Russell Brand is surprisingly woke for a wealthy Lennon style socialist

Brand is a utopian moron


with a huge audience. He has over 1,3 million subs on YouTube alone, not to mention the other socialist media, He openly calls himself a Socialist and seems to get quite some theory right. How the fuck can this defeatist attitude be so strong on leftypol.

you can't not admit it is somewhat suspicious when a wealthy person considers himself a socialist.

It's really not.


its a bit, but not impossible. And looking at his past it makes sense. And actors could be considered proles.

If actors do count as proles, they behave like a labor aristocracy generally speaking. They give lip service to liberalism, probably because they have so much adoration and money that it is hard for them to imagine their status falling through any social democratic reform.

Most of the liberal hollywood elite advocate for taxing big corporations too, first and foremost above taxing the rich. They'll say tax the rich as well, but corporations are a pretty easy target because nobody "is" a corporation.

So does the rest of the Western world.
I'm pretty confident that if laid out in a Venn diagram these two distinct entities you're describing would form a circle.

Watch him with Frankie Boyle talking about THE SPECTACLE, is good.

Also Frankie is a trot apparently.

ok. And? I get your argument but how does that discredit Russel Brand specifically? Just listen to any video on his channel. he quite clearly is a socialist, I don't mean a berniebro.


he was part of chanalogy back then?
is it possible he went on imageboards?

Didn't he date a bankers daughter?


lol lefties

The Rothschilds haven't been relevant in over half a century. While at one point their family fortune was vast, it was spread out among so many inheritors it basically doesn't exist anymore. They're still rich, but they're not a particularly rich or influential family anymore. I know when the right gets a good new conspiracy theory they have trouble letting it go (hell, many of you guys are still having trouble letting go of the Bavarian Illuminati), but you really ought to let this one go. It shows off your power level to the normies way more than you think it does.

Also, I wanted to point out the additional stupidity of claiming that Brand is some kind of Rothschild lapdog because his girlfriend's brother's wife is a Rothschild.


lol lefties


Gotta love bootlickers.

antifa didn't say it. you did. you are the samefag
nobody here defends the rothschilds except for you.

I know this is said to often, but, fuck off back to pol.


Sure. Because that's how it works.

Jesus Christ no one loves the Rothschilds, we just don't give a particular fuck about them when it comes to bourgeoisie just because they're ancient and Jewish. If there's a guillotine they'd get it same as the Rockefellers, Clintons, Bushs, or Gates. Stop being such a good goy and ignoring 90% of your oppressors simply because they're white.

The Rothschilds get the gulag too, but there's no reason to single them out.

It's especially hypocritical to attack the Rothschilds while simultaneously idolizing billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Donald Trump.

It's hilarious to see people who are die-hard supporters of Trump get mad over how supposedly rich and influential Jacob Rothschild is or, better yet, get mad that George Soros uses his money to influence politics.

Hey, I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm just calling out how when it comes to JEWISH elites (and only jewish) /lefty/ lemmings get all defensive mode. But at the end, white goy elites are actually WORSE than jews, for they are jew enablers and TRAITORS.

It's not "defensive," it's annoyance, because you autistic dipshits bring it up all the fucking time and it doesn't matter a single iota.

No, we're pointing out that you exaggerate the influence of wealthy Jews for your own political ends.

They're assholes, but not particularly worse assholes than any other member of the bourgeois class. I know that Nazis struggle with nuance, but our point isn't that rich Jews are good, it's that rich Jews are no better or worse than the other members of their class, the bourgeoisie, and that you and your fellow travelers largely ignore the abuses of gentile bourgeoisie (if not outright defend them) in order to focus on the Jewish bourgeoisie to create a sort of "great corrupter of society" so you don't have to recognize that it's the very fundamental logic of the system itself that is broken, not some bad actor within it.

Funny how that works eh?

you voted Trump not me, dumbass.
funny how that works eh?
ISrael is our gr8ist ally !!11


Good prole

No one cares you dumb faggot, because it doesn't matter.

I really wish you weren't so fucking stupid.

So… the bourgeoisie.

Are you under the impression that the ruling class has some obligation to represent the ethnic makeup of the world population? There are also many, many more whites as a proportion of the bourgeoisie than they are representative of the world population.

They're the bourgeoisie, the ruling class, not a democratic institution. It's only natural that they don't represent the world population because they have nothing to do with the will of the global populace.

That's what I meant with lefties being so defensive when it comes to defending rich JEWS. Even the men that penned your ideological bibles were aware of the jewish question (and even Marx despite being a jew himself), I guess Bakunin and Marx were RACIST ANTISEMITE SEXIST CIS NEONAZI SCUM spooked about DA JOOS that needed to go back to Holla Forums eh? :^)

Why do Jews disproportionately being part of the ruling class a concern when we want to destroy the ruling class?

How are you any different than an SJW bitching how there's too many fucking white males in power and not enough female PoC? They are right about how disproportionate it is compared to the population, just like you.

like pottery

Of course not, but you can't deny the over representation of jews is a product of their ethnic nepotism that goes back for millennia. They even boast about it, it's no conspiracy or secret.

Funny coming from the board that preaches the same "SMASH WHITE SUPREMACY" pablum as any bonafide reddit SJW.

There's nothing wrong with socialism. Or is Holla Forums against socialists and anarchists when they call out jews?

nice strawman, nobody is defending rich jews.
okay? I agree with them. I do not agree with the genocide of the jews, neither did Marx or Bakunin.
what point are you trying to make here? nobody hates the jews more than socialists, but no socialist hates somebody simply because they are a jew.
what point are you even trying to make here?
nice strawman. lurk more
National Socialism isn't socialism, dumbass.

Most Jews in the West are white, dumbass.

This is your brain on Holla Forums

Most wealth is due to a form of nepotism and cronyism. Even most business courses these days admit that the most efficient way to climb the corporate ladder is through "networking".

The meritocracy meme is a lie. The bourgeoisie are an exclusive club and always were and exclusive club.

Does that mean he believes the Jews did 9/11, or just that the earth is flat?'

OP, woke means "retarded conspiracy theorist", find better terms if you want to praise Brand.

woke as in class conscious

Woke doesn't mean class-conscious tho.

He is good for entry level socialists

It's one of thoses words whose meaning drift heavily on the Internet, like based, cuck or -fag.

Read a moderately positive review of his book by one of the Anarchist FAQ guys, so he is okay I guess.

back to the 1890's with you

So hes dating a rich chick and that makes his points invalid? stupid