Why has it gotten so difficult for the Left to attract serious, dedicated people?

Why has it gotten so difficult for the Left to attract serious, dedicated people?

Most left-wing shit I go to look like freaking circuses. I'm sick of it.

These look like capitalist socdems to me

because they're not in the shithole called america and were smart enough to leave.

I guess because the labour movement isn't trendy like social bullshit is, there are solid leftists in your city but you just don't know about them.

what makes you think it hasn't, besides your contextless accompanying image

It's down to the wine-mom and cucked liberals, also the biased treatment in the media where smashies are portrayed worse than actual neonazis. It's just uphill all the way.
That said there are still plenty of decent down to earth leftists.

This. The workers movement where it exists doesn't have paramilitaries anymore, you won't see them stand out from normies.

It totally should though. If I was a burger I would 100% join a leftist militia.

No disagreement there.

Yeah I figured you would, sorry wasn't trying to disagree haha. Just sucks holding a paper, I'd rather hold a battle rifle.

second pic looks like IDF paras

that's pisspiggranddad

the nazis have done nothing but help our movement


So we only have a few dozen serious, dedicated leftists? That's a relief.

So he's operating with the IDF? Hope he dies then tbqh.

Don't underestimate our fortifications.

there are more than 1000 volunteers for the YPG

nobody ever said it was for modesty. it is clearly to cover her identity due to what she is doing.
I would rock my cock out in pictures with a mask too.

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The bigger question is how we purge these undesirables from our movement?

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But liberals aren't in the workers' movement.

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Creating a culture they despise.

The Irony Left is doing this, but the Irony Left are a bit of a lazy hedonistic bunch themselves.

and what's wrong with that eh?

i've just looked behind and there are 0 cocks there. maybe you've mistaken my ass for yours?

you probably can't even see your own toes, why should I trust your senses?

We need a dedicated and principled hedonistic bunch to form the Left.

that's fair. but defeating capitalism is gonna take a long time and I want fuck/nap breaks

"Life is short. If you have not made love recently, please, put down this book, and take care of that with all haste. Find a wanton lass or a frisky lad, or several, in whatever combination your wise loins direct, and do not under any circumstances play hard to get. Our struggle against the colossal forces of oppression can wait.
Good. Welcome back.
We Renrijra Krin live and fight together, and know that Leyawiin and the Empire will not give way very soon, likely not in our lifetimes. In the time we have, we do not want our closest comrades to be dour, dull, colorless, sober, and virginal. If we did, we would have joined the Emperor's Blades.
Do not begrudge us our lewd jokes, our bawdy, drunken nights, our moonsugar. They are the pleasures that Leyawiin denies us, and so we take our good humor very seriously."


Gays and trannies

the future is now, old man :^)

those memes are so easy to make, just open up gimp fam

thankfully those types of people are becoming increasingly right-wing

post like this make me think i have dangerously high testosterone
i'm straight, but i think i could fuck that thing

Most left-wing shit is controlled opposition. They are individualists in training.

She doesn't have an ugly body, she's just taking really dumb pictures

wasted yesterday trying to discuss someone who posted a video arguing that capitalism was created by whites and that class theory has nothing to say to black people >->

do it like me, create your own propaganda group and ignore those folks. Ignoring them and not giving those hippies a platform is the best solution.

PissPig came back.

Because those people quickly end up in jail or worse.

Thanks a lot for exporting your cultural refuse, America. It's not like this country is a shithole run by people with colonized mentalities already.

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As capitalism becomes more advanced the revolutionary response becomes more surreal. Every aspect of our culture, methods of communication, and modes of thought are suffused with capitalist ideology. The natural response to this envelopment is the rejection of all social norms. These acts of debasement are ritual purification meant largely for the participant rather than the audience.

This is mostly anglo culture.

One of the non-material things that would benefit the left immensely would be to somehow decouple it from liberalism, placing it firmly as centrism, and disavowing any and all lifestylers, bobos, identitarians and anyone else who doesn't reject the concept of private property.

All we need is a major TV network. Easy peasy.

based socialist capitalists starting private businesses

In communist countries the Communist Party (and hence the one-party government) owns the media.

>O chão, as paredes, pias e vasos sanitários foram pichados e velas acesas durante uma ocupação realizada por supostos estudantes. Imagens, que inclusive mostram pessoas mascaradas seminuas e muitos palavrões, foram divulgadas em um blog chamado 'afetadxs'.
>No blog em que as fotos foram divulgadas também é possível encontrar um texto intitulado 'Medo de Glitter '. Nele, em um determinado trecho, o autor escreve: “Os alunos respeitáveis e professores e funcionários respeitáveis insistem em perguntar: “mas o que vocês querem?” A pró-reitora respeitável pode ser que também venha, a qualquer hora, para anotar nossas reivindicações, ainda que nós não reivindiquemos nada além do que já fizemos, ainda que não queiramos nada que já não tenhamos feito por conta própria: a instauração de um banheirão como zona política pós-gênero e sexodissidente”.

I feel like its the final nail to the coffin. We had Soviet Union.. and now we have this.

Don't worry comrade, these aren't actual leftists. They're capitalists that call themselves leftists because it's a "cool and trendy" thing to do if you want to be contrarian.