What is Holla Forums's opinion on Asserism? Is it somehow more tolerable version of NutSac, or is it just the autistic version of NazBol? I believe that nationalism and socialism can't coexist, but I want to hear other takes on it

racism is non-negotiable

strasserism is socialism's weird half-brother

tired: hitler did nothing wrong
wired: hitler was a traitor to NutSac
I actually do like them better than regular nazis, but they're not really socialists. They don't want the eventual withering away or smashing of the state, do they? You can't really have that when your ideology requires an ethnostate.

¿Strasser no rasismus?

Straßerists are as socialist as the "dude Sweden lmao" guys

Its pretty good,i like it

Why? Why is this the only sacred cow of society people are not allowed to slaughter? Pure ideology.

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NazBol and Str*sserism literally mean the same thing.

They aren’t the same. Nazbol wishes for Soviet style economy while Str,asserists wish for Social Democracy.

He's interesting to read, but his "critique" of Marxism is laughably bad.

He is not as racist as one might think he is. Still a Eurocentrist supremacist, and deeply antagonistic to the Bolchevisks (muh red peril), though.
His views for minorities in the new Germany is either :

He stresses that it's up to each individual to choose which path he or she wants to tread on, but he thinks most Jews will choose 1 or 2.
He also allegedly wrote in a party newspaper to denounce inhuman treatment of the Jews in 1928, and thinks the prime mission of colonists is to bring the element of civilisation to the Natives, and once the natives are advanced enough, they should take part in the administration of colonies.

He also believed that each European country had the right to a colony, and colonies should be administered directly by a proto-EU.

Make what you wish of that.

Reminder and friendly warning that unironic nazbols and Asserites will be banned.

Would Poland get Madagascar like they always wanted?

Why is there a Nazbol flag then?

No Poland would get Poland as a colony. Poland is bascily the white version of Africa.

Poland gets free residence in the Gulags

Daily reminder that Poland is the Angola of Europe.

so they're the same thing, gottit.

for ironic nazbols obviously.

First, they came for the Nazbols…

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NazBol is already autistic

Ironic nazbols and those that mistakenly believe that their nonsense is allowed here.

There are also AnCap and Nazi flags, genius.