Hello leftists lets debate

I am far right winger, and i have noiticed that there is huge amount of hate between our groups (Which is to be expected) but mybie we can just talk it out like civilised people?Becouse what is the point of us fighting, if the winning side may not be right (Just like commies in USSR) there is no point of you atacking spenser andus kicking your ass at berkley only debates and calm reson may prove the right side.
So i whant to speak about social issues (Like race/sexual orientation etc)
And Economic side of comunism, socialism and capitalism.

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How about no?

Computers will fix everything

Case closed

Why?Are you scared?

Come back when you've read Stirner, faggot.

Given the fact that you can't spell for shit, I'd hardly call you civilised. Back to Holla Forums, stormnigger.

Post about "debate" is a bad idea. If you have an issue, state your case and reasoning, and we can debate all right.

Speaking of Holla Forums, I have to say this. Their woes are reasonable: destruction of family values, fun, replacement migration, even deeply triggering and problematic sentiment (as a part of Idpol).
But their explanation: "Da reptylian Jewish demonic conspiracy" is nothing short of retarded.

Marxism shows (and showed for at least 7 decades) the real nature of things.

1. Capital reigns over Media and Politics. Media outlets are own by big money and spew their narrative. Politicians cannot even compete if they don't get corporate funding, which is used to buy them.
2. A family man (and two times as much a woman) employee is unprofitable for a corporation. Thus they use their enormous power to discourage family.
3. An organized labour was a grave threat to Corporations forever. That is why they push for idpol. When people are fighting about non-binary genders, races and sexes, and over breadcrumbs, corporate interest crushes labour interest with no survivors.
4. Replacement migration and outsourcing. Cheap labour is good labour. + The old corporate drones don't procreate, but the spice must flow.
5. Muh communist subversion. Communist countries had always had much stronger family values. Communist countries cared about family and social health, capitalism cuts corners on YOUR happiness and health for maximum profit.

Here you go. All Holla Forums's woes rationally explained.

Alright, I'll take the bait. What subject do you want to discuss first?

Don't feed him, he's not here to """Debate""" he's probably here to start spouting shit about jews and blacks and fuggin' gommies etc.

Read Zizek.

This is why i'll never take Holla Forums seriously

lol that image.

Read this book and debate the points made here.

Pick any you want at random.

are you really all brainlets or just the ones dumb enough to want to 'debate'?

Typical anarchcuck.


An intelligent person should not devolve into shitposting and insults if the opponent stays reasonable and respectable.

there are no rules. fuck off.

but you're not civilised…1st you seem american…and all americans are cultureless barbarians mouth watering over world domination, even the "leftist" ones.
2nd even if you're not american you're a right winger and right wing isn't a spectrum of political ideas…it's organized crime, so that makes you either corrupt or a corruption apologist and you deserve to be hanged in public.
now fuck off you useless cunt.

here a candy for you.

even if it's a bait at least speak to them, don't go full REEEEEEEEEEE GET OUT OF THIS BOARD. same thing with the normie you need to C O M M U N I C A T E.

Okay lets start from homosexuals and transexials i beleave that they are genetic and evolutionary mistakes, and leting them do pride marches is normalisation of genetic mistakes it's not good.

Im actualy Eastern European and i live in 2nd world nation woun't be specific about it.
Oh the irony antifa talking about crime, lefwing are those who suportr violant overhtrow of class and killing of millions of people.

By the way in comunist world that Candy would be in shortage.

fucko I'm better at socializing than you are. Now put that lolipop in your ass and shut up.

Despite what Holla Forums says about jews i still haven't seen evidance good anough to beleave their claims so you are right thus far their jew theory is bullshit.


But beliving in a made up failed ideology and pseudo-science about races and Autism Level is a sign of genetic superiority, right?

so let's start then what's communisme mate.

it's not a dick contest mate, and you're missing the point.

Looks good on papper dosen't work on practise desu.


How do you debate people who "violently suppress" free speech?

Nice may-may, Garl Margs.

Obviously anti-feminist

The left doesn't give a crap about the private sector, their bitching is all about public-sector unions.

Obviously anti-immigrant

Unfortunately, the communist definition of family is that "it takes a village" because nobody knows who the baby daddy is. Pedophilia and drug abuse ensue.

Obviously nationalistic/tribalistic

Dropped, we're not Liberals, faggot.

Are you a liberal or a troll?


Then you are saying if i would compleatly live through life cycle of einstein i would become as smart as him right?Bullshit, we have ton of evidance it's about genetics and not enviroment sure enviroment can effect Autism Level but not as NEARLY as much as genetics.just like naples in Italy is so poor when compeared to their northern conterparts (Naples is home to people who are mixed with north africans) and just like mexico mestizos who have more European ancestry are making more money on average then meztisos who have more native blood, and in USA blacks are 13% of population yet make huge amount of crime and have an average Autism Level of 85 then come latinos who make less crime then blacks and make more money and have higher average Autism Level, then whites same they score average 100IQ and make more money then lation commit less crime and score higher on academics, then go asians who score average 105IQ and commit even less crime, then whites score better on academics and commit even less crime then whites and then finaly come Jews who score average 113IQ and commit even less crime then asians, make more money then asians and have more nobel prise winners per capita then any other group.
We have plenty of evidance that there is deferance in Autism Level between races.

We don't. This is why we don't debate with fascists.

It is literally true. Why do you think Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary? She had the corporate backing, and he did not.

I want you to do 2 things for me:
1- Stop talking as if you know "the left". You don't know fuck all.
2- Kill yourself

Sanders knew he was going to lose for the party, he gave the donations he received to Hillary. Plus it was idpol


You did not point out the cause, nor invalidated the cause I suggested. Learn how to argue properly.

Comunism is when private companies are privatised, by goverment it's an economic sistem and not social.


Here we have it: the dumbest thing I've read all day.

You guys are losing culture war becouse of this exact shit, calling me dumb or racist woun't dispore my stands, this is exacly why Trump was ellected in USA, becouse of people like you.


yet you call us dégenerates



Well you are dumb, so I don't see why I should have to lie to you.

Seriously now, you are so ignorant on these topics that it would take an enormous ammount of time to clean up all the nonsensical ideology you have in your head, and make you actually learn the concepts of socialism. I suggest that you either clean up the ideology yourself, and simply make a thread where you ask about things without making false assumptions and baseless accusations (like you have been doing now), or go read a book.

Here's the Bread Book, knock yourself out: theanarchistlibrary.org/library/petr-kropotkin-the-conquest-of-bread

God are you leftists realy this stupid?I thought that you guys where the smart ones who read marx and other intulectuals

The problem here is that homo and trans people aren't products of any kind of natural evolution – the outlook they adopt is a product of the society around them. This society around them is shaped by the economic mode of production, which is currently (late stage) capitalism. The increasing alienation in society due to new computer technology and devices, both produced by capitalism, helped lead to the sharp rise in those people from the late 20th century to now. I view the increase of homo and trans people as a side effect of more and more individuals wanting to feel more confident and unique in the capitalist world that doesn't care about them. In a given case where a socialist society is established, people would not feel this hopelessness or desire to latch on to something such as their own sexual identification since they would be supported in ways basic enough to not warrant these conditions that many homo and trans people arose in the first place.

In regards to pride marches, I view them as unnecessary since the first world has guaranteed pretty much every freedom that homo and trans people need; their efforts would be better off challenging the oppression of women in Islamic countries, but the same group of people don't want to do that because they are also defending Muslims from persecution in the first world (which would likely cause a major split and make them look like hypocrites from other groups).

If gays are a genetic mistake, why not just let them be gay so their gay genes (lmao) leave the gene pool.


Forgot to mention that I am the guy who originally took the bait.

b….bu….but your ignorant :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
I am preaty sure that to describe economic sistem one does not need to read a book…………….

You are talking like some christian right winger now……..that is delusional if you beleave it's a choise to be trans or fagg, they are geneticaly like that.

T-This has to be bait, r-right guys?

To describe an economic system in detail, and respond to any doubts that may appear about it, it takes at least one book. I understand Holla Forums bases its societal projects on feelings, emotions, and idealistic nonsense, but we here prefer to have our societies structured to conform to reality.

A scientist bunkered inside a building will determine your intelligence?
What the fuck are you even trying to imply here?
How does ONE man define an entire enviroment?

Naples was one of the richest cities in Italy, so this is straight bullshit.
And as someone that lives in Campania, let me explain it to you: Naples it's plagued by crime and corruption because crime itself became a cultural thing: for example, tattooing your actions on your skin it's a common trait in clans.
Wanna know which country goes through the exact same shit, where crime it's not only a cultural thing but it's actually defended by the state?
Fucking japan.
They aren't "mixed with north africans" (apparently we're black now, according to you), but Yakuza it's a thing there, and it's a plague which feeds on both the poor and the middle class.
I know this is bait, but god damn reading this bullshit kills my brain cells

I would alow them to, the problem is that media is normalising being gay which is not normal, and giving them to rise kids also isn't a good idea they should be sterilised to not be able to make children but yeah if they whant to marry or have sex i don't care.

Okay. Do you have any proof that being trans or homo is genetic?

listen to comrade jones here. If you want to discuss something, then discuss economy or some similarly important political stuff. Commies reject idpol (identity politics) in general, all we care about is labour of this individual. Example: If I go buy new television, I don't care about lineage of people who produced it, I care only if, and how, that television works .

Fuck it, the name field isn't working. I'll just make it clear that I am the Guy who took the bait in-reply.

So why the fuck do you care about the media "normalising" being gay if wanting to grope dudes it's a genetic thing?
How can a straight man/girl turn gay because of the media if you're not genetically predisposed to be gay?

bu…bu…but muh culture :DDDDDDD
bu…bu…but muh crime that doisen't alow for great economic development of naples :DDDDDD
Okay first of all even when yakudza is raping Japan japan is still one of richest countries in all of world, and by the way crime in Japan is still realy small, and countries average Autism Level is 104, naples is poor as eastern europe.

because debates are pointless. When you have two totally morally opposed visions of the world, there is no discussion to be had. When I find your ideas about how the world should be run morally abhorrent, there is no rational reason for me to try and "hear you out." It's my prerogative to do what I can to make sure that you and your side lose.

bad troll 2/10 and only got this number of replies because leftypol is as easy to troll as r9k.

Holy shit, how many times I will have to say to low-I.Q. retards like you that it is an useful but flawed mesure of intelligence ?
Suppose I take two homozygous twins, and starve and lock one of them in a closet for years, while I give a lot of math lessons to the other one, or even better, train it to I.Q. tests. Do you think they are going to have the same score ? If you say yes, you are retarded.

Also, we don't debate you people because you post dumb shit like this.

If you were really interested in a good-faith debate, you people wouldn't resort to this sort of childish shitposting any time you get challenged by a leftist. You're just interested in swinging your dick around, and nobody is interested in indulging you.

This is not a blue print for teh gommunisms, This is "The ego and it's own" by Stirner, and judging by your post it is painfully clear that you have not even heard of it.

This is why we cannot have a discussion, you simply do not no about our position, and it is impossible to talk about it without having to recite a synopsis of capital to you.

Trans parents are fucking up little children, small children before puberty don't realy care about their gender and many of these trans parents whant to push possibility of changing genders of small kids, as for gays they are overrepresented in media, thus it may be that they ask woman to carry out their child and make more faggs, we need people to realise that they are genetic mistakes and being gay is not norm.Gay parades are degenerate as fuck.

wow i hope for you it's a bait,

Well listen up OP. Communism is a ideology that goal is to establish a Communist society that's a society that's classless and stateless which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state that will end the wageslavery.

Note : mean of production means private property (Factory,Farm,land etc…) Not to be confused with personnal property .

Basically : you can separate the current capitalisme system into two class :
- The bourgeois : those who own the mean of production and exploit the working class to benefits from it
- The working class : those who don't own the mean of production and must sell their labour (aka be slave) for them survive.

wtf i'm muke now

i refuse to belive you've just typed that
of course it isn't considered crime when the ruling party fucking shields you from justice

I guess being uncivil counts and not debating

Hillary did voter fraud. It's literally true that every communist whose name hasn't been forgotten was propped up with "capitalist" funds.

I know facts, not rumors.

No but they will still score closer to each other then black kids that would be placed in that closed as well.


I'm seeing a lot of opinions here, but not a lot of arguments. No one really cares what you think of fags and trannies, especially not the trannies and fags. So why again should this be worried about?


And this is why you people are gonna lose in the long run

That's not a reply to my question, but yeah why the fuck im even expecting a serious reply from a troll thread

Translation:Goverment ovning means of production
ihb4 muh people own them


Holyshit how are you so retard, if you talk about a leftist attacking a trump supporter i can do the same about what trump supporters, probably more than you can. But wtf is socialism bad because of a leftist doing shit like that. You should have blamed the jews.



Do you even know what the left is?

How old are you? Did you even graduate from high school?


Ahh the irony socialist or cuminist saying to me about long run effects
Eastern euros (Ex commies) are prospering to their capitalist western counterparts r…r….right?


Is english your first language? Your spelling and grammar are atrocious.

All of these had authoriterian states, comunism without goverment can't work dumbass i live in EXUSSR country our economy is in ruins when compeared to west.

Their prolonged suffering actually increased after reinstatement of capitalism in the eastern block (as opposed to the state capitalism that predated it)
Their continued suffering, however, has more to do with the reluctance of capitalism to address societal inequalities.

you fucking idiot, the opposite is true, capitalism can not sustain high standards of living for everyone around the world

Learn about your own history before you talk shit.

This is what communism is dumbass

this is why it is futile to "debate" with you, your simply too infantile and emotional to discuss with integrity.

God you're literally a highschooler aren't you. Stop embarrassing eastern euros you faggot. We got fucked up the ass by the amerilards and now you want to suck their cocks
fucking kys

OP is literally dumb enough to think that all leftists/commies here are Leninists/Stalininsts

You're not gonna change his mind, he's getting his kicks from acting smug based on that simple assumption


OP, i want to be friendly as possible. but in a debat you must now your Ideology & the Ideology that's will debat agaisnt.

second read history :

And read homage to catalonia by George Orwell then read 1989

I agre that is why i write obama s bad guy

Why do you Holla Forumsyps care so much about race? Focus on the policies that will make your life better instead.

None of your pictures prove anything about actual situation within USSR, you proabably don't even live here you dumb fuck.
Even east germany is still suffering the effect of ivan's cock.

I am that is why i don't whant to let refugees here and i don't whant to let blacks and other non natives here.

Are you even old enough to get an ID card?

What is the point of having money if everthing is in shortage dumbass?
+Auality of productas where shit when compeared to USA.

It's true that people can decontextualize stats to create a misleading picture, but you're doing an even worse job of making your case.

You're literally just throwing a tantrum at people who say you're wrong. You're not interested in a debate, you're interested, again, in swinging your dick around.

Read a book.


I don't know, I think only a liberal or a troll could say that.

It literally takes two seconds to fix "+Auality" and how the fuck do you even make that misspelling

English was my 3rd i speak 4 languages

Writing in this site is anoying your capcha sucks and letters allways are in front of post number.

Are you are real lefty or are you just LARPing? Do you even know where your bread is buttered?

you butcher 3 and muddle through 1 I believe

Unlike you sure.

again, pretty definite proof that you have no idea what you're talking about

pic not related

this is all coming from the guy who stated communism and nationalization of industries are the same.

14-year-old confirmed.



Except for the part where all these things are pushed so heavily by Jews who are disproportionately in places of high power. And the part where Marxian socialism has destroyed the family and a modern interpretation of such ideology, resulting in cultural Marxism, has been pushed into universities in the early 1900's by rich Jewish women who's stated goal was to destroy the family and create a communist utopia where everyone is family and the Jews are the rulers. They used this pushed ideology to accomplish such a goal to make something that was originally despised in society for their elders realized it's destructive properties if openly accepted (homosexuality.) So this ideology has brought upon the early fall of an age. see triangle This fall is the destruction of traditional (i.e. functional) values within mainstream society. The demographic replacement in both Europe is both pushed and funded by Jewish leaders including in governmental bodies (look at those in US congress with duel citizenship) and various activist groups (BLM, Antifa, etc.) So first the demoralization and isolation from man and the traditional family, then demographic replacement with stupid foreigners due to no vetting of these people due to cultural Marxism, feminism and critical theory being prominent in the ruling class. They could've just incentivized white people to have more kids in order to raise the workforce numbers but that is not what the Jews want. They want to be rid of the largest threat to their ruling over the idiotic masses. I'm sure this was an of explanation of islands during a flood, so I implore you to question further and learn as much as you can.

You want to understand the world, I can see that. You just stop short of the questions that could get you killed. You stop short of the terrible truth that lies above you. As is my life philosophy: Question everything, especially authority.

did you expect more from this thread?

Yeah, you're definitely not old enough to get an ID card

No bro

You just want a pre-digested easy narrative that gives you an easy target that boosts your ego

majority of child molestations are from homosexual males lookitup faggot
leftypol pls

so you are 14? yes?



This kid thinks he is literally Fox Mulder

Undoubtedly the majority of child molesters are sexual deviants, however the majority of the gay population are not child molesters.

No one here says this.

yeah…and where does all that garbage comes from hm? From USA, from fucking Hollywood. It's they who want to destroy your culture. It's they who wish to put one million McDonald's in your country to make you into a retard and normalise faggotry. The only reason you eastern europeans are still like this nowdays it's because you didn't had american globalism shoved down your throats for the past 50 years. Just you wait a few decades and you will see how everybody turns retarded in your country as well.

Look at the goals of the left as far as unions go: immigration, weakening the military, replacing the police with tanks, "education," full (civil service) employment
Dealing with private-sector unions is too incrementalist/entryist/reformist. They want to "smash" "capitalism" now—at the roots, hence the word "radical."

How many of these Jews are or were Americans, because tbh I think that's probably the most influential denominator rather than being "Jewish."

Homosexuals are "overrepresented" in numbers of reported child molestation cases.

sure, so what?
I seriously don't understand this argument. Of course the majority of gays aren't child molesters (I'll grant this), the point is they are MORE LIKELY to be child molesters THAN heteros, in COMPARISON.
fucking retards

Sahil (2009) Cruel Numbers 2009
Freund K, Watson RJ (1992) The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among sex offenders against children: an exploratory study. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy 18:34-43
Jay K & Young A (1979) The Gay Report. NY: Summit
Cameron P (2007) Teacher-pupil sex, how much is homosexual? Empirical Journal Same-Sex Sexual Behavior;1:1-19 (on-line)
Cameron P (2005) Child molestation by homosexual foster parents: Illinois, 1997-2002. Psychological Reports 96: 227-230
Cameron P (2005) Are over a third of foster parent molestations homosexual? Psychological Reports 96:275-298
Cameron P & Cameron K (1996) Homosexual parents. Adolescence 124, Winter, 757-776

and child molesters are underrepresented in the gay community.

leftists are such racist bigots. why wont they stop attacking ourr globally ethnic minority president. we are supposed to be one world peoples. :(

Do you think I give a shit who I am? I just want a reasoned debate and all I come to is a shitposting party. It was a mistake to come here to talk to you tranny faggots. You clearly think you know and understand everything so you might as well ascend to godhood via your gulags and endless supplies of food

This doesn't really mean anything unless the majority are raping kids enmass

he mad lol

You forgot to metion the domination of Jews in law. Is that also a result of victimhood?

look this

When you have no argument and want to be edgy just post some gore in a SFW board it's surely will benefit the debate.
sad wanted to debate but i'm just stearing to emptiness.

Pathetic son

Even if the rate of incidence of child molesters was 10 in 10000, and gays had only 7 per 10000, THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT BETTER THAN CLOSE TO 0 per 10000.

this doesn't really change the point I made

That doesn't stop them from inviting underage kids into their "pride" parades. Freedom of choice, am I right? And most LGBT garbage is appropriation from African-American culture.

I find it funny how 1st world snowflakes who whant free collage like you think they better know how great comunism is then a guy like me who actualy lives in post soviet shuthole

please try to stay coherent at least

wtf are you talking about? Doesn't really mean something? In what sense? It MEANS something if a random homosexual comes to my town and wants to teach my kids, AND I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO GO ON, I'm going to turn to statistical evidence. Obviously other impinging factors apply in most situations, but it is atleast RELEVANT to deciding what should be done with/about homosexuals to talk about these statistics. It's seriously disgusting to me that people like you exist who will sweep this under the rug. For what? Aren't you trying to get the design of society right just like I am?
define "enmass" faggot; what is the acceptable level of child molestation, fuckwit? Ludicrous. COMPARED to heteros, they ARE raping them en mass.

nice buzzword
we want the abolition of private property, not "free stuff"
as opposed to your one which has been ripped open ;^)

You didn't come here to debate, you came here to spew baseless claims and get angry when people try to claim you're wrong. You're nowhere near as intelligent as you think you are. And now, you're projecting what you did on to us.

Oh, and spamming gore pics is a real class act.

Do do realise that this sudant fall in gdp is caused by sudant change in economic sistem right?I talked about this with my grandfather and father. they said that everything was in shortage yes people had money but there is no point of money when you have to wait 5 years for a car, and when compeared to western products USSR producats where shit quality.

Do me a favor:

Replace every instance of "homosexual" with "heterosexual" in your paragraph and read over it, and tell me how it comes across to you.

If it comes across as mildly bigoted for assuming that the actions of a sick few speak for an entire demographic, congratulations! You have achieved basic common sense.

wow waiting 5 years for a car, totally unlike capitalism where you wait 5 years to buy a car

thats the point

The whole thing with LGBTs appropriating African-American culture started with them imitating African-American homosexual prostitutes (all of whom were victims of childhood sexual abuse) who moved to the city from the South. Most of them were uneducated, loud and "fierce." Is this a proper model for "the LGBT community"?


Why?You do realise that class struggle exists becouse of diferance between intelegance and Autism Level and not anything else right?What is the point of giving money to poor if they don't know what to do with it?You think they will invest that money to make better quality of producation?Of corse not if you give someone million most would buy lomborgini and home not make new buisness.

stop posting any time millennial fag

an estimated 23% of reported cases of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by individuals under the age of 18, so should i fear children around my children as well?

The fact that gays are over represented in the sex offender community does not mean that most gays are sex offenders.

Nice try. Your appeals to non-reason prove that the left is irrational.

You can get one allmost imediatly, in capitalism, and even in gomunism you need to save money to purchase things don't act like you get right to own car without maying for it.

It's a war you'll never win and isn't really all that worth "winning" on its own

OP Read my first response

Are you dense ?

This has got to be b8
Except we don't want that
And stimulate our economy! Heavens no

your would view is over simplistic and flawed.

Because capitalism is an inherently unstable system contributing to multiple features of global instability such as climate change etc?

And just because we want to replace capitalism with something else doesn't mean we're all statists or even remotely interested in repeating the political experiments that happened in your neck of the woods. You're letting your local culture's experiences color your ability to grasp what is going on here to your detriment. You're assuming that just because the mainstream "left" in your neck of the woods historically resorted to statist dictatorships, that it means that leftists everywhere - oh, I'm sorry, "snowflakes" - ascribe to the same strategic program. And that assumption on your ends speaks to your own cultural ignorance.

Again, read a damn book before shooting your mouth off.

your English is atrocious btw

Comunism works good at start not for a long run that is exacly why every single comunist state has failed.
Many years have passed since eastern block independance and capitalism has pulled many economies up, but now look at little USSR called moldova one of biggest shitholes in all of Europe, they have pro gomunist goverment.

kill yourself; Ive never cared if something is bigoted, i have cared only if it is TRUE.
And I did your little imagination experiment. Here's the result: IF heteros were raping kids at higher rates than the rest of the population, and I was gay OR straight, I would want to know about it. I wouldn't find it bigoted.
who cares? again, truth matters, not feelings
I seriously do not understand how lefties get away with perverting logic like this so consistently. I don't assume that the ACTIONS of a few SPEAK for a population (what does that even mean? I sense femanon), I'm saying the ACTIONS of that demographic are RELEVANT to how your or I or anyone should treat them, REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH INTERNAL DISSENSION WITHIN THE GAY COMMUNITY ITSELF ABOUT THOSE ACTIONS, because that doesn't have any effect ON the actions.
(or I have been baited expertly)

this thread

The irony here is thick and delicious

How many languages do you speak exacly?

not necesarily; that's up to you; but denying the stats relevance is ludicrous; thank you for moving your goalposts it shows I've gotten through to you.
But, you SHOULD be worried about gays under 18 ;)


please try to contain your infantile rage, this is disheartening to watch


If you whant to i can post this on Holla Forums and you would get a shitstorm, but i will not since as i said i whant you to prove me your right.
Thus far i compleatly BTFO you on race, looks like you don't care about homos and trannies so i moved on to economics now we shall see your stand points on it, thus far no good arguments have been made fro m your side.

Its to become an ayylmao

Nothing more to say…

wow the map shows most of the post USSR countries were better off from being socialist than being capitalist.


That is where we end discussion.

I missed these "BTFUGO EKSDEE" parts of the thread

It's a common english-language turn of phrase.

Your english is so atrocious it's actually preventing you from grasping what people here are saying to you.

And you still haven't provided a single source regarding this, btw. You're simply asking us to take your word for it. That's not how a debate works.

No, seriously. I don't think you actually understand how arguments and evidence actually work. The scant evidence you have offered has tended to be barely-relevant and decontextualized at best, and an outright distraction from the topics being debated at worst. You simply make claims, and whenever somebody offers a counter-argument, instead of defending your point, you act smug and go on rants. And when people finally get fed up with your behavior, you go "See! I told you the left is irrational!" out of some deep-seated confirmation bias on your end. Cut that shit out.

Oh, and ruling out moral reasoning as a valid line of argumentation isn't a good look, pal.

Again, you haven't provided any evidence that this is happening. You've just at best reposted badly-sourced Holla Forums memes and at worst gone on baseless rants. I genuinely do not think you understand how arguments work. If I were to ask a professor to list down the sheer number of logical fallacies you've committed in this thread, I think his head would explode.

You understand that pedophilia isn't about "boys" or "girls", right?
You understand that a child rapist isn't "gay" or "straight", and that it's the act of suppressing an innocent and smaller individual's will the thing that gets him hard, right?

speaking two well is better than speaking mongrel tbh


im not the one who reply to you lol

Hey OP, it's the Guy who took the bait here. You still haven't given me any proof of homosexuality or transsexuality being genetic, so you can't call bullshit on my statement that those things are socially and economically caused. Their choices, as unnatural as you deem, have no other explanation. This is from the equally unnatural societal and economic systems we have in place today.

you're looking for direction; my recommendation: disconnect, and study only math for the next three years.
but honestly if I'm able to go on "disheartening" lefties that'll be just fine too, so please continue replying.

My grammar is bad, i speak language fluidly.

And new commies (SJW,LGBT) aren't Marxists.They are just foolish young porkies.

Under communism the car you drive off the lot is 15 years old because that's how long it takes to save up the money.

where are you from, buddy?

As for trannies their brain is simmilar to womans brain which is gender disphoria (Official sciantific term) and yes it's not norm it's genetic failure like having daun syndrom or being manlet.

Baltic states and you?

hahahaha please give me more insights into the mind of a child molester leftypol LOLLOL golden!
I understand numbers; data; convictions; I don't give a fuck about your made up spirit-world of their motivations, and it wouldn't matter anyway. People who violate the sexual innocence of children should be killed There is only one real question here: IF god came down tomorrow and was able to give us perfect, unambiguous intel about the location and identity of all extant pedophiles, and ALL of them turned out to be gay, would you spare any one of them? If yes, why? If no, good.

That's a false dichotomy.

What is this, primary school?


so former yugoslavia, yes? That would explain your 14 y/o ass being able to speak 4 languages. I live northern of you

I think we know who the failure is here

also what quantifies a genetic failure, because in nature, it is simply the inability to reproduce, you are attaching your emotions to this phenomenon and passing a judgment

what the fuck

Spare all of them; the "agricultural sector" isn't going to work itself

But i like the fact that you guys can post more pictures then 1 in one post 4chan needs to addapt that.

That's true.I couldn't know any person who would care.

He dosen't understand the diferance between Baltics and Balkans………….
leftist intulectuals

Don't be a pussy just pick a point there made and debate that shit. I wanna laugh.

Especially page 133. You will love that one.

^^^ this

The article says nothing about it being a detrimental condition. That's all you.

W e w

Imagine if people like you existed during the Scottish Enlightenment.

We'd still be living in a feudalist shithole.

Not him, but they most often have dual citizenship with Israel and swear loyalty to that country. You ever wonder why Neolibs/Neocons exist so heavily in countries abroad? Well, it's because of the cabal. People who aren't from your country and care nothing for the people. Power hungry jews (known as zionists) want to control the world and all its assets. Btw, it's a common misconception (or strawman), that since you're anti zionist you must be racist. That's bullshit, as I don't hold any hatred for common jews, just for the ones that want to fund wars (on both fronts) and make a massive profit on it.

hahaha native speaker faggot learn to love it I'm gettin the words out fast.
as if you needed one, trust your feelings Luuke!
what rants? I'm discussing things, from my perspective we're all having a fine time, why are you so upset!? We're figuring out the truth, what could be more grand? Lefties, understand this: the right LOVES combat, especially debate and argument. Stop trying to blame your emotional reactions to my writing style on me! I have defnded my point many times, here's it again if you missed it. 1)Gays are a greater percentage than child molesters than heteros. Pretty simple heh?
peer reviewed articles from the 90s are memes ok bitch
then list them; it's honestly pretty easy to go on and on like this about my style, my logical fallacies, etc. without actually doing it. But really why am I lecturing you you obviously have tits and vag and you natural disposition is whining so what did i expect. ADvice: find a rich man who loves you who is not weak and settle; you will thank me at 35.

you are delusional buddy.



You can (not) be this autistic


please read homie please it gives a decent idea:

word for word please.

you right now

Are you even trying?
I've just told you that a pedophile doesn't have a sexual orientation: how the fuck can you define them as "gay"?
All you did was straw the fuck out of the post and post childish replies: there's nothing to debate here.

Look, that might even be true, but there is a statistical connection that is interesting, regardless of the story you tell about what things are "about"
Does that clarify? I hope so. I truly do not desire to try to convince anyone out of logical slight of hand. Strawman is a serious accusation and of course I protest that I have NOT done this.

t o p l o l


I'm not saying this is or is not a disadvantage, I'm simply stating what is a natural failure. Also why is it that we should care if they reproduce or not? technically nature is solving the problem it'self without us needing to intervene since they cannot take part in the gene pool. They are simply genetic anomalies, who live their lives then die, they don't breed, so they don't continue their lineage, thus rectifying the situation their . You however are attaching emotions to their existence, you are choosing to be unhappy with their existence.




Are you reacting to my post or another? I didn't say that. Strawman indeed.
Well you can tell me that but I don't find it very believable, especially when most pedophiles molest boys at much higher rates! Pedophiles clearly have sexual preferences, because the same people who are pedophiles have sexual preferences. What's the difficulty here?

Why are you so offended by smugness?

What the fuck is even going on in here

Leftypol mods truly are the worst mods.
I got banned for 2 weeks for shitposting a pro cop troll thread and this retard posts gore and is still her and getting bait.

interesting; but what if they revolt? Aren't there more mouths to feed because of them?

That's not a common misconception, it's "fellow travelers" "circling the wagons."

someone came here with the idea of debunking socialism and when he realized he knew jack shit about it, he tried to shitpost his way out of it by talking about gays and shit

oh that and gore

Someone please post anti-reading action maymay with kekistani flag, it fits so well here

Okay question what would happen to worlds population if everyone in one day would turn into trannies and gays, in 200 years?

lolfug keep forgetting no ids here hahaha not op though obviously…that post was at me.

you see, this is why I'm supportive of counter-signal memes

Not so much offended as "really, guy?"

amazing debate, op. im so glad the intelligent right is finally standing up to the loser left

I don't know, what if unicorns were real?

Learn into antinatalism, genre humain is nothing itself

Okay and now my version.
I came to debate overall leftist things, i btfo you on race, then it apeared you didn't care about trannies and gays so i moved on to economics, and no one still has given me a good point on how comunism works i gave good points though.


Communists can you answer what would happen if all the food was gone andf then the king of communism said no more food??? Leftypol btfo

You posted memes and threw tantrums. You didn't BTFO anybody, except by Holla Forums standards.


You don't even know what communism is the fuck are you talking about

And if you want to know, read a fucking book

forgot this one


Once again, you have no idea what a debate is

yes. that's how imperialism works.
one country gets poorer while the other gets richer.

like the masterpiece


Evola believed in accelerating the fall of modern, bourgeois society (including modernist nuclear family you care so much about) while separating yourself from it so that the return to the golden age would come sooner, this is what riding the tiger means. Actually read his stuff if you're going to try and parrot what he says.


Do what the Pilgrims did, became prostitutes to "the indigenous peoples."

People like you used to die in the gulag….and that's what will happen one day. You're too dangerous and too corrupted to be allowed walking around in society among us decent hardworking people.
That's all :)


in left-speak it's called "survival sex"

that's not even how that meme works you newfag

Why did you start on race instead of economics anyway? That doesn't make sense given that you likely view communism as an economic system above all else.


made me giggle

What would happen to the world in 86 years if 75.6% of the population turned into cuddly, soft cutsie catboi puppies? Take that leftards

By the way when USSR occupied these lands my grandfather was sent to gulag becouse he had 2 staged home and by comunist standarts he was dangerous becouse he was to rich many leftist finns who whent to USSR also where killed, there was their comunist uthopia.

Holla Forums proudly carrying its traditions on!

< brbbbb babby likes bait doesn't he brbbbbb :P
what if I used the word 'fact' faggot?
I've had a good time here lads but I have to get some work done today. It's been fun watching OP slide the fuck out of your board by pretending to be a 10 year old retard. Even when the conversation runs dry he burns you with another hypothetical and you faggots are all over it.

me: off

You are


to getting the point that we've been trying to make to you all thread

someday user

m8 pls


Becouse i knew that you woun't have anything to disprove my info on race, i knew it wasn't even a fight, so i left economy for a desert.

I don't know, what if I had posted a picture of Howie Mandel blowing a horse?

so the point of this thread was to "pretend" to be pathetic?

You're either an incredibly dedicated troll or a teenager failing high school

except you made no real argument on race



I posted actual datta and studdy………


You posted barely relevant maps with no source given, and with no context for the information given.

You posted no actual studies, and nothing that was given proper context or gave an actual valid source. You just posted random, contextless factoids that you think are proof because of your knee-deep confirmation bias.

Stop LARPing as me faggot

I mean really, are you so stupid as to think that researching empirical data is literally as easy as finding a pair of infographs that barely convey anything? No wonder you have such a fucked idea of what an "argument" is, you literally have no idea of how doing basic research works.

the wiki article has an entire passage for how it could be interpreted

In a mean while you posted nothing to disprove those claims.

If you whant i can post articles.
If you look at this you can see direct coralation in Autism Level by race crime they do per capita and average income per capita.

That's not the first time retards comes with retarded claims, your ilk get BTFO everytime but you'll probably won't realize it even after reading thoses because you're fucking high on ideology.

Yes and in a mean while you people have posted absolutly nothing that would sugest that there is no deferance in intelegance between races, while i have.

The fastest race car is actually the Hennessey Venom GT.


Unlike you, I have a clear and up to date source to back my argument.

Okay first time you have gaven something on the subject i will read it.

You're kidding me, right?

Except you didn't, you just posted things that demonstrated correlation at best, and nothing about actual causation, and then basically told us to take your word for it that they're linked. That is not how making a proper argument works. You haven't even made an argument FOR these factors being causative rather than correlated, you've just asserted that they are while linking to random sites that contain data on one or the other. There is no argument to debunk because you haven't made one, just a bunch of fallacious claims.

also not a race car you dip. that's a production car. checkmate.

And also, nice job shifting the burden of proof onto other people

Oh yeah and by the way i just noiticrd all of info is posted on leftypol so it has no value it's as big of an argument as me posting something from stormfront.

Are you kiding me?The causing factor of this coaralation is diferance between Autism Level as i stated in my first post about care.

Why is the fuck is Autism LevelQ writen as autism in leftypol?What the fuck?


Does this shit look like genetics to you? Or is it cause one country is significantly richer than the other?

Thoses are all examples of Holla Forumstards coming here to debate race autism. Your position and opposite position are both presented in the threads, spread on hundred of replies and dozens of links
If you scroll down the threads you'll see your guys linking to fucking Rushton works…

Imagine being so low Autism Level you believe race exists.

Racial determinism was the accepted "science" when Marx was publishing his theories

Who cares?

This is a perfect example of how you twist shit into thinking you're correct, and your inability to stay consistent in a discussion. I am fully aware that these are not real race track cars. Here, I was looking for a counter statement to tell me that Ferrari *does* in fact make the fastest race track cars, and that my example was incorrect. My expectation was that you would focus on the fact that I was wrong, then sprinkle in your source/explanation as to why Ferrari makes the fastest race cars at the end.

Rather than staying true to the original statement you made that Ferrari makes the fastest race cars, you simply tell me that I am wrong with my argument in a very jerkoff way while placing some dodgy explanation that introduces new factors that nobody gives a fuck about. This is a discrete Holla Forums-tier form of argument. This is also why you claim you are "undefeated", because people don't choose to target some of the bullshit that you peddle in, which is at the same time is separate from the original argument that you made in the first place.