Today is Emiliano Zapata's birthday we should celebrate

Today is Emiliano Zapata's birthday we should celebrate.

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yaay \o/

Heroes continue your struggle, camarada.

Happy Birthday Comrade Zapata!
May we always have a steady stream of charismatic macho Latin American revolutionaries providing an ample supply of wet panties for centuries to come!

viva viva!! \o/


One of my favorite Latino revolutionaries.

Pretty good flags. Sombreros are based.

Zapata was a bisexual revolutionary, based as fuck

[citation needed]

iirc he was pretty homophobic, then again who wasn't during that time period.

I wish the Mexicans would rise up to slay the capitalist gringos.

here in color is better fam. the dude's fashion style was too advanced for hims time.

Euro here. How is that guy celebrated? Do people just talk about him a bit or is it a big deal?

he's extremely popular in Mexico and is basically a folk hero there. Inspired the EZLN.

first pic: KGB hat

I laughed at the photo of Tito.
He looks like he's having fun.

he is drunk as fuck lol !

Can the BO please add the flags for this based dude

Does he figure in pop culture like the Virgin Mary? (I read an article about her being on all sort of merch for little girls.)

How the fuck did trotsky not notice a shady mexican in a giant hat wielding an ice pick behind him?


too busy nailing Frida Kahlo.