Who else sexly attract by her?

who else sexly attract by her?

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we can infer from her multiple comments about "nobody has woke genitals" that she has a very unwoke fetish. probably bimbofication or the "mandingo complex."

How can someone look like a completely different person in every photo of them?

She has a piggy face


I mean its pretty typical.
Hang around tumblr porn blogs a while you will see feminists and sjw's using their public profiles (like idiots) to like very un sjw porn.

All left women have daddy issues and like being controlled by dominate men.
This is why being a beta male feminist never works

I know what you're saying.

It's a trip.

I find her attractive in 60% of the pictures of her I see, really ugly in 30%, and meh in 10%. So I honestly don't know.

Amber looks really hot in one photo then completely average in another and then completely awful in another. It's a fucking mystery how her face works.
Still wanna smash because she's cool and a Bolshevik though

My ex was like that, maybe that is my type, shapeshifting lizardpeople.

she smaht, she loyal, she politic, she lewd
she thic

Since more people share my doubts, here's video footage of her


she kawaii (´・ω・`)


Looks like an albino transgender Filipino.

You literally just want to be friends with Felix and you're inventing this romance as means to an end

That sounds like the hottest possible combination of traits.


I can't really blame him but he should be honest about it tbh

She's kinda cute.


What fucking race is she?

She's Appalachian we know that for sure

Albino Transgender Filipino.


having met her at a party, she's very boring and not hot.


I thought she was half asian, she has Asiatic eyes

I like her.

Probably likes being dicked by black men while calling them racial slurs or something. Or maybe she has a fetish for fat conservative white men (result of daddy issues most likely.)

She's cute as heck tbqh.

Her unwoke fetish is Nick Mullen.
They're clearly fucking.


It's probably something like rape-play or being a sub of some description.

That's usually what it is.


Also no

damn…that woman is hideous and she seems to be really evil as well. I think it's the fact that she doesn't have eyebrows…fucking hell.

In the meantime i went and did a little search on her…yeah i was right she's evil as fuck and just another pseudo american leftist mouth watering over world domination like they all do.

t. the male models of Holla Forums

Whatever you say, Holla Forums. We all know you guys don't have any greater political ambitions, right?

Ugly mongoloid. More proof that irrelevant shiting is a mistake. I'd still fuck her though.

this tbh

My gf is socdem-ish and pretty into idpol, feminism, etc (pretty similar views to Amber and "the dirtbag left") and she likes being tied up, gagged, slapped, beaten, choked, spat on, called a whore, etc. She's literally said "I want you to rape me". Also I don't think it's a coincidence that tumblr of all places is full of the most brutal bdsm porn and rape fantasy stuff.

How did he imply he was from Holla Forums?

What part of that statement doesn't scream Holla Forums

Isn't that a Sami dress?

My biggest problem looks-wise is with her hair, I just don't like how it looks. The fact that she has more political awareness than a lot of girls I've met and dated makes her more attractive in my opinion. So I'd take her on a date and see where it goes.

I have no standards and I will fuck any woman as long she shares my fetishes
What is this ape into?