How are we going to redpill other kiddos like our comrade Sceneable?

How are we going to redpill other kiddos like our comrade Sceneable?

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This kid is going to be the next Marx or something. I haven't seen anyone refute any single video of his, kid's a genius.


For real, I wish I knew that much at his age.

Honestly we should make a new Marxist ideology called Marxism-Scenablism. Can anybody make a flag?

are you guys being serious?

I mean, can you refute anything he said? His points are pretty rock solid.

Sceneable is the only person that gives me hope for future generations.

We make a Communist minecraft mod. Or maybe new minecraft characters like Stalin or Mao

it's literally entry level "dude the 1% own 99% of the wealth lmao" bullshit.
fuck off cointelpro

The kid is funny and everything but it seems like he is talking about wealth redistribution, I doubt he understands what communism is.

He's like 10, of course we're joking Mr. Autism.

Joking aside, my honest view of scenable is that he is incredibly intelligent for his age, and knows far more than most 10 year olds, but he doesn't understand Marxist theory or what communism actually is. I think give him a few years and he'll be super well-versed on the subject, so long as the right-wing trolls in his comment section don't get to him first. He also basically became a meme and got people talking about the subject, which is more than probably most of us here.

I'm also still down with that Marxism-Scenablism flag.

The kid is impressive. I wasn't even aware of anything to do with politics or ideology when I was ten. We had a fake election in Elementary school for Bush v. Gore and I had no idea what any of it was about, just that my parents told me to vote for Bush.

As pessimistic as I may be and as hard as this is for me to say, he actually makes me somewhat optimistic about the future.

Have you watched "We Need Communism"? He gets pissed at the idea that people would suggest communism is just welfare.

We should induct sceneable into the leftypol youtube clique.

Praise comrade Sceneable.

Hahahah! I love him holy shit he rocks

You know what they say, if you get your laughs by pretending to be retarded the actual retards will flood you…
That means there will always be a need for a killjoy taking everything seriously and calling out even the most obvious retarded statements.
Especially on a board about largely misrepresented ideologies.

Nobody is going to think a 10 year old is a pillar of contemporary theory. Nobody is that stupid, not even 10 year olds.

Well, he already seems to know more theory than half of this board.

When you get BTFO'd by a simple kid

I wish.

On a serious note, is Sceneable really
/ourguy/ or is this post an extension of the Sceneable meme?


Bald isn't a hairstyle; shaved is.

Spongebob reference?

The next lenin



daily reminder that this kid (45k subs) is LITERALLY the most popular left wing youtuber, except maybe that peter coffin guy

If Poster ID's were enabled, it would not change what I post at all.


Do you think he could educate some guys from Holla Forums or are his arguments too complex?


For a 10-year-old, he's mature enough to have outgrown dress-up, unlike the autistic Kekistanis in cardboard armor and hockey pads.


THIS. Sceneable is the only Gen Z kid that shouldn't have gotten aborted.