World Map Thread

World Map Thread


Why do you hate Ireland, Bolivia and Indonesia?

Spain, Cuba, and Uzbekistan too? Wtf?



I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you live in Brazil, so I'll forgive that one




wow, you are stupid

Fuck you racist

this should be the map of everyone here tbh

woops, almost forgot the mossad

What are you? I thought Tankies hate Rojava.

no, most don't actually
they're just a vocal minority

International socialism

literally what a typical leftard sees in the world


Poor Kiwis

shit b8 tbqhwyf


The only correct answer. Borders are a spook.

thanks doc!

this one doesn't apply to me sry


im from norway. haters gonna hate

Care to explain?

fake and gay

you like CA but hate the rest of the west coast like Seattle/Portland?

why hate Greeland :(

Hokkaido is rightful Ainu clay

we can tell you're samefagging


badass. I love you user.


dose wa muri wo kugengazan kore wo moshi moshi desu ne kotetsu mo


Only places I've visited, I don't know about the rest because I haven't seen them

rate me m8s


What's with the elevation of shitposting as of late?
This is a very fucking low-quality thread and it's bumped to fuck

i know. i was expecting something else about this but it look like normal pol

Rude, why do you hate my country OP

could've picked another Muslim country.

Reminder, these are the real rogue states, who keep funding Islamic terrorism despite knowing better and support the spread of Wahabism and Salafism, a notoriously cancerous branch of Islam, because neoliberal economics only work with Gulf State investors and said Gulf state investors who were sheep and goat herders not 50 years ago, think they need to be relevant.