Honest questions from an ex-commie

So I used to be a full marxist and if you put a gun to my head I'd still burn down the state and replace it with nothing, Bakunin-style

however, real life etc and I voted for Trump because he was the most pro-worker

New to lefty-pol so i'll try and suss out what you folks are like.

Question 1: Why is it ok to jettison worker solidarity for identity politics/gender issues?

Question 2: Internationalism and integrationism (EU, for example) were set up and are run by the banks, big corporations and for the benefit of the bourgeois capitalist consumer culture. Why do left-wing movements defend it?

Question 3: Socialist parties and worker's unions were HEAVILY anti-immigration because they understood that more supply of unskilled/blue collar labor is beneficial to the capitalist. What changed?

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Question 1: It's not.

Question 2: We don't.

Question 3: Liberals took over, in the place of actual leftists.

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Internationalism is not globalism.

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Class opression is often intertwined with racial and gender opression, that doesn't men worker solidarity is dropped, on the contrary they should work together.
Also, the concept of internationalism that socialists have and the concept of internationalism that someone like Macron has differs a lot. EU integrationism is purely imperialistic and explotative, socialist "integrationism" is anti-imperialist and anti-racist.

So you guys agree that voting for Trump was the right choice for the American worker?


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Read the FAQ faggot
It isn't.

The minority that does support the EU in some way does it for the same reason Marx supported free trade. Or they view that there is some value in the political project.

Unions stopped reading Marx and accepted neoliberalism as the undeniable, unchangable truth of the world.

In what way has Trump been pro-worker? Trying to revive coal mining? Might as well pander to typists.
Stop playing the bourgeois-political games of electoral politics, tear down the facade instead.

I'm impressed you managed to get both Marx and Bakunin wrong. Their work is free and easily available, read it to make your shitposting more believable.

Yeah, voting a neoliberal over a neoliberal is a great choice

Is that why a lot of factory jobs are still in china and he has given subsidies to the corporations with little benefit to the workers and the US as a whole.

It isn't, or at least it isn't "okay" to do it by means that don't involve class as the base or at least the catalyst. I wouldn't even denounce it as "not okay", but outright anti-materialist and counter-productive. Identity politics has never truly solved anything at all, just altered some of the political makeup of capitalism.

On the left there's defending it and "defending" it. The liberal left actually defends it unironically thinks it's the ultimate way to go and doesn't see beyond capitalism, let alone acknowledge reality as capitalist, and as such bleeding heart style agitates for it because otherwise you're racist yadda yadda.

The socialist left will "defend" it and generally accept immigration too, but really because there is hardly an alternative for the immigrants. There is no established socialist left that can both stop mass immigration and actually make the home places the immigrants come from livable. Because that's the thing, really: imperialism and its far cousin colonialism have turned the third world into a hellhole, so the only way to mend the issue is to go beyond inviting them over and doing some reparations, but really ending capitalism and making a proper (re)building of the third world in a world then absent of the need to superexploit or barely help with charity. So the socialist left today is stuck with accepting the blackmail of immigration as symptomatic healing while opposing capitalism. Zizek has written a lot about this issue on In These Times (the website) and his book Against the Double Blackmail. We all wish that people could stay in their place and not come over, with all the consequences that brings and the amount of effort necessary to emancipate and so on, but such a world is being stolen from us by our commodity society.

First: they were against while at the same time wishing for third world help, not for xenophobic reason. Second: trade unions have slowly but surely cemented themselves as utensils for capitalism. Whereas once they organized workers as a force against capital, they now just organize workers for civil collective bargaining with capital, absent of any class character, as unions more and more became legal entities or even muh privileged entities in law. This has to do with the trajectory and changes of capital, see: marxists.org/archive/pannekoe/1936/union.htm.

Also, I'm surprised you say that unions used to be anti-immigrant, when it's actually more and more today that for the first time legitimately reactionary tendencies arise in trade unions. In France for example, a fourth of the CGTs vote FN, further showing that modernity has not just made unions conservative, but actually growingly reactionary as well.

200,000 new jobs

That is a lie. fortune.com/2017/03/29/president-trump-job-claims-fact-check/

You must be really retarded if you believe this passes as believable.


The only thing remotely good about Trump is his negligible to mediocre levels of accelerationism.

I only voted Trump because I knew racist faggots need to shut up for at least 4 more years if any socialist movement was going to happen.
I have a long life, I don't expect everything to go my way all the time, but don't think I voted Trump because he was pro-worker. That has nothing to do with why I voted for him. It was purely a strategic decision.

not to mention Trump isn't pro-worker anyway, so there's that.

Jill Stein, Gloria La Riva, or Jerry White were the right choice for the American worker.

literally what has he done to directly benefit working people

Trannies make the best workers since they don't have kids and are eternally curious.

Lefties will do anything to destroy national borders, even "vote against their own best interests."

the false claim that immigrants are refugees of the US War on Drugs
Truth is, remittances have raised prices in Latin American countries and this is what creates pressure for families to emigrate.