New TFB video

So TheFinnishBolshevik has made a new video and what do you guys think? Its about Marxism Leninism.

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Stop shilling your own videos

His devotion to a dead ideology which already lost is quite touching.

He's really cool and i like how he debunks right wing strawman shit

"we" no, no, you. and like he said there are various roads to socialism tbh Leninism isn't the only one, nor as history proves it… the most successful.

yeah I think the same. I do like Leninism it makes sense but has already been tried and did what it had to do at the time, then gave rise to Stalinism which sucked dick.
But not all revolutions need "ideology" in them, actually they don't, it's just about removing your oppressors that's it. But inevitably there is still a lot of spooked people around that will want to add ideology to anything. Sadly.

Same here, i like the ideology but i think we should try a different system next time, or at least revision the fuck out of it

TheFinnishBolshevik even tho he is homie
dude's spooked tbh. believes in absolutes.

I hope he never goes full tankie. jezz

Finnish Bolshevik is such an autistic Finn holy shit listen to his voice
I want to cuddle with him in bed (no sex that would be gay) and explain why he's wrong

His debate and theory videos are good.

Unironically this

Why is that a problem for a fag like yourself?

I just imagine his body being really cold and him not wanting me to leave the bed because I'm providing him body heat

Sexuality is a spook, fuck whoever you want


Bretty gud actually

Stalinism isn´t a thing. It´s just called Marxism-Leninism.

This belongs in lefty trash


Calm down comrade.

Don't search your feelings, it is materially untrue.

TFB boutta turn me into a ML

Why do we hate another lefty youtuber again?

just please don't pull a eastern marxist and say marxism doesn't abolish commodity production and because a neolib k thnks

I like finbol but I just think threads like these should be contained in /leftytrash/

The Finnish Stalinist is just a narrow minded sectarian with absolutely no knowledge, who is living in his own CCCP-cloud-cuckoo-land. He has no connection to the present world, he must have some kind of Schizophrenia.

I'm laughing at the butthurt Anarkiddies in the comments

When was a solid 1/3 of the Earth Anarchist?

There is a difference between capitalist commodity production and socialist commodity production. The latter is mostly being produced for use, but due to the fact that a socialist state will always be in direct competition to capitalist countries, it can not entirely escape commodity production. Socialist commodity production is a lot like primitive commodity production - produced for use and sell the surplus.

Hi there muke good to see youre still buthurt as allways.

Hi muke good to see youre buthurt as allways.

You fucked it up twice. Nice

What does he not know?

stop spamming the board and keep your shitposts in the celeb thread.

based and hes right. long live ML it will rise again