Get some property

Why won't you just throw all lifestylism behind your head and became petty-bourg? You have all knowledge you need in order to secure nice standard of living for you, and your family. More people will listen to your pro-communist arguments if you can generate wealth without being wagecuck and you can even support communist movements in your country with money. Self-employment is in your own self-interest

I honestly don't deride anyone for trying to get bread under capitalism

If you have the opportunity to start a business you should.


But i am already petty bourg.

I'm already petty-bourg.
In fact, everyone in my country has the petit-bourg mentality, at least. Nobody considers himself lower than his neighbour, and even the rich avoids showing too much contempt for the lower classes.

I already kind of am, but I'm a peasant so there's not really much I could do with that.

That's exactly what i'm doing. Right now i'm working as assistant to an MP. If everything goes well and i manage to climb party ranks i expect to become a stereotypical champagne socialist within 10/15 years.

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What do you do, comrades?

Which part of the europe do you live, comrade?

All the bureaucratic red tape will keep you too busy to perform you due diligence as far as your political expression. You'll end up throwing money to neoliberal "charitable causes" because they're feminist or because they use the word "Marxist" a few times here and there.

I wouldnt call having no money "lifestylism" mate.


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Why the fuck would I ever want to do that?

I'm filling teeth, and it's my joy

Salutations camarade!

Why not just create a coop instead of being leech? You could work together with some communist party and use for recruitment, spreading class consciousness and of course, funding.


Have you tried migrating to some other part of the world?

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Are you working in academia or going to start revolution tomorrow?

You are not really petty-bourg unless you own some property.

You can't be leech as self-employed. Starting coop requires having wealthy friends. I'm not against it, but I don't think people shitposting here have such opportunities.

Makes sense: classism got a lot of aristo's heads cut off.

Many dentists run their own show

Communist bureaucracies made anything commerce-related move at a snail's pace. Suing the government for being too slow would make things even slower. Maybe computers could make that faster, but oh computers are made by capitalist exploiters who dig up rare earth minerals for giggles and schadenfreudes.

Self-employment (and I mean genuine self employment, not Uber or Deliveroo shit) is pretty decent: I mean Marx loved the artisan mode of production.

You're acting very silly.

I'm saving so i can get some folk together to start a co-op, some would say that is petite bourg, i would say it isn't

You should own property in order to be petty bourgeois…

Where the hell do you live? As far as I know, there is not socialism anywhere in the world at the moment.
Again, what are you talking about?

That's because no profit is being made. All communists should promote it.

As far as I know, co-op are not petty-bourgeois, you have my 100% support! What co-op do you want to start?

Enough! Stop with the smoking anime already!

real estate is real cheap where i live
i've considered buying some of it up and renting it out for a discount as compared to local rent prices
I'm not sure how much of a piece of shit this makes me but when i think about doing it i start feeling sick




Hey ! Merci de ne pas détester les roses.

Yeah, and it still present in the workplace. I worked in a factory as an assembly-line drone during an internship (FOR FREE) and the manager told me that everybody in the compound, no matter their pay check, MUST go say hello and shake the hand of all workers at the start of their shift. Himself included.