New Ben Garrison cartoon

Is Ben schizophrenic?

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Can't tell who the head is. Thoughts?

Nevermind, it's Mueller

Why does Garrison always draw his shitty cartoons like fetish deviantart shit, half of it is in the realm of deviantart transformation fetish shit this included

I mean the question is rhetorical, but at the same time I'm still curious

They refuse to let this embarrassing moment die, don't they ?

You can make a shitload of money drawing fetish porn. A lot of artists do it on the side under a pseudonym.

The dude used to draw porn ( and still does I think).

Yes. He is also full-on cucked.

Even subtracting the pizza stuff he's been with the Clintons for years and I don't doubt is just as dirty.

Most certainly, yes.

He probably has a sub-clinical form of schizophrenia, yes.

Do you think Molymeme has a more clinical form?


That's what people who disagreed with the pope have been saying for centuries.



Jokes on you im actually a calvinistically raised atheist

Good to see he's keeping the labels to a minimum. Still a lot, but doing better.

Nah, Molyneux's just a moron.

Ben loves furry so not surprised he is schizophrenic

Why do americans pretend to be christians?


This thread died