Does the Chinese Communist Party actually believe they can maintain a Marxist ideology among its population while...

Does the Chinese Communist Party actually believe they can maintain a Marxist ideology among its population while introducing increasing economic liberalism? What's their end-goal aside from being dismantled by liberals when they've done "developing the productive forces?"

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No, they're just state capitalists in red paint.

dumb tankie they aren't communist in any meaningful sense. they are some of the most ruthless neoliberals on earth.


They stopped being remotely socialist in any form after the Cultural Revolution failed when Mao died and was replaced by pro-capitalist reformers. Now China is just another modern Dickinsonian dystopia full of slaves who serve the rich.

No doubt they're quite genuine when they refer to themselves as Marxists. Yet it shouldn't come as a surprise that they see their new ideology as an adaption of Marxism to present-day conditions, suited to their nationalist ends.

The goal of every state in history has been to keep the peasants apolitical 90% of the time yet brainwashed enough to turn them into hyper-nationalist sleeper agents whenever the regime's legitimacy is questioned. China has succeeded here, so why should they care if most people haven't thoroughly read Marx?

China is just another state trying to survive. Marxism remains an important justification for the regime's rule but global proletarian revolution is not at all on the CPC's agenda. China has much more potential than most places, things could easily change. They deserve a lot more attention and support from communists than reactionary wastelands like the US and Western Europe.

They see what they're doing as a new form of the NEP.

They're not entirely wrong in that respect, but there are several key differences, not the least of which being that the NEP was always seen as a measure to build the productive capacities and the USSR were NEVER under any illusions that what they were doing was a form of socialism.

100% this

China can be the start of real socialism as soon as the CPC is overthrown. The problem is no socialists seem to realize this and the beginnings of the capitalist restoration are already well underway.

I wouldn't say they're neoliberals, they're definitely hardcore nationalists though, and I'm not sure how to describe their social policies other than "social right". I don't think they're far right either. It's hard to place, but I'd say the best label would be "nationalist, conservative, state capitalists"

I do think that there are some hardcore Maoists in the party, but I think they aren't pulling the strings now. Some kind of power struggle should be happening in the party.

I want to add this to my post:

The CPC is run on the principles of Democratic Centralism. Which means that we don't know all the inner party power struggles, because they have to appear as a united party. I assume however that inside the party there are a lot of discussions on the path to take which we simply don't know.

The CCP stopped being socialists the moment they left the cities

the most authoritarian right you can get

If I were to move to China and openly identify as a libertarian socialist (either social anarchist or libertarian Marxist) and advocate this position, it's economics, it's critique of the state, etc. - would my well-being be in danger?

Clearly they can. The Wikipedia article on the ideology of the CCP is surprisingly good:
They haven't rejected Marxism or Leninism at all, there are hundreds of institutes teaching and developing Marxism in China, ideological indoctrination is still a requirement for party cadres. Inside the party there is a faction that says that China is right now already in the first stage of socialism which will take. 100 years, and a faction that says China is capitalist yet under the heel of the proletariat.
Are they? Sources.

Why would you be in danger? I know of politicially active western people in China who are liberals and conservatives, I don't think anybody cares about your special snowflake ideology unless you are actively trying to sabotage government actions. I'm living in a western country and here you can't take on certain jobs in public academia when you are member of a socialist party. I'd say you are better off as a communist in China than in the west.

I read an article once about what are termed "neo maoists". The government uses them as muscle to intimidate academics and other anti government elements.'s_Commune

Some people here keep talking about the CCP saying they will return to communism when the productive forces are ready in 2040 or 2050 or whenever. I keep asking for a source but no one responds, so I guess I'm just getting memed on.

The CCP has never been a Marxist organization. Maoism is what you get if you read Lenin and remove every single trace of Marxism. That said I don't think they much give a shit about Maoism either given that they pulled everybody into cities which is the antithesis of his Kulaks first nonsense.

They are simply nationalist imperialists with a stick up their ass like the murkans and russkies.

let me guess, amerikkka?