Why u no love?

Why do you hate me Holla Forums?

t. American socialist

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Because the CIA-MI6-Mossad empire has made every effort they could to destroy any possible form of socialism.

Another burger socialist here, honestly the best hope for socialism is balkanization of the United States.

But I agree with you about this and want to stop it.

I don't?

I'm an American socialist too, and I fucking hate this place.

We are pretty much the cancer of the developed world

It will never happen we are too culturally similar across the nation. The only hope is to convert the evil empire that coonqueres the world for capitalism into the slightly less evil empire that conqueres the world for socialism.

Not the best option but it's out our best shot tbh fam.

Third worldists need to realize that without a first world socialist country to lead the rest of the world forward these third world revolutions fall apart from lack of resources and support.

then let North Korea nuke you

Spencer Enoch 2020!

Every day that I wake up and realize that we haven't nuked each other to hell and back, I walk outside, shake my fist at the sky and yell ==YOU FUCKING CHICKENSHIT==

How should we accelerate it?

We have to kill the best from the inside

America is more divisive than most people think. Sure as long as we are relatively well off these tensions won't boil over. But as we continue our march to into a third world nation this tensions will flare up.
And that last thing I can see is "empire that conqueres the world for socialism". For one socialism can only come from bellow. 2nd is american is class cucked to hell and back. It will likely be one of the last countries ever to embrace socialism. The police, military, and most gun owners are generally conservative and although some might get pushed towards socialism as capitalism crumbles, just as many if not more will become reactionary.

being conservative doesn't mean you can't be communist

Burgers should be eradicated.
t. burger

I hate all americans by association.

except michael parenti, he is cool


How exactly?
Huge changes in economics, technology and social relations will completely change the cultural values of a society. Its almost the opposite of conservatism in every way.


What?! This statement contradicts itself.

kek…no it doesn't. The communist party in my country voted in parliamente against the legalization of recreational use of cannabis because "there's no scientific basis that shows the legalization of cannabis wil end with the black market" and they also voted against gay couples adopting children.
You folks in USA are so wrong about leftism in general…so fucking wrong, you have no clue what do actual leftists in other places are like

Thats litterally what will happen. You legalize it, making the markets legitimate, meaning that they arent black markets anymore. Artificial scarcity will be gone, small producers will eventually consolidate into bigger companies that cant just trade illegally, criminals wont bother to produce a plant that litterally grows like weed.

yep, that's your brain on conservatism. You can still be communist tho, the only thing you need to want is democratic ownership over means of production.

I hate us because we're one of three things mainly:
1) smashies
2) retards who elect cop organizers uncritically
3) LARPers in a game of oneupsmanship over who can support the most awful states that oppose US interests


The material conditions of a society determine weather or not socialism arises not the spooks of its people. Don't forget that Russia was one of the most backwards class cucked bootlicking countries in existance before the revolution, things just really have to get that bad before we see real change.

But all I want is to be your friend.

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This is a sfw board so I just decline. However I will share with you the plight of being an American worker if you care to know.