If rape is really that bad, then explain this please

If rape is really that bad, then explain this please.

We can see the female specimen are using the male logic. When i was in my teens my friends used to say this type of things about females
That and the classic "if i was female i would be a whore and i would be always fucking with everybody"

This isn't a liberal board dumbass

If someone wants to be raped by a specific person, it's not really rape anymore. I don't think there's anything wrong with "rape play" or "consensual non-consent" between adults.

And the women in that picture are just expressing that they wanna have sex with that guy. I doubt they would seriously say "rape is good" if you just asked them about rape in general and not in the context of le handsome prison man.

Isn't a major indicator of autism an inability to judge the subtleties of language and a focus on literal interpretation?

Yeah but it's pretty fucked up because they're basically ignoring the victimhood of whomever he did rape. It's the same shit with boys who will hear about another kid who got raped by a teacher and they get all envious. Protip: rapists aren't after sex. They're after rape.

It's only mildly fucked up at most and at least in poor taste but otherwise it's entirely insignificant.

is that the crime he committed? i know basically nothing about that guy. if so it's a bit worse

meant for

That's what they're implying. I don't know the guy's story.

i was one of that type of guy
but it's because woman are in a different sexual situation in this society. it's the man the one who it's supposed to look for woman and not woman to look for man


it's because the dude is good looking enough. /thread

who cares

So, it's not actually rape if the rapist is hot?


Its never called "rape" when hot women do it. Its always "sexual misconduct with a student/minor" or even worse; trying to blame it on the underage boy. Fact of the matter is, you can get away with a lot more shit just by being attractive. It is just a fact of life.

OP here, never thought Leftiepol would be this redpilled.

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Please cease posting idpol garbage and actually lurk for awhile before you intend to post again in the future. We really don't need more people whose entire political repertoire only consists of idpol trash.
Also, read some theory.


Probably won't be any fun though since you'll just be banned in two seconds.

This board is easy to bait. Lurk moar you faggot and maybe you'll learn the shit that riles us up.

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