So Leftypol you mind educating me real quick on why companies like apple...

So Leftypol you mind educating me real quick on why companies like apple, Foxconn and Amazon are coming back to America and opening up all these factories and warehouses.


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Because working conditions have degraded to the point where desperate people will take any job they can to keep from starving.

Because America is a backwater shithole compared to China.

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States are so desperate for corporate cock that they're setting up 'special economic zones' where the normal rules of taxation and zoning don't apply like in third world countries, it's a race to the bottom where they compete to see who can give Silicon Valley the biggest tax incentive (ie. bribe) to move to their area.


That's obvious but their offering 12.50 an hour plus benefits.

Well their opening up alot of warehouses around where my folks live and I'm just asking Nazboi faggot. Not all threads on here can't be obvious bait from pol or reddit trolling you people.

Thanks for answering user.
My folks live in Florida and my mother couldn't stop bothering me about Amazon setting up warehouses down there and it just made me suspicious as fuck to whats going on.

1. Doubt
2. Rising cost of producing in china
3. Shipping
4. Tariffs.

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I know people who work in Amazon warehouses. Its completely shit. They work you to the bone. Don't take my word for it. I garuntee you won't find anything online that indicates anyone enjoys working there.

In general, any job that has to advertise is probably a pretty shitty job

It doesn't really matter, because Amazon's employment model, just like most retailers today, is to sign people up, wear them out, and dump them. The "high" starting wage and "benefits" are just bait for the hook.

This. It's not like its a secret. Even the Porky press has been running articles on how shit the conditions are.

For 11 hour shifts in warehouses and factors that's pretty shitty compared to what they would have been getting paid 40-50 years ago. As the "hollowing out" of America continues look for those wages to drop even more as companies begin moving into the abandoned and desperate American heartland looking for cheap, unorganized labor.

Factories will come back but they will have only few workers because of automatisation. American robots are cheaper than Chinese workers.

Yeah I'm out of state and Mother tried to get me to apply as they hired my sisters and uncle but I actually research my companies and been knew amazon was a shit company.

In before Pol says cuck.

Yeah I know buddy but I'm used to bullshit like UPS trying to pass off 9.50 to 10 an hour as a wage.

Rising cost of producing in china?
Sorry for my ignorance.

Amazon has stories of working their employers to near death and don't even have to hide it as you know how cucked we Murricans are.

Yeah I know Tank.
Back when I was 17 and in high school(over 11 years ago) I worked for Tyson(Meat place) warehouse and I made 15 an hour along with my stepdad. Just wages are so shit that a 12 an hour job seems like something they could have skimped out on more.

Also any work that cannot be automated (for cheap) in those factories will be handled by the precariat.

Chinese workers have basically reached wage parity with the US. You can't yank a chink off the street and make him build whoosits for 18 hours a day anymore, especially not when you have countries like Vietnam or Bangladesh willing to work even cheaper.

That and some other stuff such as:

Just basic economic growth really. Swap in "yuans get more expensive" for "china has more money" and you should get the picture. Theres really no big difference between an area having more physical money or their currency becoming more expensive, both represent the same event.

Because automation makes it possible to operate these factories without having to hire people and pay wester level wages to people. It also allows companies to avoid shipping fees and tariffs from outsourcing.

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Thanks leftypol truly is the only place I can get answers without retards coming in with their globalist superhero bullcrap.

The truth about china is that its slowly trying to turn itself into a consumerist society instead of a production one.

All of the manufacturing that was in china is moving to cheaper countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, even if there are a billion chinks it wont matter anymore. They have maintained the illusion of growth by lying and building ghost cities.

This. Cant wait for the chinese housing bubble to burst tbh.

Capitalism truly is a wastefull system.

Hear in china there are people who don't want to work the black market or who have no jobs going off to live in the abandoned cities.

Least they are doing good for somebody.

You live in china?

How much do I need to tone down my shitposting? Gonna be there for half a year.

Don't believe their lies. See the antifa manual thread for their true motivations.

Not that user, but my folks have a Chinese homestay student. She says that her city got cleaned up by the no-fun-allowed police, getting rid of most of the greenery and making every place within it look the same. Apparently in anticipation (a few months back) of a big BRICS ( fyi) meeting. Her friend wrote an article online about it and was brought to the police, who told her to write more praise and "only a little constructive criticism". Probably got off easy for still being a high school student.

1) Chinese workers are starting to demand higher wages
2) American workers are desperate enough to take the shit jobs
3) American governments are corrupt enough to give billions in tax breaks to suck that corporate dick

These three facts mean that when you add the cost of shipping, China is more expensive than the US now.

Massive corporate subsidies from state and local governments. They're not footing the bill for the investments, taxpayers are. Case in point, Wisconsin gave $3bn in aid for a $10bn Foxconn plant. Governments are in such a hurry to sell out because it reflects well that they're "Job Creators ™"

Falling real wages in america (along with the rest of the west), combined with automation means it is becoming cheaper to produce goods locally rather than ship them from china. The cost of third world labour + shipping is now more expensive than local high tech factories (for certain types of goods anyway).

What's often not mentioned is that chinese wages have increased so much due to the relentless class struggle and actions undertaken by the Chinese workers


because the chinese middle class is growing and their wages are increasing as are their union activity. Its no longer as cheap, companies would rather come back to the US and follow the south korea / germany / jeff bezos model of highly automated robot factories where only a few employees have to work.

I like commie blocks, theyre more environmental than the urban sprawl we have under capitalism. dense housing will save the environment

I'm pretty sure the environmental costs of skyscrapers are greater than some balsa wood tracts in suburbia

Cheaper to build a factory here with 30 workers than one with three hundred overseas and eat the shipping costs.

Note that manufacturing and warehouses can't employ large sections of the population and still turn a profit because of automation. Once trucking get automated, there'll be nothing left for unskilled burgers except walmart.

I'm pretty sure your mother should have strangled you in your crib to save the world from having to endure your empty headed bullshit.

Land usage

Walmart dosen’t even have that many jobs. Once trucking get’s automated shit will hit the fan because there’ll be lot’s of unemployment and the government here is so indent that they won’t be able to afford the cost of weal fair. Revolution is coming.

Pls stop this meme. Real estate speculation, urban expansion, and so on are not uniquely Chinese phenomenon. I spent my teenage years in an American "ghost suburb," and this was the 90s.

Ah ok. Well I wasnt planning on writing shit about china and definitely not articles. Just making sure I dont get thrown in the cellar for shitposting on leftypol in private.

He didnt say it was chinese exclusive, just that its been happening and keeping the illusion of growth up.

Except that the ghost cities meme is based on the idea that it is only those rascally chinks building empty cities in the middle of the Gobi desert that keeps their anti-free market, collectovist ways afloat.

One third of the upper east side in Manhattan is unihabited, but no one talks about ghost cities in the context of the US economy.

Yeah lets just completely ignore that UPS has actual raises, and that 35$ an hour is a realistic goal without ever going into management.