Amazon and Foxconn in Kenosha, Wisconsin: the new American “special economic zone”

By Christopher Davion
7 March 2019

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Post YFW America is turning into a third world country with literal sweatshops.


So when do we send the children back into the factories?

I doubt it'll be long. They'll bill it as a work-study program or some sort of summer internship shit.

I hope they're happy with their new jobs.

They didnt destroy the unions, the state did by killing and arresting their leaders and pushing massive propaganda.

In my country "work-teaching" high schools do this. You dont go to school for some months and you work for free in a stage to "learn how a workplace is"

Suddenly sweatshops aren't so good and uplifting anymore.


kill yourself class traitor

8/8/2030 BuzzFeed

10 Ways Shota Robot Jeff Bezos is Empowering Michigan Women By Involuntarily Turning Them Into Cyborgs with Trash Compactor Stomachs and Mind Control Chips and Forcing Them to Digest Coastal Garbage and Why That Matters

you never did
the kenosha kid

About time. Retail has to be one of the most inefficent sectors in terms of labour hours. So much to gain from centralisation and economies of scale.

So Jason Unruhe will state that revolution is only possible in third world nations like America.

Hillbillies never destroyed union. There on our side.

So much for the cultured right.

I don't understand. Is this some esoteric nazbol communication?




Have you fucks ever talked to a trump supporter? Most midwesterners under 40 have never been in a union as that ship sailed a while ago and have been brainwashed by anti-union groups for decades. They are not the factory workers of yore.

You realize facts have shown that most trump supporters were not le racist white workers™ but in fact petit-booj right?

And even if it is true that the younger generation of "hillbillies" is anti-union it doesn't follow that the older generation of workers (aka hillbillies) who made up the core constituency in the unions somehow destroyed them. It certainly seems that management outsourcing,, rotten union leadership, the mafia, and professional union busters had more to do with it then you could possibly blame on backwards workers.

I'm ons not a Trot but I appreciate the investigative journalism wewswews did for this piece.


Regardless, the establishment will undoubtedly phrase this in a way that makes it seem like a great victory over the evil commie chinks in bringing back jobs to Murica.

Just the other day I spoke with an African immigrant that voted for Trump. He thought Trump would "shake things up." All kinds of people voted for Trump, but the most common denominator is that they're in increasingly desperate straits and willing to grab onto anyone that promises them a change, even if it's a bad one.

WSWS does good work, but ending their articles with calls to support the SEP is sometimes grating. Otherwise they have good material analysis on this and that.


Haven't read it yet, but I bet the term "pseudoleft" appears at least three times.

Contemporary hillbillies are conservative and anti union as hell, many blaming unions for the lose of jobs in the first place. See the UFW Nissan debacle.

Wisconsinsite here, do you think Kim's nukes can reach this far? And if not, what should I do/where should I go to get off Scott Walker's wild ride?

There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide tbh. Capitalism will grind our bones into dust.

Nigga you're late by about 40 years.

Chinese capitalism with Amelican chalactelistics.

America has always been the world's richest 3rd world country.

Capitalism is centralizing the economy in big corpret wherhouses destroying regional culture.

That was in the South, not the Midwest.



Is the racist mocking necessary?

entire article is about Amazon

Nice slight of hand, dipshits.

t. brainlet who can't read

Probably because the Foxconn facilities haven't been built yet, while Amazon already has a presence there.

That's great. They are also two different companies, and when all you have to link them is a meme and anti-Oriential racism, you have a problem.

What the fuck are you even talking about?

Uphold Marxist-Lennist-Maoist-Duginist-Unruheist-Spencerism

Nothing like corporate welfare

but that not real capitalism

It is for republicans.

About a decade ago Dell was shopping around for a place to build a new plant, promising hundreds of jobs, high wages, etc, and got thousands in subsidies and tax breaks to build it. They took the money, threw up a plant they operated at half capacity for a while, then closed the plant a year or two later. In his lectures Wolff talks about even more egregious examples, like a multi billion dollar stadium in Florida almost entirely subsidized by government bonds that even when completed would take decades to turn something like a profit, and which the corporation benefiting from it is under no obligation should the project fail for any reason.

Corporate incentives are bullshit and any politician that seriously proposes, endorses, or enables them should be marked for public execution. No trial, no excuses, just dragged out of his home in the middle of the night and executed in the street and left for the dogs.

oh kingdoms used to fight each other all the time. in "anarcho" capitalism there would be a shit ton of corporation vs corporation wars.

It's capitalism so as long as production for profit and capital accumulation exists.

Capitalism isn't defined by the relationship between the state and the private sector.

What's the name of the girl standing on the ladder?