4chan has always tried to be controversial, and has found that the best way to do it is to actually be traditional, this time.

Punk-rock used to be left-wing too, and by now, liberal social norms are commonplace in the west.

What if maybe, just maybe, Holla Forums is not right this time?

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You can be leftievand still like traditional values.

You can be leftie and still like traditional values.

This is your brain on idpol.


for the last time, the degradation of culture is caused by capitalism and drive for profit commodifying everything not some crazy conspiracy. We are not liberals
Holla Forums has this retarded idea that left = the pussy hat idpol crowd, all these blue hair bitches would have been arrested for hooliganism in the USSR. This is what was meant by 'western capitalist decadence'.
Fuck off

Capitalism and the commodification of every part of life is what destroys traditional values OP, sex and degeneraccy sells. Holla Forums isn't actually cutting edge because they haven't identified the cause of the problems that face modern society.

It's not hard to be controversial when you have a whole media empire behind you pushing your shit.

Okay lad

How exactly are we liberals you stupid faggot? And how exactly is revolutionary communism politically correct/in any way accepted by the establishment?

Riddle me this
Hasn't capitalism, an economic system that promotes constant consumption and discarding of different culture based one whatever the wealthy elite decide to throw on cereal boxes or television been the sole enemy of social conservatism? Communism, as you know, would put these things in the hands of the workers, people that can be subject to these cultural changes (and are usually willing to sedate it).


The libs control culture, academia, and the old media, they used the be able to brainwash people easily.
But right wingers just took to the internet.
The libs spent all those decades taking over tv when the right just cucked them with the info super highway.

The things libs fight for might have been rebellious at one time, but in modern times they are the norm, the system actually is for trannies, immigrants, nigs, it wants to absorb them into capitalism.
I mean, how are you the rebel when you have slutwalks sponsored by rebok, or like trannies fighting to fight for imperialism.

I wouldn't say that the far left isnt rebellious, its just the system has created methods of destroying communists and every group with revolutionary potential through the use of idpol

The actual things the system are against are violence, anything that would hurt the profit motive, this includes both the far right and far left. It is against any racial, gender, sexual, religious hatred. It needs the population to be non violent, effeminate, docile consumers.

Really what mass culture does is promote capitalist ideals and the status quo.

Of course, when liberal capitalism is all encompassing, has destroyed an atomized western peoples, cultures, traditions. A rebellious thing you could do would be to be a black sun worshiping occultist or catholic crusader. When the majority of media promotes the lib line of being a brain dead consumerist liberal who loves multiculturalism than of course an actual rebellious move would be to be against those things.

You wont be seeing death in june on mtv


What is rebellion anyways.
You have to be the right winger in the big city.
You have to be the communist in rural middle of nowhere.

Another thing is you reach a new level of rightwing woke when you realize capitalism is the main problem behind the destruction of traditions and peoples.

If SJW's are not left-wing then who are they? Those blue-haired sluts hate everything associated with right wing and praise Marx. I think you commies are being dishonest to me.

Btw we are onto your pinkos, I got the real Holla Forums address from Holla Forums discord, I know the .pl one is fake. Next raid will not be so nice, you kikes!

post that pick again and ill sock you in the mouth you god damn queeah

shills usually

Holla Forums:
-supports nigger culture
-avoids the jewish question with smokescreens like 'the bourgeoisie'
-supports faggot 'marriage' anf trannies in the bathroom
-is muslim apologist because muh material conditions
-hates tradition and gender roles because 'muh spooks'
-hates the nation
-wants all women to be repulsive whores
-derides race realism and being proud of your race
-encourages miscegenation
-wants to destroy the nuclear family and replace it with faggy communes or some shit

How is Holla Forums NOT liberal?

Are you 12 years old?

really the most rebellious thing you could do is to believe in something that isnt empty consumerism. Like god, or revolution.

Good god user. I doubt you have ever heard more than ONCE some fat blue haired chick praise Marx. Stop getting your political socialization through unsourced jpgs you don't bother checking and constant bombardment of selected cherrypicked examples that result in confimation bias. Do you know that there are other denominations of left-wing? Like conservatives, libertarians, Nazis, and more? Stop being stupid.

where the fuck is the economics in your argument faggot

I'm afraid you morons see everything through your brand of identity politics. You're the type of right winger who thinks a billionaire holding anti-racist and feminist views is a leftist whereas a racist and anti-feminist one is a rightist.

Holla Forums:
Supports idpol
Supports capitalism.
How are Holla Forums not liberals?


webm unrelated.

That video always makes me laugh.

Economic development or the lack of it is caused by intellectual differences (highly correlated to race), which is why nigger countries are always poor no matter the continent.

statistics is purest form of information, much better than force-feeding yourself with some old dude's shitty-ass fiction about "muh ebul gabidalists REEvolution now"

oy vey what are you doing, being against leftist millionaires is antisemitism

Holla Forums BTFO, how will they recover?

Please don't be racist against brunette and blond white guys who have been running through the woods with an axe while ancient civilisations of brown people built the wonders of the antiquity.

And it is not because of imperialism at all. The French, the Anglos, Burgerland, these nations had never interfered where their greedy paws weren't meant to be.

That's not what Holla Forums is about, what a lie. They want to put people into camps and gas them. God hates these people, if anything.


Statistics rely on context you semendrinker. I can literally pull out any statistic out of my ass to prove any shitty point as long as I'm not arsed to provide context. Statistics aren't facts, they are data, and they don't provide knowledge over correlations, you'd have to actually read the study behind those graphs to get a firm understanding of it is actually being said, but Holla Forums never does that because you are either underaged and haven't left high school yet or have been proven to be of lower I Q than the population average.


but when your Marx makes a statement it's supposed to be accurate because Marx has high Autism Level and is your favourite meme man but stats are false a priori because it's a "bourgie scam"?

I didn't say statistics are false. Read again what I said kid.


Karl the Marc is always right and accurate because he hated white people. We just want to turn you into a gay or tranny. Submit to Frank Furtschool's ideology and star earning your soros checks with us.

The fact you are so willing to joke around these topics shows that you must believe in these words to some degree yourself too.

Fuck you, I've had enough of this. I'll leave you with some redpills in case you are looking to join our ranks later. Some of the posters here we accept if you are willing to apologize for being a gullible retard.

Liberalism and Marxism are different things.
In fact there even different types of communism and they all hate each other (all though they hate fascists more)

listen i remember being an edgy teen who thought pol was the answer
but if you think economically youll soon realize youre being duped

Marx literally invented the term 'jewish question'

You mean more idpol bullshit? Nope.
avoids the jewish question with smokescreens like 'the bourgeoisie'

We don't """support""" it, we don't give a fuck about it.

Religion is the opium of the masses, Islam is no exception, and radical islam came into fruition AGAIN because of western imperialism being one of its key factors.

Todays progressives will becomes tomorrows traditionalist. Your """traditional values"""" made way for more ideas. Also "Spooks" aren't a liberal concept. They're an egoist one. Read Stirner

thanks for typing it out comrade


The global economic outlook is improving and should support the recovery in the region. Africa’s Pulse notes that the continent’s aggregate growth is expected to rise to 3.2% in 2018 and 3.5% in 2019, reflecting a recovery in the largest economies. It will remain subdued for oil exporters, while metal exporters are projected to see a moderate uptick.

Also to expand on """the Jewish question""" you do realise that question was made by Marx himself? The race of the bourgs don't matter. What matters is that they're bourgs.

You fell for the meme, good job being played like a sucker. Enjoy your wage slavery cuck.

For reference, annual growth rates of 3% are considered the baseline for "healthy growth" while 7% or more is rather fantastic. The real AGR for the US for example has been somewhere around 1% for the past several years, while China's was in the double digits in the late 90s early 00s, and has since dropped to more "normal" levels, but is still rather high.

Fuck, I've forgotten how fucking retarded Holla Forumstards are. They constantly talk about le red pills when all they give a fuck about is culture wars, mass media, and over-representation of certain ethnic groups, just like fucking SJWs. You think just like the retarded normies whose political concerns are whatever the media wants them to be concerned about, precisely because you are one. All you do is repeat the retarded non-important issues your masters want you to think about.

True, but nonetheless it shows promise. Better healthy growth than none at all.


From a capitalist perspective yeah. I was just trying to add a little context for those that might not know.

This is your brain on Cultural Marxism.

being the NEW COUNTA CULTCHA or not means jack shit and is an increasingly irrelevant concept in a niche-driven bubble-filter culture like ours

If you like how you look so much, just buy a mirror, dude.


"My" nation does not give a fuck about me. Our great and dear leader doesn't even know I exist.

"My" people are fucking strangers their well being is not my well being. "Others" have the same material needs. There is no difference, the end of production for exchange, profit motive, wage labor, private property and all other forms of the exploitation of workers by the true leech capitalist class will benefit all. Then the class lines that separate us will be destroyed and become irrelevant.

My family the only one that could actually count, since I live with them. Fuck your feelings they are not material.



SJWs are cointelpro and you know it yourself, faggot. stop pretending.
Isn't it you people who always complain about how much funding they get from Soros?

So why not weaponize the "My Nation" sentiment against wage slavery and Capital? All one needs is a heaping helping of Utilitarianism to see that Fascism is good for Cultural and Traditional institutions, and Communism is good for Political and Economic systems. Why not combine the two?


I dont understand. What do those first two statements have to do with the last one?

Leftpols goal isnt to be "edgy" or "contrarian", its to achieve communism.

When has this ever been true?
Fascism has only ever been good for the profits of international financiers and industrialists.

Fascism is good for nobody except the capitalists and leaders that force their people to work 12 hours a day not being allowed to quit.
If that's your idea of a Fascist utopia then go right ahead. I want no part of it.


So fascism isn't a matter of honorable struggle or loyalty but of mere functionalism? That's an incredibly postmodern attitude.

How are workers going to pull 12 hour shifts every day if it's a Communist mode of production I advocate?

So what exactly is this 'fascist essence' detached from capital that you want?

I'm the Utilitarian in this picture. I say we pick through Fascism for any useful bits, while at the same time upholding a Communist Political and Economic system.

holy shit this is a retarded statement
how is slavery less utilitarian than genocide?
the USSR was more utilitarian than you liberals could ever hope to be.
see North Korea if you want to know how well that works for Communism.

But how can fascism exist without the state or capital?

Well considering communism is stateless and fascism isn't I would say that they are incompatible. Especially since fascism is just a reaction to socialist movements.

An embrace of the Nation's "Blood and Soil" as defined by Holla Forums, as well as the allowance and even (Democratically agreed upon) support of the creation and maintenance of Traditional and Cultural institutions. Let Holla Forumslack types burn crosses in their spare time, while Communism redistributes the workload evenly.

Fascists advocate a rigid class structure. Communists seek the abolition of class. How do you reconcile this?

sounds like the DPRK

hell yeah

Class is Economic and Political, so the Communist classless society would be the way forward.

So there wouldn't be a Fuehrer?

Or a state?

How would any of this be implemented? You can't force the trannies or faggots to stop. If communists wanted to dress like pic related and take pictures in wheat fields they'll be free to. I don't see the fascism. Its just whatever larping and fun individuals want to engage in together.

DPRK has class systems and Capital afaik. I want to abolish both.

which is impossible when the workers put their nation ahead of their own self interest.

Culture would be handled in a Fascist way. Therefore trannies and degenerates get bogged.

I'm just spitballing ideas right now.

Workers are affected most directly by economy, so I doubt they would see Nation first.

We know, your incoherent ramblings sound like something someone would make at 4 in the morning.

Except it isn't you fucking mongoloid. Go outside and unless you're in some shithole like California you'll be surrounded by Protestant conservatives who will brag about their 1/16 Irish heritage any time something remotely related is brought up.

Holla Forums's fascination and reaction to a few SJWs has led you to somehow think they're mainstream, when it is nowhere close.

But they are under Capitalism.

what the fuck does this mean? Culture isn't 'handled' you mongoloid.
How? There's no state, how will you make individuals not exercise their liberty under communism, an intrinsically free and libertarian system.
You're utterly incoherent and clearly have no conception of politics outside outraged pearl-clutching at youtube videos of sjws

Why would killing people who play dress up and bugger each other be in the interests of the working class?

How does one gas Jews, bog gays and degenerates, and hunt pedophiles without a state? Lynchings suffice. Just give the ones that want to do these things the freedom to do so.

Disease affects everyone. I want to kill the one who will in the future carry antibiotic-resistant super-AIDs bugs.

Why would you want to gas jews under communism? Or kill anyone who isn't trying to kill you for that matter?

HIV doesn't affect everyone. It's only something to worry about if samples of donated blood aren't tested for the virus (they have been for decades now) or if you plan on having lots of unprotected sex.

Major item is hatred for capitalism

So since states don't exist under communism, how do you stop a society of Moloch-worshippers from raping children freely?

If you say "we organize against them", what would be the difference from organizing to stop child rapists and organizing to lynch trannies and other assorted degenerates?

Having a family is not controversial, it's not, sorry not everyone wants to be "Leave it to beaver" tho

Literally the fucking community.

there would be no difference, but in reality only one has a chance of happening.

So you're telling me a nazbol community could organize to gas the kikes, lynch degenerates and live in nigger-free areas under stateless communism? Please do tell me more.

If traditionalism is so great, why does 4chan rely on anti-traditionalist and egalitarian forms of organization? Shouldn't you guys find a place with usernames and moderators so you can supplicate to your rightful lords? Maybe you can even make them use real names and pictures like on facebook, so you can make sure everyone is the identity they say they are.

theoretically yes, but I doubt it'd happen.

Wtf i love communism now

Sure, just dont be upset when the people in your community think youre strange and disturbed because identitarian populism comes entirely from sublimated economic anxieties and no one gives a fuck about you faggots whining about whos having sex with who.

The difference between whining and social pressure is that social pressure serves a purpose. If you want to live in a society that isn't rendered toxic by hedonism, you better voice your opinion against those damned hypergamous disease vectors that pretend to be human.

Your kind will bring us a new plague.

horse genitalia poking you in the mouth

Fun fact: Holla Forums will always have more in common with liberals than Holla Forums.

that's because the Nazis were liberals in every aspect except socially.