What do you think about Third Worldism?

What do you think about Third Worldism?

it makes sense.
the first classical liberal revolution was third worldist.

its correct

It's a kind of accelerationism, which is an inherantly defeatist ideology.

Let's take a look at that first world Lower class that benefit from the exploitation of the 3rd World shall we.

Poor animals don't count as people


It is due to a speech impediment of mine that I'm often misunderstood to be a third worldist, I'm actually a THIRST worldist. When I think about the athletic yet perfectly feminine black bodies of freedom fighters carrying machine guns I just go nnnnnnnggg

The black and hispanic women living in those run-down apartments in those images are not really worse off if you think in terms of the global scale of poverty.

If you are homeless in America, it's most likely due to one of two things
1) Your leverage in the labour force is so low that employers are not even willing to pay you minimum wage
2) You think that you are too good for the jobs available to you
3) Your labour is pretty much useless to the free market

First Worlders are definitely muh privileged relative to the Third World. The First World is a parasite of the Third World. I'm not saying this from a spooky moralistic perspective. I don't give a fuck about he third world. I'm just making an observation. If everyone in the third world lived like we do, the world would implode. There aren't enough natural resources to go around to support 7 billion+ people on a first world lifestyle


The homeless don't do jack shit. Anger is largely turned inward rather than outward. Most people who feel despair kill themselves instead of killing other people. The only ones who do anything to rebel against the system are the lumpens. I'm not 100% legally above board with my activities. But why should I give a fuck about that when society has done nothing for me? Lumpens realize that they are alone in society. You have to look out for yourself. Your comrades are never going to have your back. Your comrades are more interested in virtue signalling and showing off their knowledge of 19th century Marxist literature. And white knighting dumb sluts like Mexie on YouTube and other Marxist sluts online and in group meetings. They haven't embraced self-interest. Marxists have a spooked sense of morality.

Cherrypicked images. In the First World you usually get on welfare when you are unemployed, and you can still buy meat and a bottle of coke for two bucks in every grocery store.

Not true. I think you are making the mistake of conflating social security (unemployment insurance in this case) with welfare. They are two very different things. If you are a childless male in America (and also Canada and the less generous western countries), good luck getting welfare. Unemployment insurance is NOT welfare. You have to pay unemployment insurance premiums long enough and your job has to qualify for it in order to get unemployment insurance benefits. And then after a certain amount of time, the benefits run out and you are on your own! After 40 weeks, the Canadian government cut me off.

You need less than $2,500 CAD in assets to even apply for welfare (not to be confused with social security) here. My car alone is worth more than that and I have more money in the bank. So I could never get it. And they only pay like ~$700 CAD/month tops for welfare anyways. And you have to go to the welfare office regularly and show proof of your job search (workfare). And they tend to be really harsh on male applicants with no kids.

But if you are a woman, all you have to do is open up your legs for Chad or Tyrone, get pregnant and the government will provide for you, your baby and your baby daddy if he's even in the picture. I see all sorts of trashy white trash hoes with hoop earrings in scantily clad clothes near the welfare office pushing a mulatto kid in the stroller. Sometimes I see them with the black baby daddy.

If I was a sexy white slut (I have a MTF fantasy), I would just get knocked up by Tyrone and just collect welfare. If I was paid by the government to just sit on my ass, I would probably get bored though. The more time that I spend shitposting, the more depressed I get. Having a job allows me to distract myself from my negative thoughts.


I was going to correct you but then I realized the US isn't even close to a first world nation, so nevermind.

Yes but there is a lot of truth to it. We still do have this cultural bias that says mother and child are one, while fathers are auxiliary. Welfare intended for children is extended to mothers while the same consideration is not given to men. How many men have multiple children for the express intent on living of the welfare they'll get from them.
There are plenty of women that have children to remain on welfare. It's fairly common, but that has more to do with capitalism.

It's not Reagan era propaganda. I see it with my own eyes.

Trashy white hoes with hoop earrings with their bastard kids. And sometimes you see the baby daddy in the picture. Probably back with her so that he can get some of that government cheddar (that's the only time that a guy can "cash out" with the government basically. If you are a childless male, the government doesn't give a fuck about you. You're just a workhorse mule in their eyes).

I resent having my tax dollars go towards these people. That's why I encourage people to dodge and evade taxes whenever possible.

I've paid some of these trashy sexy white girls with hoop earrings for sex before. Cash money. They don't have to pay jack shit in taxes on that. Many of these bitches act like complete primadonnas. Acting like they are doing you a favour by giving you a blowjob and letting you fuck them. Meanwhile they need my money in order to survive. Ungrateful sluts. If these women were at least nice to me, I would return and take care of them financially. Since I'm a bisexual cuck, I would pay good money to a hoop earring trashy white slut and her black boyfriend for a threesome. At least earn the god damn money. Don't have the government steal the money from me by gunpoint.

Idpol garbage

This is the reason why /r9k/ voted for Donald Trump (at leas the robots who bothered to vote). Young autistic men know that no one gives a fuck about them, not even liberals or Marxists. Voting Democrat is completely pointless. /r9k/ voted for Trump specifically to get back at SJWs for #gamergate.

Liberals and marxists will never understand the alienated man. Liberals and marxists are either socially adjusted normies or blue-pilled neckbeards. At least the red/black-pilled neckbeard understands that the world is against him. Through sheer determination, perseverance and wits, I became a successful day trader. Once you realize that no one gives a fuck about you, you are free. My misanthropy probably gives me a competitive edge as a day trader.




Welfare usually is enough to sustain yourself, yes. I have yet to see people going hungry or even suffering from malnutrition in the First World.

malnutrition and childhood food insecurity are on the rise in the US and UK. You're taking capitalist propaganda about western prosperity at face value.


All you Marxist losers do is post memes and ban people, you don't address any points. You don't want any debate. Typical of an ideology of envy

Mussolini was a "socialist" too. Eventually he started to share an idea with third worldists: workers of the first world have no revolutionary potential.
It's the same antimarxist lie that is covering the inherent antagonism of capitalism - even within imperialist nations.
The difference is only in their conclusion.
Fascists "pact" with corporationists and have some retarded idea of national identity creating a unity of classes, third worldists just fall back on flat out defeatism.
The effect of their ideas however is the same.

Third worldists are trash eaters. Nobody is less exploited than the people in the third world, because they make almost nothing of beyond what they immediately consume. If you end all exploitation int he third world you'll have moved from crushing poverty to crushing poverty.

This wouldn't be so bad if there was an actual plan for what to do after the revolution and try to rapidly develop soviet union style without pissing off the population the way the USSR did. But instead they just blame all of their problems on imperialism instead of recognizing that crushing poverty is the default state. Throwing out the IMF will at best give you a better price on whatever you dig out of the ground, but since you're still buying almost everything from the 1st and 2nd world you're not any less vulnerable in the long run.

There will be no revolution. Look at human history since agriculture. You had a handful of rich people and a whole bunch of serfs. The Post World War II welfare state is an anomaly of history. The west, including the United States, felt threatened by the Soviet Union and felt like they needed to bribe the workers. There is no looming Communist threat anymore. Unless North Korea launches a missile at the United States or something.

yes, because without a socialist foreign thread they still wont try to retract the bribery as evident by history…


Dubious claim. Ancient Rome had a social security system. Furthermore, the current power and control of nation states over events inside their borders is itself anomalous. Until very recently poorer citizens could easily turn to crime, leave their society or even raise or even engage in armed revolt if they took umbrage.