ITT: Unpopular Opinions

Title says it all really. Post shit in this thread you usually keep to yourself cuz you think Holla Forums disagrees with you on.

I'll go first…I think the gay agenda's a real thing. Don't get me wrong, I ain't spooked enough to wanna prevent gays and lesbians from getting married cuz it "violates the sanctity of marriage" or some such shit. I'm an atheist after all and couldn't give a fuck bout what they get up to behind closed doors. I just don't like how in-your-face homosexuality is these days. Men in thongs dancing in the street, girls thinking it's cool to get drunk and snog ("make out" for Burgers) each other, whole fucking societies encouraging mentally ill people to disfigure themselves to "change genders" instead of tryna get them the psychiatric help they need…*sigh* I don't like it. *Soapbox deactivated*

What kinda unpopular opinions do you usually keep to yourself to spare yourself from Holla Forums judgement? Are you a closet SuccDem? You think Trotsky did nothing wrong? Are you somewhat of a "race realist"? Now's your chance to ruin your board reputation with a single shitpost!

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I like fascism more than liberal democracy

You sound like a technocrat.

Femdom is shit.

Afroplasm I'm still not entirely convinced you are even a leftist

Nobody cares enough bout what you like in the sack to make that an unpopular opinion, m8.

I agree though cuz it's unrealistic. Women are a head shorter than men and on average only have the physical strength of 13-year-old boys. How are they gonna dominate me? Not my cup of tea.

How much theory have you read lately?

I'll post a popular opinion held by this entire site.

Ya'll niggas can't meme


You're spooked.


i used to be ok with gays once, but now they have gone too far.

Haven't seen Howard in a while
wonder how he's doing?

I'm sure you'll impress us with stale pepe edits and the merchant.


communism sounds boring, i'd honestly prefer it if humanity was to be devoured by technocapital AI god.

you sound like Keynes

Well, I for one welcome our new supercomputer masters. You're not the only poster here who thinks that computer calculations would do the best job of managing a centrally planned socialist economy.

I'm just not one of them.

You can always try market socialism to spice things up a little.

t. nick land

why not?

I genuinely believe that Market Socialism is the best way to seize the means of production.

There, I said it.

Have you seen Space Odyssey 2001 or Terminator?

Besides, I'm not a fan of central planning. A supercomputer sounds like a permanent fixture in a socialist society whereas any sorta government with an active role in people's lives would only be a temporary phase on the path to communism in the shape of a vanguard party to keep workers safe from Porky.

Hooves are sexy.

i can't imagine what sort of depraved, sick person one must be in order to sexually get off to this image

Hyperion is a better story for this subject.

Sure, for a century *after* a revolution to end all revolutions, but phasing out the existing capitalist society by telling all your friends to start workers co-ops alongside Porky's factories and shops when he invests most of his capital into expanding his business to crush competition? Nah…

wtf i want to gulag sexual deviants now

Stalin fucked up at quite a bit
If it acts like a state it's a state whether the people running it call it that or not
Other than the DSA, Succdems aren't so bad
Discord is cancer
We need a written set of board rules
Teachers are generally bitchy, pathological assholes who shouldn't be given more money
Smashies aren't as bad as they're made out to be
RT sources should be taken with a grain of salt and are no less prone to self-serving emotionally-manipulative, misrepresentative bullshit than other mainstream sources
Loli a shit
Futa is overrated
Traps are gay

That isn’t what conserves mean when the mention the gay agenda.

As for my unpopular options I support nationalism. Think states will always exist and think it’d be better if tribes still existed. Also I hate Urbanism and suburbanism and think everyone should live in rual areas.

Sexual deviants get the bullet too.

Syndicalism ftw

I am an unitonic accelerationist

Why would computerized planning lead to the robot apocalypse?
Computers will be a permanent fixture in any human society from present day until the end of time, whether you like it or not. Secondly you don't need a supercomputer the same thing can be done with a decentralized network of normal small computers.


i actually have nothing against trannies, never met any irl, but some of them don't seem all that bad

So. There’ll be less social alienation. Also Urbanism cause psychological problems people.

Me too. That recession can't come soon enough. Capitalism's lifespan's really dragging itself out.

Karl Marx was a hypocrite and a fraud who knew his own ideology was one that was doomed to failure and lived a life of luxury by leeching off of his rich friends because he didn't have the stomach nor skills to actually work for a living.

You sound pretty spooked friend

Yeah ok. Though I do hate how socialism is associated almost entirely with Marx, the concept existed long before him

I think the Utopian Socialism is better then Marxism.

The only calculations *a* supercomputer should run would be on how to stop people from reverting back to their greedy ways. Fuck a commie Mr. House telling everybody how to run their communes and factories.

not an argument

user is a cuck confirmed

Are you transracial?

It ain't bout them as people, it's bout the fact that people are encouraging mental illness when they don't tell them to get help. Something like 40% of people with gender dysphoria kill themselves and that number don't get no better after hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery. What transgender people need is psychiatric help from trained professionals to help them truly feel comfortable in their own skin for the first time in their lives.

Nigga, please.

Christ, trim your fucking nails, shit's gross

Didn't Bioshock 2 already prove to us that it don't work?

This board needs more off-topic shitposting to keep us from getting too serious and miserable.

I'm South American and i do hold some of the strawman opinions Holla Forums thinks we hold. The most notable being that i really, actually hate Europeans and White Americans and couldnt care less if they get outbred, in fact i look forward to it. I also despise Christians and all things and ideas they hold dear.

Pic unrelated

Mixed race.

So is Afroplasm a character or something or is this guy really like this?

disappointed afroplasm smdh

White supremacy and patriarchy are real. This makes many proles significantly more powerful than other proles, and they use this to oppress said minorities.
Until all proles are truly equal under capitalism there will be no revolution since proles since it's less risky to fight for porky and maintain whatever superstructural muh privilege the bourgeois has granted you then gamble on a revolution.

I believe loveless sex is kind of shitty and not worth the hassle of picking up girls
I believe anarkiddism is a mental disease

Literally every line of this

Europeans are cool. Maybe I'm biased cuz I've lived in Europe (England specifically) all my life. White-Americans are idiots, racist and buy into American Exceptionalism way too much though. I don't hate them, but they make me facepalm a lot.

I actually kinda like afroplasm

I think more studies should be made about intelligence and genetics (and development). I'm not le autism level race realism, but one cannot deny that some people are just objectively much dumber than others… we should revive eugenics armed with modern knowledge.

Just pay for it. Prostitution is sex without the bullshit and at what is ultimately a fraction of the cost of dating. Pros are better at it, too.

Agree to all of this except the last two lines

He is a massive newfag and a particularly loud and stupid one at that. On the other hand, it is fun to watch him get progressively less retarded. He is like the Holla Forums pet project that we mock and humiliate into no longer being an idiot.

Britain made America tbh. Colonialism and imperialism are to blame again, and always.

This. Feminism though kinda cringe worthy sometimes is actually a force for good. I'm pro-life so I disagree with a lotta what they have to say, but I think society should be encouraging girls to be more "manly" when it comes to their likes and interests and how they're raised instead of putting them in a box from an early age with gender specific treatment.

There, I saved you trolls the bother of replying to this post.

The Star Wars prequels were okay.

Intelligence is genetic. No doubt. It's a Holla Forums strawman that the left thinks it's 100% environmentally determined. We just don't think it's 100% genetic either.

Labelling yourself as marxist leninist, leftcom, etc is retarded

Y tho?
Or alternatively we should stop pushing spooky ideas on our kids and just let them be themselves. Gender roles are some of the biggest spooks for both males and females tbh

The Thirteen Colonies were a mistake.

This is shite tbh
FS is way hotter anyway

You're all just as pleb-tier as me. The only difference is that I ain't scared to have Holla Forums associate my shitposts with a username that I wear like a badge of honour.

You anonymous cowards.

Race is real and it matters but I still think your default should be nice to non whites and you can even love them without it being some form of warped ethno-masochism(in rare instances)


The way boys are socialized is in my opinion the most natural way. Not perfect, but closer to it than feminization. That shit stunts growth as a person.

Start tripfagging instead.

Allende is the goat Demsoc

Is there actually a difference between SuccDems and DemSuccs?

Ready salted Walkers are the best Crisps ever.
democratic socialists aren't always reformists, that's a misconception thanks to succdems and fabianists using the label

Thanks brony sandals for changing a words meaning, fuck that guy

Rosa was a demsoc (not sucdem)

I think Hoochie Mihn and Afroplasm are quality members of this board.

idt he started it, but he certainly contributed. Now the population is confused even further about the difference between socdem, demsoc, reformism, and normal socialism

yeah about that the fuck is normal socialism

Well I guess I'll win this thread
there might be something to 'race realism'
150,000 years of divergent evolution in vastly different climates was bound to produce some differences in aggregate behavior
It remains to be seen what implications this will have for communism.

my understanding of DemSocs was that they're non-revolutionary socialists, as opposed to revolutionary socialists

Oh my

Admit Sam Hyde is funny. Now is your chance. I want your filthy lefty mouths to admit it.

I think that left should look into transhumanism more. It is final solution to human nature question after all.

t. newfag redditor

that's a common misunderstanding thanks to the DSA and Flaming Crocs, there are revolutionary DemSoc's

I'd like to know how does that work

they want socialism alongside a democratic system of government, the methods by which to attain it vary

Fascists can often become good leftists once they embrace it.

Christianity and Buddhism are the only 2 good religions. "Buddhism is more of a philosophy but oh well"

Oswald Mosely could have been amazing.

Liberals tend to be far worse than conservatives. At least conservatives admit to being spooked.


democratic worker ownership of the means of production

Imagine unironically believing shit like this

Fuck off Bernstein.

Man, I'm grateful you made that Fyre Festival video all those months back. It was my first insight into the world of Holla Forums and it's JaRule Stalin memes and leftist banter. Here I am a few months later, a Marxist-Leninist halfway through Das Kapital Volume 2. Uphold Marxist-Anarcho-Batkoist thought!

don't you have some ebin memes to upvote?

I don't really think 6 million jews doed in the holocaust. I've never really looked into it but I feel like that's a pretty big number

sorry Sam

He's transracial, you bigot!
Just like Talcum X a.k.a Shaun King.

It's true of women, not so much of men. If you haven't noticed black women and Asian women that date white men seem to shit all over the men of their own race and white women with black guys do the same to white men. On top of that they get really creepy when talking about mixed kids.

Men don't tend to do this so much.

Admit it.

Wew I can't imagine the hell you're living in.

This. I'm not even sure that's an unpopular opinion.

Duh, races are different. Anybody with a working pair of eyes can tell you that. What we disagree on is in what different groups of people are different from each other in. The concept of racial differences gets abused by people with political ideologies to shill a lot is all.

Afroaplasm on leftypol seems off to me but I feel like we woupd get along irl

It's actually a souvenir my sister got me on one of her trips to Ghana, but okay…

He really isn't tbh.

There is no valid reason to not know how to handle a gun as a leftist. If push ever comes to shove you should be ready.

Lift weights
Shoot guns
Read theory
Try not to touch your dick as much

This is Holla Forums, m8, not a TYT comment section. Your opinion's pretty popular here and so's Redneck Revolt.




Afroplasm will single handily kill every banker

The mainstream libertarian-right is about 30 years ahead of the left on a variety of social issues ("idpol") and vastly more dynamic and adaptable, while the left's approach is, at best, dogmatic and doctrinaire and, at worst, entirely defined by taking up contrary positions to the right regardless of other considerations.

Patriarchy is real but exists and has always existed in concert with "matrisensus" structures of female power roughly equivalent in influence.

Ernest Belfort Bax, despite being a Kautskyist revisionist, was right about the feminist movement in 1913 and most of his criticisms are even more salient today than they were then.

Men are physically superior to women.
That doesn't mean they should be treated wrong but to think a 5"11 180lb dude to a 5"4 100lb chick are equal is stupid.

Ancoms have a better chance at revolution in the west then MLs.

Europeans are not class conscious, so it's kind of weird how Holla Forums makes a point about shitposting about the American left or for the US being classcucked.

The left if revolution happened would simply replace their old masters and be content with having earned their own positions at the wheel.

Only one who would look out for the common man is himself.

In before defeatist.

yeah I'm sure you based that claim on hard-researched imperical evidence

Why do people keep posting this none argument?

Greater degree of viability is a bi-product of them not being arrested or murdered in the streets. The public displays of supposed "degeneracy" literally never happen outside of gay only circles like night clubs or marde graz, unless you live in an already that was already pretty content with nudity.

If you water down


Then no shit there is a gay agenda, it just doesn't have the contentions Holla Forums assumes it does.

Why does this bother you though? The fact is they probably would have committed suicide without this transition so they are either suffering and dead or peeing in the ladies washroom.

I would wager that genes are responsible for some portion in observed differences in these traits.


Your newfaggotry is truly endlessly amusing.

just filter namefags and tripfags

What is a race? Show me one.

I do not reach the same conclusion at all. What behaviour do you chalk up entirely to race?

Taco Bell is pretty good.

Western liberals are definitely trying to turn kids gay/trans tho.
But I think it's more of a fad than an agenda to have gay kids, maybe a way to tap in to their victim status for social capital, or for gay couples validate their own homosexuality.
It will turn around within a decade.

furfags are alright

An unpopular opinion: names, trips, flags, IDs are not bad, and the strength of message boards is not that they have the potential to be 100% anonymous, but that they do not require or encourage registration of user accounts

Were you on Holla Forums in 2003, 2004, 2005?

4chan's culture changed after forced anonymity was put into place – and not for the better.

In the east, no one gives a fuck whether people post with names or trips. Just attacking someone for using a handle is pretty shit tier trolling, dude.

yiff in hell

see you on the barricades, co-murr-ade


4chan was at its best when forced anonymity was in place. It was nothing but a secret club for m00t and his weeb friends before. The site fell off a cliff when the faggot took it away.

Yoshi is a girl.

Birdo is a boy

And everywhere else nobody but weaboos give a fuck how they do things in Grolious Nippon.

A lot of the posters here base their politics and ways of thinking on appeasing the far right, as they were formerly fascists themselves and this is not a good thing.
Leftist e-celebs are absolute trash as are their fans.
Smashies are the only effective movement today.
Feminism and queer politics are good and important, even more so now that they are being recuperated.
Cockshott can eat shit.
Stirnerism is an awful fad and is just a front for intellectual laziness.


Good post

What are these?

Forced user kinda kicked off Project Chanology. Were you around for that? The "anonymous is legion" shit is worse than a tiny blip of text that's incredibly easy to ignore.

Celeb culture in general is pretty shitty. Stirnerism is an awful fad, agreed. However – what is it you mean by "queer politics"? Stuff like letting 5 year olds have sex changes?

No matter what way you cut it, Gamergate was a reactionary "movement" based on right-wing paranoia. It was always about MUH CULTURAL MARXISM even in the beginning. It achieved nothing other than making e-celebs a lot of money and dragging more and more edgy teenagers into the aut-right.
As much as nihilism doesn't make any logical sense, we are all fucked.
Dostoevsky is not necessarily shit, but he is defiantly the worst of the classic Russian authors. Nabaknov was wrong about a lot of things but he was right about that.
P&V are shit, and if you like reading them for anything other than the novelty of it you are lying to yourself.
Paedophilia is bad, and even if hebophilia was a different thing that is also bad. Stop it.
Tuvan throat singing is the shit

- I like fascist aesthetics
- I think if there is going to be another attempt of socialism it will not be led by MLs but it will going to turn out exactly like the USSR and people will be pissed about it
- I think most Jews are outrageously good looking
- I like Asian girls but only in a sexual way, I can't stand them socially, and I also don't like these polished Japanese and Korean models that underwent surgery
- I think Kim Jong Un is a cool, sweet guy
- Stalin LITERALLY did nothing wrong at least about the things he actually had influence over
- Mao was a creep who probably molested little girls but I like some of his writings
- I fucking hate Traps and Twinks with a burning fashions
- I find younger chicks arround 17-20 years sexuality attractive, or older ones arround 28-40, but for some reason the middle ground doesn't do it for me
- Holla Forums is actually right about that most communists IRL are horrible parodies, but that ofc doesn't mean Holla Forums is much better
- I think right-wing girls are attractive
- I agree with a lot of Leftcom theory and analysis, especially the more cultural stuff, but I don't think it's relevant and the best we can do is ML state socialism at this point
- I think G20 riots were fucking retarded
- I hate Antifa and they really rub me wrong way
- the reason I want communism is because I rather want to read, be creative and talk about useless shit instead of actually doing labor productive for society

You just happened to say this in the gayest way possible.

I voted for Hilary Clinton because she was the lesser of the evils (factoring in the third party jokes), and all I did was walk down my fucking street and press a button. It was a good walk, I got a free sticker, and now people can't tell me I didn't vote. What was I suppose to do? Just sit in my house and watch youtube videos that morning?

Opposite for me. I love physical labor but the idea of fattening porky's wallet makes me sick. My family is mostley welders, electricians and machinists and I'm considering learning one.

To me communism means I could be the workhorse I want to be and it would acrually benefit my community.

No it didn't. Forced user was gone by the time that happened. You may as well try to blame m00t's web 2.0 front page. You could probably even make a better case for that.

You faggots haven't been imageboard culture since 2006, desu.

I actually think Israel is the only place in the MENA where socialism is even close to possible. Everywhere else is underdeveloped as fuck.

More to the point, making fun of weeaboos is imageboard culture. Anyone who doesn't know that is just a newfag.

Paedophilia is good. CP has long been the greatest chemo on imageboards. Anti-pedos are spooked as all fuck and cannot argue without appeals to morality.

I wrote Kareha extensions in 2008 and a few of the w4ch spam scripts. Yes I'm a total newfag



But can they maintain a communist society against the organized and well funded attempts of the bourgeoisie to overthrow their society?

Have you seen the original video that pic is from? If you have, what are your thoughts and how hard did you laugh?

I don't chalk any of it up to race to be honest. Just looks and the way some of us are built physically. I think the whole "blacks are aggressive" and "Asians are smart" shit has a lot less to do with genes than it does with socioeconomic status and Confucianism.

I'll whip out my dick. How's that for an observable racial difference for you?

Never had it since we don't get to have nice things in soggy little Britain.

My mum thinks it's a conspiracy of big pharma shilling transgenderism to net themselves lifetime consumers of hormones. Estrogen and testosterone are big money makers. Especially when you've hot the same customers coming in every week to stock up on juice/pills to keep their beards from growing back.

We'll all be able to observe your mulatto poop dick has the AIDS

Racial stereotypes work both ways famalam

This. I only namefag cuz it triggers Chan Hipsters.

I have aids? Fuck, that'll be one awkward phone conversation to have with your mum…

I registered Democrat to vote for Bernie Sanders because I live in a swing state.

Is that comic supposed to be Common Filth?

People deny this?

Not an unpopular opinion, comrade.

Don't feel bad bout your love for fascist/authoritarian aesthetics. Everybody that's ever made a gulag meme or praised Stalin """ironically""" prolly ain't that different from you. We're all edgelords here on Holla Forums.

I hate traps and twinks too, but antifa ain't that bad in my opinion.

Did it make you feel dirty voting for a political shill? Did you run yourself a hot shower for you to cry and hug yourself in for hours as you had flashbacks of how you voted for a woman who thought dabbing and making pop culture references was enough to get her elected?

You disgust me.

-Furry here, there is nothing inherently wrong with us or any other fandom, you're just singling us out because of the porn, oblivious to the fact that literally every fandom has it, you're just adverse because it involves animals. Furry is not bestiality (except feral) and cub is not pedo. They're drawings. Get fucked. On that note, ponyfags are ok.
-Too little credit is given to smashies, at least they have the balls to do something regardless of the cause which is more than basically anyone here sitting at a desk and typin away while claiming to have read Marx. Revolution will probably never come in your lifetime, so cause some trouble.
-Stirner is meant to be taken seriously.
-Bring back vigilantism, if someone tries to rob you, fucking shoot them. It doesn't matter if they were armed or not, their intention is to harm you. "Reforming" criminals is a waste of time, if they were healthy to begin with they wouldn't have robbed you; if they're a psychopath all you're doing is biding time until it happens again. No it's not your fault if you were born without a conscious but it's also not my fault that you're fucking everything up. Prisons are a waste of money. Life sentences are retarded, you're going to die in prison anyway, might as well speed up the process. Streetside executions; like Batman but with guns. I don't care if they're running away, shoot them in the back. Fuck the gulag, you're getting the bullet too.
-Police profiling usually isn't racial, it's behavioral. If you're nicely-dressed, walking normally down the street as a well-respectable black gentleman, the cops have no reason to bother you. But if you act like a nigger with oversized clothing, retarded swaying when you walk, visible weapon, being loud and obnoxious, the police have reason to suspect you're a criminal, as does any normal person. I like black people, but I fucking hate niggers.
-given that mentally ill people are more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violent crime, I am fully in favor of arming mentally ill people. The exception being psychopaths.
-the ability for someone to decide if they can have sex should be based on mental maturity, not age. If you can understand sex and the consequences you should be allowed to have sex with kids. It's not like we're going to see 40 year olds having sex with 6 year olds. Experience is what matters. You can rave on about muh feels but really where does age factor in? If you take a 30 year old man who doesn't even know what sex is and try to coax him into it, why do you assume he is able to make this decision simply because of his age? His mental capacity is no different than an uniformed child, and thus should not be based on age.
-I don't have problems with trannies as individuals but they're still mentally ill and need to be treated instead of normalized.

I cringed. I hate hoteps with a passion. They're so stupid I sometimes think they're a Cointelpro psyop to bastardize black power movements before they turn socialist like original Black Panther Party did under leaders like Huey P. Newton and Fred Hampton (PBUH).

You can't be a leftist without being a feminist.

Ancoms and tankies are consistently the worst posters on this board.

Dunno if I agree that there's other way to be a leftists if you ain't also a feminist, but yeah, feminism's actually something a queer bashing, abortion despising cis-het black male agrees with quite strongly.


god damn it read marx

Then why are you an ancom and not a mutualist?

Dude…after reading Marx, start some Lenin ok?

Gay agenda is real insofar as there are people who want to break down barriers so that you have the freedom to have relationships that don't fit the heteronormative mold without scorn from society

this tbh, Lenin actually had to deal with the reality of trying to put Marxism into practice. Marx had the luxury of being a theorist

He's banned

Please,remove this facebook screen. Facebook is so fucking awful

what's so awful about it, really

the couple I mean

If people couldn't build good socialism why computers haven't got a chance to do it?

1. She is transgender (this is awful)
2.They merried in prison or whatever
Want more?

Are you serious? He was like my favorite tripfag to bully :(

Doesn't work. How many people do you know that have benefited from antidepressants or therapy? Not many.

Engels was hypocrite. Marx was Romantic philosopher who expected that revolution will happen in the west

And individuals don't just have the average genes of their "race", so how is Marxist thought at all incompatible with this?

Fraid so. It'd be up by now if he wasn't a ban evading faggot.

There is zero chance we'll be able to create a new society. The nuclear option will be on the table before socialism - and that's in the very unlikely event that the pacified population starts a left wing revolution before it's too late and society collapses because of climate disaster regardless. The loss of the revolutions following World War 1 was the Endsieg of the bourgeoisie and we're now solidly on a one way track towards the end.



Nigger what? Stop watching stupid unrealistic movies. Planning algoritms arent fucking human-level artificial intelligences, it will take decades or more before we have those.

A communist society would still need to coordinate (ie plan) its economy.

Jesus Christ what is it about Anarcho Communism that just naturally attracts furries, weebs, and trannies?

Ah Christ I just read the part of the post in which he defends bestiality and pedophilia too. Anarkiddies make me fucking sick.

This thread shows that y'all spooked as fuck.
I hate being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
I think Bookchin had some ok ideas.
Leftcoms tend to be the best posters on this board.
MLs, anarkiddies, and Nazbols deserve only the wall.
Even though Marx was the better theorist, Kropotkin was cuter.
Groups like the DSA should not be abandoned and ignored by radical leftist despite their flaws and failures.
It doesnt matter if traps are gay or not, they are cute either way


I get the feeling you may one day fuck up and dox yourself, Afro.


Social justice is the reason why the left has been dead for decades. And the left is too ashamed of itself and too obsessed with pol to fight back it's own cancer

And i'm not talking just about idpol

You people should be fucking shot


the only thing funny about americans is watching footage of 9/11 with you fuckers crying and suffering. It's not just funny…it's hilarious.

Catholic leftists are utterly awful and I cannot stomach seeing people praise Pope Francis, or any sort of religious "socialism".
Engels > Marx.
American left wingers should focus on anti-imperialism rather than building socialism.
Accelerationism is foolish and dangerous.
Not all nationalism is the same or equally bad.

You are a personification of all things wrong with certain people on the left except for your opinion of trannies. Transgenderism should not be normalized.

Pride parades are horrendous and shouldn't be allowed

Why not

the computer is there to facilitate the goals that people have direct voted on thru e democracy. For certain things like natural resources you need to be able to have a birds eye view of the economy that comes from central planning, for example, if the state owns all factories and mines etc, its possible to set a goal of reducing the production of carbon emitting fuels by 2% for example, across the economy. In a decentralized system with no ability to share information or act on it in a coordinated way, this sort of thing is impossible. Working out optimal mathematical solutions to things like environmental problems across a whole economy is a huge advantage to socialism and you want to throw it away because you watched a few too many sci fi movies one night. We are light years away from strong AI and the programs used for doing economic planning are not the same as some crazy terminator scheme. This is the problem with non tech people commenting on tech stuff, they think google is just going to evolve into an AI or some shit - thats not how it works. It takes hard work from a bunch of smart people to make those systems run, its not fucking 'magic'

I know Neil Degrasse Tyson doesn't talk about it much but have you ever heard of "biology?"

I know Jordan Peterson doesn't talk about it much but have you ever heard of "anthropology"?

I agree.

Literally IdPol.


How is the existence of transgender people identity politics?

Jordan Peterson is a mediocre academic who got famous for arguing with a liberal once. The height of his intellectual achievement is muh postmodernism muh marxism. I will literally eat shit if without looking it up, Peterson can explain how the circuit of capital works in marxist economic theory.

But really, why not


He'd probably break down in tears as he usually does

Im really conflicted about this and im constantly asking myself why I want communism, is it just because im lazy? because I usually think of myself as lazy as Im not very good at following orders and I get bored of activities very quickly and I might see communism as an alternative, but at the same time I also do believe in the workers revolution for everyone else to benefit people and society.

You know you guys have to give reasons right? You can't just expect people will swallow your memes hook line and sinker when they clearly wont.


You need to be eradicated with the very hottest flames.

But are you actually "lazy" or is that just bourgeois ideology talking?

I've been thinking lately about biology and our interpretations of things like depression. On the one hand, we know there is a biological factor to what we call depression, that family members are likely to share a predisposition to it for example. I think it's also undeniable that circumstance is a factor too. However, I think if what we currently identify as depression was as prevalent in pre modern times as now, that society in general would have experienced significant problems. If the prevalence of depression has increased relative to then, then is it really a genetic predisposition toward depression, or just a natural reaction to being trapped in this sort of society?

So in regards to your situation, are you actually "lazy" etc or do you just find living in capitalism debilitating?

Not all nationalism/patriotism is the same, and it's not necessarily bad.

Marx never participated in a revolution. He never had to worry about how to build a functioning society in the midst of civil war, foreign invasion, trade sanctions, sabotage, etc. Therefore, criticising socialist revolutionaries only on the basis of "Marx actually said it would happen like x and y!" is lazy and literally utopian.

Any plan for the future needs to assume that a socialist revolution in country x will not lead to world wide revolution. It is naive to assume that this time around, socialist revolution will happen everywhere in a relatively short time. When revolution succeeds, the new government must have an idea of how to run the country, even in case revolution fails elsewhere.

- anti-natalists
- under socialism most people will become vegetarian/vegan
- organising leftist paramilitary groups will be essential in the next decade
- the pursuit of a libertarian society is necessarily authoritarian and that's a good thing
- 'trap' no longer means anything
- 'tankie' no longer means anything
- markets fucking suck
- stalin did very little wrong
- the eastern block was pretty good for proles as far a capitalism goes
- agrarianism is the shit and after the revolution the cities and suburbs should be razed to the ground

I didn't said being a transgender is IdPol. But Transgenderism is, because it implies transgenders should be like this & shouldn't be like that. Basically a spook &/or pure ideology.

What did she mean by this?

Literally incorrect.

Racism is gay

I guess maybe? I think I might just be 'picky' about my work, Like im willing to work sure, but not something that I dont enjoy, so maybe it is just the capitalist system.

I think what you mean is that transgenderism shouldn't be essentialized, rather than "normalized." Normalized has the connotation of being treated as a normal occurrence, or at least not a subject of popular comment. Like, Western females wearing pants for instance. Half a century ago it might have been seen as unusual, but it's since been normalized, as opposed to being seen as an essentially male behavior.

So why should it be considered a mental illness? How does interpreting it that way make it not a spook?

More importantly, and this is something I have never gotten a good answer for, why do you disapprove of the most effective method available i.e. transitioning? You can talk about how they "mutilate" their bodies but that just change the fact they feel significantly less shitty and less likely to commit suicide via this method. Why is mutilation inherently bad if it stabilises their mental health?

Stop listening to porky psychiatrists that approve or disapprove of transitioning. Stop listening to the media and SJW propaganda trying to pull you one way or the other.

Try listening to them. Look at the facts and realise these are your fellow proliferate that are being pushed into the arms of a borugiouse industry that only wants to benefit off them. Yeah sure, they are a little fucked, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't get help the only way that seems to work.

And if you can't do that, at least use from fucking logic because your spooky reasoning is just embarrassing.

nigga you're like that rapper who talks about the gay mafia.

Imma tell you something. All things sex are associated with Hedonism. If a guy/gal gets pleasure from fucking another guy/gal trust me he isn't retarded at all.
Whatever gets you a boner and you fuck. Do you can that action retarded? do you condemn lewdness?
I really can't blame people for fucking the people they consider hot. It feels good in so many ways.

Oh yeah I agree there these people would be better if they joined Antifa but can you blame them for doing what they want?
pic related PissPigGrandDad our leftist flowershop boy who never gave a fuck from San Francisco now in Rojava.

I would like to know why it triggers you, what is precisely "wrong" with it.

I've read that at any given time a person has only so much willpower to allocate to tasks that need doing or that they want to do, and once it's expended then regardless of your affinity for a task I becomes increasingly difficult to find the motivation for it. So spending all day doing things that you don't want to do kills your ability to do things you actually want to do.

Did ppgd go back to Rojava? I thought he returned to the States, or was that just temporary?

I'm the one who posted and not the one who just responded with "it's idpol"
When I talked about "not normalizing" transgerism, I meant not treating transgenderism as a great thing that should be encouraged but as the mental illness that it actually is.
Being transgender does not make you evil or a bad person and transgender people should be treated with human dignity, BUT it is not a positive thing or something one should be proud of, because then you will end up with tons of "transtrenders".
Gender dysphoria is a mental illness that causes the people who suffer from it pain, distress, anxiety, depression and often digust with your own physical body and should be medically treated so that the person suffering from it feels less shitty. Transitioning can be such a treatment.
There are many people who suffer from all kinds of mental illnesses yet those mental illnesses are not treated as something that should be celebrated, and rightfully so.
If you treat transgenderism as just another way of life you end up with a mindset that is similar to this "Healthy at every size" insanity that is so popular on tumblr and tons of mad liberals who are just gender-nonconforming yet call themselves transgender and demand to be included in woman spaces, or worse, people who force transgender-ideology on their gender-nonconforming children (which is child abuse and should be severely punished). Pic very much related

Also I suppose I gotta share one thing that bugs me about some people in Holla Forums too.

What I consider dumb by Holla Forums is without a single doubt Sacred Socialism/Communism. A bunch of you are spooked in some way like FinnishBolshevik that thinks the only way to achieve socialism is by Marxist-Lenninism which is ridiculous.

Y'all will just give rise accidentally to another Stalin. Well at least if a revolution ever happens. My point is… There is still a lot of Authoritarians here & that concerns me.
A lot of you also don't have the balls to criticize socialism since thats why your belief is like Stirner puts it: Sacred Socialism/Communism and not just Socialism/Communism.

Stirner had grounds to criticize the socialists sacred beliefs but he does not criticizes their theory for a reason. Because the theory is correct, but their spook of "man", "humanity", "the worker" these generalizations are wrong clearly. Socialism/Communism It's not the duty of anyone, nor it has to be. Only of those who want to.
Just like Mutualism, Syndicalism and every single of the other attitudes compatible with Anarchism.

This seems like an elaborate excuse to just say you hate liberals dude. There is no reason to be this hostile.

Hell, even trans people don't celebrate transgenderism. They think its shitty and just wish they were born the way they feel. Positivity on tumblr is an overreaction to get their point across. I don't know how many of these instances of the kid in pic related but I don't its anything other than marginal.

Besides, if its a mental illness, wouldn't Ryan have figured out he wasn''t a girl by now? He looks way older than three.

Stop falling for the spectacle.

I think he is still in Rojava. Otherwise he would have already made another account or YouTube account for his daily life.

Just be careful calling it a 'mental disorder', because it makes you sound like some aut-right retard with opinions completely opposite to yours.
I really don't think 'transtrenders' are a big issue. We have only recently entered an age where being trans and/or gender-nonconforming won't get you put in a mental ward, so obviously we're gonna see more of these people than ever before.

Also, this.

u cool

Cute alunya. Also I sort of agree. Although I dont think you have to call your self a feminist. As long as you think the genders are or should be equal, you are cool.

I agree. Sex without love is really not for me. But maybe im just a soft bitch idk.

Trots really are insane.

queer politics are bad. I blame queers for ruining fun for everyone, by turning even the worst fun into mere self righteous virtue signalling.

God bless the wordfilter

Yeah people who don't understand trans individuals really do not think things through enough.

They're still spooked af. Their spooks are
- Morality
- Sacred Nature
Mainly. For both ftm and mtf. I agree that technology/science is not yet refined enough for ftms and mtfs but I don't and will never condemn their existence because it is in fact possible.
I can see why it's shocking at first it's not a common sight. But for example who cares if a female to male trans is pregnant.

There will be moralists, fundamentalists and people who believe in "sacred nature" attacking them. Always. Every single time some one posts a ftm preggo you will always see a "it's not natural!", well bitch you're looking a it, it is in fact possible.

The fact is that Nature does not give a single fuck, everything physical is valid it's just that other retards disagree & get uneasy.
The individual has a vagina, a placenta and all the essential organs for reproduction.

No they're not wtf. They live under a State do you condemn their will to be freer under that state? If I was a hardcore closet bisexual in the 50s I would have done the same.

In an Anarchist community tho these people do not have to worry because everything is allowed an authority is not going to step over you to tell you what is wrong and whats right or what you should do. No one will force you. They won't even force you to stay, you want to leave because the union doesn't fits your interests then bye.


recent Holla Forums convert spotted

was Stalin a Holla Forums convert

For many posters here Holla Forums is the big other, they are trying to orient their leftism towards Holla Forums and adopt (or have never abandoned, which is even worse) Holla Forums's discourse, humor, memes, culture, and values with a leftist gloss. They are trying to become more Holla Forums than Holla Forums itself and leftism is just a cover for this.

i don't condemn their will to anything, i just blame them for ruining d-generacy by making it lame and pc

He came back, not sure where he is now.

Yes when it comes to people who actually suffer from gender dysphoria.

They decided to raise him as transgender from the age of three for fucks sake. Brainwashing someone from an early age is very effective.
There is the very small chance that Ryan would "naturally" end up as transgender but I think there is a way higher chance that he is just a normal cis boy who got indoctrinated by his mad parents.

Sure there is no "falsely assigned transgender" pandemic right now but there is a growing number of rabid "GIVE THEM PUBERTY-BLOCKERS" transgender-activists who won't listen to any objections and could not only ruin the life of many children but also reaffirm gender stereotypes instead of promoting gender-nonconformism through their activism.
Or do you think this here is no problem?

tf is even
but a personal spook of yours (and many other Holla Forumstards)?
elaborate don't be so vague, this is the thread for doing so.

Is that guy on the picture,You?

Why he is not starting a YouTube channel is he retarded? I would insta-sub. The dude is a very pleasant entertainer.

No, Stalin was just a tankie Socalist. Highly authoritarian retard just wanted the world under his boot. But at least he crushed Hitler, Nazism is dead thanks to his effort Communism is taboo among some retarded people due to his politics too.

it's not him

No. I've been a leftist for years, if anything I'm moving to the right on some issues.

guy in the pic is freddie gibbs

Hold the fuck up, anarchists are bound to slave morality? I tought they wanted to deconstruct more or less all hierarchies and get rid of any of any master-servant relationship that exist? Please elaborate, preferably without referring to smashie lifestylists.

Great, I forgot my smashie shitposting flag on. Typical and somewhat funny.

see this comic, for example

Genetics (add epi too or others if you will) codify the construction of the whole organism. The fact that other stuff is involved in the process doesn't change that.
Genes are what differentiates us from other species.
Some animals (like chimps) are markedly more aggressive. Some animals (like dolphins) are markedly more intelligent. Some are smaller, faster, more egotistical or altruist.
Of fucking course that all these gross physical and behavioural differences between species are genetic. Do people think that ants organize themselves for any other reason?
Lastly, species sometimes branch out into different species. In the process, the genetic drift makes all aspects of the animal drift to different places.

Of course, by definition, within a species traits will be very similar.
The question lies in how much genetic factors vary withing the human species.

But even if it turns out that because of some magical coincidence we literally all share the almost exact same intelligence genetic base, it wouldn't chage the fact that the base for intelligence is genetic, even if it presents no variation within the whole species.
Even the process of incorporating teachings and culture from the social context is genetic: We are born without knowing anything, we acquire all through pre-built empathy granted by evolution.

>This makes you not anonymous
This flagfagging brother knows the struggle I go through.

I agree, but come on. He called him newfag for the cringy "like a badge of honour" comment.
Look at my own badge of honour. I snibet a lot.

*snib* *snib*

Now, this is a decent reason.

The key difference is that I don't believe gender disphoria to be unlike other psycological disorders dealing with the rejection of our own body:
Ideas are contagious like viruses (meeems xD), and they spread even if the host is damaged in the process (much like viruses).
In a culture obssesed with beauty people damage themselves to be thinner, prettier, shapier, and it becomes harmful. Capitalism plays on your sense of self-worth to desire something else.

I don't know the origins of GD. Maybe in a culture obssesed and bombarded with the commodification of female beauty, disenfranchised men wanted to consume that too.
Maybe it's just how the growing social alienation impacts some people.

Whatever the case, you want to avoid some ideas.
We do that all the time.
Don't tell me capitalist greed is not a contagious idea to be avoided. Wouldn't you like to live in a leftist country?
I'm an atheist, and sure as hell my children will not be taught to be christcucks. If a teacher at school teaches them secretly, I'll rain hell on Earth on them. I don't want my children exposed to bullshit ideas like religion, nor capitalist greed, and certainly not the idea that our genders are fluid and that turning your own dick inside out is healthy.

I don't want my friends to go through this. I don't want my newborn family members to go through this. Eventually, I will not want to risk my children to go through this.

Idgaf about trans people, but I will never say it's not a disorder that should be dealt psycologically only.

so it's just because you find it cringy? jesus how retarded.

tumblr comics always draw in the same style.
Dude tbh the comic is cringy yes, the fetish itself is cringy but it does have a point that sexual satisfaction reduces anxiety, it produces serotonin (chemical happiness).
That shit even if it doesn't involve sex, is sexual.

You're not good explaining yourself well tbh.

I think I can elaborate. Most people want d-generacy to be fun and thrilling, but these liberals are systematizing it. They're laying down all these doctrines about how people are supposed to correctly engage with it. D-generates who would normally be marginalized consequently more prone to radicalism are instead invited into liberal space as another lifestyle variation. But only if they practice d-generacy in a certain way. That comic is a good example not because it's cringeworthy (that's a side effect), but because it's didactic. It takes d-generate behavior, which fundamentally is supposed to be anarchic and deviate from norms, and creates an orthodox version of it. The process is just another example of commodification and capitalism incorporating potentially radical elements into its superstructure.

It won't be because races don't exist. Africa is the most genetically diverse place on the planet, the average greek and the average norwegian share more in common than two africans on different coasts. Yes your average race "realist" will say their both niggers and depending on the skin tone and face of the greek may say they're white or not. It's never based on genetics, they have preconceived notions and cherry pick data that suites their needs. They'll shout from the hilltops about haplogroups prove race yet have never picked up a genetics textbook or could even give you the definition of a haplogroup. Even stormfront has a sticky saying you'll be banned if you ask what "white" is because so many go there to ask from the horses mouth what empirical way you can tell someone's race. Even they don't know.

That's exactly what all slave moralists want. They want to universalize servitude and weakness.

I'll stop it the second you produce any evidence at all for your belief. This will never happen, of course.


trannies have always existed. many cultures recognise a third gender of femenine male born people, ie. samoa, thailand, southern italy. The evidence points to there being a neurological basis for transgenderism. trannies are neurally intersex, their brains have both male and female features

As some other posters have said, American leftists' attitude about the age of consent is seriously fucking retarded, not only because of the issue itself but because their attitudes about it reflect negatively on them with regards to many other issues. has it right in saying that libertarians are better on social policies. US leftists just screech idiotically about exploitation they have absolutely no evidence for. Every movement has spooked idiots, but when a movement calls itself progressive you'd expect them to at least listen to other points of view. Leftists want to censor us, though. We have people here now unironically calling free speech and scientific evidence liberal buzzwords, which should upset many different groups. If these people are the left, I don't want to be part of the left anymore. In the event that a socialist revolution ever happened with the left's current leadership at the helm, the society they create would be every bit as bad as the one we have now.

mentally yes. physically no. The progress made in science is finding these individuals a way to their desired physicality.

gender is a spook.

Women are more likely to be reactionary than men are, and even though they're less publicly vocal about it, they're more likely to teach kids to be reactionary.

I dunno I'd be concerned about the baby if they were on hormones or something like that. Seems like the sort of thing that could cause problems and birth defects are tragic and horrifying.


there are 0 birth defects. a lot of ftm have been preggo already. The NatGeo one wasn't the first one. It is already fact that it works just fine.

lactation tho needs to be formula, can't be breast it won't lactate.


Stirner is meant to be taken however you want. Thats the whole point about everything Stirner does.

Didn’t play that game. Please explain.



The mods on this board absolutely hate it when a poster criticizes feminism. They go on a deleting spree.

It won’t class relations will still exist.


The porn is the only thing about Furries i like.

You're not the only one who's noticed this.

Afroplasm is actually a cool dude and I would hang out with him irl because we prolly don't live far despite his continual imageboard faux pas and the fact that some of his opinions are shit

I think Arabs are in the same race as whites and if a white ethnostate was ever formed Arabs should be let in.

Ancom Gang is truly enlightened.

the whole suicide argument can be made (and has been) for gay people as well

There's literally nothing wrong with using eugenics to eradicate heritable diseases, as long as it is done by preventing people from being born in the first place (i.e. abortion after prenatal screening).

The namefag life ain't for everybody.


I think that people who post on Reddit or Tumblr should not be on Holla Forums.

Didn't even know they were a thing. I don't know a lotta religious people full stop, least of all leftist Catholics.

Everybody in London's an atheist or "I dunno…used to be…" if that makes sense. I think Britain's just an irreligious country in general.

Oh, Twitter retards, too.

Too far, man. Too far.

Glad I could inspire your rage.

I'm the exception, not the rule.

Oh yeah? Who's your favorite artist then?

You think people are gay just because they want to be "degeenorute"

This chart makes no sense when you consider that people who speak languages belonging to The Afro-Asiatic family like Ethiopians, Somalis, Algerians, Tunisians, Saudi Arabians, Iraqis etcetera were all part of the same tribe that spoke the same proto-Afro-Asiatic language in modern day Ethiopia around 35,000 years ago.

Nah, but the ones who act like hyper-feminine stereotypes that feel the need to let everybody know how much they like ducking dick get off on the thrill though.

Parenting ain't a build-a-bear workshop for babies. Diseases and birth defects should be weeded out, but not perfectly healthy genetic traits just cuz they don't live up to people's Übermensch ideals.

uhh so what dude. are you going to put laws on acting. are you authoritarian for real?
do you hate on people for doing whatever the fuck they want? really.
It's like the other user. You just find it cringeworhy, stupid. Sure.
But who cares.


ur gay af

No, but people are gonna be free to tell you how much of annoying dick you are when you act like that. Fuck Pride rallies too. Tone that shit down or it ain't happening out in public during the day where children might be exposed to your faggotry. Aside from that gays and lesbos can live peaceful lives and can even marry if they feel like it.

Not transsexuals though. They're getting the psychiatric care they need from the state if they come out as anything other than the gender they were born as.

Yeah. None of these individuals care through.

lmao Moralism

Gender is a spook niggi. The only physical thing is sex.

Bathrooms, Toys, Clothes don't care about who use them what matters is if that the individual enjoys them. Female, Male labels don't mean anything to reality.

I don’t have one. I just search images on google.

It is not necessary to abolish the value form in order to have a stateless classless society

Genetics=/=Linguistics The chart is based on genes.

Animay is for fags

dropped your flag

Trannys are mentaly ill and need to stop grandstanding, making everything about them.

I don't care if this "erases" their contributions, it's annoying.


I believe the liberal lgbt rights movement is ruining fun for everyone. you can't get fucked in the ass anymore without it being a political statement.

I make everything about me and I'm a dude.

nah just liberals in general, liberals have always been pro-capitalism retards.

Varg is right about the inevitable collapse of civilization in the future.
Also Nordics/Scandinavians Anglo-Saxons are the only legit group of white people.

They have the exact same East African ancestors going back just a few ten thousand years. You don't think they're more related to each other than they are to Indo-Europeans who split from them round twice as long ago?

Alright, here's one for you.


What bout Slavs and Celts? They're pretty white too.

but it literally isn't. Mutualism is not a class society and one cannot arise

You unpredictable thought criminal, you.

Looking at places like Greece and the UK they have set up squats for the poor, homeless and refugees they have made a hospital for people. Meanwhile the MLs are bogged down in useless parliamentarianism that has accomplish nothing for the people.

Some will be able to and some won't.

This. Can't think of a single way gender dysphoria ties in with class struggle.

None of them will. You ain't gonna overthrow Porky when capitalism's on it's last legs and goes full fascist with just a loose buncha militias from democratically run workplaces. There's gotta be order which means a vanguard party for at least a couple generations after the spread of socialism.

really gets the noggin joggin

Unless communism for you has nothing to do with emancipation?

Gay orgy with twinks and muscle now please

Dude what? Language isnt genetics. African americans arent genetically english and french, spanish, portuguese, romanians or latinos arent genetically roman just because they speak a latin language.

While I'm highly skeptical of the claims of racial "scientists," I don't really care whether race realism/HBD is true or not- It's irrelevant to realizing communism, and custom genetic modification will be available soon anyway.


Emancipation from classism, sexism and racism all part of Porky's grand plan labour exploitation. There's nothing Marx can do for people who think they're men/women trapped in male/female bodies.

Kids seems to be reacting like a normal kid would, one laughing, one screwing his face up, the other looking at the guy like he is a cunt. Parents seem okay to bring them to the event. What is the problem exactly?

Are you pretending dicks don't exist or something? Is there one between your legs? That kid sees one himself every time he goes to the bathroom

Grow the fuck up

All Afro-Asiatic languages evolved from the same root and split apart over time though. They weren't "adopted" by people of different races, Afro-Asiatic people *became* different races dependent on which directions they migrated in.

Watch this video. It explains it pretty accurately:

The frist kid is just watching, doesn't likes that shit just there for a typical liberal(tm) family trip.
The second is obviously gay and is doing what he wants. But he is not getting raped or anything. No violence, no authority over him there forcing him to anything.

Your point being?
d3generacy is a spook dude grow up

If my parents took me to an event like that I'd call child line, m8. The overly sexualized nature of Pride rallies ain't something you should be seeing that early on in life. Hell, most adults don't wanna see random people's deflated sausage tits or two men simulating BDSM sex on a podium either.

U fag

also you didn't address anything about gender. So yeah at least you pretty much confirmed here that your issue, your spook is a moralist one.

nude beaches in the GDR were very common and popular for people of all ages. you americans need have some weird issues when it comes to naked bodies.
maybe the little boy dancing weird could be a point but it's hardly any worse than what tribal kiddos do or american little girls dressed like hookers on TV

Gender specific behaviour, likes and interests (makeup, WWE etcetera) are spooks. No arguments here. Don't let nobody tell you girls can't be astronauts or boys can't find kittens adorable.

Your cock and balls ain't socialized into existence by society though so excuse me if I don't act like they don't exist.

Slavs are the product of the rape that the Mongol/Asiatic hordes did to the Scandinavian and other populations that inhabited the most eastern parts of Europe.
The difference between Anglo-Saxons and Celts is so minimal as to be insignificant.

interesting, you should try editing this into the wiki page as it is lacking on the informations you just shared

I agree with this those are sexual organs. But Trans individuals do not care about that, maybe someday the technology gets advanced to the point where they can have the respective sexual organs too but for now thats not possible, they can only change their bodies sexual chemistry.

But even then these individuals are aware of all that and choose what they choose for their own reasons. Not because of mental illness. It's simply because they like it that way, they live a more satisfactory life that way, it's their the enjoyment of their owness.

That is due to pressure, not fitting in and a bunch of other (mostly) environmental reasons.

Just like the ones of blacks for committing crime. You should know this well. No individual is a generality, everyone is unique from each other.

You know I actually remember a fucking dumbass ranked list made by a femnazi about #privilege between races and gender, etc.
the dumbass bitch put women obviously at the bottom and put trans individuals in the middle. Hahahah if anyone has it post it please.
In reality when it comes to "socially accepted" trans are easily the least. But that doesn't surprises me, they're whats new, an uncommon sight.

your beef with that shit is something that unbiasedly you could just google tbh.

even through you're never going to actually bring your family (and future children) to one. So idk why you even care. Later man, good luck.

unlike a lot of folks here I'm pro-gun

feminism, transgenderism, and gays are borg idpol shit that was condemned in the eastern bloc. basically no kids = no service to the state

tribalism is humanity's surface nature, egoism is their core nature. building an ideology of them alone doesn't work in the long run

transhumanism should only be used in military purposes.

Russians are the most non-European group of Slavs and even they're still like 80% white. The rest of their DNA's a mix of Middle Eastern, Jewish and Central Asian ancestry with a percent or two from The Orient.

I still think they and all the rest of the Slavic Peoples are white though.

I'm a Britbong and I ain't got a problem with nudity…as long as it's at special beaches or in private.

They kill themselves cuz there's no hope of them actually becoming the gender that they want. Don't put this on society, nature's the reason why they can't be who they wanna be.

Is Rachel Dolezal black? Nah, but she wants to be cuz she's so consumed by self-hate going way back to her childhood (prolly). Are we telling her to keep putting on fake tan and getting a perm or are we telling her to get counselling so she can figure out how to love herself and the skin she was born in?

I don't know where you got the idea that Holla Forums is anti-gun. At all. If you're a recent Holla Forums convert start reading books.

Newfaggot shut your mouth.

Yo the second one is fake. Literally anti-gay propaganda to poke at your feelz.

right wingers have never ever said anything true

are you deliberately trying to pretend to be me?

Dolezal is fucking weird, and decided to larp as a black lady because she watched an old tv programme with nekkid african titties

The gender is imaginary nigguh. They're already on that belief, their brains already of "female behavior" so they're already female in gender. Anyway they don't kill themselves because physically they can't become fully women with vaginas. Pretty sure they do like their cocks a lot, but idk I'm speculating here ask them individually everyone has different tastes.

It is society, the reason is exactly on the environment of modern society. Similar to how blacks are alienated sometimes but obviously not completely the same.

No since nature doesn't gives a fuck. Only society does. Physically you mean? like a total woman with sexual organ (vagina) and all? Then the reason would be science/technology/progress because it hasn't got to that point yet. But hey a lot of them seem to be comfortable with only changing their body's chemistry like I said before.

The fuck? Ethnicity is physical so no. All I know is that she is mixed but way less than me for example, she is more Caucasian than I am.

Neither. She can do what she wants. I'm not concerned in the least.

But idk what you're trying to get here. Gender isn't physical, it's a label, a belief.

Cops and soldiers can be a useful asset for the Revolution.
The Police itself doesn't protect the bourgeoisie, it does so because it serves the State.

if you want to degеnerate into a primitive state of being a naked ass monkey, then do it somewhere where I wouldn't be able to see you

as soon as our primitive ancestors started to develop first hunter gatherer societies, they started to cover their dong under a piece of cloth
I wonder why

Reminder that gender has a biological basis because our hormones directly affect the way we see the world.

Reminder that all the mentally ills who push the "gender is just a spook" meme should all just shut the fuck up and accept that they are mentally ill.

fucking kys you dumb fag


Most do it for the wage actually.

Attitudes towards nudity vary wildly from place to place and the current taboo around it tends to be because of Victorian cultural hegemony rather than some universal aversion to nakedness.

it can be determined by hormones yes. attitude changes a little because of hormones, everything inside the brain is in the end chemistry.
but doesn't that assets even further the point that trans mtf are female and ftm are male in gender.

That doesn't helps the point you're trying to make, on the contrary.


Mostly so you don't get your bits cut up by grass and shit. For women, it keeps sand or dust out of their vag.

After that, all clothing becomes a form of bodily expression because we all like to be productive.


Gender is in the mind.
Sex is the physicality.

By taking hormones thats how trans individuals even further become female or male in gender. And chemically to. It's their choice to be more female or male.

I'm still pretty fucking reactionary and spooked on race/culture/etc. compared to most on Holla Forums, I just think capitalism is fucking cancer and realize that all demographic and social problems have there base in economics which leftists try to answer because rightwing economics is babytier. Also it helps that discussion here is way better and I can discuss/debate my ideals rather than lock myself up in an echo-chamber.
Most anarchists are the worst kind of leftists and most of them I met irl are just closeted liberalsAncomms are pretty bro-tier tho

I want to knock the fuck out of this dude with my knucks tbh. If i ever see him will do.

Oh btw since you love him and you're a Holla Forumstard nazi typical "I dun support dëgenerates" type. pic related.

Everybody works for the wage. But other things go also into consideration.

in a socialist society they won't have this kind of choice
not because of criminal offense, but because of opportunity costs

what are the opportunity costs of a new hormone therapy drug?
cheaper and better diabetes medications?
cheaper and better heart disease medications?
cheaper and better vitamin supplements?
take your pick

I'm sure capitalists will take all the fluid people refugees fleeing from muh socialist dictatorship and staff them full of hormones for their money

The need for these things under socialism would also be greatly diminished because the capitalist root for their necessity would be gone.

A lesbian cop committed suicide. Lefties get triggered

Lefties stop crying about "dark days" and the "future of our [white] children" ever since Obama left office

all cops should follow her example

good cop is dead cop

nothing has ever drown me to technocracy as much as this picture.
death to idpol
death to afroplasm
all hail the glorious technocracy of Howard Scott!

Not true. Arabs are genticly closer to whites then Africans. They just have similar languages. That dosen’t mean they have the same ancestors.

Howard has a futa fetish
his first decree would be to start a state program to create a first artificial futa to serve his deviant sexual needs

man how much more useful these individuals would be if they were on our side. I don't mean the police force but those working in the police force but unsatisfied with their current conditions. Jesus.

It could make everything easier having a mole inside the police force.

Well the genetic evidence says they were.

Sure, brah.
Believe in whatever makes you happy.
But when civilization crash you will be deported back to your sand tribe to pass your days jelqing camels and seeking cover from the sand storms.
I'm sure it'll be super fun.

I thought he was into traps


I have blond hair, blue eyes, pail skin and an Autism Level of 129.

Fuck word wordfilters.

sorry, I'm bad at differentiating between flavors of degеneracy

90% of people here are pro-gun.

wew, you sure are valuable specimen
you should be preserved as a rare museum exponent
we can't let such beauty age

well, maybe he's in furry traps?

You sure.

hey the kid wanted to dress up like a whore and twerk at the sex parade, his choice not mine. Do you seriously expect me to believe an 8 year old is capable of coming up with that routine on his own?

seriously, some of the stuff I've read about 'queer theory' seems almost designed to stoke up the fears of conservatives regarding 'recruitment' and 'cultural marxism'. there are people who believe pre-schools are promoting 'heteronormativity' and should be engineered to promote homosexuality instead. you can't make this up. Also there is the weird sense of superiority many gays have, ie. thinking their sexuality is inherently politically radical and somehow all the world's problems would be fixed if they promoted it and got rid of the family. that's imo idpol bullshit based on dodgy 1960s views of sexuality. it gives the left a bad name

calling something a spook means 'i don't want to think about this' 90% of the time.

Stirner was btfo by Marx in the German Ideology, a work that shows Marx' mastery of the shitpost form

even the ego is constrained by the material world. Marx leaves young hegelian word games behind and presents a practical programme for changing the world and realising the freedom that remains purely theoretical in Stirner.

the knee jerk reaction of muh spook at the slightest mention of trans issues merely means 'i don't want to think about this'

besides, isn't the raising of the ego to the status of a normative subject self defeating and paradoxical af?

millions of those who grew up in the consumerist west are stirnerites without knowing it.

Holy shit somebody alert the synod

and not to get all pop pysc but seriously I don't think i've looked at a young person and thought "THAT KIDS DRESSED UP LIKE A WHORE" kiiinda says a lot about you

Well, that makes Pride a wholesome, family friendly event to attend then!

Her parents adopted two black orphans too. I bet they listen to Peruvian pan flute music at home. Liberals…

If gender's imaginary why can't they be happy with being men or women who're into non-gender stereotypical shit then?

It's called being a tomboy or a Nancyboy.

wats this?

Unbelievable that you even need scientific proof for people to accept this reality these days…


gender is the way you experience the sexual dimorphism of your brain.

wew, deleting my posts because I don't agree with you that sexual deviants should have the right to shove their dongs into people's faces


That's my satirical meme though so you finding it funny makes you an agent of Afroplasm!

Cold war turning hot would have been better than what we have now.

I'm late to the party, but whatever :
- Leftist activists IRL make me cringe. Most of them are either MLs LARPing as if the Cold War wasn't over or anarcho-liberals who forgot the concept of class struggle. I feel uncomfortable when they chant slogans around me at a protest 90% of the time.
- Nick Land is probably right. Communism might never happen even as the contradictions of capitalism get continuously more apparent.
- Jehu is also probably right. We should ask for a drastic reduction of work hours, but the left is too retarded to do that.
- I like Zizek but I see psychoanalysis as an outdated method for exploring the psyche.
- The G20 protests just showed how far removed from labour issues the left is today. It was almost all about migrants, LGBT people and also climate change a little bit. I don't think I've witnessed a sign or slogan talking about work there. No wonder why Holla Forums thinks we are SJWs.
- I haven't read her book yet, but from what heard in interviews, Angela Nagle's analysis of internet culture war is spot on. The ones who don't like her are only perpetually offended liberals seeking to show how morally righteous they are and anons who can't stand being the subject of a sociological study.

Nah don't care actually. Just think it's funny to point out when someone is being effortlessly manipulated by propaganda.


No one ever watches the video or scans the article or reads the book, because doing so might introduce them to contradictory information or ideas, and then they might have to admit they were wrong.

It's fucking ridiculous. The video's like 3 minutes long.

The video makes no mention of genetics. I know about the Afro-Asiatic languages already.

What do you guys think about this d-generacy?

(Something purposefully hurtful, over inflammatory and mean)
Haha just kidding user. I'dnever respond with something like that :^)

I liked the book, but that is an extremely charitable take


I'm an egoist actually but egoism leads to anarcho-communism so I use the flag.

Why do nazibols condone webm related?

WEW well
I think trannies are gross, ok people but they creep me out
I believe reverse racism is real, and can't stand people who blame others for all their problems, especially "all white people/burgers". As if I, a poor white prole who can't even afford cable am responsible for your problems, the "imperialism" you experience. Really tired of this shit coming from some supposed leftists who are obviously racist

Wtf is this webm

I'm in favor of Russia-style laws that make promoting homosexuality illegal tbh.
Like you can go to an underground sex club and be as disgusting as you want there, but the media really shouldn't be broadcasting your fetish to children or parading it down the street as something normal or healthy. It's not.
Homosexuals and trannies get sick/addicted to drugs/commit suicide at an astronomical rate compared to healthy people. Rather than a lifestyle, it's an extreme sexual fetish with extreme side effects.

Sounds like the kids are Holla Forums regulars.

nice backwards causality faggot

Post scarcity is a meme which is practically unachievable
People are best at working one job for their whole life, not choosing whatever job suits them
The problem of incentive to work hard is difficult without labour vouchers/some form of scarcity
Holodomor happened
Collectivized farming may not work very well
Anime is largely shit
D*generacy (unsure if the wordfilter still applies) is kind of a real thing, and its bad
I know, I'm barely a leftist

Trannies and feminists are driving away perfectly rational people with their blatant rejection of reality.
Whether or not that'll matter remains to be seen.

So homosexuality somehow causes extensive drug abuse? Because if it doesn't, then problems lie elsewhere and it is unjustified to legally discriminate homosex. Also do you even know what anti-homo laws Russia actually has?

You're acting primitive af tbh fam

Some Ancoms are brotier but most anarchists don't do shit except for smashies. Nazbols are also autistic shitposters and nattrot gnag is bettre

Yeah, it wasn't the qualifier to describe it as it is a non-academic work, but still, anons often have an aversion to any attempted analysis of their behavior, which is understandable considering that we are often misunderstood (to put it naively), yet their rebutals are childish and needlessly contrarian more than often.

Sweden because, why not.

My computer dosen’t load .webm files. But I’m very collectivist. Opposite of egoism. But how does egoism lead to anarco-communism?

Late capitalism is wild. i mean, trans people do exist, but the whole thing is also being commodified and turned into a fad by virtue signalling liberal yuppie parents.

So you don't want to get fucked in the ass because people you don't like also enjoy getting pumped in the butt? With that logic you should stop visting chan boards because people who you don't like use them as well.

strasserism isnt that bad, neither is natsyn

This so much. Putin may not be /ourcomrade/, but he's got the right attitude when it comes to dealing with homosexuals and their culture. Don't outlaw it, but drive it underground like all fetishes and kinks like swinging, BDSM and "pup-play" or whatever the fuck that shit where people pretend they're dogs for kicks is called.

But it makes light of the fact that all Afro-Asiatic peoples descended from the same Ethiopian tribe just 30,000-years-ago. Same tribe, same ancestors, same ancestors, same DNA. It's pretty self-explanatory to be honest.

What your opinion on this?


Unpopular Black Pill bombs

- Working class revolution is never going to happen. Workers are too docile for that to ever happen.

- Society is gynocentric (biased in favor of women).

- The vast majority of the working class in the First World are parasites. If all 7 billion+ people lived like the First World, the world's resources couldn't sustain human life on earth. You can only really make the case potentially that homeless people in the First World are exploited. And that's only due to labour and housing regulations. If the minimum wage was lower, they would have a job. If you were allowed to fit 10 people to an apartment like in the third world or you were allowed to live in tiny houses or metal shacks, they would have housing.

But Putin's laws were literally put in place as decoy for his economic failures. They are not ideological in the slightest.

Worst, their logical conclusion is a Chechenya style manhunt.

There genes don’t descend from the same tribe. There languege does.

homos in the 20th century: Foucault and William S. Burroughs

homos in the 21st century: that couple from Modern Family

wtf happen?

I bet gay black dudes make you rage the most.

i agree with you on the gay agenda, OP. It makes me even more sick that their issues often take the place of race issues in places like the US.

For example, people give a shit about some gay white dude or trans dude than fixing American ghettos. Maybe i'm just a bit more slanted toward race and class and how they relate, but I swear this shit really grinds my gears because I can tell how much it pisses black people off when their legit problems are pushed aside so two fags can get married and recognized by the bourgeois state.

Another huge issue is the subtle encouragement of generally sketchy shit like pedophilia among gay men. They love joking about rape and how 'cute' young boys are, and i would say it gets pretty fucking creepy sometimes, more so than i've ever seen with straight men even. Some gay dudes straight up are pedophiles and use their 'oppression' so people overlook this.

And this goes for a lot of issues tbh, not just "the gay agenda". I'm tired of the left not calling out anyone for just being a generally reacitonary fuck, it shouldn't just be white guys all the time. Blacks, feminists, queers, i don't care who you are, if you wear a badge, you're a capitalist, or you think you're immune to your own criticism, you can get fucked, seriously. This is possibly the biggest reason i am not in a leftist org right now!

As for myself, I think religion is fucking cancerous and stupid, in this regard I'm worse than Sam Harris. I get that we shouldn't be antagonistic toward muslims but i do believe the left panders way to much to oppressed people and coddles them.

Solidarity i am absolutely for – what i'm not for is faux-solidarity, which most lefties seem to believe, and what the right often makes fun of. This is the stupid shit like, to be a commie, you must let minorities fuck your white wife, you must enjoy butt stuff, in general, you aren't entitled to being yourself so long as you aren't harming people or attempting to harm others via political means.

That kind of stuff is a serious problem and I think the left would be more popular if they countered all this rhetoric on a consistent basis. Unfortunately it won't happen, college kids identifying as leftists dominate people's understanding of what "leftism" is and its a lost cause in america unless someone bothers to pick up a fucking book.

20th century homos were the best

wow, tbh, couldn't disagree more. they are the most untrustworthy bc they are illiberal enough to become communist but anti-communist enough to go fascist at a moment's notice. i find them completely untrustworthy.

this becomes more apparent when looking at the 1919 failed revolution in germany… but idk im just meme-ing at this point

i don't hate south americans, i always thought they were pretty based since leftism has long had such clout down there.

but if you hate me, then i guess fuck you too, comrade!


Porky wouldn't dare nuke their own source of capital.

Gamergate got coopted the second Holla Forumsyps got involved. It went from "lets laugh at the absurdity of video game journalism" to "sjws are government tools that are using video games to brainwash people"

I don't want the absolute worst rightist shit heads converted to the left, nerds and geeks and dorks are fine

But we need to draw a limit. Sometimes someone is irredeemable beyond help, and we shouldn't be looking for their help.

Most serious Holla Forums Holla Forumsyps fall into this category

Nah, the shaved head, Doctor Martens and bomber jacket wearing neo-nazis kick it on Stormfront. 8/pol/ are just racist weebs that think they're too cool for the normies on 4Chan.

This is the one good thing you said. The rest is concerning. You should probably seek help.

Whatever. Homosexuality's still a BDSM-tier lifestyle choice. Fuck who you wanna fuck, even marry another girl or guy if you want, just don't try to pass it off as more important to society than it actually is.

So how did people from The Horn Of Africa start speaking languages that formed a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family 30,000-years-ago before Semitic, Berber and Coptic even came into existence? Don't tell me they all started speaking Cushitic languages cuz Semitic Arabs "introduced" them to them. Remember, Cushitic languages are the second oldest branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family so Ethiopians, Somalis and Djiboutian people have been speaking them pretty much from the get go.

Can I post my possibly misinformed theory regarding dialectic materialism?

Or would that be off-topic

t. Milo

Spot on. This is me to a T. Shit, even right now Charlemagne "Women Run The World" Tha God's being boycotted and having his life threatened by "black trans women of colour" cuz one of his guests made a joke bout how he'd kill a tranny if he/she/it tricked him into fucking by telling him he/she/it's a woman.

They're so fucking loud and annoying…

I hate sexuality in all of its forms and want to live in a world where people asexually reproduce. This also gets around all eugenics / muh genetics arguments because all life would be artificially constructed.

Also I think a state is more or less inevitable regardless of communism, which pisses off the anarkiddies. Monopolies on violence over a given area can happen without money and are driven by forces besides economics and debt-collecting. Of course a capitalist or any money economy requires a state in order to function, but it doesn't follow that communism will magically eliminate humanity's tendency towards violence and the need to counteract said violence.

I voted for Hillary Clinton, something I regret more and more as the Hillbots get crazier and crazier.

I believe everyone who promoted eugenics should have been dragged out and shot as traitors to humanity. This would mean a lot of dead bodies, but it would have also meant no Hitler, no Cold War as we know it, and a much better world by 2017.

Like OP I think there's something wrong with homosexuals and the promotion of such lifestyles. I don't hate gay people or think they need to be converted to straightness (see point 1), but based on my observations it's disordered behavior and correlates to other forms of mental distress. I've seen enough fucked up shit just from talking to some homosexuals and hearing their stories.

I'm former incel turned volcel, though that's not really an opinion. It's a lot easier now that I'm an old fart and I wish I didn't waste so much of my youth chasing after women who despise me.

I hate marijuana and don't want to be around it. The only thing I agree with is that the drug war is bullshit and people shouldn't be imprisoned over it.
Living in a city (population approx 100000) with a fucking marijuana dispensary for every 100 or so people colors my view. There is no meaningful medicinal value to marijuana that I can think of, and the leaps of logic pushed by MM advocates are ludicrous (but I needz to SMOKE it!!!11)
I also hate potheads and drug culture enthusiasts. I'm kind of hypocritical because I'm a tobacco smoker who swears by nicotine as effective for my mental well-being, but tobacco smokers don't make a habit out of being raging shitwads.

I loathe educational institutions and credentialing and think the universities' property should be opened up unless it is something crucial like a particle accelerator or telescope that can only be useful to specialists. I think educational credentialism is really at the root of a lot of this society's problems.

I don't think capitalism explains the totality of human shittiness or that it is an inherently "evil" system. It's a system that is prone to crises and a system that will inevitably fail, but it's not like you can overthrow capitalism and expect everyone to be suddenly nice. Ofc large sectors of the capitalist economy like FIRE are bullshit and have gone totally apeshit.

I think pushing for Bernie-style candidates is a useful avenue for building awareness, altho i dunno how unpopular that opinion is. This despite believing that socdem policies will likely cause disaster in the current capitalist framework.

That's all that I can think of right now. Maybe if this thread still exists I can post more. I have lots of unpopular and disliked opinions.


Boring ass

People have gotta stop having kids to make political statements. Aging liberal pop stars like Madonna have gotta stop adopting African kids for news headlines and to show how progressive they are and gays, lesbos and trannies have gotta stop adopting just to show they can be queer and parents too. Have kids cuz you wanna have kids like a normal fucking mum or dad, please.

I agree that the way we bring boys and girls up differently stunts their individual growth. I think girls should be raised with fire trucks, action figures, playstation and all the "boyish" shit that I grew up with so society can't put them in a box. They should mold themselves instead of gender conformity molding them, but that don't mean you can't tell boys and girls that they're biologically different. Telling a boy he's a girl cuz he likes pink ain't gender progressive, it just reinforces the same spooky idea that having a gash makes you biologically hardwired to watch Bad Girls Club or that having an Adam's apple means you're into Formula 1.

TL;DR: Gender specific likes and interests are a spook, not gender itself. Don't get the two mixed up or you'll end up raising whatever maladjusted mess the "genderless" kids of that couple are gonna create by not even telling them what it is they've got between their legs.

BNW was sexuality run amok and the exact opposite of what I want. I want a world of artificially constructed post-humans where we don't have to engineer state orgies or induce fetal alcohol syndrome in the Epsilons, or electroshock Deltas to keep them illiterate.

Have you at least *had* sex before though? LOL It's good. It would be one thing if you've always been asexual which is pretty cool too, but shit, maybe you just need a meaningful relationship.

Yeah, drug culture's retarded. Weed heads more often than not act like giddy school children that think they're edgy cuz they smoke cigs behind the gym at lunch.

A Marxist-Leninist vanguard party and a communist government to be an instrument of the people's needed to make sure Porky stays dead and don't come back to life through the greed of a few breakaway sociopaths, no arguments here, comrade.

Not that user but sexuality was just another commodified distraction in BNW. Along with soma and feelies.

Hey I remember the big bad in 1984 saying how eliminating the orgasm (and all pleasure I guess) was one if their goals.

There's nothing wrong with this

We should fight all manifestations of socialism stampeding them on sight with no mercy or romanticism of such regimes and make sure all weak inferior forms of socialism are destroyed that includes also all form of left fascism like social democracy or any right wing tinged socialisms…

Genociding all political parties that is on the "left" that includes everyone from labor parties to MLs Ls Stalinists MLMs Hoxahists torts etc…..

I know, it's just a bit annoying. 99.99% of the world loves fucking, do we make social media posts everytime we bust a nut like some really immature poser stoners do when they smoke weed though?

I bet you think sex with children's okay so long as it don't violate the NAP. *Oink-oink*

Technically I'm not against the concept of an orgasm, but it's just a biological function and release of chemicals. It stopped being pleasant for me a while ago, I just kept going because of a sexual addiction. About a year ago I went volcel and haven't looked back.

Rojava is not a socialist revolution.

National governments don´t care who you endorse, unless you actually have the means to effect them. Third worldism and analysis of imperialism is mostly pointless.

Sectarianism is a real problem. The solution is more ruthless criticism. People need to not be little bitches that split parties because they cannot except when they are wrong.

Semantics are important, but the definition of socialism has been debated to death and I am tired of pseudo left-communists word policing everyone with their "socialism is abolition of commodity production for exchange" bullshit.

Bakunin was right that the lumpenproletariat and peasantry have revolutionary potential.

Guerrilla warfare is an effective revolutionary tactic.

Che Guevara is not overrated.

The right should not be allowed to have a monopoly on patriotism. I love my country. It produced the IWW and the Black Panthers. The American revolution and the Constitution are both pretty bad ass as well. Socialism in American cannot be imposed as a cosmopolitan ideal, it must be seen as an extension of American freedom. Rural Americans have revolutionary potential, and people that dismiss them as dumb hicks are petite bourgeois faggots.

The divide between anarchism and Marxism is not nearly as clear as it was during the Hague congress, because anarchism has evolved significantly since then. Anarchists, including mutualists, should be taken seriously.

Communalism is dumb and wrong.

Marxist ideological naming conventions (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Marxist-DeLeonist, Bordigist etc.) contribute to the perception that we are all followers of cults of personality.

Prefigurative politics is not utopian. Anyone who says otherwise is lying about having read the Critique of the Gotha Programme. The success of any revolution is largely determined by the degree to which they have established prefigurative structures.

Racism is real and a Marxist analysis of it is essential for understanding oppression.

Marxist feminism and anarcha-feminism are correct.

Eugenics should be divorced from race science and cautiously explored.

The Golden One is a good YouTuber and all communists should practice lifestyle fascism.

As much as I want to ironically like the Roo, he is too irritating for me to watch for more than two minutes at a time.

==NAZBOL== is a good meme, and has not yet gotten old.

People should be allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars.

As a whole, anime is very average.

Tea is better than coffee.

Wittgenstein really did solve philosophy.

"Reddit spacing" is not a thing, and anyone that causes anyone of it is a newfag.

The one time I tried it was an embarassing failure. By then I was too far gone.

I'm too much of an autist to have meaningful relationships, and at any rate years of self-inflicted damage have destroyed my sexual functioning so I'm physically unable to consummate a relationship now.

I think the problem of a state goes beyond just that though. People are still going to fight each other over tribalist bullshit, however much universal peace is imposed (by what mechanism?) I can see a world where the socialist mode of production is universal, but the peoples of humanity are still at war with each other - I mean, we have so much sectarianism in the left, there's bound to be some ideological break somewhere that will turn to violent struggle, forex libertarian socialists disagreeing with ML or ML-like ideologies. The point is, the impulse for violence is still there. I do agree that a capitalist system must have a state, and that communism can be in theory stateless, but it doesn't automatically wither away as Marx says. It does change its character significantly though.

Didn't really think that it this was not considered just true. While the results of these attempts were not the greatest but the guerrilla warfare always worked very well.
I think it depends on the group. I think people want to distance themselves from the "college freshman wearing a che shirt stereotype" but I think most people do respect him.
Not even an opinion that is a fact

Eugenics was from its inception a scheme by the then-present rulers of society to present a biological basis for their superiority, so they can make laws to protect themselves from the mean untermensch. It has no basis in reality and many of the goals they seek are pure folly.

The only way you can really approach the question of human betterment is with cybernetics and bio-engineering, not with an obviously harebrained scheme based on sexual breeding.

Leftcoms and Trots tend to be dismissive of it or consider it substitutionist. "If you have gotten to that point you have already lost and cannot call yourself a working class movement" kind of thing.

I'm not sure what cybernetics has to do with it, but bio-engineering is definitely and option we should explore. Voluntary sterilizations of people with heritable, undesirable traits is another one. Many people will still consider these to be eugenics even if they don't have the connection to historical eugenics.

But if you are any sort of decent bio-engineer, then whatever traits you can artificially construct are far superior to any inherently "better genes" you can find in the entire human race. This much should have been obvious even to the 19th-century fuckwads who pioneered eugenics, if they understood the history of technological development. Certainly it should have been clear by the end of the first world war. That's why I say, as soon as that war ended, blame should have been placed on the eugenicists, and the eugenicists should have been systematically lynched, shot by mobs, or gassed in chambers. Everything the Nazis did should have been painfully predictable, and I am disgusted that anyone would feign shock at what the Nazis did back at the time, but they kept pushing eugenics under the rug.

All eugenics is necessarily negative eugenics and coercive eugenics. It is a doctrine committed to killing those who the ruling class deem undesirable. That is ALL that it is and all that it can be.

In the 21st century, we plainly have the technology and biological understanding to know that we can sidestep selective breeding and culling altogether. The only problem is that the will isn't there, and capitalism is married to eugenics for ideological reasons. The necessary marriage of capitalism and eugenics is a large reason I really got into socialism as an alternative.

This but unironically. Call out opportunists in the movement wherever you see them.