Hey mods why dont we have a cybernetics flag?

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paul cockshott flag

BO seems to have given up on revising flags a while ago.

For example, I wanted the current leftcom flag to be removed and replaced with a recliner for the Italian left/Leninism and a stack of pancakes or pacifier for the Dutch-German left/council communism but we're still stuck with a flag titled "leftcom" that in fact specifically refers to specifically the Italian left in a particular period (the arched black hammer and sickle represented the five years period from the communist's split with the PSI split until the end of the left PCd'I).

Most other flags could use some work though; some should be removed, some replaced or some redone (the Christian socialist or IWW one for example are uggo as fuck).

which ones would u remove?

How about OGAS logo for that flag?

badass. Glushkov was awesome too



Nah, I think BO is just too stupid to touch the board settings.

Yes please but here's a better but still shit one I just made.

Cybernetic Socialism really lacks its own aesthetic.

The mods would probably like to, but BO refuses, for whatever reason.

2nd attempt


hey dude that one is actually pretty good



Bretty good.

Would support that flag.

it's for functional programming you dumbass.

Uh, yeah most programmers are also gamers, dumbass.

That doesn't mean there's a need to mention this meme game every time you see a lambda. Gabe will never give you a third one

I moreso implying that the lambda calculus is called that because of Half Life. I was joking

No its called that because its the symbol for a half life. The game's symbol derives from the physics notation.

sorry, I missed a couple layers of irony.

Because the mods are cunts.

Why the fuck is that flag based off a video game symbol.


its not, its a greek letter.

Thanks. I made some big ones today too.


That last one looks kinda like cyber Straasserism

i didnt make it

I never said you did friendo



flags are broken as fuck on my other board, tbh at this point I'm a little scared to touch them in case it somehow deletes the stuff we already have.

You have the monad as a good approximation.

Just add a new flag. Don’t touch the old ones.

What is your other board?

towards a new Asserism

It's in the top three :,)

tru, but technocracy isnt the same as cybersocialism although they are much closer than other ideologies, the dif is cybersocialism is based on e-democracy wheras technocracy is Nick Land's dictatorship of the software engineers, except with a planned economy instead of capitalism

it's dead right now


I want to believe

I still post cybernetics memes there from time to time

Just do it. Add this flag. I promise you wont fuck things up i believe in you

seconding this

Keep it under your hats for now. It'll spoil The Surprise.

main :: IO ()
main = putStrLn "MONAD IS LIFE"

hipster meme, if you can teach the average coder to write practical applications in Haskell without a phd in category theory ill eat a sock

isnt this the haskell logo? its more than a single lambda is like a stylized one

if we ever go full Cockshott we are going to use a functional language

I don't know category theory but i can code pretty easily in haskell

I learned with this book learnyouahaskell.com/

yeah ! it because haskell have style

also check that


haskell is not perfect , but it have merit

Flags from the meta thread that went unattended too

I'm no expert, but I'm going to assume you're right Haskell is the way to go simply because a lot of banks seem to use it wiki.haskell.org/Haskell_in_industry

the dream

I've read that book, in college i coded a random forests algorithm for my analytics class using haskell - never again. twas brutal. its way easier to do with Python or something.
for the last fucking time FP is great but its not the right choice for numerical computing, going full cockshott involves solving input output tables for the labor values, how is having immutable data is going to be an advantage when you have to store the coefficients of a super fucking huge 10^19 system of sparse linear equations. Haskell hmatrix library sucks also compared to even pythons matrix functions, which is infinitely better developed for machine learning and linear algebra type functions!!!

even more banks use cobol, and wall street trading firms use C++ for their quant finance and machine learning shit

All of socialism lacks its own aesthetics. No one created an alternative to early Soviet designs.

I'm getting mixed messages here.

Regardless, if you're the author, I suggest changing the circuit lines. They're too free-flowing, it makes the star look too busy. It would look nicer if the lines were all at 0, 45 or 90 degrees.

Honestly, something doesn't sit well with me about using old symbols like Greek letters and crossed tools. I mean, it would be nice for it to harken back to socialism, but it would be nice to have the same style, not the same symbols.

Here's an example. These were made by the same guy I found while googling. The circuitry is a modern stand-in for the hammer, and the molecules, for the sickle. I thought the concept was genius. Visually, however, it's a mess.

All specialized boards are, it's normal. After all, it replaced one or two threads, so it's not gonna have much traffic. What it does need is to be shilled more. BO could put a link to it in the header or something.

last one looks like a cybernetic DPRK flag

Those all look fucking retarded

mean, bro. at least hes trying, wheres your flags

just use
it's nice, simple, and doesn't reek of reddit like does

I made these

Did you know that the lambda symbol is also a thing of the gay community? So this thing literally means gay-mer computer communism. Is that what you want? Yes.

Machine learning and cockshotts calculation are nothing alike. Machine learning doesnt have sparse matrixes and has lots of repeated calculation.

Also functional programming is especially good for numerical computation. Its literally what it was made for, its based on pure math rather than von neumann architecture.


doesn't Cockshotts iterative algorithm in TANS involve modification in place? How is immutable data an advantage here?

Does it? I cant find it, can you give me a page?




I like the flairs on reddit (r/soc for example) way more than the flags on here

call me a fag i dont care

Fagoot. Go back to redit

i will not

It's terminal

Yeah that's what I said. Great idea, bad execution.



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