Is he actually smart?

Is he actually smart?

He skipped a few grades and graduated cum laude from Harvard.

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Smart=/=rational tho

If he is his political arguments don't say much about it

"Hitler was a leftist"
well he definitely isn't educated, that's for sure.

He had to make up for his height somehow.

He clearly understands what he's saying is bullshit, which is why he spends his political influence "destroying" high schoolers instead of any leftist that isn't a meme (Uygur, really?)He's just too spooked to change his stance on many issues.

He's very intelligent. His ideas, however, aren't rational nor good as a result of that intellectual capacity. You can be smart and believe some really dumb shit.

Who gives a shit if he was Harvard's cum lorde

i think he is 100% right
being rich just means you interacted with a lot of people in the free market, that's it, that's all it is
the "work hard, be productive" message is also true, everything of any value requires effort, you can screech all you want about it but working hard is unavoidable
he also routinely debunks "its unfair" bullshit you hear, if you are living in the west you have every opportunity in this world to become rich, free market is perfectly fair and satisfying and all you have to do is pick a marketable skill, meaning you have to be a grown up, become a doctor or engineer even if you dont like it, and study underwater basket weaving as a hobby, if you are going in debt for something that has 0% return/profit its your own fault, hobbies are hobbies and work must come before them, you sow before you reap

western world already has too much social services for everyone, and western leftists are too focused on redistribution of wealth instead of creation of any, too fixated on criticizing while producing almost nothing themselves

Smart enough to get idiots to buy his books

pic related

i dont care if you arent taking me seriously but leftism in the west is all about seeing the wealth and being jealous about it, all about being lazy and entitled, all about having all the freedom and opportunity in this world to make your own wealth but instead you'd rather just simply jealously scream "gimme gimme gimme gimme" and being 100% unproductive

considering how limited the resources on this planet are, one could argue western world has TOO MUCH social spending, welfare, deficit spending, safety nets, second chances, state provided education, etc etc

Why don't you read about things before ejaculating nonsense all over the internet?

you can thank Keynes for that, not Marx

deficit spending is one of the most basic cancers out there, deficit spending is just awful and irresponsible leftist wishful thinking bubble causing bullshit that is guaranteed by math and physics to burst every out of every time

money is just a temporary placeholder for shit you actually want
its not a unit of value, or exchange, or anything like that
it just represents something
and if you dont have that something
you dont have that something
printing infinite money wont solve any of your problems

socialism is essentially welfare
and this is why it is only attractive to welfare rabble, to those who cant build anything themselves, to those who cant get rich, to those who cant climb hierarchies, to those who are helpless, uncompetitive, unproductive

socialism is screaming at physics to change itself, to give you a second chance, to care

again, you know nothing. you really need to lay off the Ben Shapiro.
socialism is worker control of the means of production. that's all it means. welfare is not that.

and what is stopping you from creating a worker corporation, where every worker is a member of the board, every worker is an executive, and every worker owns equal amount of shares?

the thing is, not all decisions impact wealth creation equally
those workers in this corporation that have better ideas on how to use limited resources would achieve more wealth, but they would still have to share it equally among all other workers
which would piss them off
so they would leave and create a superior corporation, without the less productive/dumber workers
and eventually outperform them enough for a hostile takeover, annexing them completely, buying them all out

so even if the workers controlled the means of production absolutely nothing would change, majority of the poor arent poor because they are exploited, they are poor because they are unproductive, guy benching 300 kilos can obviously carry more weight than guy who cant lift 50, and guy who studied engineering can carry a fucking ton of weight around even with just the most basic resources, there's no exploitation, no classes, no bullshit, useless people are just useless and shouldnt have anything in the first place

that's exactly what actual leftists advocate for. sorry but CNN doesn't count as left
seriously lurk more.

every argument against communism ever

but why would more productive workers continue to work with less productive workers? why wouldnt the more productive workers simply cut ties and burn the bridges from the less productive workers? what would stop people who can figure out how to output more product per 1 unit of input to accumulate wealth for themselves and use it to to accumulate wealth even further??
what you're arguing against is a tragedy of the commons. it's been refuted time and time again.

And yet, that's basically what every central bank has done since 1974. I presume you're going to tell me they're socialists too.

you cant find a single capitalist/free market guy that is pro central banks, in fact "audit the fed" is the most common soundbait you will hear from that crowd

i dont know what the fuck central banks, the fed, world bank, anti-competition/protectionist corporations are, but they are most certainly not free market, i mean look up ron paul, he spent his life making a "libertarian" party which sole purpose was dismantling the central bank, NOT the government as the strawman goes

un-ironically shills for religion and religious conservatism then says "we need to use reason"

he's an idiot

Saged for e-celeb bullshit

Also lmao that he's like 33 and married yet looks (and sounds) like a pubescent teenager






you want to find a more productive worker, and have him produce the wealth, and then somehow you exist in this equation for absolutely no reason and so you are rich too?

nah lol

world view destroyed

what you're describing is capitalism you fag

What I want is to plant my hands firmly around your windpipe and watch as your worthless life drains from your eyes.

you are being angry on an imageboard, your impotent threats are 100% trivial you are just making yourself angry
jesus lad how exactly new are you?

i agree with that picture 100%, those goldminers should pocket the gold, but its just that i've seen you tell Holla Forums "lmao u faggots just want to claim achievements of other people" when it was about race but you seem to have cognitive dissonance when it comes to you claiming achievements of other workers

all im saying is that more productive workers should unite and segregate against less productive workers, for the same reason all physical workers should unite against all financial "workers"/exploiters/money men/the FED/central bank

i think that workers could work and prosper while being capitalist, in the free market, actually free market, not the bullshit we call that today

what. this will literally just create more capitalists. how can you not see this? private property is inherently exploitative. no ifs ands or buts about it.
I want to be able to get payed what I work for

fine but how do you know that you arent paid exactly what you work for? how do you know you are not overestimating your work? what makes you think you are as valuable as you think you are?

what i found as a general rule is, people with marketable skills are not complaining about capitalism, you wont find… pilots or electrical engineers or medical doctors doing any of the complaining, its usually unemployable people with (f)arts degree or some other useless shit like that, usually young people (its a general stereotype that leftists are young and conservatives old) that spent their life 'finding themselves' and 'experiencing/experimenting' and whatnot, and are now complaining they cant start a business or a family, that's my experience

i find that legit workers (who spent their one chance at free uni today at actually becoming legit, valuable, productive workers) live life and pretty much enjoy the market, and that its the government and welfare programs that are exploiting them far more than any capitalist strawman, hell all fortune 500 companies are extremely new innovative engineering businesses, not old fat capitalist strawmen

there are two answers to this question
either a)
all of my coworkers will collectively decide how valuable I am
b) google labor vouchers

its backed by general statistics, not all skills are needed equally, nor are they supplied equally
and the other thing is, since no one is offering you any vouchers and since none of your coworkers are offering you a job, again, why do you think you are more valuable than what the market is offering you?

as i said, complainers with marketable skills literally do not exist, western world already has enough social spending that allows every child to make more money than it can reasonably spend once it turns 25 provided they did a legit degree and studied hard

oh yes, please do tell me how I'm "totally not" being exploited using your "general statistics"
employees only receive half of the GDP they add to the company. This is just a fact.
then how do you describe the democratic party? or are they all just homeless tranny black people on welfare who want more free handouts, 50% of the population?

You're such a dumb faggot. The expression of a desire isn't a threat, you stupid brainless idiot. You're missing a brain stem and the world would only be a better place without you in it. You're a waste.

career politicians, every single one of them

anyway, you do know that in free market, you can just…. work for yourself! you can own your own labor easily, just start your own business, if you think that your boss is exploiting you, start going around offering your services yourself directly to the consumers

if you have a marketable skill, and if you are a dedicated worker, you have nothing to fear, hell maybe you even manage to attract few other workers to work with you, or if you think a whole bunch of you are being exploited, whole bunch of you can strike out on your own!
i can provide you a "seed money" (the first loan to start a business) myself, if you have a marketable skill your success is more or less guaranteed and i know you wont declare bankruptcy, you will profit instead, and i will make a tiny one time profit myself

but as well all know, its easier to blame and criticize and be jealous than actually starting a business

that's not how it works.
when you work, you are working on a landowner's private property. all the resources you produce go to him, and he decides how it is distributed between the workers.
what you're describing is not capitalism
which require credit and property that is for sale.
this is just a utopian fantasy and its not how things work in the real world.
and you're probably going to say some dumbass shit like
because there's something called a government that will accuse of "theft" for taking a commodity off of the landowner's private property. this is the real world.

this is magical. how does it work?

Not really. It's just that the people he debates are always morons, so it makes him look smart.

"Debating" college SJW teen girls and shitty e-celebs isn't any kind of accomplishment.

"Angry SJWs and regressive liberals are actually leftists, and socialism is forcing people to build houses; the equivalent of rape"

t. Ben Shitthebed

he's a pathetic zionist with zero knowledge of history. proof that facts don't matter, that you can spew complete nonsense and people will still listen to you

i would gladly kill him personally if i could get away with it

Bow down before your cum laude.

Please don't let this post for in vein it's three in the morning where I am now.


What leftist would "destroy" Ben Shapiro?

you mean the guy who thinks Hitler was a socialist?

You can't destroy leftists in a debate if you don't actually bother to debate with leftists

Read nigga.

If productive people were to unite against unproductive people than you would see everybody who isn't a worker get gulaged and we would have socialism. Labour and labour alone is productive, and furthermore only labour that takes natural capital and improves upon it is productive. There are entire industries that produce nothing and are only useful in the context of capitalism. Advertising, finance, most of management, are all entirely useless in terms of creating or even facilitating the creation of wealth.

shapiro is a neocon who got repeatedly dunked on by the alt right during the 2016 election.
He also looks like a guy who got shoved into a lot of lockers.

How can finance even be called an industry? Some jackass in Manhattan or Chicago or wherever reads the morning paper, sees what other people are already doing, then he makes a guess. He tells his assistant to copy this guess down, then she emails it to some intern down in the company's bowels, who then enters the parameters of that guess into the computer, which then proceeds to do all the actual "work." This "work" consists of making billions of trades a second that are based entirely on how many fractions of a penny they can accrue fit every buy and sell. Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, nothing is changed except a bunch of imaginary numbers that make sense only to the machines, regardless of whatever the reality is. It's less real than the economy of EVE online for Marx's sake.

This. Hes a zionist yuppie shitstain that needs to be shoved into an oven.

An oven would be too good for Benny.
He deserves to nearly die by torture, be allowed to fully heal, then tortured again.

That doesn't mean the nature of exploitation will not go away. You can do both at the same, advocate socialism and being independent

Under capitalism intelligence is having money, memorizing facts and having an overpriced piece of paper that says your smart.

at a certain point for many people, intellect & intelligence have an inverse correlation