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Aw, come on, I like Guam


Guam who?

Okay, in about 2014 I started to realise that once a year we have North Korea boner, and there are tests of missiles, and threats are made. Its all bullshit. Nobody is going to do anything even Trump knows its a fucking terrible and I mean TERRIBLE plan militarily particularly are China is not going to let it happen and probably neither would Putin and they know that.

A nice little island that didn't do nothin to hurt no one.

But what about all the tranny porn?!!!!!!

What does guam have to do with that

it's getting serious now lads :DDD

If they annihilate Guam full stop I will support US intervention.

Bomb me instead, please, but leave Guam alone

Alright. Bear with me here.

Would this really be so bad? If NK nukes Guam, the number of casualties and infrastructure loss would be much, much lower than most other countries. And beyond that, it would give total cart blanche for literally every major world power to put an end to the NK problem with seriously reduced risks of pissing off the OTHER world powers by acting out of turn. Let's say the US uses its carrier groups to retaliate. Would China even bother to go to bat for NK at this point? China's been sick to fuck of them since, at least, 2011 when all those cables first leaked.

Who gives a fuck about americans. Im worried about South Koreans and Japanese getting hit by nuclear weapons.

Hmmm would it be bad if a nuclear explosion happened over a populated area…one often asks these questions

Guam is literally the only place in the United States worth saving.

I mean, NK is probably going to nuke somebody at sometime. Of all the options, which is better than Guam, aside from themselves?

I'm a fan of the island of Guam and this really does trigger me

It must be something special then.

Not launching the nuke is a good idea because then the US won't launch a nuke, then they won't launch a nuke back, and the war machine of both nations leads to the endless suffering of thousands and thousands of people now dying of radiation poisoning and families won't be shadows on concrete walls

Guam is some kinda ally of USA ?

this is a bad thing?

We've found her weakness

It's US territory island that's full of widelife only found on that island. It's very pretty and if it got destroyed I'd be pissed

It's US soil. It would be an attack on America itself, and America alone. Literally opening a war with a nuclear attack.

Obviously. I'm saying with the assumption that NK launching is inevitable.


Launch it into the ocean as a threat. Make a crisis first before you decide to break worldwide nuclear deterrence policy

for what reason would they do this?


That's just as dumb a question as asking why they have Camp 13

Because North Korea went down a dark path not to historically long ago

Only the civilians.

You mean North Korea in that too, don't you?

the US will strike first now. very like the pre Syrian strike atmosphere. difference is NK will strike back.

since when do they just decide out of the blue to attack random islands?

I seriously wonder at times. Kim Jong schooled in the UK. He knows how well off we are compared to NK. He should have at least some idea of how powerful our military is.

There's no way this situation turns out in his favor. North Korea exists entirely at the tolerance of the rest of the world, because it's a buffer zone between countries that actually matter. We're talking about a DMZ that decides to become a threat on its own: it'll get crushed between what it was separating, just to keep the status quo.

We must support North Korea in their anti imperialist nuking of Guam

B but I thought the DPRK was only missle testing for defense ???? Why are they threatening to bomb people ?

since trump opened his big mouth a few hours ago

We're in that one scene in the Dead Zone where Christopher Walken shakes Martin Sheen's hand, sees the future where Martin Sheen becomes president, launches the missiles and says "Mr Vice President the missiles are flying, hallelujah, hallelujah" only Christopher Walken doesn't make a failed assassination attempt on him during his candidacy where he holds up a baby for protection ruining his career and committing suicide

We're in the Martin Sheen timeline now

Fuck no Guam is pretty as hell


Nuking Guam will be the greatest keynesian stimulus of all time.

Eat my shit protect Guam at all costs

Sorry, but it's had Americans on it and so it must be purged.

It would create a great long-term growth opportunity by opening up the biological niche market.


North Korea has had Americans on it to


All this Anti-Guam propaganda is really horse shit

I never said Guam was the only thing on the list.

Literally nuke California before you nuke Guam, I said nuke me, leave Guam alone

hoochie stopped spamming about hurrr i love guam


My parents immigrated to the US through Guam and lived on Guam for a while so I have a personal investment in this tiny island

It doesn't matter who they bomb first, if the US does anything but glass the entirety of NK (including millions of poor farmers) at once or Seoul is toast. Like 90% of NK are pointed at Seoul and SK dipshits thought it'd be fun to keep their most populous city right at the doorstep of a suicidal government. If anything spooks NK too much they will kill hundreds of thousands if not millions within the hour. It would also upset geopolitical relations as China would have to deal with a unified pro-US Korea or lay claim to the land and maybe even fight the US for it.

There is nothing ironic about my worry for Guam at this very moment

this is imperialism


Why dont you nuke California or Oregon or Alaska and not guam

why would you ever think that?

Because Guam is way closer

The source was literally North Korean news saying their government was "seriously considering" a strike on Guam, so if anything is to be taken with a grain of salt it would have to be North Korea

And North Korea is a wild card

Guam deserves it.

DPRK to strike Guam and/or South Korea CONFIRMED:

Guam is a literal colony of America


NK armed forces central command: fam we probably gonna nuke guam
me, wisened to imperialist propaganda: no

There's a native population there that doesn't get to say whether or not they want to be associated with the US so I don't think they deserve it

no population deserve to be bombed tbh

They dont vote for separatist parties.

Proofs? No seriously proofs? I'm just supposed to the word of CNBC?


I don't really know the political situation of Guam, but it's not like Puerto Rico, it's a tiny ass island the US just has and I don't want it destroyed because it would make me sad ;_;

This is bullshit. USA is planting this news, this is gulf of Tonkin all over again.
Do not trust americans, do not socialize with americans. They are all barbarian cunts mouth watering over world domination. There is no leftism is America.

this comes from a north korean news station

you dropped your flag.

They are complaining about nuclear capable bombers conducting exercises over SK. They know they are coming out of Guam. That's not the same as saying they are considering nuking Guam.
It's Gulf War II all over again.

has it ever been a definitive threat to us territory with the revelation that North Korea has a real capacity to do so in light of missile testing and the bombastic response to China-approved sanctions? stupid post.



Let's suppose that the best korea attacks Guam and USA retaliates with nuclear weapons, what China would do ? As far as I can tell the only reason the USA not attacked the North Korea was because of China

The native population is a mix of natives similar to the native Taiwanese and some Map settlers that arrived preWW1
Then there's a huge yank military base that uses half the island as a bombing range

t. cointel/pol/

This will devolve into a my dick is bigger than yours contest between Trump and Xi Jinping over who gets the right to mine NK hollow of all their rare earth metals

And? Do they deserve to die?

They don't deserve anything
Just pointing out its NK trying to pick an acceptable within range target for their missile not to hit because SK has pretty much the most advanced missile defense system in the world

This has got to be the first time I've ever seen someone triggered over something happening to Guam.

do people in the dprk deserve to die

In all seriousness, all joking aside, the very idea we're talking about a nuclear strike at a civilian population at all right now is pretty fucked up.

The USSR backed off of it for a reason in the most tense times because the result would be catastrophic. This open talk of using nuclear weapons is normalizing the idea nuclear deterrence can be broken.

And that normalization is scary as hell, because there is really nothing stopping us from using them in war aside from fear that we may be targets too.

If we break that, all hell breaks loose and the possible future loss of life would be beyond tragedy or words able to describe

No. And neither does Guam.

Nukes were a mistake

the north korean state does an effective job at doing that to their own citizens. but no, I don't support inter-imperialist wars, but you probably do.

Got a light?

Got a light?

Got a light?

Got a light?

China's interest in NK is purely strategic. They have imperial ambitions and they have been working hard recently to counter American supremacy in the pacific. That's why they are building those artificial islands, to counter both American carrier fleets and also American control of important islands (Phillipines, Okinawa, Japan, Guam, etc). Having the ROK expand to the Chinese border would mean a hostile power and likely American troops on their doorstep, which would be a major setback in their long term strategy to say the least.

Whether or not they would put these strategic goals ahead of peace with America isn't clear, but it's not just a question of China cutting a noisy little tinpot dictatorship loose.


Yes. They must be exterminated so they don't contaminate the gene pool with their manlet genes.

Kim Jong-un is Voldemort, and Donald Pfrupfmpf is Harry Potter

t. JK Rowling


*unsleashes katana*

*arms nuclear warhead*

Manlet detected.


American Proletariat =/= American Bourgeois.

I'm very worried about how the entire thing is being processed by media.

1. Anonymous source says NK has created a warhead capable of striking US. No proof of this actually exists, and not confirmed by NK.
2. Trump issues threats based on the anonymous source.
3. Media hype.
4. NK responds to Trump's threats with actual specific threat.
5. Media hype.

Nobody seems to be taking the issues seriously here. The next level of threats would take is literally to Defcon 1.

goodbye Guam! It was fun while it lasted. sorry you had to be sacrificed for the memes and acceleration!

Trump is saber rattling, NK is not. They are warning the US they have been tracking what they are doing and won't be caught by surprise by a first strike from the US.
You're just concern trolling for attention.

unironic dprk worship is pretty dumb.
They're literally a puppet for imperialist China.

at least the popular opinion is nuking burgers if anyone

t. burger

You guys are retarded. Why would they do that?

The real question is whether Hoochie deserves to die for spreading babies-ripped-out-of-incubators tier propaganda. The answer is yes.

Are you dumb? China has been imposing sanctions on them and the trade with China has been decreased to one billion dollar, which wasn't even 5% of the GDP in the first place.

Can we just appreciate how much based Kim is cucking Trump? Like I bet the guy doesn't even have nukes yet. He is playing 4D Chess.

Probably to prove that they can bomb American soil. I mean, it's isolated and relatively low population…

It's gonna be Pearl fucking Harbor all over again

What the fuck is concern trolling and isn't it what you do in the chapo thread every night

What the fuck


Oops, forgot :v)

Everything is so damn evil

Part of me kind of wants the missiles to fly. I mean fuck, just END this whole goddamn farce already.

This whole country is basically like Goldblum at the end of The Fly where he's a fucking body horror mess of an abomination begging for Gina Davis to blow its head off point-blank

Most of it
USA's all gone a bit Soylent Green tbh

That's a good way to put it

Concern trolling is when you acted very concerned about something in a way that is provoking.
I read the NK English translation of the briefing. They did not say they were going to hit Guam. They said the nuclear bombers come out of Guam. Basically saying we have our eyes on you.
The US is currently tearing apart Afghanistan and Iraq but so many in this tread want to clutch their pearls and act like NK is escalating tensions when they are not.

Oh so I'm just concern trolling about two global nuclear powers toying around with using the greatest weapon mankind has ever devised


guam unironically did nothing wrong.

People in Guam (the Chamorro) just have a chill little island where they chilled at all day, that got infected by burger because of French after Napoleon, and the Spanish Civil War happened then World War II.

And now they're facing a fucking nuclear attack wiping out their entire culture.

The Chamorro can't catch a god damn break

Guam won't let me visit there government website.
"This site has been blocked by the network administrator.

Block reason: Gateway GEO-IP Filter Alert

IP address:

Connection initiated from country: Anonymous Proxy


Guam's a tiny Pacific island with a population of barely 150,000 people. They ain't even allowed to vote in American elections, but they're bout to become a sponge for nuclear attacks against The Burgerstan Caliphate. Ain't imperialism lovely?

they're not even called that Chamorro is a Spanish term meaning Baldy the Spanish named them that because the men at the time practiced shaving their heads

They deserve everything for dealing with bullshit for the past 400 years

Please just leave them alone

someone just fucking do something already. ukraine was a nice change of pace but the middle east is getting boring, korea would spice things up a bit

War is one thing, nukes are another.

Please do not use nuclear weapons.

Why does America even care what North Korea does though? From what I know they're alright just being left alone and only huff and puff when people put the thumbscrews on them to treat their people better. They ain't got no resources the Freedomites could want and they ain't exactly a major potential imperial threat to the world so I dunno why all this is happening now. The United States really don't give that big of a shit bout a country's mistreatment of it's people from what we know bout their relationship with The Arab Gulf States and Saudi Arabia so this don't really make much sense to me from an imperialist point of view.

What's The Eternal Eagle up to this time?

its too late they've been targeted for destruction by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea for 'voluntarily' harbouring the military occupation of the American Imperial War Machine
they must be cleansed in nuclear fire
dont you love how just the world is

Especially a chill island who's native inhabitants have had their culture entirely destroyed by foreign colonization efforts culminating in an American military presence they really didn't ask for at all

Just like, nuke the ocean as a threat I don't care. Guam is an island that's filled with tourists who still has a majority native population, who have to deal with their bullshit non stop. And have had to since the Spanish landed there.

Just leave them alone, they already have Japanese tourists, I would argue that's near worse than a nuclear bomb already.

the stuff needed to develop supercomputers, AI and next generation technology
the USA and China are gearing up for who gets the rights to mine NK dry
NK probably prefers going out in a bang fighting America than letting the Eternal Ricefields slowly suck them dry of all their palladium

I'm sorry it's just something about a group of people who haven't done shit but worship fish getting eternally shat on by European powers now being the center of an international nuclear crisis

I think this is the part where it's too fucked up and we have to walk away

But knowing Trump we won't. He'll just strengthen the military presence on Guam already. Make it a god damn military base, fuck what the natives want.

Where does it say they are considering hitting Guam specifically?
They said they'll strike back in self defense with nukes. The MM is making it sound like NK said they might nuke Guam unprovoked and you lumpenproles are signal boosting it like good imperialist shills.


Which earth metals?



You know what, I know we believe in a lot of shit we might disagree with each other on

But I think nukes should be the point where we carefully consider what could happen and just maybe how fucked up it would be to annihilate an entire culture


fluorite, apatite, zircon, nepheline, feldspar, and ilmenite
currently China holds a monopoly on rare earth and if the US gets ahold of it it takes away China's ability to bully the tech industry
the global amount of REE is 106 million tonnes
theres 216 million tonnes of this stuff just sitting under a mountain in NK

Even if they hit Guam it wouldn't even register in the Burger psyche. Americans don't care bout the Filipinos and Natives that live on that rock. Fuck, most of them don't even know Guam exists let alone is an oversees territory.

The "Chamorro" people lived there since roughly around 2000 BC. Even though various contacts melted down their culture to nothing. Something is getting to me about the idea we can voluntarily destroy everything they ever were.

they also have coal, iron ore, magnesite, gold ore, zinc ore, copper ore, limestone, molybdenum, graphite, cerium and neodymium,

The US overthrowing any gov with something they want and without nukes necessitated NK getting nukes.
There was good progress on deescalating NK SK tensions. The US abandoned that with Bush II. I guess you think if a military force large enough to overthrow the US gov was marshaled at the Mexican border the US wouldn't use nukes to defend themselves.

Makes sense. Still, an invasion of North Korea prolly won't cause a lotta backlash like it did when it was Iraq's turn to be freedomized cuz of just how shit life is under leadership of The Kim Dynasty. Even if Kim Jong Un's government's overthrown for the purpose of natural resources people will celebrate his death.

They just picked up the tab for the new sanctions the U.S. put on them.
They are literally a buffer against the U.S. for them.

Sauce? Further up the thread is a English translation of what they actually said unfiltered. Again all these accusations and "statements" are all filtered through US imperialist proxies

well they will once they're 're-educated'

Nuclear weapons are unacceptable under any pretext. They are weapons beyond the nightmares you try to forget and remember. They are pure, concentrated, death.

I understand North Korea's need for deterrence and I agree with it. But the escalation has gone too far this time.

We haven't used The Bomb since World War II, can't humanity just learn what a tragedy that was. And how much more of a tragedy it could be if an entire culture was wiped out; no matter how watered down.

This sounds liberal but just listen to your damn heart. These people never wanted military occupation, or any occupation, they had their island and they lived with it and worshiped it.

Imperialism is the worst pathogen.

They're a buncha island hopping hula gooks. Their blood watering the tree of liberty is the greatest thing that could happen to them.

Much better.

I don't know what I said out of turn but you do you

Just watched Young turds video on this, can't fucking stand cunt uygur

hate to burst the bubble but the Saudis dropped a neutron bomb they bought from Israel on the communists in Yemen didnt they?

I mean over a large populated area of over 150,000 people


I think it's gonna take another 200 or so years for the next 1917-scale revolution to kick off. China, Russia, America…I don't see imperialism dying down anytime soon.

solidarity forever


well, they were used basically once, so your sample size is not significant

now if we ask "why japan" it's fairly obvious from the geopolitical situation then and we can see that development since then has been fairly positive throughout east asia so i think it's fair to justify nuking japan over what may have came from nuking germany, russia, the middle east, etc

wouldn't it be funny though if time #3 was in asia again

and Guam was vital the last time too

The people of the DPRK won't celebrate it. The regime has the popular support of the people and will fight tooth and nail if anything happens.
Also, the burgers won't celebrate. They already lost the first war and in that time the DPRK has invested heavily in defense and muh nukes.

Technically it never ended, and I wouldn't call status quo anti bellum a loss. Oh wait, it shits on burgerland, never mind! They lost that, WWII and what the hell, the Franco-Prussian War too!

4/pol/ and 8/pol/ are in civil war and melting down. This is the chance to seize chan power and convert into NAZBOLS

Well, OK. But then WWII didn't end until 1990. Also, we're on leftypol. I'll shit on burgerland as much as I want.

such rebels

Mount Baek-doo 2 Electric Boogaloo here we come
except this time theres enough napalm to roast the PLA

The "american proletarian" voted for trump and loves reagan. Amerilards are irredeamable

Horseshoe theory confirmed?

The oppressed nations inside of the U.S. didn't

no the Holla Forums that can think likes NK because they compare Juche to the NSDAP since Juche enforces traditionalist Korean culture on the North Koreans and they're all brainwashed from a young age to love the nation, serve the nation and be good Koreans

4/pol/ doesn't like them.
I was on a thread the other day and they all called it a "communist shithole" when some guy was larping as Otto Warmbier in a thread.
Maybe they changed their minds but Holla Forums isn't usually that spontaneous.

well knock it off or I'm telling Finland and the sparrows


lol go back to your NYT column warhawk.

Hoochie you are a blessing to this board. Seriously tho I can understand supporting leftist armed struggles but even tacitly considering the idea of nuclear war is insane. We can't entertain this position, it's one of the few times where an idea truly is dangerous.

4/pol/ is reddit and since 6 months ago also tumblr

What is a guam?

what do you mean?

They're so throughly marinated in the imperialist superstructure they interprete a country with nukes that isn't a cowed Western state they accept NK simply standing up for itself as immenant WWIII

The American Proletariat by and large don't vote you dumb nigger

Trump won on the suburban white vote, the petit bourgeois at their lowest. The same people who vote Republican every election.

well, I mean, he got my vote. I don't vote Republican every year at all

Doesn't change the fact that most didn't.

NSA don't mind me


Thread theme.

Literally two Imperialist nations. You're a fucking retard.

Literally what.

Japan hasn't been imperialist since the end of WWII and South Korea never was.

Did you say Board Attack Plan S? S for Shitpost?
I've been to one world fair, a picnic and a rodeo and that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard come over HTTP.

Easy for a burger sitting comfortably protected by the most powerful military on earth.
While NK has to stare down a military 100 times more powerful than theirs everyday, and a president that constantly paints them as asian Hitlers.

The US litterally has the ability to anihilate the entire earth but you have all these crocodile tears for when a tiny country gets 6 purely for deterrence. Just go back with your virtue signaling brethren on Twitter.

Korea hasnt been independent since the 14th century

Not voting is the same as voting for the winner. Those americans who didn't vote, gave their vote to Trump.
But americans do support their elected government! 120 million people trusted Clinton and Trump and voted for one of them.
Americans don't go outisde and protest over the fact that their taxes money pays for Guntanamo Bay, military bases all over the world. Not only they don't care, they call those who criticise them as terrorists, as enemies of freedom and as comunists. Americans are all barbarians that must be wiped out from this planet….and when i say all, it's all, even little babies and children because those are the future barbarians. I've had enough with you people…you lot are dangerous and very cynical, you are not friends with anybody. You lot love how you're destroying every world culture and replace it with your fake culture of capitalism and mental retardation.
Call me a racist, i don't care. Never back down! There's a war going on and i know which side of the barricade i am. FUCK USA AND EVERY AMERICAN


That's a pretty specious argument.

you reek of antifa

why not washington

Nuking Washington would make Un the most popular foreign leader since Churchill.

Well there goes "Leftist Unity" and International proletarianism

Do you really think China wants US military right across the border? Remember the last Korean War?

This board would rather talk shit on foreign proletariat like /int/ retards than discuss politics seriously
Too many ex/pol/es are here

Because Hillary Clinton was the other option.


It sounds easier to say nuclear war is preferable than to say it isn't actually. Understanding the ramifications of destroying basically the entirety Chamorro people just because of some century plus long European occupation that ended in a post World War II military base, like what other targets could their possibly be

Just fucking threaten near it, launch it into the god damn ocean like we did at Bikini Atoll.

Putting it over an island with 150,000 people is insane, and you're insane for larping hard enough to even suggest wiping out an entire culture in nuclear death


Yeah guys those North Koreans are crrraaaazzzzyyy!!!! Did you hear they believe in unicorns and think they landed a man on the sun?????

Well they are told that Kim Jong-il never used a toilet and could control the weather.

Kim Jong Il was a weird guy
think he only wanted to be a movie director but inherited the dictatorship
then used his power to become a movie director

NK isn't launching strikes on Guam. It's posturing. Even worse is that it seems these reports are stemming from internal propaganda which is always over-the-top and ridiculous so they can maintain a strong face to their population. You're getting caught it up in hysterics and buying into the rogue state narrative which is what is actually going to get us into a war.

I don't think it's stemming from internal propaganda because the DPRK issues threats to nations regularly. The problem is most nations deal with it, with a somewhat nuanced report.

Trump came out, said "If you make any more threats you'll face fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen"

And you know, that's really something you shouldn't fucking say to North Korea at all.

With Trump as president anything is possible tbh

oh the ironing

When somebody says "imperialist" they are usually not referring to the colonies. Be less confusing next time.

Because this entire story is a huge twist on a statement pulled out context.

What they really said was basically : the usa is threatening us again, as usual stop threatening and hurting us or we will retaliate, by the way given our improved technology we now strongly consider attacking them in guam with missile strikes and other fotrces, where the US would launch their attacks from, rather than just a purely defensive strategy IF we see them threatening us

They are not interested in a war

Stop getting all your news and "facts" from big edit CNN and buzz feed tier "reporters".

All my friends are dead
Push me to the edge
t. Kim

Yeah, it's not like about a quarter of them can't vote because of the prison system or because their machines are about as tamperproof as the Dub the Dew contest was, BURGERS IS DE DEBBIL MY ALLCAPS IS ALL THE PROOFS I NEEDS
wow just over half, that sure is a strong mandate
What are militarized pigs, stingrays and harassment of anybody who even looks like they're trying to do that? And yeah, Burgers should really care about what happens to a few hundred people on an island while a third of them are out of work and/or about to starve to death or die of preventable diseases or something, how dare they prioritize their own immediate, basic material survival needs over mocking the pigs' bullets with their chests for your pet cause!
take your meds
I've had enough with you people…
So do something then BIlly Badass, I'm sure since you're such a superior citizen of [insert whatever relatively similar dicatatorship-of-capital shithole you're from that you neglect to mention because otherwise people could criticize you back], you'll instantly outmatch all the millions of the pigs, the drones, the NSA haxxx, the mercenaries and the other running-dogs they use to keep their own citizens in line and won't just get you ass beat, framed for rape or CP distribution, or if you still actually manage to do any damage after that, be found dead of """suicide,""" """failed home invasion,""" or """car crash""" in a few months as an object example of the price of disobedience just like anybody else who's tried anything. Y'know like what happened to all the Burgers that tried to change the system in any kind of meaningful way (and Bongs with Yewtree, and Russians who don't suck Putin's dick hard enough, and Chinese political activists, and…)
If you project any harder you're going to summon demons from your projector like Blackwolf
Back to making kickass metal albums, Varg.
You're such a total racist for hating a multiethnic nation of immigrants, and truly are also 2kool4skool that I'll be glad when you go back to in a month you better get on that summer reading list your teacher's assigned, summer's almost over
Do you have any actual argument to make in the midst of all this histrionic, buzzword-laden boilerplate, or is this going to be responded to with more autistic screeching?
watch out he's really mad now guise
your allcaps is once again all the proofs you need, eh?

thread bumplocked until someone posts a good news source with evidence it can be trusted.

Y-you too.

This seems to be the full statement:

The English is a bit difficult to parse, but there are some key phrases:

Surprise, it's fucking nothing.

another statement


Isn't that when the eclipse is happening? kek

you faggots should be ashamed of yourselves.

Kys yourself faggot.

What are burger comrades going to do when Trump starts WWIII and tries to draft people?

I'm too old to be drafted. I'm 36! But my bro is 26. I'll try to talk him into becoming a conscientious objector.

Holy fuck, you're 30 orders of magnitude older than the universe?


Marxists need to kill Corbyn to get back at you fuckers.

What if they miss the target and hit Guam by mistake?

that's fucking stupid.

US navy gonna send out a boat to catch the rockets so they can say Kim was targeting civilians or whatever.

idk why you deleted the old post, but I'll say it again, that's fucking stupid.

I knew I would get these replies, but really, an ideology, any ideology, is not worth the sacrifice of millions, especially unwittingly.

Oh cool so since capitalism kills millions each year then you're down with whatever ideology replaces it ASAP, then?

In my deleted post I responded to the wrong post, sorry.

What is stupid if it's a mistake? North Korea doing a mistake is stupid? Or considering North Korea doing a mistake is stupid?

Best Korea is playing burgers like a fiddle. By showing how disproportionately assmad they'll get at empty rhetoric after straight promising to turn NK into glass, it's the burgers whose ire the world is boiling over at not NK.

The amount of time and resources that NK has put into these missiles, it's just fucking dumb to think that they could accidentally hit Guam. If they had a rocket failure, it'd crash much sooner too.

If I believe Capitalism could be removed through force, I would not be a Socdem.

Really, the only reason I'm a socdem and not an actual socialist is because I don't believe Capitalism can be removed through force and Revolution. It can, however, be reformed and this needs to be done as soon as possible.

I'm still waiting Mitterrand and his "socialism in 100 days". Socdem is about negociating with capitalism, not removing it.

You call that negotiation, I call that reform.
Call me names, I just don't think you can remove Capitalism, the commodity production, the wage labour. At best you can have marksucc and socially-owned businesses but that's still commodity production and wage labour.

I won't call you names, I'm some kind of market socialist myself but socdem parties don't even want to promote socially-owned businesses anymore, nowadays they just try minors social avancements and promote more and more idpol "progress" instead of social progress.

What country are you from?

he just said that you fucking loser. Are you poised for revolution, do you have a tactical advantage, are you personally involved in fighting?

The answer is No, No, and No. Shut the fuck up about revolution when it's not feasible.

I never talk about revolution, I just said that nowadays socdems don't want to remove capitalism anymore.
And you're right, I'm not involved in revolution activism because it is useless and alienating.


This pleases my ego

Why do millenials hate capitalism? I just don't get it!


god i hope korea wins

Kim is kind of a Chad
for a manlet