Are smashies good?

Can anyone try and explain the purpose of actions like those following the U.S election and the G20 summit?
Genuinely interested in how people think it furthers the radical left.

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Justified anger expressed in an eruption of violence.

Those poor windows


it is easy to ignore someone with a sign on a 2x4. Its a bit harder to ignore someone coming to fuck your shit up with a 2x4.

It worked for the blacks in the 60s in the US.
They just started setting everything on fire until the government gave them free money.

Actions speak louder than words. And they get you free shit.

It hinges on the possibility (which exists in itself in degrees) of action that believes that blocking to the point of distinction and lasting breakdown is both possible and desirable, and implements tactics and strategies toward those ends, and additionally have much less (or no) allegiance to the existent/would be happy to see as total of a break down/break off as possible. These actions derive their power exactly through their illegibility, by ditching the "civil" in civil disobedience and becoming as unintelligible to power (yet emotionally intelligible to those with whom they resonate) as possible. These situations are often inherently resistent to representation (from which it's opponents derive their critique).

when the get held back with no effort
hell yes they're good at showing how retarded you lot are

This is a good point. Property damage is not "violence" though. I also believe property damage should be primarily directed towards the obviously exploitative, such as banks etc. That way you're a lot harder to disregard.

Webm related is more about rioting in general but still interesting.

They accelerate the comparison of the left to the US Confederacy.

Another user said it the thread a few days ago. The problem is their tactics not any gay moral objections.

they make great television
Although I was quite interested by the idea that vandalism serves as a useful signpost that there are others out there prepared to rebel, so if you see broken windows etc you know that someone's out there smashing them - so if you were to start smashing them, there might be a stranger out there who's got your back when the cops show up. I think I read that here.

But as I reiterate, great TV too.

what is this from?

Pointless, anti-social lifestylism. Rioting is a tactic that should fit into a broader revolutionary strategy.

The shit they got away with in the Civil rights movement came be gotten away with anymore.

EVERYONE has a camera. ALL major riots are covered from multiple angles. Before, the media was able to select footage in order to craft a narrative that they thought would be the most dramatic and make the best story, and the story of downtrodden heroes fighting back against an oppressive establishment was the story they all often went with. They can't do that shit anymore. They can't get away with editing a girls words to make it sound like she's calling for peace when in fact she's telling people to loot more and steal weaves.

With the advent of the camera phone, there is no more narrative. The truth will get out, and the truth is that these smashies are largely bourgois white kids who just want to break something.

where to download this movie?

The torrent site of your choice. I used's-Guide-to-Ideology-2012-WEB-720p-Legendado-PT-BR-mkv/ in particular.

that was so egregious

it's on popcorn-time if you know how to use that

It's impotent action that causes property damage, unlike impotent larping that doesn't. However neither smashie stuff nor tankie party larping is damaging to the left and anyone who goes reactionary over a broken window wouldn't be a comrade anyways.

its fun
everybody should join

They aren't actually accomplishing anything but I'm not exactly going to cry tears over people I would have to qualms with gulaging getting their windows broken.

I think what people tend to forget is that the class war is actually a war, just only one side does 99% of the violence so it doesn't seem like a war because the proles are getting beat out so hard they just call it life.

Smashy tactics are the teensy tiniest expression of the nuclear fire that SHOULD bring down capitalism but does not exist.

Property relations are utterly warped in capitalist society, that is the basis of capitalist society.

Destruction of property of all kinds, even your own, is therefore an expression of the warped nature of property.

Aside from all that, the state should be threatened and attacked in every way possible and imaginable. For all the preachers of nihilism and violence and ruthlessness here somehow there is a current against nihilistic violence.

There should be way more smashing, to the point where a Mcdonalds can;t open for fear of being smashed to pieces.

I unequivocally agree.

Smashies are the lowest form of activism.
It never or rarely targets actual symbols of Capitalism or acts in a way that could radically change things. It is always towards an easy targets which requires no organising, because Smashies actually aren't politicised enough nor willing to put themselves in enough danger to do that.
Smashies encourage victim mentality (Why the boliss attacked me, I was just burning that car, ACAB), actual sociopathy (Masturbating to riot porn and cops being lit on fire, mostly because of the sheer violence), and depoliticise the struggle because it emphasise the violence and looting instead of the actual political message.

Smashies are not politicised. Looting is not politics. It's vandalism.

José Bové did that. He only targetted MacDonalds, didn't need to wear a mask and did not fight the police.

In fact, he didn't smash the MacDonalds, he destroyed it entirely, and placed the bits in front of the Préfecture.

Socdems just dun no bout the lumpen (unless you are Corbyn King of Socdems)

mask = cowards
best part is getting banned from doing any other activism in the area because you caused millions of dollars of property damage
even better - you destroy the place in your neighborhood, you will never get to go there, if its a small town, ppl will start hating you

It doesn't, it just makes us look bad. If smashies wanted to achieve anything they'd assassinate prominent public and private figures. In reality all those protesters are egotistical teenagers and college students who want to LARP as a "badass" anarchist stereotype for their own egotistical satisfaction.

No in a lot of places it means solider you fucking half wit. We live in the meme age of the cell phone camera and you want to smash stuff not wearing a mask? That is truly retarded

I repeat, most of the Vandalism is not politically motivated. Smashies have barely read any theory and you need barely need to scratch them to find actual sociopaths and murderers.

Not even political murderers, but people who fantasise about killings the footsoldiers of Bourgeoisie while their masters comfortably sit in the government agencies and use every dead cop as a martyr.

if people are aware of your identity then they will just assign certain traits based on your appearance, that ends up hurting other people besides you.

The masks are there solely to not get caught because Smashies don't actually want to face consequences for their act.
Bové destroyed a MacDonald's, burned evolved plant stocks and he did so openly and without masks, because he knew his mediatised trial would give him a tribune. He accepted his 3 months of imprisonment.

Smashies do things that could get them years of prison and are terrified of that perspective. They also relish in the violence, which is, in my spooked view, bad.
The guy here is clearly going in for the kill.

Smashies =/= looters. That doesn't really happen.

For the naysayers look to the Greek anarchist movement. Those fuckers got the government pissing its pants.

So when are you going to turn yourself in for the murder of Rosa Luxembourg?

what part of any of this shows that you know anything about the lumpen? You realise the vast majority of revolutions are carried out by people with little to no theory?

No shit. Thats why they wear masks…what the hell are you talking about?

Bove might not have got three months if he had worn mask and not got caught

I don't know what point you are trying to make out by pointing out what they are doing is illegal and that they know that ?

It's not a question of if violence is moral, but if its effective. Smashies can't bring enough of a hammer down to bring about change, so it just gives the state an excuse to bring the hammer down on them.

Without them far right marches would go unchallenged and they would grow much more easily. You have to make it difficult to be a Nazi, that is the goal of antifa.

With general smashing, the capitalist state has to understand that there are at least a decent chunk of the population willing to resist their officers, without them there, they could really do whatever they wanted. Also the hammer is coming down on them as hard as it is allowed to regardless and always has been

Because we can, fuck those bourgeois shop owners anyways they are complicit scum.

Ebin meme but that doesn't refute my point

Reading no theory is different from being almost entirely depoliticised. Which was my point, Smashies are not politicised.

That's Angelism. Looting and rioting solely to canalise violence makes a good chunk of why Smashies smash.
Greek Anars are on a whole other level, and they are truly impressive.

Direct action against the responsible parties in government and business > smashing shit > fighting cops > blocking highways

Is that why we only killed Hitler himself in WW2 and not his minions? What kind of a fucking tankie are you? I'm tankier than you

but people who fight in revolutions aren't depoliticised they just don't read theory

I was ranking smashie behavior user.

In so far that they actually ATTACK the right people and objects.


Retard alert. The average joe has no idea which one of them is worse, and the fire sent a much stronger message than a right hook.

I feel, while it may have had merit in the past, that it currently accomplishes very little and adds up more to spectacle then revolution. You could even say rioting and black block tactics may be entering the point of becoming "politics as usual" and to some degree are becoming subsumed by the system. Smashing appeals mainly to certain reactionary young demographics and acts as only a temporary relive from capital till things resume as usual. It stands to remain an action taken by the agitated and reactionary youth and as such lacks both resolute determination and guiding principle. It does not appeal to the majority family oriented working class who currently stand to lose the most under current and future capital and who will most likely be the deciding factor in any future mass movement. Workers should be driven to seize surrounding property and infrastucture out of not only some vaguely directed anger or some masturbatory sense of justice but because it is necessary, because their self and their families as well as any sense of societal authenticity are at risk by capital. The action has to be taken out a "must" and a "have to", out of a feeling of "this is strictly necessary", not out of just "want" or some kind of egotist self-fufillment fantasy break from reality. Thats not to say rioting and smashing are 100% useless, but they are starting to just become show and without local support only stand to become temporary community spectacles without any meaningful results.

Fuck OFF if I can't have my mcnuggets I don't want your damn socialist revolution

Fucking anarkiddies

t. someone who watched too much Fight Club.

Agents-provocateurs 'r' us.

What is that pic from anyway?

Can't they throw bombs at banks instead of smashing porkybucks cafe windows?

Why doesn't Antifa stage assassinations or something like the reactionaries in the 1960s? They'd be contributing a hell of a lot more.

The state invents reasons to bring down the hammer on people anyway.
See: War on Terror

The smashing of a window is on its own just that, in a riot of a black bloc street battle it is also just an act, the disruption of the greater whole of capitalist social reproduction within the given is whats is important as is upsetting the state apperatus. Critiques that turn a single act it into some grandure strategy that forms the beginning and end of insurrectionist politics are just at bad and missing the point as the smashies and the bourgeois media who fetishize the (spectacle) violence.

Won't someone please think of the businesses???

Good for teaching the people that Hitler did nothing wrong, yes.

As far as I understand it, an eruption of violence is seen as a way to break the idea that the status quo is invulnerable

So you don't believe class warfare is actually a war? Or you believe fundamentally in the rights of Maccy Dees to exist in its current state?

Antifa has done more to recruit for Spencer than Spencer has. Those fuckwits aren't just failing to help, they're actively hurting.

Proofs? Radicalizing reactionaries is not the same thing as creating new ones user. The truth is that a substantial proportion of American right wingers were already more or less fascists before Spencer even hit the scene. America is crumbling. It is vital that we thwart reaction in the first world.

They're neo-luddites

Also, I do enjoy watching their antics, but I know it accomplishes nothing, and sometimes does more harm than anything.