Genuinely curious, why does Holla Forums hate Trump?

Like seriously, other than refusing the Paris Agreement (which if you're an actual environmentalist means about jack dick in the long run anyways) and being Pro-Israel, im pretty happy with most of that. I get that he isn't a leftist by any means but these policies aren't exactly against us either.

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sage goes in email

His fanbase is fucking obnoxious, it's like MLP all over again.

Nothing will ever be as bad as the first time bronies became a thing. Nothing.

I think most of us don't especially hate him. At least no more than we hate the rest of the rulling class.

Nice try Holla Forums

Pol is way, way worse. At the very least bronies were not 1/3 of posts on hobby boards

He said NATO was obsolete so why hasn't he ended with NATO? Ohhh that's right because he wishes to keep NATO members including my country as colonies.
American cunts will all die.

He's/ourguy/ tho riiight?

Same. I think most of the vitriol against Trump comes from some the people on the board who still have some liberal leanings. In the election he seemed to be pretty bombastic against "leftist globalism" but in reality he just seems to be going against the neoliberals which is somewhat pro prol, but of course doesn't deal with the root of the problem.

He's as retarded as his son Baron

At times they were D:

His stance on the environment and the damage he's already done to the rest of the 21st century is enough to push him into the realm of indefensible and reprehensible.

aprobably pressure from the neoliberal majority of congress. Trump is advocating for hardcore protectionism and border security while at the same time is being accused of being a Russian agent. If he just pulled American troops out of NATO bases in Europe the shitstorm among the EU and Congress would be unimaginable.

He's a moron, of course we hate him. Holla Forums is the thinking man's board.

anybody else here /listened to Zizek and voted Trump/?

He isn't doing this on behalf of the working class, every step of the way he's helped destroy rights for the working class worse than any immigrant possibly could. He's doing this out of winning identity points for his southern strategy voting base.

America really is one of the only countries stupid enough to have their candidates end up being the reality star bankrupt retard and the wife of the former president

He's a protectionistic capitalist and the drone strikes have been against radical rightist jihadists which is one of reasons the SDF and SAA have been making such massive gains against ISIS.
Not if Bannon pushed his tax reform bill through


wut, I'll admit that this is still just capitalism and the working class isn't recieving any real benefit beyond maintaining a less harsh status quo, but he isn't dismantling the rights of the workers either.

explain how Trump is countering neoliberal displacement programs, please
instead he wants to rewrite NAFTA so it does the same thing
I'll believe you when he cuts ties with the Saudis
without closing any tax loopholes for the rich. Also his tax plan isn't even that radical and he's already indirectly raised taxes on the poor.
destroying the environment and being a zionist cuck are non-negotiable. Anyone who thinks trump is different from other presidents are just victims of Obamamania.

*just like

Good, I'm glad we agree

As opposed to bombing ghaddafi because he didn't comply with French monetary policies?

you forgot the rest of the comment
So in that way he actually is supporting the working class, he just isn't doing enough

Trump would have bombed Muammar Gaddafi as well. In fact Trump has been more open about showing US military muscle at the expense of civilians then Obama so far. Which is really something. It's really something.

I just needed to read the first part of the first sentence, the rest wasn't really necessary to type out.

I have to say, that brings a smile to my face. Back in 2010-2011 the big draw of ponies was that it threw people into irrational fits of impotent rage. The whole reason I started watching it in the first place was to gather more material with which to piss people off. It's only too bad that it did not become a thing five years earlier when Anonymous knew how to be truly obnoxious.

Literally snuck in most of the TPP provisions in his renegotiation of NAFTA though
To do what though? He wants to slash basically all social services and refuses to give up on making healthcare shittier.

t. People to avoid on this board

There's video of Trump saying that Obama was right to bomb Gaddafi.
Also he's currently gearing up for war with Iran, which is arguably an even worse idea.

show your boypussy already
One of the (stated)goals of Trump's administration is to raise wages in Mexico to deincentivize american firms outsourcing labor their.
No supposedly bannon is trying to close those as well. Although that is just a stated goal at this point
Ad infinitum industrial expansion and overpopulation will kill the environment with or without a UN program

Thats probably because he, like a lot of people, bought the whole "Ghaddifi is evil murderer, revolution for the Muslim Brotherhood now, lets bring democracy to the middle east!" I remember i was like that back then as well.

A cherry on a big wet cat shit is still a big wet cat shit and it won't change it's a big wet cat shit

If you stayed at home and you didn't voted, you also voted for Trump you american barbarian.
Just stop pretending that you're leftist. americans will never be leftist, they all mouth water of world domination. You're all the fucking same blob promoting mental retardation from hollywood and consumerism.

Just like you, like a lot of people in America, are trying to speculate as to why Trump is so intellectually inconsistent when the answer is right in your face

If you didn't vote for Hillary, you voted for Trump? What on Earth are you talking about

Its still pro-prol, even if its under a capitalist system that ultimately exploits them. In a way i can understand the accelerationist fags who think this prolongs any kind of real change by trying to give back the illusion of freedom to the workers , but Trump's near sabotaging of the GOP and neoliberal majority of congress makes it seem like he is trying to shift congress towards being more pro working class.

Also the idea that Europe doesn't eat up America's popular culture is asinine, please don't post

If the rest of it isn't, it doesn't matter and it isn't. His stance on the environment is so consequential to the rest of the 21st century in the next four years that anything small matters as much as my bowel movements might to the working class

When are you going to admit Trump is a neoliberal and just move the fuck on btw

Not really, he has been bombing more targets in the middle east connected to ISIS/FSA links because he inherited the war sure but that isn't him choosing new targets to bomb to influence global politics in favor of neoliberalism its him struggling to get out of a situation created before him.

Some idiots just like to be alienated into anti-something-but-them

Trump won by promising jobs and prosperity, he is the living proof that people would follow the left.. if the left wasn't buried by liberals: BLM, feminists and so on








unapologetic plutocrat, arrogant spoiled man-child who never had to work a day in his life & spends his days stepping on people while making the world worse. give him a cigarette & a nice sunny wall to stand in front of.


He definitely isn't unless this is some elaborate 99 dimensional chess where by subverting neoliberal programs he is promoting sympathy towards neoliberalism

Wasted numbers


Except he's proven that he is more of a wildcard than ye old generic neoliberal shill

Because he is the establishment. He's everything that's wrong with capitalism.

hahahaha you earned those quints man, this kind of shit doesn't write itself

Shut up

well go on then, post your proofs. I've posted mine in the thread and so far none of them have even generated a response besides
Not every capitalist is a neoliberal ffs, he isn't going to solve the underlying issues of the country any time soon but he isn't completely robbing the workers either.

I don't. He is a useful idiot. Would like to see him dead but not yet.

He is incompetent, never gets shit done, can't make Mexico pay for the wall, he is a joke character and he is the president of the USA. It's perfect to make this place grow which is what we are seeing.

I don't know about that.


The 5% increase on corporate gains tax will in no way make up for the lost tax revenue that Trumps tax reform will be responsible for. It's an optics move that the Republicans are too stupid and greedy to even go for. Not to mention that Bannon has no play in Congress so it's just a bunch of hot air.

No, you really haven't. You've actually given examples of how neoliberal he is

retard, he's deregulating as much as he can, your "proofs" are shit

It isn't a strawman it's what you're saying. You're really simple.

There is also going to be increases in income tax for the those making over 5 million dollars and some tax cuts to the middle class supposedly.

honestly all he proved is that if the US wants to have a more legit democracy they need to eliminate the electoral college forever in the next presidency.

no, therefore its a strawman

It could be way worse.
This guy could be your president

Some idiots just like to be alienated into anti-something-but-them

Trump won by promising jobs and prosperity, he is the living proof that people would follow the left.. if the left wasn't buried by liberals: BLM, feminists and so on

Jeremy Corbin seems to have understood the lesson

Its obvious no one even read the proofs because the link i gave you is proof that he is negotiating the increase of wages for mexican workers in order to stop firms from exploiting cheap labor

and like everything else he does it's gonna turn to shit for everybody except him
it's either a "look over here!" while he/they is/are doing heinous stuff on something else or it'll turn out to be a shit sandwich that the people will have to swallow whole. or both.

Or maybe Trump is legit trying protectionistic capitalism? Definitely seems that way. Look im not claiming that protecionistic capitalism is the answer to the problems of the working class, im just saying that Trump obviously isn't a neoliberal.


no dude. you're retarded if you think the dude will ever increase wages in his life and even less so for the group of people he dislikes.

Trump is too spooked by idpol, he is a retard. He is just a regular conservative, if he wasn't he would have already made the difference. Nor he useful af for the conservatives like Ronald Regan. He is just incompetent.

ofc but you said it
Yeah like I told you he is a regular conservitard which still alienates the working class, just pretends around them.

neo-liberal, conservative. The difference is very little, the difference is actually what you just said. The neo-liberal goes more for a globalist economy and the conservitard for a protectionist one. But wages stay the same and the worker is still a slave. Your class is still a slave.

So when are you getting out of the echo chamber and read some books? would be good man. I recommend you to. Good luck homie.

Sure thing, bud.

Is that all he's (assuming it goes through) done? I'm up for hearing good things he's done but it seems like everything is the same "MAYBE this will happen!" that I've been hearing since he was elected. It comes off more like you're defending your vote tbh.

i can't believe there are still people on this board who honestly believe Trump is the sly insider America needs

No, just a protectionistic capitalist. Capitalism is still capitalism tovarische. Also the bank defrauding thing wasn't defrauding customers it was defrauding the government , also that was Mnuchin not Trump

Except Trump is advocating for the increase of mexican wages right now.

Next level shidbost! :D

You can save yourself the trouble by just admitting you like a capitalist

Except the proposed tax reform increases taxes on wealthy via corporate gains and income tax.

And when they are increasing?
They won't. When your hopes of stupidass Kekistani memer fuckboy are shattered come back here grab a book and actually start educating yourself. You still have too much faith in your rulers.

Trump does see himself as a Regan through but he is a failure even for his party in the long run. He is very much comparable to a neo-liberal but you don't understand American politics.

pro tip: all of them are rightwing. yes, even the democrats are undoubtedly highly rightwing.

m8 ffs whether it happens or not it is what Trump is advocating for, and he definitely intends to try.

No, im just neutral about Trump. He isn't a neoliberal is literally the only point im making. How many times have i told you that already?

I'm not seeing anything in this article that establishes any kind of hard position regarding anything for Trump or his administration. It just says negotiating NAFTA will start soon and Mexican wages could be a part of it, but the president of Mexico says that if the US tries to legislature wages it will absolutely refuse.

All this says is that Trump wants to fire the Obama hold over. He isn't dismantling the whole Bureau

When/if the negotations succeed and when'if the president of Mexico has enough support to achieve it?

So, never, because he's already refused legislative changes to wages.

That was Francisco de Rosenweig expressing the opinion of the employers, the President and other officials in mexico however want to work with Trump on that measure a stated in the article.

this is literally wrong, how the fuck did you miss that there are 2 articles in the post

So never. See.

Trump's fanboys. Google it.

*No he hasnt

if it's anything like the rest of your "proofs" it's gonna turn out good for them in the end

Not convinced. He seems way more intent on looking good to the media, golfing, and lining his own pockets. You should have just not voted.

No? The NYT article just says that the head of the Bureau is being fired and that restructuring costs of the bureau exceeds the given budget, whether or not this cost is being payed by the bureau itself or the federal government at large isn't really answered by the article.

Lefties hate Trump because they hate all white men and western civilization. Cry babies.

I only hate you tbh

Trump hating lefties are just imitating Jewish thought patterns of endless cultural critique. At least jews have a rationale for why they want to undermine our culture. Goyish lefties are too dumb to know they've been brainwashed by their 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧handlers🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. Stay docile lefties - the people untied will never be - oh well you know the rest.

I have a strong suspicion that this is the same fag

You're not allowed to say fag on Holla Forums.

It upsets the fags.(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING A FAG)

It doesn't really matter how you want to gussy it up because nothing you've said is true or based on anything with any substance.

how are you this bad at reading? when republicans "restructure" something they're killing it softly.

and again, there are 2 articles in my first post - one by nyt the other by time, it's the other one I'm talking about

Trump hasn't done shit either way. The overreactions to him (both from Holla Forums celebrating and liberals losing their minds) are ridiculous; he's basically been Obama but stricter on immigrants and worse for the environment so far.

Call me when inequality starts going down in America, or we get out of the imperialist wars we're already in.

Isn't he deregulating and privatizing everything? Seems like a Republican wet dream.

I would say the reaction to his stance on the environment the next four years is entirely justified

No? Restructure means restructure…

Except it is? Fucks sake I gave you multiple links and facts that anyone can google at any time which apparently some of the """"leftists"""" who still consume liberal media cant digest.

Not really, he privatized some air traffic control and a few infrastructure projects though. As for his deregulations its mostly just been environmental regulations, which as Pentii Linkola and many other environmentalists said (before becoming capitalist shills) you can't have ad inifinitum industrial and population growth. Just limiting the rate of expansion only slows down the inevitable, such regulations are not real solutions.