What's a quick and easy way to debunk consumer sovereignty? Voting with your dollars, that short of mental retardation

What's a quick and easy way to debunk consumer sovereignty? Voting with your dollars, that short of mental retardation.

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how do I vote to get the auxillary port back in the new iphone?

By buying a phone that has one, I guess?

Consumers only really have sovereignty in a perfectly competitive market. The market we have is mostly made up of huge oligopolies, so our ability to determine what happens in the market as consumers is infinitesimally small.

If you wish for a concrete example, then Nestlé and their literal baby-killing business should be good enough.
Forty years of boycotting led by a damned committee and they're still in business, makin' a killing.

Riddle me this wallet-voting liberals: How does one knock out an organization by sequestering its income, when the damned octopus stretches across brands, branches, and industries you've never thought they had a hold of? Where ever you go, a disguised Nestléite sits ready to grab the dosh you foolishly hand them in exchange.

Quite simple really:

In capitalism, labour is a commodity. Workers sell it for as high as possible, capitalists buy as low as possible. Theres more workers than jobs, however, so theres downward pressure on wages. This means that wages systematically get suppressed.

This means that a workers wage is negotiated down towards in our current society with higher unemployment and less labour protection laws. This means that the price of labour gets driven down until near its "cost", the basics of living for a human.

Wages are low, but companies still have to sell. So they compete to drive down prices. They cuts corners, decrease salaries, do unethical things, make the cheapest products they can to make more profits.

This means that all the choice the avarage consumer has is the cheapest option available. Fancy "organic made by hipsters in sandels" food or clothes is too expensive for workers to afford, their wages are too low.

You have the choice to either buy the cheapest or starve. You dont have money to "vote" for more expensive non-destructive products, for food that isnt sprayed with poison, for clothes that didnt force children to work. Only those with money can vote with their wallet, and this is exactly what the rich do all the time, such as during the election, or when they hire death squads to assassinate union leaders in south america.

almost poetic my man


Israel is more afraid of BDS ruining its public image, than it is the actual damage it could do to their economy (it won't have any effect, especially when the US gives them billions in military aid).

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Pretty simple, every poll ever shows that 95% of people will say they prefer to buy American/British/Local products (especially food), any study of actual consumer behaviour shows you that's not true.

When was the last time you seen "Made In UK" in a British store besides cosmetics and food? The only thing I can think of was a wheel barrow that I can't use anyway because I don't have a garden to make use of it in.

But whilst UK retailers have replaced British goods with cheaper imports (whilst pocketing the difference) making the decision preemptively for consumers, British shoppers can still buy British goods online if they really wanted to but they don't.

I think I'm the only one I know who bothers, my underwear, my TV and trainers are UK made. Nearly everything else in my home is made in China except for some Polish glassware, Romanian bowls, an American spatula, a German saucepan, a French iron and my sports knee sleeves are UK made too.

It's a joke when they say capitalism offers you freedom of choice or that capitalism doesn't exist in the 3rd world when everything in a typical 1st world household is made in the 3rd world.


Consumers don't have enough information. Hell, not even the company making a thing has enough information about how it is made, they get stuff from suppliers who get stuff from suppliers who get stuff… Is there child labor involved? Maybe. *shrugs*

If people vote it their wallets, it follows that the more money one has, the more political power too. Nice post and all but I don't see what all those other posters are seeing.

In today's data economy companies respond to hashtags and secrit Facebook not the consumer hotline.

The thing with money is that money is leverage. So, it isn't just that somebody with more money than you has more power in a way equal to that ratio of money you two have. 100 000 people with 10 000 dollars each have less power together as 1 person with 1 000 000 000.

debunking it is eas actuall
the new caste sstem AKA ""AN""-CAPs and lolbertarians

Oh I get your point. It's a non-linear relation then.


Ancaps are against taxes

They don't even know how taxes work.

They don't really know anything to be honest.