" If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35.. "

Is it true that you become more conservative as you age? Do you guys agree with this sentiment at all?

For me I went from libertarian/ancapish -> progressive liberal -> ansyn/ancom -> post left anarch -> primitivist -> pro-state socialist with libertarian bent (honestly dont have an ideology at this point tbh)

None of this to me indicates a "conservative" shift. If anything, I've just become more disillusioned with the "system" .

How about you? Do you agree with the whole "you become more conservative as you age" meme? Why or why not?

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It's a lie. Marx was a bearded old man and by that logic he should have been a conservative.

you are and have always been a liberal shopping in the ideological supermarket

I went from Republican to liberal to ancap to fascist to socialist

literally the same thing

The "you become conservative with age" is a phenomenon pretty much exclusive to the second half of the 20th, it happened because how good was the economy in that era. It a myth we can forget about soon enough.

Yeah socialists are just a bunch of edgy teenagers.

I means that as you buy more and more into the bullshit American corporate consumerist lifestyle, the greater pressure there is to conform, and the greater the void in your soul becomes, with the only "legitimate" outlet being lashing out at those you regard as being lower in social rank, trying to buy more and more shit, adhering to meaningless cultural values and probably finding religion.

Top-fucking-lel. I went from ironic nazi in the 90s to libtard in the Aughts to a little left of Lenin in the Teens (70s and 80s don't count, too young). In the 20s I will probably be some kind of black bomb-carrying, McKinley-assassinating anarchist.

Most people decide their political leanings around age 20 and stay that way for the rest of their lives. However, if you get wealthier as you get older, your different economic status can change your politics.

those existed back then?

Yeah. We were also Slayer fans, but the shitty kind of Slayer fans who did not understand the music.

It means that the more you buy into consumerism the more nostalgic you get for a past which could never be recreated because of liberal values. Where conservatives fail is they still stand by the liberal values of individualism and capitalism and think those can coexist with traditionalism. They can’t.

Objectively, they are not and you know it.

the idea that all individuals are entitled to certain liberties is a liberal thing.
in fact, many so-called "liberal" scholars during the time of the Axis powers support Fascists like pinochet and moussolini, calling them "liberal dictators".
When people say "liberal" in modern america, they really mean what was the old definition for "libertarian". And vice versa when they say "libertarian".

Conservative media fucked up a lot of english, honestly.

Only that happens in america

Isn't that quote from a white nationalist pedophile from like the late 80s/early 90s? But then it's attributed to Churchill or something?

Whatever the case that one phrase has made lots of young people adopt conservative views to seem more mature. Pretty effective propaganda.

Conservative ideas make no fucking sense, so that quote is pretty stupid.

No, it's a meme for boomers. The truth is they became conservative when they started getting corporate jobs instead of doing teenager shit, thus they because more conservative as their material interests changed.

Same fucking thing.

No you actually becoming Nazbol.

this. The boomer narrative wont apply to millenials and Gen Z because boomers lived in the economic height of capitalism (mid to late 20th century) and so they invented a new left to fight culture wars. but found it easier to assimilate to the system that was handing them cheap mortgages, cheap college, and good jobs even without education, and an overall comforatble standard of living without havingto do anything extraordinary (well, this didn't apply as much to minorities, but for white men this was the case). Our generation has to reinvent the old left and move beyond the culture wars to class war.

that's almost as bad as christian communist, my dude. It might be true to an extent that old people tend to be more right-wing. However I've also heard the argument before that the trend changes with different generations (also note how they tend to become more moderate if data on voting is to be believed nytimes.com/interactive/2014/07/08/upshot/how-the-year-you-were-born-influences-your-politics.html). Anyways people in this thread are pointing to various exceptions to trends as if it debunks the trends. I tend to believe that young people are still going to be the main force behind future radical movements so whether or not old folks feel like voting republican doesn't matter to me much.

Perhaps. But that first saying is one of the most disrespectful bullshit that gets passed around as wisdom.

Liberal -> Alt right -> mutualist

Alt right is just an edgy phase for people who have trouble relating to women.

That statement isn't true anymore since socialists have taken over all aspects of western civilization. In fact I would say it's the opposite today. It takes courage to stand up and speak truth to power in this Marxist indoctrination gulag we call the school system. However, once you get to college, you should understand how it works and that you will never get ahead if you don't sell out, join a fraternity or sorority, and debauch yourself to rise through the ranks.

I noticed that i was libertarian when i couldn't even talk to anyone due to my anxiety, i still can't but now i try

Who can hope to get ahead in this world when the world wide mad deadly communist gangster computer god has all of the deadly gangster frankenstein controls?

Very good Jon Stewart. I suppose you will call me a conspiracy theorist next.

I'll say it. Conservatives and liberals are just Jews and Catholics fighting each other. America was founded by Protestants though; It was founded on a Protestant ideology.

If you are not a meme lord at 17, you have no brain. If you are not a grizzled meme veteran at 19, you have no balls.

Nah. "Retard" will do just fine.

ok liberal archie bunker

Started as liberal (did IRL anti-xenophobia activism) and then had an alt-right phase (found myself literally reading the first chapters of Mein Kampf then) before now ending up on Holla Forums.

I don't know which kind of left-wing I am yet, because I am afraid to commit to a wrong book once I start reading (so many people say this author is shit, that author is shit blah blah, but I think if I were to commit, it would be some kind of market socialist/mutualist literature), I just like to be here right now because I love your criticism of alt-right and so much of the internet these days is infected with either neoliberalism/neoconservatism or alt-right meme cancer, so browsing Holla Forums feels like a breath of fresh air.

you should read every book, its not like learning more is ever a bad thing.
Also, not to be that guy, but before you start reading mutualist/marcsoc literature, you should give this a try:

Don't do that user! That's an action I would not support.

Gen X elected Reagan not Boomers, I don't have the data here but it's true.
Fucking Atlas Shrugged didn't become a best seller because of soccer moms, it did because of edgy teens, just like it is now.
"Conservatism" has been the counterculture ever since the New Left disintegrated, the little spark Dubya lit for the left was pretty much nothing compared to historical trends.

I don't think so.
Ad-Hoc I'd put forth a hypothesis that the reason it appears to be the case is that (in the UK for example) Labour voting ex-coal-miners died of black lung at 65, while middle class petit-bourg shop owners live into their 80s and 90s. So as all the poor people die off early, you notice a rightwards trend.

I think generally speaking it's true that people tend to get more conservative as they grow older. But nowadays i don't think there's that much difference between 25 and 35. Or 35 is the new 25 or whatever.

But basically conservative is about preserving the current order of things and not rocking the boat. This tends to appeal to people who've already accumulated property or a decent position in society, and the share of people like that tends to grow as you move up the age brackets. So the "I got mine, fuck you" philosophy which defines so much of conservatism is more appealing to older people than younger ones.

Younger people tend to be more interested in changing things for the better, trying new things and seeking progress, while older people tend to be interested in protecting what they already have. And they may not be around to see the results of progressive change anyway, so why fight for it.

I once read a quote to the effect of "I find that moving to the left as one ages is a sign of intelligence". I thought it was George Bernard Shaw, but apparently not. Any ideas?

It's true. I recall vividly that day in November of 1979 when Mom took me from my play pen straight to the voting booth and I pulled the big lever that had the name of that guy from TV on it. She was proud of me, because I did not need to have my diaper changed afterward.

1979 was thirty-eight years ago, which means that a person would have had to have been born no later than 1961 to vote in that election.

And I just realized that he was shitposting. Time for go to bed.

conservatives are just liberals who have fallen fully for the entire liberal line of thinking, its really the natural progression of the ideology, its kind of true that if you are a social liberal in your 40s, you are kind of retarded

I think for me, as I grow older, it's more about realizing that it's impossible for us to fix things, or make them better for everyone. Our brains have a limited capacity, we're blind to most of the world around us, and there's no changing that. Not even with super computers. We think simulations can model reality and help predict the future, but how many atoms of silicon does it take to make a half-dozen transistors for a single bit of memory? How many bits of memory are needed to simulation a single atom. Do the math, and in order to model our world, you need a computer many times larger than it.

Every well-intentioned action has a dark side to it that we fail to acknowledge in our younger years, because it's something that isn't taught, something most tend to ignore or fail to think about.

Once you accept this, and realize no one can escape it, you realize we're really hopeless. Futile.

I'm actually afraid more of revolution now as a result, because I know it's going to make things worse in the end for most people.

Reagan won 1980, there was no 1979 presidential election.
Even the Primaries only started in January.

I don't remember much about being three. When did the elections move to the year before the inauguration?

Wiki says 1937.
It is quite bizarre the way it's staggered.

How I wish the delusions of right-wingers were actually true.

>as the generations pass and one gets older, one moves to the conservative end relative to everybody else
It's dialectics basically.

With the way things are going it's looking like our choice is between bad and worse. Obviously a violent revolution will have a large negative impact on people's lives in the short-term, but capitalism is in shambles right now and if we don't have an alternative by the time it collapses we'll all be utterly fucked.

Yes: this is a "fuck you, got mine" mindset

I used to be a randroid. So moving in the exact opposite direction there.

Glancing over some actual studies it looks like there's a correlation with age and conservative identity, but no change in specific questions for the same cohorts. So what's happening here is that people have ideas that are liberal at the time, but stop being liberal later on.

I'm genuinely curious. How did you end up a randian and how did you stop being one?

When I was 15 I was liberal, when I am 25 I'm already far out left. In 10 years I'll be gulag commander. There is chaos under heavens, the situation is excellent.

anarchobombing is pure larp and in bad taste at that

Came here to say this. /thread

the other side of the dialectic, my friend. Read some Hegel.
you can do short term predictions with reasonable accuracy. ever seen a weatherman? how can they predict weather for the next few days, even when the climate is one of the most complex natural physical systems? Its called science and math. No one can predict the very long term with any accuracy. But the closer to present day, the more accurate our predictions. The world is not inevitability but probability, and hence possibility.

Can you explain this more. I kinda get it but not fully. Seems profound though.

Liberalism today is nothing more than Crowleyism and the OTO controls the democratic party.

Listen to "Last Lincoln Veteran"

It's not so much that you become more conservative in your views, but that you become more set in your ways as you get older.