SAlty Trots Thread

lmao you have your own party. Stop blaming DSA and do your own convention.

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nevermind I misread OP.
sage for double post.
still, the DSA is retarded.

Nice damage control.


Is SAlt your boogeyman of choice? You do realize that there are actual communists who are critical of the DSA too, right? And that as a socdem, you have no place to shit on Trots?


Are ignoring the fact that trot hecklers were outside the convention throughout the event? You've been acting like teenager on a fresh dose of hormones for the last 5 days.

Did the Trots make you elect that cop?

It's an issue of trust and communication between chapters, perhaps between the things Texas chapter saw as important and the rest. It will be resolved eventually, but how long will trots act like this? You're not helping your cause.

It's bigger then just Trots, SocDems are always whining about purity spiraling and shit on everyone who don't want to play their games of "real politics"

The Texas chapter thought it was important that you elect cops?

SAlt has a close working relationship with DSA, wtf are you even talking about

Why should I give a shit about "Trot hecklers"? Backstabbing socdems deserve far worse.

SAlt, the ISO, and PSL are all DSA's lapdogs, trying desperate to snap any members into their ranks without being too obvious.


how does recruiting new members make them lapdogs?

They are a marginal group. They may steal a few DSA members, but the members they steal were never commited. Basically DSA feeds them, as long as they work together and have the apperance of a big tent organization.
Also the smaller orgs are better organized, by a lot. They have a cadre mentality and have organization experience in how to indoctrinate, steal members, yet continue to collaborate with the larger organizations, be it DSA or actual Democrats.
DSA is too loose and childish, especially at the local level to fend of the ocassional vultures.

Meanwhile, DSA is the only organization that's growing.

Really makes you think huh.

Cancer grows pretty fast too
Really makes you think

DSA will refuse to kick out the cop-organizer. It has been over 24 hours.

How many successful Trotskyist parties have there been?

how many succesful, enduring implementations of communism has there been?

I assume none then. Trots are worse than Bordigists it seems.

that was workers world, we basically support DSAs left turn, not sure why you're trying to start shit, m8
-T. SAlt

The Philadelphia Socialists actually had a convention to shadow the DSA convention this weekend, and all the fucking looser ass third party socialist groups flew in to talk.

Its funny, the Philly Socialists seems to be doing more shit in actuality and organizing that most of these jokesters, the bitches have so many people they have a communal day care organization for the people in the group with kids, that shoots out of the water any of the bullshit third party socialist groups are trying to do.

Salt leadership gets really salty about DSA despite basically being identical organizations in every functional way

WW isn't even trots anymore. DSA people are so retarded that they're calling MLs Trots.

DSA is dem centralist and disavows the dem party? News to me.

DSA is not democratic centralist. Democratic centralism is the opposite of democratic governance.

That's the point. SAlt is a completely different organization from DSA.

Mainly in being a democratic centralist organization that outright opposes the Democratic Party and calls for a new party to the left of the dems rather than trying to take them over from within.

why do trots describe a DSA strategy that died like 5 years ago?
DSA is pretty much a new organization. The largest socialist organization in the country. Stop trying to destroy it, that's the job of the FBI.

SAlt isn't trying to destroy it you retard. As was already pointed out, the protesters were from Workers World, not Socialist Alternative.

Also, you guys still back Democrats in elections instead of trying to build an workers party to the left of the Democrats. You've begun endorsing independent socialists and candidates from socialist parties, which is a good step forward, but you haven't abandoned the dead end that is the Democratic Party yet.

Also, you don't always credit the socialist parties of the candidates you endorse. For instance, the DSA called Ginger Jentzen an "independent socialist" rather than a member of SAlt.

Actually, it isn't. It's the same organization with a few new resolutions.

arent these burgers the same guys who posted crap like this

Socialist Worker is a paper run by the ISO, which SAlt isn't part of. SAlt is part of CWI. That said, I'm pretty sure SAlt has posted stuff that's, while not as bad, still not great on Syria.

It's because they are a 25,000 member democratically run organization. There isn't an official rule that says "CLEAT organizers in the NPC get immediately purged no questions asked". They need to follow their own rules.

But it's really no point arguing with you dumbass trots because you'll have nothing to say when DSA kicks him out in the near future.

This is completely factually inaccurate. DSA voted for rank and file worker organization and it will be pursuing an "inside/outside" strategy, only electorally supporting candidates they deem worthy and spending the most of the time organizing irl on actual union organizing and such.

Yet they endorse Bernie and work closely with Dem-aligned union bureaucrats….. Seems like they are fine working in Dem party pragmatically but just on different terms than DSA. At least DSA is honest.

Total rejection of Dem party is only seen truly in WSWS/SEP.

lmao "we're investigating"

That's one thing I like about WSWS. They seem committed to socialist purism regardless of how "impractical" it might be. The strategic value of which is debatable, but I feel that you have to keep that ideal in mind, and that a healthy criticism of those that "stray" from it is essential.

Top kek

My sides!


WSWS is good when they're not indulging in their psychotic Trotskyist victim complex. They literally think "Stalinism" is genocidal and that Trots are a persecuted minority.

I think it's pretty clear that DSA is going to keep the cop in the NPC. It doesn't matter if most of the membership is against it, the NPC is looking after their own self-interests. They are afraid of being recalled when they endorse Corey Booker or begin working with Democrat/corrupt unions.

DSA is a liberal organization, and Fetonte is not leaving the NPC.
It's too bad, I was hoping DSA wouldn't split up so quickly.

pretty sure? not sure enough. you liberal, we support the YPG, try reading before critiquing.

Supporting the YPG is fucking stupid.

No number of angry posts can change the fact they are going to kick him out.

DSA actively supports Police Officers and Soldiers.
They actually have a Veterans Caucus so we can feel sorry for white men who go abroad to kill brown children for money.

inb4 "but USSR recruited veterans!!!"

I agree with all of this. If anything it makes me feel better about DSA. Veterans are different from soldiers. Many were probably drafted. They recognize their role in institutions counter to DSA's mission first thing in their statement.

Once again, you're fighting a losing battle trying to slander DSA.

He wasn't being sectarian. A week before that tweet they released a bunch of stuff where they referred to her without ever mentioning SA. They only started mentioning her being with us after we endorsed Jabari. As much as I support left unity, I don't ever expect the DSA leadership to like working with us, because they see us as opportunists who want to steal their members, despite the fact that Jabari was in SA before he was in DSA, as were ~1/4 their leadership.

"White men" nice idpol

No I mean the fucks saying people shouldn't be united.

Also what idiots are saying that vets should not be organised? Like what the fuck do you think the Red Army was made up of you utter dolts?

We will need veterans to lead any revolution. Best way to do that is convert as many as possible to socialism beforehand, but even then we probably wont have enough for an army, so we'll have to recruit officers that aren't socialists. If their political loyalty is questionable, we just appoint commissars over them to lead politically/strategically, and the officers will decide on tactics and execution.


id-pol is disgusting

Someone get me a fucking icepick

What part of his post was idpol?

It's not quite the same situation. Red Army was made up of forced draftees, who were a significant portion of the population. Todays vets are almost all volunteers, making up a much relatively smaller portion.

Volunteers join for a lot of reasons, and recruiters manipulate people. Dont write off volunteers either.

I'm not, just saying the parallels to post WW1 Russia are weak.



10/10 statement

eulogising dead people because they were black is also idpol. the entire brown affair was an idpol spectacle

gross. They're people, not "browns"

It wasn't until after the election that Bernie went full Democrat shill, he used to be an independent.

Chimp-out sympathizing…? Oh yeah, this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff that'll help out the movement.

Why are manlets so salty?

Overall DSA is based though. The chapter meeting I went to was radical with loads of dedicated, smart comrades and working class people fighting for their rights instead of tiny leftist sects compromised of rich student LARP-ers like the ISO or Freedom Road.

Mike Brown reminds them of that black kid that used to cut in front of them in the lunch line and dare them to say something back in high school.

very cheeky post

So what? Did you fags at least bully him?

How long did the cop survive when you sent him to the gulag?

u people piss me the fuck off sometimes t b h

Stop treating the FBI as some omnipotent power as reasoning for not joining.

If every flawed, socialist group in America is cointelpro, then how are our fellow burgers supposed to realistically make progress?

You're an idiot and DSA is a succdem liberal organization.

He waited around and people went up and gave him shit. There was various negative muttering when his name got brought up.

lmao, DSA pussies

A bunch of liberals who know nothing about socialism. They can't even stand up to a lying old man.


this is bomb

I felt your comment was worth memeing

this means nothing.
prove that the DSA have actual socialist policies.

That's what passes as a meme for you idiots?



read their fucking website. they are for the replacement of capitalism with socialism. done.

lmao they think "socialism" is just co-ops and welfare