be a bit upset.
From my point of view, taking the bait in this board does more good than harm: the troll-ish questions are the same questions that a lot of new users are afraid to ask, so threads like this may actually help get the point through.
This is unironically a good tradition.

Why do you think to agree with someone you have to agree with everything they say?

I like your flag.

May I use it?

Stirner is a white supremacist.
Then again so is a majority of the left, the few times true leftists do pop up you just sperg out, so why even bother arguing.


Lemme guess, you're a Maoist?

daily reminder billy bikelock is deepstate and got meme'd into becoming unironic nazbol by advanced Holla Forums trolls

Completely irrelevant post. Will Holla Forumstards ever stop signalling how edgy they think they are in every thread?

holy shit

no he is not read that page

read from page 26 onwards. I understand why a lot of people misunderstand Stirner through. But no he is not. Best way to define it is as "his own" aka he is a "Johan Kaspar Schmitt", or just as "Anarchist" imho.


1. not really, all that varies depending on the individuals involved, doesn't understands the union of egoists (uoe)

2. Stirner was more fashionable than he will ever be in his whole life and I'm too.

3. He knows no one else/making that shit up tbh

Damn that was even more eye opening. Thanks.
Hit me in the feels even. Stirner's de-spookzification is beautiful.

Like how one gets to that point alone? By just observing the world how it is? But we're born into indoctrination, it's so difficult to have a mind so free of bullshit. He is an strange unique individual indeed.

Right wingers sure are the most stupid fucks

dont post this ever again

fuck u libtards are centrists


At least it got right that neo-libralism is right wing.

this pic actually manages to trigger everyone equaly, there is justice in the universe

this is as stupid as people who say that the nazis were left-wing because they had a national labor union

I love how in a nihilism thread you feel the need, as an ancom, to openly identify yourself as such. Its almost as if society functions on organised groups lol

gr8 b8 m8