Can someone from the USA explain to me why the fuck "conservatives" think they are victims of discrimination and an...

Can someone from the USA explain to me why the fuck "conservatives" think they are victims of discrimination and an oppressed minority?

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Because of the fetishization of victimhood and moral justification being directly tied to one's aggrieved status.

Imagine having your ideology shilled so often by the political establishment historically that even minor breaks from it offends you and your propaganda not being sung from every rooftop is "oppression".

Basically, their brand of intolerant, nationalist, moralistic classcuckery used to be all the rage in the 20th Century, but now it's old and busted and tolerant, multicultural, relativist, centrist-liberal classcuckery is the new hotness and now they're jealous because they're not Porky's favorite bitch anymore.

Every movement needs a nemesis. Am I right, lefties?

Having a persecution complex is fun.

Liberals say mean things about them online or on news shows they don't watch.

Well to be fair the economic situation of the typical burger has been declining for the last 3-4 decades. This plus liberal faggotry as well as the radical left itself getting infecting with idpol has lead them to believe that the elites, globalist, jews or whoever is out to get them.

Liberal cultural hegemony is real in the US and it hits us too. Firing and blackballing people over ideology is legal and increasingly practiced as liberal ideology loses popularity outside the bourgeoisie.

Because they can't say soft racist shit without a not shitty person being like "hey man, you shouldn't say that"

Not allowing them to discriminate against black people and gays is actually them being oppressed.

Who let in all the crypto-libs? At least try to pretend you're left-wing instead of parroting reddit-tier "criticisms".

Materialism or GTFO.

Because they are, are you fucking living in an isolation chamber? All core sectors of elite capitalism, media and education have no real reflection of what is a large part of American opinions.This is a reddit tier liberal faggotry OP to get upboats.

Pls provide a materialistic argument as to why conservatives get mad cuz they can't say the n word but black people can and it's just not fair

Rate profit is in free fall. That's what they are freaking out about.

This tbh

The thing is that conservatIves are too stupid to distinguish between bourgeois liberalism and Marxism. So while the decline of cultural conservatism is very real, they miscontrue the enemy as "the left" when it's really just capital adopting a new ideology to cloak itself in. The same people who pushed nationalism and conservatism decades ago are pushing multiculturalism and liberal feminism today.

Idiots are quick to join a movement that makes them out to be the moral righteous and oppressed.

That's what politics is now, Trump is a Nazi, liberals are Marxists

Bourgeois conservatives are right to be mad because the corporate media, for example, does have a bourgeois liberal bias.

All institutions do now

well, Fox is the only TV network that regularly airs conservative views–or even mentions them.
before Fox, all the other stations were basically a clusterfuck of a Commie parade trying to suck the most LGBT dick

and since then, the real comedy is how ALL THE OTHER STATIONS complain that Fox is "oppressing" them whenever Fox features a story they don't like….
although I should point out–I don't watch Fox. Or any other channel. I don't have a TV, by choice.
because everything you see on TV is contrived.
There simply isn't enough time to present every view, or even every major view, and stations vying to attract audiences tend to show extremist opinions because they are more interesting to viewers than viewers basically watching themselves.
And then you have advertisers stepping in and (behind the scenes) saying what they don't want their advertising (dollar$) associated with. ALL tv stations bow to the mighty dollar, because good feelings don't keep the lights on. So that's a whole nother level of censorship that basically is in effect.

…continued in next post…

Exacy this

How high on ideology are you rn?

Because when desperate old conservative white men have their rights taken away they suddenly think it's out of hurting them instead of giving to people who need it more.

Spoiled babies who believe in utopian lie of their country disappointed by reality- more at 11.

Conservatives are liberals.

because shit like this is part of the public discourse
(oic related was not fired from his job in academia)

He even went on to actually explain what he meant by it and people are STILL butthurt about it

What do you expect from right wingers.

This is part of the Academy, it isn't a joke, it's taught in every humanities dept in the Western influenced world.

Except he explicitly said it was a joke you mongoloid

can you joke about ethnically cleansing other groups?

also I thought leftypol and the right were on the same page about replacement migration and how it's a horrible idea, albeit for different reasons

Yeah because a leftists would unironically use the term "anuddah shoah."

I like this

Same logic as white nationalists thinking that if they don't have an ethnostate they will get genocided. Putting a population in that state of mind is extremely simple, btw. All you have to do is bombard them consistently with messaging that the OTHERS are going to kill them, rape their women, molest their kids, etc.

and if someone said Black in place of White? i bet it would trigger your snowflake ass and wouldn't be considered a joke.

Lmfao yes we are literally saying, how best do we line the whites up in gas chambers in all colleges across the United States

You don't even want to get into what post-grad life is like

Except it's cannon you dipstick, he is irrelevant the sentiment is real and comes from places of education.

I would rather trust our universities than an obnoxious fag

Also you got dubs one off Hitler dubs.
Fuck you.



One of the oddities about US television is that they *basically* will NOT run ANY bad stories about Israel. At all. With one single exception…

I am a late-middle-age fag, and of all the years I did watch TV/TV news, there is only one time I can ever recall US TV stations criticizing Israel.
That was when the Israeli bulldozer ran over the US girl protester and killed her.
This is the one single time I can recall where multiple US TV news shows criticized Israel outright. Can any of you US posters name any other?

And I don't consider myself to be a Nazi or 88 or whatever the fuck at all.
If you look at news sites for any Western Europe country, or Japan, or Australia, they regularly note that the reason Palestinians keep trying to bomb them is because they keep trying to run the Palestinians off the land that was supposed to be allowed to them. It's a low-level guerrilla war, and unplanned things happen between people who have guns and panic. Shit goes back and forth, and civilians do get caught in it now and then, and it isn't all the Palestinians fault.

And I don't even give a shit about Israel or the Palestinians. The point is here that you never get a balanced story about this on US media…
And the strangest part of this is that it is a conservative opinion imposed by the government, on the liberal media.

So if you ever wonder why it is that US people never seem to object to anything Israel does, it's because there's never any news stories about Israel doing anything bad.
the US news stories ALWAYS say it's "Israeli soldiers defending against Palestinian terrorists".

how old are you?
before Fox, there was no politically conservative broadcasters on US TV at all.
I don't watch it tho, because it's still just marketing. It's just marketing to political conservatives instead of political leftists.

It's clearly a joke, but does that excuse fly with the alt-right? Because it shouldn't fly with anyone. People bang on about how ironic detachment is effective at diverting criticism and how the alt right will ironically emulate nazis up to and including genocide. But when lefties ironically say they're going to commit atrocities it's all crickets.

Hillary Clinton, ambassador to communism

This thread isn't about communism, read the OP

Yes there was, in fact radio shock jocks existed and were interviewed constantly, it's just that conservatism changed to become more and more persecuted, the message changed with Reagan and Bush Sr.

Course you would you are a gook dyke, it's a power fantasy to fap to. the only logical and desired outcome from these departments is displacement of one group to bring some restitution

I don't see what you're trying to say then, this is about conservatives. While Clinton is definitely that, this thread is under the dichotomy of US politics


You hurt my feelings ;_;

Trusting universities on their findings is now a power fantasy. Jesus no wonder American Republicans are so retarded

You can't trust universities because they want to gas chamber the white people, actually.

Maybe you should dismount from your high horse and stop pretending that it's an exclusively American phenomenon. There's plenty of reasons why """Conservatives""" let's be honest here, Ziocucked NeoCons don't hold these sentiments - they're quite content. It's Fascist Holla Forumslack types that do. I would know, seeing as how I've been one for years are upset, and these same reasons are mostly thing you too should seek to rectify, like how our modern consumerist Capitalist system has corrupted every aspect of everything they cared about: commodifying cultural works and traditions - rendering both into nothing more than hollowed-out dollar signs; Turning relationships into a damn game (Could write a whole essay here, so I'm moving on); Religious institutions working completely against their own countries by importing every recently converted (And therefore extremely fundamentalist) and even non-Converted Refugee they can, whether or not they assimilate after the fact; A government that also works to uphold the status quo that works everyone's bones to dust.

I mean, half of this you'll wave away as "Spooks" but god damn it, you best get the understanding that there is just as much hatred and resentment for the same status quo cuckery as you folks have. Maybe an increase in class consciousness would do Holla Forums good.

I'm sorry you're such a pussy a sarcastic tweet triggers you but he's literally just saying you should be in a relationship with whoever you want. Personallly I'm not a fan of the joke because sarcasm doesn't really read but don't act like Holla Forumscucks won't get butthurt at literally anything either.

You trust universities, knowing the history of hegemony, you are a complete mong. You trust Historians and Economists too?

Conservatives feel targeted by neo-liberal IDpol

Jesus Christ you guys are dense
I have to use a lefty flag for anyone to agree with even the most banal and self evident assertions

If I knew it was a joke no I would not be mad


There is literally no reason to trust you over them though

the entirety of the bourgeoise political spectrum is finding yourself a niche in which you can participate in the identity oppression olympics. especially in an imperialist nation like the USA there is a need to distract yourself from guilt of being a leech to the majority of people on this planet. they lack the conciousness of being able to create a good life for all working people.

And people feel targeted by conservative's own brand of neoliberal idpol.

I'm sorry but American conservatives cannot hold a monopoly on having their feelings hurt by identity politics, I don't give a shit.

anuddah shoah has a specfic context, namely that it is white women having sex with non-white men or brown immigrants/refugees coming in. There's no widespread Black Genocide theory echoed by pan-africans that every time a black woman takes the white dick she's killing the black race to compare it to. Ironically the closest thing to it is Jews getting mad about intermarriage between jews and non-jews, thus providing evidence that stormcucks want to be jews.

Doesn't Holla Forums acknowledge that replacement immigration and declining birth rates are real?

I mean, yes I trust some historians, not all of them will see my world view, but putting them in such a broad category is stupid. Same with economists, there are economists I agree with, socialism is an economic system.

Oh nooooooooooooo

I have not asked for trust, I have pointed out the humanities department is in the thrawl of racial and sexual politics that target certain classes for treatment. They are literally being discriminated against, it's whether you agree with it or not is the only point of debate.

What fucking campus do you go to lmao

Obviously that's real
In what way? Most people here understand that the immigration is meant to bring in cheap reserve labor and Hurts the native population. But we don't believe in le evil joo conspiracy.

Now think of a department that is 100% ideology, and makes History and Economics look like Saints, and this is the one you choose as trustworthy. What a fucking mong

You're delusional tbqh

Ok just don't go to a university and stop crying damn

I still have never seen an example of this irl

In my mind's eye, I'm looking at a human brain, your brain.

Can I want to gas Jews and support Communism too? No matter, I'll do both regardless. Gutting Porky kiolls a fuckton of Jews, and gassing Kikes will do away with a fuckton of Porky.

Yes you will definitely gas jews jimmy, I'm sure if you believe you can achieve


Just go shit up the board and be NAZBOL until you eventually actually read something and stop being retarded

No the word you're looking for is Kioll

You haven't seen this? Racial and sexual identity politics with prescribed groups being singled out as oppressors and every theory springing from this premise? Where did you go to college, China?

Things you're currently engaged in believing anyways

Basically, they lost the culture war.

it's funny

Holla Forums thinks that "the estabilshment" pushes leftist shit

Holla Forums thinks that "the establishment" pushes conservative/rightist shit

like pottery

But NazBol sux and Dugin a Jew-lover. Libertarian Fascism, here I come!!

Also the crux of your argument literally revolves around being scared of university students who hurt your feelings by calling you cliche trite names

You're a fucking pussy dude lmao


Having a "everyone hates me" complex is fun. Also, to them, being told to shut the fuck up when they spout out stupid bullshit is oppresion because MUH FREEZE SPEECH, not even realising that critisism is precisely part of the FREEZE PEACH they love to jerk off to so much.

I am a postgraduate student in the humanities in Western Europe and no, I haven't. Is your crusade against sophomoric theory or would it happen to be something else?

No, wasn't talking about that. I was talking about what you just said. You're mad about racial and sexual identity politics and form your own opinions about both race and sexual identity. It's been clear this whole time in every post you've made so far.

You're even making an identity out of a university, something that can contribute to the NOAA to study art to study sociology.

Universities happen to be broad things that challenge the way you view the world and just because you don't like it does not mean it will stop.

Just man up.

No, the thread is about whether 'conervatives' are feeling targeted, it's obvious why they feel it. The same way anyone on the left who is called a brocialist is targeted, and why class is all but killed of by these ideologues who have created stratified sexual and racial points to rally around, and ostracised anyone who doesn't agree. Naturally white male socialists either shut up and do what they say or become targets

Jesus Universities are not broad churches on race and sexuality, you either agree with it or you find work in the private sector, to deny this is madness.


I wasn't talking about the thread I was talking about your inane babble

Because they've been high off a specific virulent breed of identity politics since Ronald Reagan no different then what you're describing.

Their feelings don't matter.

Who the fuck cares if you get called a brocialist god damn you sissy

They happen to be pretty broad in my experience, you're making them more than they actually fucking are. Your argument is whether or not you feel bad. I'm sorry you feel bad about your own problems with identity but it is your fault you feel bad about it.

You never asked what campus you go to either, to have such a totally non-cliche non-repeated view of how uni life is

Youtube skeptic community watching retard

They don't think they're a minority. But they are victims of discrimination. Do you choose to just ignore news of current events or are you this retarded? If its the latter, Trump's 2020 victory will shock you even more than you realize.
Just this week alone should tell you that they indeed are. But go ahead, keep circlejerking that its because they're just ebil racists who need to look like underdogs because they wanna be victims for attention. Ignore the fact that they've been censored out of the most popular arenas for public discourse. Ignore people who aren't even "right-wing" like Jordan peterson fucking experiencing a full on lockdown of his google and youtube accounts. But no, its because they're just a bunch of evil racists who are just triggered broflakes who need to realize they are the problem and the oppressors of all.
What a shit thread.

Welcome to the club bitch have a seat

I wouldn't be shocked, America is just that high off spectacle, identity, and individuality

There we have it, the animosity shared by the ideologue, hatred of the alleged oppressor on grounds of race not class.

fuck off retard

Do you not enjoy being called a bitch

A bitch is a bitch is a bitch, it's a non insult at this point. You're sensitive as fuck

Passive aggressive, have some courage and defend your identity politics, not have to call the sky green and pretend anyone who calls out the blatent ideology that runs from top to toe in every humanities dept in every Western country is butthurt because of their own prejudices.

No defend yours. As an Asian I have real actual knowledge of how identity politics can rule in universities structurally and it isn't a god damn deeply triggering and problematic narrative, it's actually pro-white and pro-black.

We are the most fucked over, out of the whole entire fucking thing despite the numbers telling us we would dominate in those fields. Not because of biology, because of cultural upbringing.

You've never been to a university, I don't believe, and your best knowledge on the subject is fucking having your poor feelings hurt, or white knighting American conservatives feelings, branding it as idpol causing this despite the people you're defending being high off of it anyways.

You're a fucking idiot quit talking about universities.

Thank you for dealing with the retards I have no energy for, Hoochie.

It's a fucking thankless job. I should be getting a degree for this.

That's not the point. I'm saying the "joke" is so unfunny a joke, that I can't see anyone actually laughing at it. That's like some kid joking about shooting up a school. Yeah how "funny". The point is, acting like a jackass and pretending le "evil whiteman" is responsible for everything wrong done to other races is a fucking stupid/totally wrong. Even when a few white people owned a few black slaves back in the day, they were such a small margin of the population you can't say it was all white people who did it. Almost the entire population could not afford slaves. In fact, it was mostly the very rich jews behind all the terrible slavery. As their talmud permits such horrendous acts. Of course, on the contrast, their torah is a lot more peaceful/kind and more civilized than the talmud.

I think it's funny because of the context of you being asshurt about it. I'd also laugh at a school shooting joke. You're just being a bitch about things that don't matter.

I don't give a fuck about conservatives you imbecile, the point is the sword cuts both ways. It's fucking obvious there are no conservative platforms in humanities, there is hardly a proffessor belonging to that department that is a conservative. But there are very few outright Marxists who would bristle at the gender/sexual and racial alter that must be preached from. There is no fucking dissent allowed, you can find witchunts all over the place for those who step out.
As for my own education it was in UCL ten years ago and I have an LLB, Feminist and Marxism was on the Juriusprudence curriculum, I was very much seduced by it and was for a few years what would be known as an SJW but not in any activist sense. Seeing the last ten years has been shocking to be honest and the British unis are as much of a disgrace now as the American ones.
Yes Asians are discriminated against on entrance positions and denied meritorious places. They are not put in a category of race based hierarchy that must be dismantled. My poistion is that idpol is academically indefensible as well as socially, and has caused a resurgence in right wing revolutionary ferver that cuts away working class from socialist activism because the people preaching from the uni are the same at the top of the corporation and do not care about them, they literally tell them in their Academia they don't care.

Ive never seen a conservative portray themselves as the victim but if they do its probably related to potentially losing certain rights such as gun ownership.
Its smart to complain about losing your rights before they get taken away not after.

Sure thing.

Because they're usually wrong.

Because the facts usually have a slant that doesn't respect the feelings of American conservative cognitive biases

You're talking about groups of people on campus and not the campus itself. These are completely different fucking things.

The campus itself has more of an anti-asian slant than ANY fucking possible "anti-conservative" slant. That's just reality.

I've never seen someone so furious about yuppies before.

Not the guy you're talking to, but can you explain how the anti-asian slant manifests itself please?

Nigguh search "The War on Christmas"

It mostly comes in enrollment. There is a heavy bias towards whites and blacks over Asians, this is for a variety of reasons, none of them particularly fair or effective at producing the best possible people for the job.

We're denied places of merit as well. There's more conservatives coming into US colleges I would say, some being Asian, then there is American conservatives in totality. STEM fields, economic fields, frats, sororities, all filled with them.

All the while slacking on grades where asians have been shown to excel at better. And that is basically why there's a hold back. Political correctness and diversity quotas that effect Asians far worse than fucking whites, yet you never hear about that do you

You are the most cancerous poster on here, 'because they are wrong' is a fucking empirical judgement', on a position you don't know about.Criticism of idpol from the left or the right is based in truth, being told 'it's wrong' because of who is giving it is why unis are trash and why you are trash.
Yes you painfully dumb bitch, it has been around for hundreds of years and the identity is called CLASS. Why are you shiting on about fraternities, they don't make the curriculum or write papers.


Oh fuck I forgot about the whole controversy where conservatives fight to teach creation myths in schools instead of science.

Really? I don't know about?

It's really from completely different angles and the idea of American conservatives being against identity politics is making my ribs crack with laughter

Where did I ever bring up that I disagreed with this.We're talking about college campuses, you brought up



Class has more to do with whether you're right or not in a university, and it doesn't have a left bias. It has a conservative one. Only in the "small" fields you see this over represented trend.

They're college students, you were talking about college students not being conservative enough.

There a variety of things you're just being stupid on and you're trying to play smart. And again I doubt you've been on a campus before, or if you have, know where actual biases are.

The "SJW deeply triggering and problematic BIAS IN MUH ACADEMIA" is so so tired. I want to just murder whoever screams about it at this point. It's telling when it is when white Americans start to care about biases that have already existed against Asians far worse than themselves, but the moment they have their feelings hurt a tad, it's war.

It's just so tiresome to hear these people talk

Why are you talkiing about admissions again you pea brained fuck, we have been from the start talking about ideology, what is acceptable thought in Universities and what is not. The censoring of topics comes from those who have like a disease taken up all the space of left wing Academia and filled it with such obvious nonsense it's driven people away.

Victim culture is a staple of Americana since 1776.

Why are your insults so hyperbolic you slug bodied toad?

You've been talking about a bias against conservatives and whites in academia. I'm telling you not only is this only represented in the smaller fields but it doesn't change how universities interact with the government, the real places of power are still very right wing.

As well as the students.

I see more people complaining about "it" than I see it. And I see it usually from people who have never been to god damn college

You did a good job in this thread hoochie

I've never heard anyone with idpol backround criticise Asian men getting rejected for Black and Hispanics by being taxed on their scores, these National review gimps harp on about it until the cows come home, these conservatives love their 'hard working' Asians.

What the fuck is "idpol background", social sciences? Just be fucking specific for once, please

That's why they push in more whites and blacks than they do asians.

Don't fucking make me laugh that the people upstairs in uni aren't conservative as hell in America.

You've stated twice now tou can't stand people complaining about it but there is no Marxist position to nit criticse it, your bias is because you dislike the youtube fucks making hay and the culture wars it has brought on but are such a coward won't adress the reason is how fucked up the institutions have become and how ridiculous their positions are, to the point they are now popularly ridiculed by liberals even.

Yes? I have complained there's no real foothold of socialism in economics in American universities.

See we're having problems right now is because you've been so general about what you're talking about that it's becoming difficult to point out to you where, how, and what I'm exactly talking about after the fact.

Oh shut up

The only fucked up thing in college is how close good colleges are to the government and how happy they would be to axe certain portions of itself. The only fucked up things are hazing and abuse by mostly right wing frats and sororities.

The only fucked up things coming out of universities happen to be the people high on idpol, and that happens to be a lot of America.

The only people who don't see conservatism on campus are the people who actually believe conservatives when they fucking talk about it or haven't been to college and trust the fucking internet to give insight in how it works.

The people who came up with stopping Asians for blacks and Hispanics are not conservatives for Gods sake they are you classic Liberal or idpol administrators. Conservative position is I believe merit based, which would see Jewish, Asian and white dominate, which would I believe be fine with them.

If you're not prepared for ridicule

No, they're just as equal conservative. Life isn't this fucking parody world where everything is the fault of a small minority of people. The people in control in universities are very, very fucking conservative.

Partially finished post here

If you aren't prepared to be ridiculed in college you're just not prepared for college

I'm pretty sure I've met more right wing "everyone is so PC!" people than "did you just assume my gender?" people, few of which actually exist

Holla Forums is beyond saving.

What bunker are you in, the adminstrators of US colleges are liberal or Idpol, and you fucking know what idpol is, stop pretending there is no defined meaning as if you haven't spent every day talking shit on here. It's sexual, racial and gender based. You fucking know that.
Now look at every major college in the US and their policies, they are all geared towards Idpol, mandatory lectures on trans, sexual and racial microagressions. Banning speakers.
College admin are not conservative they are the least conservative positions in the whole country.You are totally deluded.

That's exactly my fucking point. The people who preach this shit that these people are a majority are the people who most likely haven't set foot in college or see a vocal minority as a majority

If we're going to talk cliques, frats and sororities still have far far more social capital

Shut up cultural marxist elite college students are talking right now

Good god…seriously you're all the fucking same. White, black, asian, brown…you're all cultureless american retards. Develop your own culture, why don't trust each other ffs? Why you always ripping on each other? seriously…how the fuck did we allowed this bunch of cultureless cunts to dominate the world over the past 50 years?
Look at this shit…200+ later and still can't get along with each other. America it's a joke and why multiculturalism is a failure and downright wrong. And because of your inferiority complex of having no culture, you want the whole fucking planet to be as retarded as you!

You are slagging off people for not being able to be ridiculed while defending the whole bloody Academy that has stifled criticism and bully those out of the fields if they go against the grain. Jesus Christ what a fucking mess. Are you a socialist or a fucking intersectional dyke?

They're actually fairly fucking right wing to "moderate" which might as well be right wing in America.

Where did I say I didn't know what identity politics is.

I've been pretending?

Nowhere did I imply there is no such thing as identity politics

And you're free to disagree and write something about it, in fact nobody will stop you but a small minority of people it's based on.

That being said I really don't experience these things you're describing at all.

They are, have been, and will be.

Oh they can be ridiculed, just not in an academic fashion.

There is a difference between "critique" and ridicule.

I'm actually denouncing large chunks of it.

Sounds familiar. But it's not leftist. The humanities and arts are hanging by a thread while programming and engineering and other STEM fields filled to the brim with people you're describing aren't represented being over fucking represented.

Calm down.

This is exactly the issue. Problem is conservatives have no critique whatsoever of capital enforcing its ideology; they control the government n the US, but they're ideologically incapable of embracing meaningful regulation of the private sector, let alone something radical like an employment guarantee. So ordinary right-wing voters still feel shit on, and not without cause, despite "their" party's electoral victories.

The problem is that conservatives are literal classcucks, whose response to the boss firing them or major platforms banning their speech is… defending their right to do so and fighting like hell against any meaningful safeguards. At most they have a moral critique, which fails for the same reason as every other moral critique, or they try to start an ineffective boycott against a monopoly or oligopoly.

If they want to be protected in a meaningful sense from liberal hegemony, they need to start critiquing property relations; i.e. to switch to our side.

No shit they have the wrong diagnosis to the problems, but not that they aren't now fodder for the machine. They are. Capital has spoken and it's for idpol and open boarders and wagecucks.
The same reason open border tards couldn't diagnose the problem because they are just as retarded with idiotic solutions

By your broad definitions the USSR "for idpol". You have this youtube skeptic community understanding of identity and politics and I seriously want you to consider

"How can I be less of a maroon"

Stem admission is now gender quota. And the Humanities is dying by their own hand, no sane person would pay 150k for their child to be taught about micro-agressions, or their sons to learn they are guilty right off the bat and need to do something about it rather than get a decent education in a filed where there is work. You can't fucking own the means of production of claptrap.

Holy shit lol

Now, they're dying by lack of actual funding, there is no social element to this because the people you're describing are a minority

I'm really having a hard time believing you're an actual socialist and not just a closeted Republican who sees bogeyman everywhere.

I'm happy to talk about socialism but so far you've only been whining about some terrible anti pasty agenda that hurts American conservatives when white American conservatives are the power in most universities.

And you still haven't told me which campus you've been to, or what your major or minor were

What? USSR was the oppposite of Idpol in it's own priniples (it gulaged a lot of ethnics but because they feared reaction), the definition again you pretend we haven't been over this on here a billion times, is race, sexual and gender over class.
There is no fucking way to say it otherwise, the annoyane you feel is because the faggots on youtube have been handed an open goal and they are such gimps you like a child can't handle that so the idpol isn't to be criticised it's the people criticising it that are wrong. Well there is no place for your shit in Marxist dialectics and a mong like you would have been gulagged on day one bitching about your personal vandettas.

The humanities are "dying" because they aren't being funded, because everyone from the president on down is pushing STEM bullshit. Instead schools are funding a) athletics and b) STEM, because if they get a lab set up with some Chinese students and can dupe the state or a think tank into giving them money it means millions more dollars that won't come in because a talented student wrote a book critiquing the class interactions in Harry Potter or whatever.

It's all about money you fucking idiot. Schools don't give a shit about their Humanties department because it's a money hole, and if I had to guess I'd say the actual conspiracy was to discredit them with this idpol bullshit so that they can justify making deeper and deeper cuts.

t. Humanities student

Dear Engels, give me strength.

Under that definition the USSR is equally culpable in the crime of identity politics.

You aren't making an effective fucking critique of it. You can "go over" the same thing twenty times but you're not only not obeying your own definition, you're seemingly entrapped by it.

Actually the history of identity in America culturally happens to be different than the history of identity in Europe, and separate European states all have different histories tied to identities.

There is such a thing as a national identity as well.

Did Noah Webster hurt you when you were a child? Were you crippled by a falling collection of Shakespeare's plays? What was it that motivated you to wage this war on spelling and grammar, you heathen?

summarize what the guy you replied to just said


Most tenure-track professors are part of a secret clique that is run by Zionists. They can't be fired, because how you gonna find another professor worthy of tenure?

Microaggression is a real problem. Black people don't want you touching their hair or commenting that she's pretty for a fat girl or laughing when an Asian needs help with math homework.

I think people are naturally hostile to a fancy word for what amounts to basic decent behavior when it comes to Holocausts