Internet drama about videogames ended in a topic of discussion in the ONU and some kind of pseudo-fashie movement

when did the world became autist?

I've always been more of a halfchanner so maybe they didn't discuss it there but what the fuck is the ONU

it's UN in english, sorry

To be fair it also pushed me much further in the other direction. I probably still wouldn't give a shit if Holla Forums didn't shut the fuck up and turn all my hangouts into their alt-right safe space.

source ?



Parents stopped beating their kids.

totally this, gamergate started this whole bullshit, we just have to wait something right-wing to do the same amount of crap that the third wave of feminism did and then we strike back.

just end it all


that's explain why the left is associated with the same people that was involved on gamergate right ?



gamergate is the desert of the real

Don't blame gamergate, blame those fucks in the liberal media that slandered the shit out of them, pushing many people into the hands of a gay pedophile.

But gamergate made me a leftist.

Eh Milo got done dirty. I don't like him one bit, but he's not really a pedo. Wasn't he the one that was raped?

Idpol liberals and the corporate press rallied around a crooked industry and invented a scapegoat in the process. Gamergate in any real sense died over a year before Trump was elected (seriously, when was the last campaign it organized?) but when a rightly despised movement uses "gamergate" to describe anyone they dislike or who criticizes them, no shit they'll see it everywhere.

explain this

They talked shit and got hit.

My vidya brohs took that stupid gultural marxism meme too far and it made me actually decide to look up Marxism.

literally same.
I started studying the Frankfurt School and decided to write a paper on it because I originally believed the "karltural reichsmarks" meme.
When I realized it was total bullshit it took me out of a long and deep classcucked coma.

Got disillusioned with liberals because they were defending industry blacklists and fraudulent "reviews" and painting someone who was blatantly abusive as an innocent victim of hatred of women.

But the right's critique was incoherent; their vaunted "free markets" were the problem in the first place, and they embraced the same race/gender tribalism that annoyed me so much about libs but desired a different group on top.

Then again I was already a (soft) leftist; maybe if I was more of a lib I wouldn't have gone this route.

sex with minors are normal in the gay cummunity, but not in a bad way
young boys want a daddy but they don't find a true one with their ages