Anarcho-Communists please help

Why do anarcho-communists think that its possible to create communistic society without government?
Look do not misunderstand me, I am a communistic too, but I have observed in my environment (among my friends) that most lefty people are not educated about lefty and most of them want to be lefty because of veganism and gay rights (which has nothing to do with communism).
Also when it comes to rest of the population, most of them disagree with communistic ideology. For example I talked to this Holla Forums guy, and we both agreed that most of the people are selfish, and if there was no government then people will automatically try to create capitalistic state, Therefore, Anarchy will lead to capitalism and not communism. Please explain to me how can communism work with no government if most of the population (at least in my environment) are capitalistic by nature (disagree with communistic ideology)?

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it is not a critique, it is just a question.
Communism is supposed to lead to anarchy I agree, but the problem is that most of the population are by nature capitalistic (they just disagree with communistic ideology even if they are educated about it).

What does "capitalistic by nature (disagree with communist ideology)" mean? Do you think it's in their nature to disagree with communism? Do you think the existence capitalism (and conversely communism) hinges on agreement with it? Do you think dis/agreeing with something emanates from one's nature?

Look at it this way.
They are logical argumentations to support capitalism too, and They are logical argumentations to support communism.

Both Capitalism and Communism follow some kind of reason based on economics. Both of them are correct, but communism is based on the fact that a human does not need to random shit to be happy (for example, as communist I am happy to work as engineer and give my half of my money to cleaning lady who generates by nature less money than me).

I have observed that most of the people who I know believe that capitalism is better because They want more and more stuff/things (For example they want a ferrari instead of a normal car like us). Also a capitalistic person would not want to share his hard earn money no matter what because he/she is just selfish, and wants to keep the money.

Therefore, I am starting to believe that if capitalistic and communistic ideology comes from the human nature, and most of the population leans towards capitalism then anarchy will automatically lead towards capitalism and not communism

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My view is that we're in for a series of revolutions that fail to achieve communism but make life a lot better for workers. Over time capitalism will grow more obviously horrible and the left will keep trying revolutions, gaining popular support. At some point enough people will support the left and the material conditions will support socialism better, and there will be grassroots support for communism. I think the most important thing for anarchists to do is set up anarchis systems within capitalism and/or smaller communes on the periphery that won't be bothered and leave the statists alone while they make their revolutions so we can critique their process and make the case that the revolution will only fully achieve communism if it's anarchic.

Marxist communists believe that too lad. Anarchists are different in how they want to effectuate this immediately, while Marxists acknowledge the necessity of a necessarily governmental, repressive and State-adopting revolutionary transformation of society known as "dictatorship of the proletariat" because the State cannot simply be abolished.

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Ancoms are not against government when it comes to the revolutionary process. We just want it structured in a special way, with lots of control mechanisms so that some individuals don't end up abusing the power they were given and sabotaging the revolution by making themselves the new rulling class.

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do you share with your friends, do you exploit your frineds, do you submit your friends, do you divide your friends in classes and hierarchies?

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no state =/= no governance or organization

it is actually not a governance, a governance has sacred rules, comunism has none. It's not a goverment.

but it is organization, just like an union of egoists, a commune, a group of friends going to drink and watch football, etc.
communism isn't a goverment.

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The authority to punish/rehabilitate would stem from the community itself. Not some impersonal, bureaucratic entity that sits above the community.

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