Is Holla Forums anti-immigration? Yes or no and why?

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'Immigration' is quite useless as a monolithic concept.
I'm against the immigration porky wants. Some immigration I'm for.


Too vague of a statement.

Im for migration between socialist countries with relatively equal economic and political levels and stability, I am against dislocation and mass migration between very impoverished and very rich countries.

I'm anti. Immigration promotes false consciousness.

I mostly don't care, but I'm strongly against "let's import millions of refugees from NATO-destroyed countries to NATO countries or else you are racist shit". Let's dismantle NATO asap.

Only cute gals should be allowed in.

To please my sight and fill my heart with joy.

I'm for immigration from countries with a history of an actual left movement to Burgerstan.

t. turkroach

Let the countries with lots of money and neoliberal idpol like Germany, Sweden and Canada import loads of uneducated economic migrants if they want their little pet monkies so bad, but I generally don't give a fuck and think that unrestricted immigration is not a good idea solely because it gives alt-right something to meme about. I don't mind some talented migrants or the ones from rich countries. When it's not economic migrants but actual refugees, those ones I'd let all in because it's 100% the blame of NATO and the burgerland's alphabet agencies that these people have to run away from their homes.

We can take all the somalians and pakistanis we want but that doesn't improve the lives for their people back home, and it's difficult to intergrate them. Only thing it achieves is brain drain massive enough to set back meaningful development of those countries and revving up the idpol between brown people and whites that live in the west. My solution is to close borders for economic immigrants, stop funding saudi-arabia, NATO to pull back forces from the MENA entirely and take in all refugees from war-torn countries that meet the requirements and have them stay in here as long as burgers haven't stopped fucking around in the MENA region. If the current situation goes on too long, the idpol could get unbearable and I'd have to be forced to flee my little eastern-european corner myself.

This slav is right.

Immigration often leads to exploitation of the immigrants.

Also Immigrants often become scabs who feed porky by accepting low wages and refusing to complain


we pol now

I think it brings cheap labour and unwanted tensions.

I'm for refugees (albeit with strict conditions, on a quota basis), asylum seekers, students, and qualified workforce, as long as they integrate.
Integration should be done with citizenship tests.

Ideally in a post-capitalism world, people would not want to leave their country anyway.

Extremely pro-immigration. Though it's important to note that this doesn't mean cultural relativism.

I don't give a fuck.

I am against what causes immigration. It is a waste of effort to fight a symptom instead of the disease.

"Immigration is the reserve army of capital". Alain DeBenoist.


Economic migration is economic deportation.

Temporary or conditional immigration should only be allowed for educational and humanitarian purposes. Economic immigration should still be allowed, but the current system of attaching immigration visas to jobs needs to go as it just allows employers to punish foreign workers who speak out.


this but unironically.

I think people should be allowed to live wherever they want so long as they don't cause culture wars. I think poorer countries should be improved so people will less likely want to leave them in the first place.

It's funny because lately, actual leftists posts like this are getting rarer, and more /r/socialism bullshit seems to be the prevalent voice here, but that's just my observation.

when Marx said workers of the world unite, he didn't mean literally, in person!

Anti-Immigration. It destroyers Unions due to an increased labor supply and creates a brain-drain in the third world making it more impoverished.

The only exception is for refuges, but the refuges have to stay in refuge camps and can’t leave.In the refuge caps they’ll be give free madatory education in stuff like STEM so that when they go back to there homeland they can use those skills to improve there home countries and make it so those countries are less likely to produce refugees again.

racial equality is a spook
while starting out the same, some had ice age glaciations, which made them develop better shelters, better clothes, better tools, snares, elevated their problem solving capacity because raw aggression was no longer doing it
ban me, censure me, ignore me, i dont care
socialism can only be built by these biologically more developed peoples
you dont find 'evil racists' complaining about asians, do you? it's almost like there's.. a logic, a reasoning to it, not a blanket hate, but love for your own

how can you believe in evolution, and racial equality at the same time?
i know you dont care about the twin studies, i know you dont care about adoption studies, i know you dont care that with no amount of training, you can beat west african runners, or nordic/north slav weight lifters, i know these ideas are extremely unfashionable right now, but they are the truth
eugenics gave us taller corn, fatter pigs, faster racing horses, eugenics were tested and proven, eugenics are true…. but on humans all of a sudden they are bad????

racial equality is a spook and this board should be renamed into "leftist politically correct" instead

Are you a fucking Holla Forumstard? "Monkeys"? Fuck off you racist prick.

tell me what the name of this board is

Victim complex is reaching critical mass here. And what else do we see: appropriating leftist ideas (Stirner) for terrible bullshit. Let me guess: you're a "National" Socialist, or a Asserist, or a "National" Bolshevik. Here's a little hint for you: right wingers appropriate and misuse leftist terms to serve their own ends, seeking to obfuscate the true origins and meaning of those terms. Racial equality isn't a spook, RACE is a spook. Btw, you think the science of evolution entails that human "races" and not equal?

He's right. Fuck you and fuck off.

Cant wait to sneak into refugee camps so I can finally get an education.

YES. I am frankly really fucking disgusted that we have a bunch of non ironic muh borders muh superior race faggots on this thread. Are we forgetting that the end goal most of us seek, Communism/Anarchy, would make this shit meaningless? Why would I want to end the oppression of capital but continue using its mechanisms like border agents and deportations?


if race is a spook why do chinese parents never give birth to arab looking babies? if race is a spook how can forensics identify it on charred beyond recognition corpses? if race is a spook why do race based explanations prove more reliable and have higher predictive power time and time again than other mental gymnastics type explanations?

Under Socdem or better I'm fine with it. Under Neoliberalism fuck no.

Nobody denies that there are physiological differences between humans from different parts of the world. Some groups of people have high cheek bones. Some groups have hooded eyes. Some groups have an above average height and some groups don't have to wear sun screen. The part everyone is so spooked about is "muh Autism Level tests". Of course people who are malnourished and never had the opportunity to have a basic education is going to do worse.

We aren't living in Communism/Anarchy yet tho.
In capitalism unchecked immigration just benefits porky.

Why is it that every racist is so fucking stupid?

"racists" never complain about the skin color
this is a strawman
nobody gives a shit if you are purple or whatever the fuck
it's when you have different problem solving capacity, aggressiveness, and productivity per unit of resource wasted on you, that makes racists racists

hunt for racists is the modern witch hunts and I just cant wait for people to abandon this clinging to 'they just didnt have enough resources' bullshit when even with affirmative action they still can not compete, and they never will

So what should be done with you and your obviously inferior capacities?

In a socialist society not only is education free, but you get labor vouchers for doing it.

Evolution is very slow and humans are a very young spieces. Also the only reason “racism” exists is that people who have the same culture tend to have similar genetic features. It doesn’t matter what race has the most intelligent genes. What matters is the ability to use Gentic Engenring to give everyone the “smart gene."

wouldn't it be the opposite?
you are worth negative labor time when you are in education and training, since labor time is being spent by other people to educate you.

Unrestricted (porky) immigration hurts the working class.

Division of labor was bad enough.

Opposition to immigration, solidarity with the immigrant. I'm all for free movement of people but not under the rules of capital.

Because if they weren't stupid they wouldn't be racist.

Eduaction is a social benefit. Also people need motivation to do jobs that require lot’s of eduation like doctors.

This tbh.

I'm anti immigration, but pro immigrant. Pro refugee too.

Oh my God Anarkiddies are retarded.