Do you think it's an act? I've seen a few of his videos and he's referenced being an "anarchist punk" in his youth...

Do you think it's an act? I've seen a few of his videos and he's referenced being an "anarchist punk" in his youth, needless to say I was skeptical of the claim at first but some things are adding up. He's got a tattoo of the feminist fist thing, a tattoo of Castro, he's referenced Emma Goldman in videos and I'm thinking maybe he's trolling or something. Thoughts?

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Literally who


i think he's for real.

holy shit he's actually /ourguy/

Nope that is from the set of the show. He's just a guest on one episode.

He was an original founder of vice media.
You would know most of the alt right doesnt actually like him because he is a faggot, is married to a native american, and is a zionist.

Have you considered that people can be retarded

Appears to be Gavin McInnes. Founder of Vice News, leader of the Proud Boys


Gavin is alt-lite. He flirts with the alt-right by having people like Jared Taylor on his show but he cucks when asked explicitly about the fourteen words.

Alt-light means that you support the alt-right but you're not prepared to actually say you're unashamedly racist/sexist/etc right?

*most his fans will deny watching him when confronted about it so they can be part of le sekrit nazi klub.

The alt-lite means civic nationalism. Some of them counter signal the alt-right, some of them do not.
The dividing line is race. Gavin, Milo, Enoch, and Spencer are approximately on on the same page about men and women. The difference between Gavin and Spencer is mainly race realism.

The alt-lite is where the money stops. Past the alt-lite you won't get invited on fox news, you can't write editorials for conservative outlets, and you get shoahed by youtube, patreon, and twitter. You all have a 'porky persecutes far left politics' narrative, but it's actually the alt-right who is forced to be anonymous. I am sure most of you can talk to your friends and coworkers about your political views. We cannot. So it's safe to assume there are many people many who are privately alt-right, but LARP as Alt-Lite for financial and social reasons. To some extent LARPing as Alt-Lite is pointless, because you'll just get called racist anyway. Look at traditional conservatives like Ben Shaprio, or liberals like Bret Weinstein. They prove that no matter how genuinely not-racist you are, if you question the narrative, screeching liberals will call you racist anyway.
t. pol

Here is an article about Bret Weinstein, if you aren't familiar with his story.

poor Holla Forums DDD:

It's not all doom and gloom. The White House chief strategist is literally /ourguy/.
The Overton window is moving right for the first time in decades. I think our long term prognosis is good.

What reality do you live in, where talking about how you're a communist will not ensure that future employers will never hire you again?

somebody post his dicc piccs

In a reality where I have met people who are vocally communist and have no problem holding down 9 to 5s. Ironic I suppose, but they manage it.
I have also encountered a handful of of far left professors while pursuing my undergrad, so I know there are elite institutions who do hire gommies.

What did their boss think about them being communist? Did they know? Because trust me most employers would fire someone for being communist even today, hell even being a socialist would in some cases would get you physically assaulted in the south(US). Are you sure these people are workers, or are they students who are paying tuition? Sure some random 7/11 job might not care about your politics, but what about if you want a 'real' job? you don't think the employer will do a google search? You really think there is ZERO downside to publicly being a commie in the most right wing western country on earth?


Except the US has supported numerous far-right regimes around the world, killed hundreds of thousands of innocents just to stop communism.

And yes, your views will often be met with disgust by many people. Saying "we should gas the jews" is not appealing to many people, saying "we should control our own lives" is.

Holy shit you people live in a completely different world

Living in the South I think being an out commie would get you fired/keep you from getting the job unless you were close friends with or related to the owner.

After graduating from school I was unemployed for almost a year and weirdly enough I deactivated my NSAbook and almost immediately I started getting callbacks for the shit jobs I had applied for. I know its anecdotal and doesn't necessarily prove anything but that was my experience.

Honesty, that isn't wrong. It's horrible to see, but it's happening.

Lauren Southern (banned from patreon)
Richard Spencer (banned from patreon)
Andrew Anglin (banned from patreon)
Mike Enoch (banned from patreon)


Alt-lites get the bullet too :^)

not really, what he meant was the overton window has been going right since the mid 70s.
1970s: Americans been driven out of vietnam, the last colonial empire of portugal has been driven out of africa, social democracy in Scandinavian and western europe is as left as its ever going to be, USSR and other socialist/marxist governments control countries which summed total half the worlds population, USSR is considered economically viable and a reasonable model for countries to emulate.
2017: social democracy has been replaced by neoliberalism and austerity. Communism is gone as a world movement, and in the countries where socialist governments remain in control they implement a market system.

How exactly has the overton window been shifting to the right "just now"? again?

haha trannies and gays nigga, d.egenerate pop songs, and immigrants lololol there's no way to refute my arguments and I'm not doing damage control because I can't intellectually defend my extreme right beliefs just keeping it 💯

All of these reactionary celebs and e-celebs are putting on a show because we live in the Spectacle, and a side effect of that is that being a celebrity creates or amplifies political power. Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, all these fuckers are putting on a show for their nitwit audience to bark like trained seals. If you look around for interviews and specific Youtube videos and whatnot, you can see them breaking character every once in a while.

Not that these fuckers don't hold monstrous ideas, they're just not as monstrous as their personas' ideas.


The Alt Right supported Trump in America and Theresa May in Britain (and shat all over Corbyn) you can fucking KILL YOURSELF

He's real and definitely a retard