What's with the bunker and corn jokes? I don't get it, I'm not that familiar with Albanian communism...

What's with the bunker and corn jokes? I don't get it, I'm not that familiar with Albanian communism. I know Hoxha accused everyone of being revisionist but that's it. Hoxha general as well I guess.

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Corn jokes are about Kruschev, not Hoxha. As for bunkers, Hoxha went a bit loony at some point and became terribly afraid that Albania was vulnerable to attack by airborne infantry. To preempt the menace he ordered the construction of hundreds of thousands of tiny bunkers in Albania that were completely useless for anything other than fighting paratroopers. It cost a ridiculous fortune and tanked (lol) the Albanian economy.

Hoxha was paranoid af and build bunkers litterally on every streetcorner and in every field.

Khrushchev loved corn. He was obsessed by it. At some point he spoke at the agriculture union and made a joke about how he wouldn't bore them with talks about corn again, then proceeding to give a half hour rant on how great corn is.

Hoxha built lot’s of bunkers.

Bunkers were unironically a good idea. Albania did not have a conventional army and Tito did actually want to invade Albania. Instead of making an army they built bunkers and armed citizens to basically make it really fucking annoying to be invaded.

that plan definitely beats North Korea's at least

there are better ways to defend a country than just autistically building bunkers everywhere
it's a poor use of resources

The nazis did it too.

That might make sense if the 700,000 bunkers were actually built with anything other than paratroopers in mind. They were too small to be useful against anything else.

what would you do? build bomb shelters? make nukes?

The bunkers made for a pretty good threat that any invasion would be met with total war from the citizenry. It wasn't really a good long term move because total war against a nation larger than yours just gets you nuked.

"Can't be any civilians killed if you were all gonna fight us: -America, WW2

The bunkers only costed 15 of the GDP and that was only for one year.

Khrushchev literally was nicknamed cornman in SU
I don't know what burgers did to him, but after his trip to the USA he became obsessed with corn and tried to plant it everywhere
it ended really bad, Soviets were forced to buy food with gold on the international market to avoid hunger
as a result cornman got deposed by politburo for his adventurism and general quackery

Bunkers are to Albanian girls what the back seat of a Camry is to burger girls.

In addition to its nutritional value, corn refining is a huge industry in the US and elsewhere. Although I'm sure Khrushchev didn't have that in mind…

Please tell me that's real. I want to fuck an Albanian chick in one of Hoxha's bunkers.

That is exactly what he had in mind. Too bad he did not get people who knew how to grow corn to implement his plan.

Such fucking bullshit. Come on.

What did he like about corn so much? Corn is actually one of the least efficient food crops out there.





Too bad he didn't.

To be fair corn is actually a great food staple and makes good animal feed, so if you could get it to grow it would be a great idea to plant it in large quantities. No idea how well it grows in Russia, but the concept itself isn't exactly crazy.

Because he visited Iowa and was impressed with US corn production.

I would stockpile enough (g)funs to arm the whole country

It really isn't that great. Corn is quite an inefficient crop considering the amount of food harvested from the total biomass. Perhaps if your concern is more about ranching (particularly poultry), then maybe you have a point, but in a country concerned with first feeding everyone, a consistent and plentiful grain supply is more important.