Google Evacuation

Lots of people seem to be complaining, but I haven't seem much in the way of organizing..

Way I see it we need normie-friendly info-graphics that detail.
(a) All the ways Google violates their privacy and such.
(b) Alternative Services
(c) Easy migration guides.

Now if anyone says this isn't a Left issue because the fired person was a conservative, think about how a corporate monopoly of ideas endangers us all. Standing against this issue has the opportunity to work for us too.

Trouble is, no youtuber will push for it - not when it calls for ad-blocking and the like, so it's down to community action.

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How do you remove google play services from all those android handsets?

Stallman was crusading against Google's attacks on privacy for decades and nobody cared but now that they fired some nerd that was afraid of working with women suddenly everyone thinks they are the most evil company ever… Why are people so fucking retarded?

Not OP, but there's hardly any alternative when it comes to search engines, to be quite honest. I've been trying to use DuckDuckGo for some time already, and while it's okay for searching single words, I have to revert back to Google for more complex queries all the time.


Well, I use startpage for searching BUT it is just a proxy to google, although it might still hurt google by not showing their ads. So there is that.


People do not care, when they say "I have nothing to hide" they mean it because they're boring and dumb people who have nothing beyond the thin shell you already know.
I moved from the privacy argument to the right argument, Google is undermining our right to privacy, even if we don't use that right we have to demand and protect all right we have or else the vulneration of a right vulnerates all of our right. Think of the cops who kill innocent niggers, some people says that we should give cops they right to kill when they want because they will become more likely to stop criminals but that argument is easily debunked when you put in perspective that when cops become executioners the people they kill become criminals because they got shot and not because they committed a crime beforehand. So in the world google wants a person is a criminal because they demand their right to privacy.


I would LOVE to replace Google with DDG, but it simply hasn't indexed enough information to be a viable alternative.

DDG isn't really a good alternative, they do similar stuff with your search engine. The best thing to do for not is use a custom search engine or something like serex.

Its better than feeding Google search results

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Searx instances: (main one is too popular and too expensive to run)

They get search results from google, yahoo, bing, duckduckgo and some others. They combine them all together and you can enable and disable specific ones.

wanna getout from google ? Just go to, matey. They have like every google service but operated with freesoftware

There is nothing you can really do to Google while the ownership of their code is still protected by the power of the US government.

What do people think about Qwant Lite?

Is good? I'm trying it for the time being 'cause google started pushing left-wing websites down in search results in favor of establishment alternatives.

Found the SJW

People who side against a worker for being a conservative (not a fascist or counter-revolutionary) are just liberals who want capitalism with a human liberal face.

This. People usually genuinely have nothing to hide. The problem is they don't envision a future when they will have something to hide. They don't imagine the dystopia that they're enabling.

More like servers. I'm fairly sure a gathering of modestly smart people could recreate Google's algorithms from the information that's available to the public, it's just that it won't do jack shit without the processing power they have.

Also their proprietary data. They have years worth of data from crawling the web to build the search engine.

I doubt it is so much the algorithm itself that makes their search engine as it is the database that they use along with it.
it has been gathering search trends and shit for decades, even if we had the algorith it would not be as good as modern google.

Guy on Holla Forums is making his own search engine: >>>tech/773206

Why aren't you fighting Baidu or Yandex with same vigor, leftypol? Huh?

Fugg. >>>Holla Forums773206

I want google to stop spying on me watching futanari gay porn NOW

Google are evil but I'm disgusted enough by the idea of using this as the spark that set off the oil refinery to abstain. (Partially for the rational reason it could backfire.)

If care about your privacy at all and you ever used Google you are so fucking stupid that it frankly injures my hope for humanity.