Any intps here?

any intps here?

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No sorry I dont believe in horoscopes.

The Myers-Briggs personality test is pseudoscience bullshit that's only still popular because American businesses were allowed to test potential employees with it because it wasn't legally considered an actual Medical Examination.

it is not one

give more legitimate personality test

Go talk to a psychiatrist.

done, but psychiatrist detects personality disorders and other illnesses only

Believing in personality tests is a mental disorder so they should catch it.

It's still shit but definitely better than MBTI

The shittiest thing about Myers-Briggs is how it drew attention away from Jung's original work it was based on. Go read Jung's Psychological Types. It is much better and based on Jung's actual experiences in therapy sessions with hundreds of patients.

Big Five is fucking cancer and even worse than MBTI.
MBTI's thing is it essentialy asks you some questions about yourself, and then reads the answers back to you, while assuming somethings, based on others that give similar responses. It is pretty effective. The problem is some types tend to answer the questions wrong, and get typed as something they are not (ISFJs and ENFPs typing as INFP, for example). Another problem is that the official descriptions of some of the types are very off. These two factors lead to people thinking it is a worthless thing, simply because it did not seem to serve them well.

Also INTP is by far the most common type on imageboards, and the second is ISFJ. MBTI threads tend to show inflated numbers of INFPs, because the ISFJs almost always type as that.

If you can't change your personality at will, you still have some way to go.

jung was a schizo

even on Holla Forums?

Pffft nah. Usually the INxx are on the internet. Facebook is ISFJ zone though

I don't know, but I would guess so. There is something about anonymity that appeals to INTPs. They typically don't get to express their positions on things in real life, because of fear of how others will percieve it, and how that might hurt their standing with others. Anonymity takes away that fear.

I don't know about that, but I do know that Holla Forums seems to be absolutely full of ISFJs. The way they keep using anecdotal evidence as if it is valid, how influenciable they are by hysteria, and their general perverted behaviour all point out ISFJ.

How would you differentiate an INFP from an ISFJ?

I love your wording on "MBTI's thing is it essentialy asks you some questions about yourself, and then reads the answers back to you", by the way. I hope you don't mind if I copy it for my own uses.

rapefugees really are agressive, it is not irrational to dislike them

They are actually extremely different. First of all INFPs are much more shy than ISFJs, they are very honest, they are loners, they have a disdain for being in groups, they evaluate people in regards to their moral integrity, and won't hesitate to simply stop interacting with someone if they percieve the other person to be imoral. As a result of this, people typically dislike INFPs, and they have difficulty making friends.
Meanwhile, ISFJs are non-shy introverts (like ISTJs), they are very observant of their sorroundings and focus a lot on people's emotions or intentions, they enjoy listening to other people's emotions, they tend to be quite sexually perverted (particularly when compared to INFPs), they try to be nice to everyone, they care a lot about their reputation in a group, and tend to be loyal to their friends. People typically like ISFJs. They feel a strong sense of duty when it comes to helping others, even strangers. This contrasts a lot with INFPs, who don't care a lot about strangers and instead focus only on their friends and family.
Also ISFJs are very compatible with INTPs, and INFPs are not.

I don't mind.

wow you sure convinced me with these hot arguments

Big Five can hardly be compared to MBTI, so it anoys me that people constantly bring it up whenever MBTI shows up. MBTI defines that there are several personality types with certain characteristics that are shared by all in the same type. Big Five is not a theory for personality types, and thus is useless to bring up when talking about this. I say it is "worse" because at least MBTI helps me to understand people, respect their personalities, and predict certain atitudes from them quite accurately. So it is worse in terms of its utility to me.

I follow MBTI because, thus far, I have never met anyone whose atitudes and outlooks on life did not fit a certain type.

INTP here. Seems to fit my personality, but I won't be surprised if Myers-Briggs proves to be useless or inaccurate tho.

Checks out

Well, it still makes more sense than market socialism, but I guess that isn't a very big achievement.

Take that back

Only if you post your MBTI results.


A nice type to have, I guess.

I always get int with p/j being about 50/50.

most libertarians are intp

Hello I am INTP

What do you want from me?

It is a mistake to type yourself like that. All MBTI results is a series of functions

For example INTP are different form INTJ in their list of functions



And functions like Introverted Thinking is vastly different from its extraverted counterpart. The former is deductive, fuzzy logic and tries to make sense of stuff for itself. The latter is inductive, formal logic and tries to make sense of stuff for everyone. has a more vastly in depth analysis of INTP via the functions

yes I am here

I like MBTI even if it feels a bit like astrology, it's still fun.

I've been typed by a "practitioner" whatever that means, as INFP (who told me very somberly after a 90 min - 2 hour session that it seemed like every decision I made, even mundane shit like what to have for dinner, ended up being an ethical quandary and how tiring that must be) but I always felt like it seemed a little self-indulgent, since most descriptors of INFPs are fucking gushing over how great they are and I can't reconcile that with my self image. Some of your description of ISFJ honestly feels familiar as well, especially the focus on peoples intentions.

Socionics is closer to Jung's initial writings. MBTI is a dumbed down version of it.

ha classic

socionics is unscientifical

intj master race

What are people's thoughts on the Enneagram test?

That's because the big problems with INFPs are their disdain for socialising in groups, their constant moralising, how atrocious they are at practical tasks, and how they are TERRIBLE at accurately evaluating people. INFPs are very much guided by ideas, so if they have an idea that a certain person is good, they might completely miss the situations where that person was not good. Inversely, if they have an idea that a person is bad, they might take an ambigous situation as evidence of the person being bad, even though the person is actually good. They don't base themselves on observation.
That being said, their flaws mostly only affect themselves, and that's why the descriptions always gush over them. In truth, they are quite unfriendly, and people often confuse them for ISFPs. The difference is ISFPs are more friendly, but they are conformist, manipulative, and love intrigue.

Some other differences are that INFPs are focussed on truth and reason, whereas ISFJs are focussed on everyone getting along. INFPs empathise with a person to understand their feelings, and cannot understand another person's feelings if they have never experienced the same or something similar, whereas ISFJs sympathise with the person, and don't have those limitations. When arguing, INFPs prefer a style of logic that is clear and can freely use hypotheses that are not necessarily true to prove a point, whereas ISFJs will often dismiss using hypotheses that aren't necessarily true, judging that as an impractical use of reason. There is also the whole thing where ISFJs are very good at observations, and INFPs can't notice anything at all.

I hope this helped.

Socionics has a description of my type that I cannot agree with. In fact, none of their types accurately portray the ISTJ.

Too vague. Use MBTI instead.

Oh, and a big difference between all the types that end with J and the types that end with P is that the former is capable of making snap decisions, but the latter is completely incapable of making snap decisions, and has to think about every single decision they make.

You should also look into the cognitive functions in MBTI if you want to get more into it. They help you to understand the types better.

Depending on the day I take it I'm either INTJ or INTP, so I guess I'm smack dab in the middle.

I find it weird how supposedly those are the rarest personality types yet all the sites I've seen people posting them on is ~80% INTJ/INTP. It disturbs me not knowing if that test is bullshit and everyone pretty much scores the same thing or if all the sites I browse are filled with autists and its confirmation bias.

Nah, it is just that those types enjoy going on those sites. In real life you see a very big diversity of types. Typically most extroverted types, for example, dislike posting in places like this, for example.
The rarest types I have encountered are ESTP, ENTP, and INFP. INTP and INTJ are actually not that uncommon.

itt commies butthurt because mbti proves they are extroverted, emotion-ridden and judging


Uh.. do I have to show myself to the door?

Intpa but I don't believe in that bs.

That's actually pretty helpful dude, cheers. More frank descriptions of the flaws rather than the usual tip-toeing that seems to be done in most places is much more interesting and actually makes me feel more like the nice lady who typed me might have been right after all.

I have a stack of books I've only read through once years ago when I was on a psych kick, so I might go back and give them a second look. Been mainlining Bookchin recently and I'm just about ready to vomit, so a break from outright political shit may be just what I need.

Nope, this is a Chad board. We are the normie invasion that will destroy all video games, anime and other degenerate capitalist lifestyles.


t. robot trying desperately to be something, anything else

imagine being so insecure that you made a reply like this

imagine being so insecure that you made a reply like THIS

INTPs are cancer. At first, I figured they were benign nutty professors, but they're inconclusive faggots who half-complete projects and prefer to annoy people instead of discuss things.

I learned to get wise to them. I avoid them at all cost.

People don't give INTPs enough shit, and I'm only happy to do it here. You should be too. I'm an INTJ btw.

You never explained what's wrong with Big 5…

Any good MBTI tests?

MBTI is harmless classification.

Myers-Briggs is not 100 % horseshit. The introvert-extrovert distinction is useful. The other letters can often change when you take the test a few months apart.

INF/TP are cancer, INFP do nothing except have constant internal moral debates and INTP literally intellectually jack off and be annoying cunts while doing nothing worthwhile ever.

hello yes this is me, i want to die etc etc

Here's a new one. I've gotten intp plenty of times in the past though.

INFJ here

life is weird, if you know me just know there are 20 different versions of me with different levels of confidence and different personalities that depend on who I'm with.

Don't be so mean to INTPs. They do the best they can.

Big Five legit just asks you some questions and rates you on 5 spectrums based on your answers. It is not a personality type test. It doesn't conclude anything about you that you didn't already know. Thus, it is useless to you as an individual.

The more extensive the test, the more accurate it is. Though most of them are imperfect and run into regular mistakes (such as leading most ISFJs to type as INFPs). The best thing to do is type yourself using descriptions, and talking to other dudes who are very into MBTI.

INFP is waifu type.

Yeah, most are literal autists anyway.

reporting in, INTP the narcho mad scientist archetype

complaining about intelectual jackoffs is like complaining that wrestlers work out

Accurate tbh

so can I/E. Did for me several times

Tell me something about ISTP's

INFP with good INTP friend and this is absolutely true we are useless bickering faggots

MBTI seemed fake to me until I dug up what the bad qualities of my type were and now it makes sense. All the examples of INFP are people who are confused slackers who are also very talented in their respective arts and have the means to pursue them. If you don't have talent or opportunity you just become a bitter loser who can't even comfortably be an autistic weaboo sperg.

I'm INFP. I left political bickering to become a spiritualist, ubermensch, whatever. Anyone else know this feel?

Being INFP feels pretty good

ISTPs are rude.

I honestly misstrust anyone who claims their type to be INFP, because ISFPs, ISFJs, and ENFPs all sometimes type as that. You need to check if you really are it.

Again the biggest flaws of INFPs are excessive moralism, difficulty observing things, really shit sense of direction, and being really bad at any practical task.

I wouldn't trust that either. Those dudes also say Hitler was INFJ, which is the biggest pile of bullshit I have ever seen, because any fool who reads Mein Kampf can realise right away that he is ESTJ (like Sargon of Akkad).

INTJ first time I did it, INFJ second time but still pretty close to INTJ (a year later).

INFJs are hedonistic and very explosive in terms of their emotional expression. INTJs are all about maximizing advantages and minimizing advantages, and hardly express their real emotions about anything.

are you saying it's weird I got both results? none of your descriptions seem to fit that well on me though

uh, how hedonistic? I drink and do drugs and enjoy degenarate sex but I'm a pretty careful person generally.
What does that mean? I tend to hide emotions much of the time (from people I'm not very close with) but at times express them "explosively". But really this shit is so vague so I don't know.

vague as fuck, dunno what to think
not me

INTJ and INFJ are actually similar in many ways. I would check INTP if I were you, because the majority of people in the chans are INTP.

INFJs enjoy taking risks for fun, but when I said "hedonistic" I meant that they can go from extreme activity to extreme activity without feeling very bad. INTJs can do this too, but they typically moderate themselves.

Having reactions such as "OMG YES" to literally anything slightly positive. Like every time they express their emotions it is like a huge exclamation.

A characteristic of both INTJs and INTPs.

You're overthinking. It is probably exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Overthinking leads to answering poorly in the test, and getting typed as something else.

It is actually extremely clear. Whenver they have to do anything, they examine what advantages that action can bring to them, and what disadvantages it might have. They will only act if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Whereas other groups can act even if the disadvantages are greater due to morals (ISTJ and INFP) or loyalty (ENFP and ISTJ) or social duty (ISFJ and INTP).

Teach me, o primitive one.

How can intuition be extroverted and sensing introverted?


I need some help here guys

Literally who?

>Dictator of the Soviet Union, mentor of Stalin

Holy fuck

true comrades know ENFP is where it's at

also why are the people from this site such reactionaries?


I don't know, but I had to stop going there even though they have better typings than pretty much any site.

They're just always releasing reactionary videos and publishing reactionary articles.

I can't believe this website is real.

the information is good but those little avatars and celebrity/fake characters are cringey

omg, its all tru. it just fuckng SUCKS to not be a membr of the autist klub. fucking sucks manggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

I know right? It's absurd that they don't name any Harry Potter characters.

Seriously, I don't know how to answer this one.

It really depends on how you respond, not whether someone will think your responses reflect reality or not.

I was diagnosed INTP on the first test as 54-46, and now I got INTJ for this.

God dammit.

About that…


I alternate between INTP and INFP. I think in an ideal world I'd be an INFP but I have to play the role of INTP to get anywhere in this society.

Is it possible to be an INT-P/J?

Those tests are silly, normally I would be an INT_, but on the imageboards I can be an ENT_, especially ENTJ because of my tendency to argue on the internet.


Geralt is obviously ESTJ and not ISTJ. ISTJs are more impulsive and extreme, whereas ESTJs are stern and moderate.