Graduating from an ivy next year with majors in math and cs

Graduating from an ivy next year with majors in math and cs

The jobs I'm looking (in tech and finance industries) at all start over 6 figures..

Is it immoral to be leftypol while also benefitting immensely the capitalist order?

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Nah your good.


Nah, it's not. Even if your boss is forcing you to exploit the people working under you it's not necessarily. Just be kind and fair to your employees and never forget who's side you're on. Leftists need some people at the top on their side imo.

You should have a good education, yet you ask such immature questions. Most of prominent communist leaders and thinkers were quite well off, and I'd argue that becoming a porky and subverting a system and financing lefty movements is one of the most useful things you could do.

You will not benefit from capitalist order, believe me.
You'll still be someone's little bitchboy unless you are a billionaire. You'll still be subjected to the ratrace for capital even than.


but there's an obvious hypocrisy when I'm working in the industry I most despise ideologically

I'd be working on a quant team though so I'm not so much directly fucking anyone over

good point

Same here, I'm a graphic designer looking to make a solid career but also browsing Holla Forums on the side while learning new skills and working on the job. I've actually been wondering the same thing as OP, so I'll monitor the responses. I've had serious breakdowns about being called a sell-out for this, but I think I'm recovering by now. I found that adopting a "fellow traveller" mindset has helped me to come to terms with this question.

Being well off is generally a boon for being a lefty thinker. You have more time and more access to devote to theory and criticism.

You aren't even bourgeois by these measures. Having a high paying job =/= bourgeoisie. You're probably petit-bourgeois at best.

Also keep in mind that even if you became bourgeoisie you would still be enslaved by the petty bourgeois morality, and you would live with the feeling every day that your life was a sham, due the natural disconnect you would have with your fellow human beings due to the division of the classes, as well as the lack of true companionship that is shared between members of the bourgeoisie class itself.


You can be one of us unless you actually manage capital. It's not about income but structural position. You're still selling labor power, doing C-M-C.

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Why are communists always kikes.

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Bourgeois class traitors are good to have on our side. They have more power to fuck with the system and more familiarity with bourgeois instruments than working class leftists.

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Engels was a marginal case because his father was a capitalist but he wasn't always on good terms with his parents. He was a partner in his father's firm for 5 years.
Are you seriously comfortable with fully bourgeois individuals being 'on our side'? Like, what if a slumlord or the owner of a sweatshop wanted to be communist?

He could easily organise his sweatshop or slum into a sleepercell.

If you work on finance you're an useless cunt that will be hanged in public, it is that simple…you don't produce anything and you're a drain on society.

He has a nice amount of wealth that can be used for equipment and shit.
Honestly, if we just give a rule of "Bourgs either support our cause or will be targeted" we'd have a lot more funds and power to support revolution.
How can you judge someone for acting in nothing more than his class interests? Are all capitalists supposed to pretend they already live in socialism and guilt themselves instead?
There is not ethical consumption, and there is no ethical way of making money either. It's all capitalism, be it through labor or ownership.
Might as well accelerate class antagonism by exploiting the current system where it can be exploited. The quicker it crashes, the quicker we get our revolution.

Every communist movement had capitalist partners that were integral to their success. In case of nationalisation, they converted to directors, managers and ministers.

We all live under capitalism, and neither of us chooses to live like that or have morally superior or inferior existence in it. The owners of capital posses the most of power and have (if they aren't spoiled good for nothing brats who inherited it all) most important and valuable skills, and there is no reason at all to shun their support.

Why are you looking at jobs there then? It would make sense if you were accelerationist, or if you planned to seriously sabotage that industry or use the money for left-funding. But you have no reason at all, what a piece of shit. If you did cs and math why don't you go for science instead of megaporky finance crap?


There is only one relevant thing: are you going to help the revolution or work against it? Are you going to build socialism or destroy it?

Morality exist, you classcuck. But it is a class morality.

you're ok Ancap ? you've got a fever ? go rest boy

No it doesn't.

Well have a six figure income dosen’t automatically make you a bourgeois. Also chose tech over finance. Unless your goal is to sabotage the system from within. Working in tech gives you more meaning then finance.


grow fat off the gristmill and then one day you will find yourself stuck in that pit of blood and shit and flesh that rips apart the earth to take whatever is economically viable and there will be no hope for you besides embracing nihilism and egoism

t. Neet revolutionary

Despook yourself nerd, morals aren't real.

Keep donating to leftist causes to assuage your guilt. This is how the left is able to stay afloat.

You picked and are picking probably some of the most pro-bourg areas to nestle yourself in. While I believe I was lucky enough to realize this path and avoid it in time, I am not sure what to say about someone who hasn't. What I can say for sure is that any job you get shouldn't numb your brain down to the point where you are somebody's human computer and above-average wage slave. If you succeed in this, any reasonable extra funds you acquire in your meritocratic position should go to helping leftist causes at your discretion and motivation.

What matters is what you do. Compare two scenarios where you do exactly the same thing, but in one scenario you feel good about yourself and in the other you feel a lot of guilt, while doing exactly the same shit.

I don't benefit in any way by you being sad. Go get money, do some selfish things and also do some good things. Nobody here is a perfect angel. It would be cool if you used your skills directly for the left cause, not just by giving money. It's also more satisfying than that sort of abstract engagement.