Why is prejudice a bad thing, when I regret every instance in which I didn't let it get the better of me?

Why is prejudice a bad thing, when I regret every instance in which I didn't let it get the better of me?

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What do you mean?

he thinks we're SJWs

Ah ok


I have often put my prejudices against underclass types aside and time and time again, those prejudices were proven by them to be correct. A split-second first look was a more useful measure of them then all my understanding and empathy.

More like, letting a homeless friend live in my apartment because his parents are abusive retards to then have him ignore all my advice, spiral down into addiction, petty crime and rude behavior towards me and others with me then having to find out through others that he has threatened me for showing him the door.

Get better friends or git gud at helping your friends.

I would have beaten his ass if he pulled any of that shit.

This, you don't need to put much effort in to pull someone out of the spiral, giving them a good beating and discipline will send them directly on the right track.

I did want to do that but another friend of mine talked me out of it, saying it would only create a longer conflict.

Doubt it. I know lots of people who have been beaten up regularly, the most it does is make them a bit more cautious.

extra points for dialectical materialism


I did that for a while, I was wrong.

So what youre really saying is that we shoot niggers because your friends a tweaker?

*should shoot

I'm not white or black

I'm saying that using terms like bigoted and prejudiced is superego shit for which I see no reason to be bothered with. They're held up as cardinal sins, while really they're just rational pattern recognition.

Niggers should always be treated with caution, very few of them seem to have anything resembling a conscience.

Well it is prejudice (pre judgement) but bigotry would be more if you continue hating a black or gay person after getting to know them even though theyre fine.

Theres a difference between being wary of hoodrats and corporate cocksuckers and being a bigot. Also never trust an economy student, they are brainwashed to backstab. Trust me on this.

>No, really, I'M the victim here!

But you are a faggot.

Whatever that difference may be, in collective judgement it has become irrelevant. Bigotry and prejudice are synonyms now. This creates the perfect playground for sociopaths, as people are required to have sympathy instead of suspicion.

To hate all blacks for the evil of their race is as stupid as trusting them all for the good in their race.

I was the perpetrator of my own sympathy against better judgement, or am I not?

Is my guilt constitutive?

Really made me think.

Nah I think youre just salty over some internet feminists, and triggered that your drugged up friend wasnt an upstanding citizen but a drug addicted abused person whose life is in shambles.

Seriously though, stop busting your friends balls. Hes addicted to drugs, his parents are abuse and hes homeless. You expect him to be totally rational? He needs more help than "you can crash on my couch".

Obviously, but that doesn't make the "nah".

It isn't so much that he is addicted, or that he's irrational, but that he became vile, selfish and ungrateful.

Yea, hes irrational because of the drugs.

If you're asking if you're being a faggot, then yeah.

Made me think so much to do some research. Apparently black crime is UP UP UP all over the United States.

shit thread