Some sargon of akkad shit 4/pol/ is starting

so apparently 4/pol/ hates sargon for some reason and wants to fuck up his reputation or something because of some shit he said on twitter

do we latch onto this and help discredit sargon and shitpost him out of any importance to the right? what did they mean by this?

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bump, link to his twitter

please wear protection when going into places like this

I'm feeling dirty for liking what Holla Forums is doing with someone.

Let them eat each other alive.

No, Sargon finally said something intelligent for once.

nvm, Holla Forums is shitting on the guy for saying something reasonable

nah. let them rip him a new. Sargon has no friends only a retarded follower base.

No. Don't give the peak liberal centrists a reason to say some dumb shit like 'wow the extremes are both just as bad'

It's astounding how this girl is the catalyst that made Holla Forums go after the skeptic community.

is she jewish?

lack of sex makes desperate virgins

No she's half German and half πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§AngloπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

I'd fuck her tbh.

that explains it

Yeah, I'd probably hate fuck her tbh

Get in line

So 4/pol/ does something right for once? I mean I think every, including 8/pol/ and /liberty / hates this guy. He's basically r/the_donald incarnate

#FattyOfAkkad Good one Holla Forums

I know, the mental prowess that was required to come up with such a meme, I'm incredulous.

that's a real thigh slapper, that one

there's no way that's her
Moar pls

I have no reason to believe it's her unless someone will tell me where the fuck is this picture from.

seriously? the left can't meme Holla Forums?

Having browsed Holla Forums, they've mostly always hated him for his whole "I'm left-center" and luke-warm "nationalism can sometimes be good" spiel. In regards to people Holla Forums likes, the cycle mostly goes:

I can't really blame Holla Forums hating him since he created this monstrosity.

WTF is this

Lmao they got their wish, the right is the new counter-culture. These people are to the right what the hippies were to the left. This is some real monkey paw shit right here.

As a former Holla Forumsack, I can confirm this. They repeat this /ourguy/ shit almost every month with a new person. I think it began with Ron Paul at first, then went on with people like Evalion, Spencer, Trump etc.

Pic not really related, some Holla Forums cancer I have saved, was laughing at this one even at the time and saved it to shame newfags, then later to shame the entire Holla Forums.

We also came up with Carl of Mossad

Yes, this is the only time we should help Holla Forums, sargon is a fucking wretch.

Seconding this.

But Sargon was hated from the get go.

hi Holla Forums
we aren't going to bully Sargon for saying the holocaust was real, that would be extremely retarded.


I Stand with Comrade Sargon and his struggle against Holla Forumsyp imperialism.

the last photo completely gives away that those other photos only make her look good from certain angles. Who wants to bang a chick you can't look straight on at? Also, attention whoring by propping up capital with your shilling is absolutely disgusting.

It's from her old tumblr


wait, that pic is unironic? i always thought it was some joking cringe shit even among Holla Forumsyps

why does she have an american flag?

Another Jewish American mutt that thinks they are Aryan. Why do so many burgers with Semitic features do this? Guess most of them have never traveled to Europe.

Is Spino /ourguy/?

Pop some popcorn.

Sargon of Assmad

If that's true then Holla Forums really is nothing but a bunch of teenage virgins.

This is pathetic


Pretty sure he's being trolled.



I thought that was obvious when I posted.

Vinterflamma and hooker anfem are much better.

4pol thinks of sarcuck as having a fedora following, even though his twitter followers are holocaust deniers

4pol hates him because he was calling holocaust denialism bad.

How does this post prove his followers deny the holocaust?

Holy shit, ctrl+f and search leftypol; we actually scare pol. A board of 1.5k scares pol that we are now the evil boogyman on the webs.

Tara and Rage lesbian sex tape when?

1.3k, actually.
The way unique ISPs is counted is probably skewed, we have far more PPH that Holla Forums and we are actually reaching Holla Forums.

does that also count lurkers, or only the posters filling out the captcha

good, they should fear us


the fuck is going on today

Her shit eating grin makes me believe she's a very self entitled stuck up bitch in real life.

No we should fear them. They have capital on their side.

She's cute.