Holla Forums here. Today I was peer pressured to participate in a strike. It actually wasn't that bad...

Holla Forums here. Today I was peer pressured to participate in a strike. It actually wasn't that bad. We sat around outside. There was BBQ and beer. They didn't even make me walk around with a sign. 8/10 overall who knew being a leftist leech could be so fun

So much for the anti slavery right
Muh nap

How can you stop anuddah shoah if you are "pressured to participate in a strike" ?

Christ, I fucking hate that assholes like you can benefit from being in a union and still be against leftism. You're literally benefiting from (somewhat) leftist institution, moron.

You're benefiting from capitalism but you're against it

Bruh, you'd be working 16 hour days for table scraps if it weren't for militant labor.


unironically glad to hear it. You did good today comrade.

This is the beginning of your amazing journey

I actually have some hope for you Holla Forums


you do know you didn't get paid, right?


don't put him down. if we're lucky he might become one of us.

To be fair, most Holla Forumsacks are from the US where there are child labor laws keeping them from working

I actually enjoyed the fact that an alt-righter tried to do something human-like for once, I was instead suggesting that maybe he is in the wrong company of people

+1 internet for you

t. porky

Remember OP: if you aren't stealing from your boss you're stealing from your family.


Awww the little Holla Forumsack is growing up. I´m proud of you OP.

Tbh anyone left or right who isn't in favor of labor unions is trash
t. Nazi

You know when you go on strike you don’t get paid.

But I’m not.

Use a nazi flag next time

I hope that you experienced solidarity and what can happen if you stick together and fight the capitalists.

No 8 hour workdays without working class protests and strikes. So much has been fought for… I hope you realize what the labour movement accomplished.

You know the Nazi party banned unionization and arrested union leaders, right? The "German Labor Front" he set up came with bans on collective bargaining and strikes.

Holla Forums is not nazi anymore. He should use the Republican flag.


yes they are?

4pol is natcap
8pol is NutSac

Yes and that was fucking stupid although I'm sure it was supposedly done to counter communism.
The nation is trash if it doesn't support its workers, because the workers are the nation.

how can a man be this cucked

The only difference between the two is one is a T_D colony and the other has an even bigger BBC fetish.

Literally the same shit

you know fascism was supported by the austrian school, right?

Not really. They are just edgy Republicans with a particular affinity for the nazi aesthetic. Nazis do not push the free speech meme.

neither does 4/pol/ afaik

So not only haven't I worked today, I also haven't showered yet! Thanks Socialism!

Stick around here for a while. You'll see it.

That is on the rare occasion that 4/pol/ is actually able to find this board.

try going against the hivemind

Is this a bot?

Depends on the union. Some have strike funds, where you get a small stipend to cover basic bills while you strike.

Remember young one, striking is a manifestation of balance.

There are two factors in play within a place of employment. The workplace itself (the means of production) and the labour that operates it.
One man, one coherent organization, controls your workplace, while the employees are a disorganized mass of individuals. Therefore the employer has much more power, dominating the other half, for it can fire and replace individuals at will. Single man opposition and protest does little to nothing to deter this.
A union operates as an organization that binds together workers in order to form a coherent power-block to match the employers, to bring an equal partner to the bargaining-table. This organization executes its power trough hampering or disabling the income of the employer, much like the employer hampers the single worker by terminating them.

A strike signals therefore that there is an union that uses its power as it should, to protect the interests of it's members.

Naturally this is the ideal situation and does not account for corrupted unions, strikebreakers, local legislation ect. etc. ad infintum