How would you feel if California got nuked by Kim?

How would you feel if California got nuked by Kim?

communism will win

Wouldn't be too happy about the death of mostly a bunch of innocent workers tbh, especially as consequence of a ruling class assault and not class war.

Wouldn't be too happy tbh, although if they hit silicon valley i would pretend to be sad and actually feel pretty nice about it.

Only California?
Fucking underachiever!

Just nuke the whole country and turn Canada into a post apocalyptic fallout zone. Communism will be born again there.

Bad. All that would accomplish is millions of dead workers, an excuse for the US to invade, and severe damage to the land thus reducing the already dwindling living space if climate change gets bad.

It would strike the final blow to communism around the world.
So, pretty bad.

I would celebrate all week long.

These niggas get it.

I would be dead.

He would only do that in the event of an invasion. I'd don't think I'd feel that bad, Americans are extremely lumpenprole and have idlely sat by while their gov has coup every democratically elected leftist.
Read "Killing Hope" did you know that the CIA attempted a coup on Australia in 1975.

He's not going to nuke anybody. He just doesn't want to be """"liberated"""" so America can install Samsung to run things.

Threads like that and the predictable answers in it are so boring. The angry radical phase some of you people are going through is transparent, grow up and do something constructive for socialism.

As long as it hits San Francisco, I'm game.

Like what? Join the DSA?

Kill your local porky

That's a lot better than whatever you're doing now.

Very good it would get rid of a lot of liberals as well as Americans

are North Koreans actually the aliens Posadists were always talking about?

Except it isn't.

The entire United States deserves it for rejecting basketball diplomacy.


Pretty sad; a decent chunk of my friends are Californian proles (or Californian students or NEETs for that matter.) I'd miss them.

I'd take solace in Silicon Valley being nuked though; it's the only way to save the internet.

pretty good

Very bad. It would mean we were in the process of invading the DPRK, and it would free up the US for nuclear retaliation. As a means of deterrence though I feel pretty good about them for the DPRK.

Impossible. The military just did missile defense tests off the coasts of California and Alaska. Opan should stick to bombing the Pacific.

You do realize that the US only has untested prototypes of anti-ICBM systems and the only country that has a reliable anti-ICBM system is Russia, right? If North Korea really does have the means to reach California with a ICBM (which is totally possible within 5 years) there is absolutely no guarantee that a proper defense against this will be ready. Remember you can't shot down an ICBM by any convential means, since it travels too fast and too high.

USA nuking DPRK means South Korea also would receive major fall out and Seul one of the largest and densely populated cities on the planet is right near that border, so…awful choice. A land invasion on the DPRK would mean a war that would problably last 30 or more years, because the DPRK has a massive army and everybody in that country has had to do military service. It would be a massive drain of resources on the US economy which is already in the shitter due to previous wars and retarded policies by similar presidents.

Why would this hit Cali though? Are there a ton of US troops in Cali? Will they be able to disable the US nuclear launch facilities by hitting California with a nuke? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to hit a place where US troops are, since they are facing an existential threat from an invasion?

If DPRK ever executes a nuclear strike it will directly over the heads of a mobilized division of US troops, wherever they may be.

It's the closest major population center to them in the US

Yes but this is not how nuclear deterrence works. The simple fact that the DPRK might be able to hit LA within 5 years is reason enough for the US not to attack.

In case of an actual attack I'd agree with you, Kim would probably nuke US bases in South Korea. They wouldn't even nuke Seoul, since killing millions of fellow Koreans would be contradictory to Juche ideology.

Yeah, and then? Then what? What happens? After? That?

First Worldist filth. I can promise you every one of those workers profited off the labour of Third World wageslaves.

You're assuming Trump understands nuclear deterrence. However, I do think Trump doesn't really plan to do shit.

It is how deterrence works. It's just not how MAD works. Nuclear war did not originally mean an end of the world. It meant an inability to achieve military victory through conventional warfare.

And this is why the US won't do shit. The public will neither accept a nuclear first strike against the DPRK nor another Vietnam. Hell, a conventional land invasion of the DPRK might even be worse than Vietnam, their army might have outdated equipment but is trained insanely well. Their special forces training probably matches the one of the US special forces, just with shittier equipment.

and you call nazis intolerant

The public seems pretty gung-ho about an invasion.

It's not gonna be the end of the world. It is simply the fact that the sheer imagination of a 21st century nuke hitting LA and Seattle is such an unspeakable humanitarian catastrophe that nobody will ever consider a strike against the DPRK if they do indeed have ICBMs.

I don't know, I'm not American. If they really are they are utterly retarded. In any case, once the first shipload of coffins with the American flag on it return home, public opinion will swing quite quickly and any president who cares about a second term will try to get out of this mess.

I like how they're ignoring your post

Once the US is in they'll just stay in. It's probably the strategy of the US to become "stuck in a quagmire". They love that shit.

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otto warbeer deserved it
defend the dprk against american imperialism and i am ready to die in hell fire to protect one of the last bastions of socialism

Not good. There's countless innocent people in CA as well as several good friends of mine. Plus, we don't need to go further down the rabbit hole of normalizing nuclear weapons. It's already a fucking atrocity that the things were ever used in the first place, making it normal will likely just lead to countless further horrors and eventually, extinction.

Warmbier was sad, he was punished too severely and his death, though accidental, was avoidable, but it's not a legitimate cause for war, and it not the actual cause for war, either.

This won't be like Iraq or any of that kindergarden shit. Invasion of the DPRK would mean extremly high casualities. What is interesting is that the Hilldawg liberals are more warmongering than the Trump voterbase who voted for Trump because of his anti-war platform. I'd say there would be a significant opposition to such a war, one that would even overshadow the opposition against Vietnam, and this time the front would be across Trump voters and anti-war liberals. War against North Korea is politcial suicide. I would not be surprised if this would turn out exactly like Vietnam, with South Korea being annexed by the DPRK after the US pulled out.

Best day of my life

American "workers" are lumpen scums anyways

Kim would probably hit US forces in SK and Japan before going after Cali. That said, I'd laugh because fuck liberals.

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Nothing of value would be lost but its not going to happen. One shitty North Korean missile will not get past American missile defence systems.

Im starting to like Koreans after reading this.

but then all the garbage mexicans would go to Texas

Get off this ideology


yuppies deserve to die and California is gentrified as fuck

Honestly, I don't want to be arrested. I think just exercising and joining your local radical local inserectionary group would be in order before doing that.

it will not, koreas military is purly for self defense

individual terrorism does nothing.

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