How can Google and other compagnie can be consider left ? American politic are that stupid ?

How can Google and other compagnie can be consider left ? American politic are that stupid ?

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Less "stupid" and more "completely indoctrinated."

Google's head executives are liberals. Democrat Party supporters. The person who wrote this is likely to be an engineer who is disgruntled with the liberal SJW corporate culture at Google.

Keep in mind also that Republicans, conservatives and libertarians tend to label liberal SJWs as "left". Because they are considered left-wing by overton window standards.

The truth is in America in mainstream politics there are capitalists and SJW capitalists. The capitalists refer to the SJW capitalists as "the left".

So basically, there are only left-wing liberals and right-wing liberals in the United States?

Engineers have issues with women it seems.

got it. So there are no leftists in Google whatsoever.

No, just right wing liberals and right-er wing liberals.

I do not really think that engineers have problems with women in general. It is legitimate to question all the programs carried out for women

Understandably. If you want to make money in America as a man, you need to work. If you want to make money as a woman in America, all you have to do is spread your legs, get pregnant and collect a welfare check. Or get alimony and child support.

Here in Canada, women receive free testing for breast cancer and thyroidism. Men have to pay for prostate cancer and thyroidism tests.

Society is gynocentric. The right-wing has the mentality of "women, infants and children" first. The liberals naturally cater to women too obviously.

what type of liberals there is ? classical liberalism, social liberalism, libertarianism

Women also expect tax payer dollars for birth control pills. Meanwhile men are expected to pay out of pocket for condoms.

In the view of the state, men are basically workhorse slaves to be exploited. Women are seen as baby factories that birth future slaves. That's why women are automatically treated with more respect than men. Because they have eggs. Adult males are not treated with respect by society unless they prove to be capable workhorse mules.

This is why marxism is limited. Because just being aware of the bias that society has against men leads to being told you are advocating "IDpol". No I'm an egoist and society is biased against men and I'm a man. So naturally as an egoist acting in his self-interest I'm going to oppose government policy that seeks to distribute my wealth towards women.

It's not illegitimate to question these programs, but just like with M3Wists you have to bear in mind that not all of them are just priviIege bullshit but the result of decades of female efforts to gain independence from patriarchal control.

There are lots of different varieties of liberals, but in the US, that's not how things work. You have
-no taxes
-no brown people
-guns for all
-abortions for none
-pro war
and Democrats
-no taxes
-some brown people
-guns for none
-abortions for some
-pro war
Decades ago they were more distinct, but corporate money has really pared things down. The media keeps up the fiction that Democrats are "left-liberal" while Republicans are "right-conservative." Sometimes they'll throw scary words like Socialist around, but no one over 30 gives a shit about that old blown out Cold War propaganda.


Again with your moralfag nonsense.

Why should I support policy that goes against my self-interests? Why should I be ok with my tax dollars going towards supporting these women's programs?

Marxists and anarkiddies don't have a logical argument against egoists. They resort to using shaming language like "reactionary."

It's reactionary to not want my hard earned money to go towards deadbeat single moms who can't keep their legs closed? It's reactionary to not want my money to go towards breast cancer screening and research when the government tells men "you are on your own!" on the prostate cancer front?

Google (and the rest of SV really) has embraced the whole "women in tech" meme for good PR and profit. It has nothing to do with marxism or even really the left. His main beef with Google was that they were trying to make women into something he believed they simply could not really be in order to appease "the left" without regard to how well those women could actually perform their duties as engineers/tech workers which he believed would harm the efficiency of the company. He is a huge class cuck and an autist who will likely be out of a job for a while. Hope he saved his money.

There is no moral argument in his post. Those policy may benefit you in the future.


Like with marriage benefits and homosexual marriage. Hetero partners get numerous tax breaks etc that homo partners wouldn't get because they're not "married." The reactionary answer is to deny benefits to the one and not the other, but the revolutionary answer is to abolish benefits based on state-sanctioned unions and ensure that everyone has access to these special priviIeges regardless of their relationship status.

So yeah, "fuck those loose whores, I ain't payin," is the reactionary response, and the revolutionary response is to separate the satisfaction of an individual's medical needs from their gender and ensure that anyone regardless of their sexual equipment or expression can have their needs met.

big government always tends to benefit women more than men. No one gives a fuck about us. Men are workhorse mules to be exploited by the state. Rich people don't mind giving women a portion of their resources because rich people don't mind buying sex from women (even if it's just indirectly). But a man with no money is literally considered useless by society. They have no interest in giving a fuck about our needs. A man has to support himself because no one is going to look out for us. No one gives a fuck.


Yeah I don't know either OP. Never mind the girl with the black flag in the bio or the guy calling himself a gay communist that has "punch all nazi's" as his name. Or the fact that these same retarded he/she bipolars hang out and participate in weird leftists twitter. It's a mystery how they get associated with the left.

Google = SJW capitalists

Good lord


I think we can all agree that Google dun goofed.

This is worse than Mozilla firing Brendan Eich.

I enjoy watching Holla Forumstards suffer honestly. Also the Holla Forumsacks who hang out on /g/ won't be able to claim that chrome is redpilled anymore.

with "comrades" like these, who needs enemies

you still browse /g/
The last time I visited, it was a shit show

Ah yes… the ideology of the company must reflect the ideology of the employees.

Yeah, actually. That's how organizations work.

it the contrary

There is an overlap of communists and sjws, you do understand this right?

Guys, I don't understand. Why are people calling Google leftists?

Telltale sign of self diagnosis. I wish I could be rid of that shit.

america = dumb

It's strange how these Holla Forumsacks accuse communists of being SJWs. These claims are totally unfounded.


do you get paid to post that image in every thread, or is it the only way you can keep your dick up or something?


Eich resigned, get your facts straight already. And that faggot was around for a long time after Mozilla had been making fucking horrible decisions for Firefox under his watch.

Give them former aut-righters some time, they probably joined Holla Forums because Marx was a based antisemite.

Dude went on Stefan Molyneux. in the ammount of attention I've given this (was reading what he wrote until i got to drivel about radical centrism and cultural marxism), this seals the deal for me about him.
funnily enough, I skipped around in the video because I got tired of Stefan's rambling monologue at the start, and every single timestamp i skipped to was still Stefan ranting aimlessly. I clicked like 15 different places in the seek bar before I found Damore talking, and then a dozen more times to find another.

You post these fedora tipping memes. Meanwhile I'm a professional day trader and you are a loser at life who whines about the big bad boss man exploiting you. When you are really just a low Autism Level loser with no hustle. kys. Marxists are miserable maggots who blame other people for their fortunes. You are not exploited. You are practically labour artistocracy. The first world is a parasite.


You guys are SJWs. You banned me just for making a valid point about the limitations of Marxism. You fucking Marxist losers have no interest in debate. You want to stifle debate just like your idols Stalin and Castro.

Get a fucking job and do something with your life you miserable fucks. Stop whining about the boss man. Do something about it. You guys have no idea how good you have it compared to the third world. Quit your bitching. You guys are net exploiters on a global scale if anything.

My dad works at Wall Street and he says he has never seen you there. So you are obviously lying.

it was probably a shitpost slide thread littered with ad hominem and strawman, so I don't believe you.

Because the 'true Left' that Holla Forums thinks it is has been politically and socially defunct since the Cold War ended, so to most people 'the Left' are the idpol-obsessed minorities, rainbow-haired SJWS, and soy-addled bug men screaming the loudest and the various institutions that support this Nu-Left

if Google is "pro-communist" then why are they stifling traffic to leftist websites?
try again Holla Forums

To be honest, it's not that google hires them because they are communist but because communists are the most deranged of them all so they can look good in the meetings when they bring up the fact they have a bunch of retarded degenerates working for them.

It looks good in the meetings when they say have x amount of trannies working for them. Those trannies just happen to be communist, that is all.

I begin to understand Stalin's frame of mind when he conceived of the Great Purge.

Don't try any sleight of hand with me, pal. Holla Forums warned me about you guys and the Frankenstein School of Marxism and Wizardry. Your Post Modernism won't have any effect on me, Satan.

My Aryan superbrain sees right through your Hebrew hoax. Obviously they are hiding your communist "theory" from the public so that no one can read it and dismantle it's innumerable phaluses. Were the public to decypher their crypto-semetic plans, everything the Deep (COMMIE) State has been working toward for the past 150 years–complete Israeli Supremacy–would be undone.

You and the Hossenpfeffer Academy are going down, red swine. I've got your number.

Are you 10?

It can be considered socially/culturally left-wing. But views of government and economics are what really define your political leaning, so it's not really a leftist company.

This whole thing is hysterical in how stupid and funny it is. For some, it's this huge ordeal.

Like, I don't get it. To me, and I'm sure most of this board, a corporate entity like Google is only worsening racism, since they are taking an active role in promoting capitalism as a system.

And yet, right wingers and libs alike are surprised that this whole "diversity" initiative of corporations is either fake or has unintended consequences.

Like, no shit? I don't get it. But don't call out porky, though, no, that would require some self crit from right and left libs wouldn't it? Hmmm…

Because as I've said elsewhere the True™ Left has been defunct in the West since the end of the Cold War - and given that its last lingering supporters pretty much agree with liberal SJWs on everything except economics its easy to confuse the two.

Also - the Left's unwarranted persecution complex aside - "liberals" are much, much more sympathetic to the #WokeLeft than they are to anything remotely right-wing, because your bog-standard Western anarchist and trot isn't going to make tranny jokes or say that they don't like being swamped with brown people

The ideology of the company reflects the ideology of its owners.

The presence of these people is the reason the far left has been politically dead for several decades. We have to purge them if the far-left ever wants to rise again.

So you'll defend Google support for idpol and with it further discreditation of our side in the eyes of the public because of a petty internet feud. Wouldn't expect anything less from a tankie.

Come off it user, we both know that those sites would've been delisted because they posted articles critical of Israel, not because Google's doing its bit to thwart a potential socialist revolution

Let's not get carried away now.

This is real/ ? Holy fuck. This is so much worse than I ever thought. I thought SV was exclusively composed of Randian Moldbug types… but these people are totally what the alt-right thinks is "left" and it makes all of their propaganda seem totally real in the context they're shitting it tbh.

Also, I wonder if @fatneckbearguy has any theory, or if he's just another one of these neoliberal douchebags that preaches marxism but practices liberalism.


You belong in a fucking labor camp

Good god, looking at this image again I suddenly realize why labor camps might not be the worst thing during a revolution.

there's something odd about people that wear their "antifa" views on their sleeve and tie their twitter accounts to their work life.

i'm an swe and i wouldn't ever dream of letting anyone i work with know that i'm a commie. maybe kim feels differnetly being in SV and all, but idk, its just mind boggling. have fun being on a right wing kill list i guess

I've also made statements about the limitations of Marxism and I've never been banned. I have been banned for asking about "anti-imperialism" but it was quickly repealed.

Quit using SJW for anyone who bans people, it refers to people who are obsessed with race, gender, and sexuality.

it's funny that right wing cunts come here, bitch about censorship, and ironically, they're oftne here beause it was actually Holla Forums that banned them

i fucking hate right wingers, they really do deserve the gulag

wow that made you mad. do you really look that much like a fedora-tipper irl? cheer up, dude.