Our greatest threat


Our greatest threat

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Our greatest threat is capital and the state. These fags are but a whisper of the spectacle



Where is the full video?

No, they're actually our greatest threat

Hoochie, you're asian
you should love anime

Japan is a little shit boy who can't stop pissing his pants.


Here is an undeniable fact

Japan doesn't fuck

nice try CIA, you're not getting my IP

so some Japanese pretty boy cockblocked you?
is this the source of your hate?

The CIA duping rubes by running AnimeRight.news

Actually never mind that makes sense

Mainland Asia actually has resentment for Japan because of its reactionary bullshit, it's only sort of sympathizer is South Korea.

Everyone has been victimized by Japan in one way or another and they try to act proud about their accomplishments, but the more they regress into anime infancy the better it burns them inside.

My grandfather was captured during WW2 and forced to work on a cotton plantation. They had to get up before sunrise and were still working after sunset to get as much as they could could to keep the Imperial army supplied in dakimakura and pantsu. Sometimes a whole work gang had to fight for a single stick of pocky, and when they were finally allowed to rest the only anime they had to watch were old blown out bootlegs of Samurai Pizza Cats dubbed in Korean. Luckily one of them was able to smuggle in a picture of his waifu, but things were so bad they all had to share.

Stop eating western propaganda.
Japan tried to unify the entire of east asia nations into a mighty empire. But of course US imperialism couldn't let that happen.

They are anti-alt-right ? One of the videos featured in "Last Videos" is a anti-aut-right song

Even fucking Sankaku Channel is better.
At least it has a pretty great booru.

I can feel the comrades killed by the Jap government turning in their graves.

Holla Forumsyps still deserve to be banned for "ironic" shitposting

Isn't this site associated with Benjikins? That guy seems pretty incompetent. He doxed himself, was homeless for awhile, /baphomet/ is a dead board now and his Twitter alt never took off.

He fails at everything he tries.

There article Murdoch Murdoch

An oxymoron.

Not only that, the very few articles that are about anime completely fucking misread them. This is kind of sad.


Anime is the lowest form of art ever seen. The first order of business of the JCP ever took power should be to ban it and destroy the industry

Say what you want but they have a good rating scale.

I still have to give it to video games

This sort of platform unironically has potential. I guess we have bunkermag, but when I checked the site it seems to be going really slow.

I'm genuinely angry about this