Leftypol sexuality

let's compare this board to /pol
to see which one is more degenerated


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Daily reminder that the word "degenerate" originally referred to people who are too lazy to work, not to sexual deviants. Fascists had no problem with homosexuals before Röhm's betrayal and the consequent purging of SA.

What are you, gay?

beep beep

42 votes on the internet and nobody's gay yet? somebody lyin'

Yeah for real, 2 asexual but no regular gayfags?

Bisexual Master Race reporting in.

is this actually what /lgbt/ is like? just a bunch of fucking milos?

Kind of disturbing to find out that a third of the people who post here are somewhere on the faggot spectrum

Yes of course, it's a chan. Everything is Holla Forums.

Look at /cuteboys/ on this chan.

Yep. The /lgbt/ board on Holla Forums here got rekt though so I assume they must've all fled back to cuckchan.

rude sage

Anyone else here think "demisexual" is the most retarded tumblr-orientation thus far?
Last I checked insecurity doesn't count as a sexual orientation. Why is there even a term for this? Even the name doesn't make sense, demi- is a prefix for "half"; they're literally saying "I'm half-sexual." The fuck does that mean?

I have a gay furry friend who is a libertarian
fags and toths are not our friends.

Sorry, I can't finish this with a straight face

fixed it for you

I am transsexual in that I am trans, and fuck other trans

in practice demi-whatever usually means it's a girl who wants you to give her the "boyfriend experience" (ideally including a place to live, food, internet and shit) but won't ever really want to have sex with you, and if you don't like it or complain about le friend zone, you're a bigot because it's her orientation and identity

if you are a mtf transgender who likes girls as well you vote for gay

yeah, but I've also been with transmen

I fall into more of a bisexual camp that perfects femininity

gassing is for faggots so Holla Forums losses every time

derp, then you were bisexual at the begining.

i am mostly transatlantic but with a little pan-american action thrown in.

t. self-loathing homo/bisexual. Just admit it, there's nothing wrong with being attracted to males, and the sooner you come to terms with it the happier you'll be.

this tbh

I'm a sheep

i am into traps (feminine boys who act and dress like girls and want to be treated as such) but not penises. Also sex change surgery grosses me out. Why can there not be boys who want to be girls but without the dick? Is that too much to ask for?

Traps aren't gay tho


Tbh I think my trap/transwoman fetishism comes from having an oral fixation. I love giving oral sex and a dick seems so much more substantial than a vagina. I'm not attracted to them on masculine or male looking bodies tho, is the thing. I also like ladies.

boobs + tiny, smooth dick are the perfect combination to suck and kiss :3

Honestly, the part about dykes is completely true.

Literally this. Coming to terms with the fact that I'm bi was one of the best things I've done.

Holla Forums confirmed gigantic prancing lala homo men who touch willies gleefully and without remorse

I'm gay but only for twinks, am I actually gay/bi or just a fetishist?



*Holla Forums staged another thread to make us look like faggots again so they can keep validating themselves
also Bat'ko's channel has been flagged again around the same day. Coincidence? You rightists aren't even subtle.

No….that's not what it means….does it?

Ffs I just want silly songs about leftist politics and memes. Why are the Holla Forumsyps so anti-fun.

The former. Just like how straight people aren't attracted to every woman in the world, bi/gay men aren't attracted to all men in the world.

Why do you care? Are you a faggot or what?

Last I saw it was 75% trans grils and 25% bitching about other shit.

Really piques my pecans

hypothetically speaking, how should grills who like traps vote

stop the madness

Why homos on imageboards try to comfort poltards so much is absolutely beyond me

Is it compensating for infringement of social norms?

I chose bi but I'm only a little bit bi. never fucked a dude

we already won. Our numbers of de-spooked bisexuals/pansexuals are greater.

gender is spooky bullshit anyway who cares


What do I vote if I'm attracted to women just fine but predominantly prefer relationships with males?
Male love is just pragmatically obvious to me, what are the chances of finding women that don't annoy the fuck out of you?


LUL ya right


you right wingers never cease to amaze me in your denial of facts and history

If I am hetero-flex; am I 'Bi' or 'straight (fap to traps)'?
Needing some advancing Tumblr knowledge to enlighten me.


my post was only proven correct by how the amount of Holla Forums shitposting has drastically increased on this board over the past few hours.
how telling

I don't even know the actual criteria
I think you should check the definitions and see which describes your sexuality

Yeah, this is high-profile cancer.

4/lgbt/ has more normies in it and leans more centrists, with the occasional $trasserite or two.

The average amount of bisexuality in Western countries is 3%. Holla Forums is 24% bi. However I do believe a lot of people claim to be bi out of sexual frustration.


What actually is bisexuality?

attraction to bicycles.

Being sexually attracted to both females and males

The OG pansexuality

So if someone is "sexually frustrated", whatever it means, and it leads to being sexually attracted to both females and males then isn't this person bisexual?

I'm straight and i do fap to traps, but i can only fap to a trap fucking an actual woman. That's perverted as hell…does it count as straight sex? lesbian sex? is the trap a fag? so many doubts…

bi movie
nah jk pick straight likes traps

is 3% because most people repress thsoe feelings. In reality the majority of people are indeed bisexual, but because we live in pseudo civilised societies they are affraid of showing that. If you think about being bisexual is what makes the most sense, we're social people, why are we affraid of taking things sexual with one of the genders? Even faggots repress the feeling os bisexuality because they're affraid of what the other fags will say.

I don't know if not being able to have sex will lower your standards until you'd fuck anything that breathes or even doesn't breath.
I'm not aware of the latest theories about the building of sexual pulsions.


the statement was made by a tankie through. do you think he ever had sex? I don't think he even knows what he is talking about sex is alien to him.

This is just what closeted burgers tell themselves. There are less self proclaimed bi sexual s then there are homosexuals, but because you get boners thinking about the same sex sometimes you think everyone is this sexually repressed.
Nah homie, I can count on one hand how many times I've had homosexual thoughts. If homosexuals can't change why do you think heterosexuals can?

ya that was a spooky argument tbh. some people are straight straight and gay gay. It varies. Generalizations are always stupid.

HA, why am I not surprised?

They're going to fight the police they hide behind at every one of their protests?

Straight people are crypto-boomers. Do not trust.



This image here is correct tho. Holla Forumstards are no different than ISIS fags tbh. Fair comparison user.

dude should mirror his vids add a lame ass water mark in them if he wants and thats it, one is unstoppable that way

Yeah, especially because any poll done here will certainly be brigaded by them. Still surprised at the amount of straight people, though. Also this poll doesn't really account for females, as a lot of us couldn't give a fuck less about traps. Holla Forums please remember that it's not only males here when you make your next bs poll for us to take. k thanks.

why do even care about what Holla Forumstards think? lol what a pussy "please remember"
they're irrelevant and losing ground. They will return to irrelevancy in about 2 years.

I see more Holla Forumstards residing here and staying to learn than the opposite. In fact I have never seen the opposite case. Holla Forums really is Holla Forums but improved a fuck ton thanks to it's literacy.


Dude, that was joke. :D

Eh, depends on what sort of porn you're looking at. Most 2D "traps" are literally just girls who are arbitrarily declared to be men. Kind of pointless, really, except for some quasi-imaginary taboo value.

Homosexuality and crossdressing are major taboos though

You are retarded. They considered gays degenerate (didn't have a problem with lesbians, though), progressive art, miscegenation or anything that entails cacogenics and a lot of more things, essentially your average alt-right.

And, entre nous, I have no idea why you think someone who refuses to believe Nazis were evil must be a right-winger.

can't fucking detect sarcasm on the internet dude. All I can do is read not listen to your tone of voice.

Stop watching so much porn, retard. Or stop consuming so much media in general since this is what keeps pushing your dopamine threshold up and up. Sex is omnipresent in media and normalized. When girls talk about anal in a movie these days, a family can shrug it off. Normal isn't hot. Sex has to be your dirty little secret.

Yeah, but as mentioned, 90% of traps are just girls who are randomly stated to be males. At that point the crossdressing and homosex become mostly imaginary, as the reader is allowed to get of on the thought of the taboo whilst still fapping to what is for all intents and purposes a girl.

There are…

lmao moralism

t. man with bad haircut

Fair enough. I figured it was clear because it was so passive, or as you say, "pussy". :^)
Meant "bullshit poll". I probably should've capitalized that to make it clearer.
But yes, Holla Forums is becoming irrelevant. Especially when you see things like this
I know that's 4/pol/, but still, this is what makes them irrelevant. They will inevitably have cross posters & be infiltrated by those T_D people that 4/pol/ so readily accepted because of muh memes wars.


Well but said "girl" has no female sexual characteristics so I wonder how would their fantasies look like to not include homosexual elements

Nice to see there was an Asexual choice. Most polls don't put that & I feel left out.

I put down straight with traps (but only anime traps)

If you don't feel any attraction to real men, how are you gay or bi? Animu isn't exactly the most accurate representation of real human characteristics.

I am honestly surprised by the amount of people self-identifying as straight on an imageboard. I guess it's a sign we're pulling in an outside crowd.

"Animu" is by large just regular imitation of nature with simplified and emphasized emotional expressions. It's accurate enough.

This trap has the greatest amount of high quality art I've seen so far regarding anime fembois

Well the SA was made upon Str,asserts and fags and both were merged in the knife night so it makes sense.

So capitalists expoloiting is good now? or the muh moralism is only for sex?
Fuck off you stirner fags are the fucking worst. You're as corrupt and useless as Holla Forumstards and porky.

sex is just another biological drive, as exploitable as hunger and thirst. Many people here have a naive 1960s view of sex as some sort of magical fairy dust that exists in a pure liberated sphere of its own and can't be exploited or manipulated by capitalism.

Moralism is bourgeois, user.

Everything becomes a commodity under the spectacle. Sex is no exception, just look at "beauty standards" that they capitalists use to sell women beauty produces like makeup and the like


They invited jews too so they musta looked at homos and though "Ah, what the hell?"
Go back to your subreddit >>>Holla Forums

A quarter of Holla Forums is bi.

Holla Forums Gang

Who cares? You just like what you like comrade


How so? How does look in any way like any sort of male you might encounter IRL? Its cuteness is exaggerated immensely.

what if i sometimes self insert as the girl when watching porn?

Well, that's why I said my decision only really applies to anime trap. The whole discussion of the 'draw a girl, call it boy' thing has already been mentioned, but as you can see from this particular Astolfo image, some vaguely masculine traits still remain on display, albeit pushed through the filter of anime-style cuteness.

That said, the fact that I still find Astolfo attractive despite this is why I voted the way I did.

The point is that they're explicitly stated to be male. If you're a male who gets off on the thought of males, you are probably not straight. Looking feminine has nothing to do with it; there are plenty of feminine men and masculine women, but they're still men and women. Also, if you masturbate to drawings of children, seek help please, for your sake and the sake of the children around you.

Spooks aside, was this meant for me? I don't see how it responds to my post at all. Regardless, I no longer watch pornography, I can't watch women (and sometimes men) be exploited on tape and get off on it.

Then you're guilty… OF HAVING EXCELLENT TASTE B)

A girls head on man’s body. Wtf how is this possible.

what's with all these asexuals. explain yourselfs

Females who get zero attention, feminine but straight males who get tons of male attention or people who think so highly of themselves that they are above everyone else.

Holla Forums Gang

thanks, I couldn't find that picture.

This doesn't take into account that Holla Forums is 62% angry in the closet homophobes

This notion that cute males only exist in anime is very weird to me. There are plenty of feminine cuties that put effort into appealing to this kind of fetishism. Just go to /cuteboys/ and tell me you wouldn't fuck these twinky beauties to death.

I'm bi but most of the shit in the gay column is true, especially the part about dykes. Putting the L first in LGBT still makes me rage. The intersectionality meme is total bullshit. "Gay" and "lesbian" are very different identities that function separately from "man" and "woman." The idea that they're "man + gay" or "woman + gay" is an unfathomable depth of stupidity.

I never realized there were so many faggots on leftypol who don't fap to traps.

Do they exist around me and in as great number as attractive females? Fucking no.

When I do go out to gay bars and shit I might only see two or three out of everyone in that gay neigborhood.

either normies are taking over or people have started lying even tho they ano

Man if I'd like to see gay fascists then I would just go to Holla Forums

I used to only be turned on by twinks but then porn broke me.

So we're 63% straight. Not bad. The /pol straw pol is irrelevant because they're all flaming homos.

That image always cracks me up

Wrong. We're 100% BLACK

mah niggi

lamo even more moralism lolao

We're all Sankara now.