Silicon Valley censorship

So, this is what Google is doing.

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Meanwhile this is the bold-faced lie that the Washington Post is gearing up to turn into a full-fledged narrative. This is going to be painful.

Oh, but, you see, it's done by an algorithm (corrected by a human when it decides wrong :^). So while it has the exact same effect as censorship it's perfectly ok. Besides, the result you want is still thereā€¦ in page 80.

All right, so I guess Startpage won't be good enough anymore? What's a reliable trustworthy alternative to Google's engine? has always seemed kinda shitty to me. DuckDuckGo was made by a literal data miner.

how can they say that panel isnt diverse when they invited Jupiter?

Sorry If I am dumb but what this mean ? As far as I can tell most of this websites are the first one on the search list

Yes, people know at this point that if your result is on even the second page of search results, or maybe even not in the top 3, it might as well not be there. By simply sliding results they both censor and delegitimize them. Americans are already so well propagandized that they will mostly not consider this "real" censorship, despite it being a more effective form than any other kind being deployed today.

It means that when you preform a google search for a topic, anti-state department sources will be pushed down search rankings. If you search for these websites directly, you will find them, but say you were searching for something else like "Venezuela socialism", you won't.


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These are separate issues tbh. The first one is just the result of the algorithm keying onto "people". It's not intentional. The thing in the OP is about google engineers modifying their algorithms parameters to explicitly filter out sources that challenge "authoritative content".

I'm a non-binary cis-scattered disk transneptunian object and I need a voice.


Thanks comrade, but this is only happening with left-wing websites ?

far right ones too, but who cares about them. The point is to leave only the vacuous context-free white noise of mainstream corporate supported now


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"Gearing up"? The entire American media has been vomiting it since the election.


eu based, neutral

Media matters is liberal as hell though. Damn..


If you won't let us speak, why should we give a shit if you get censored?


Ephebo, not that feminazis will ever be willing to drop their false equivalence between the two. Even pedos have the right to speak, though.

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Nah, I think I'll stay here, both because it pisses you off and because ancap economics leaves much to be desired. Also because this is a thread about free speech and I like to highlight your hypocrisy.

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